Monday, May 18, 2015

You Gotta Love Your Office Chair!

You Gotta Love  Your Office Chair!
Do you love your office chair? You should! As office comfort starts with the chair, it's important to select, master, maintain, and show a little love to the chair you choose for your workspace. In today's post we'll share helpful ways to maximize your chair while keeping it operating a peak performances levels for years to come. Enjoy!

Before you rush out and purchase a new office chair for your workspace, it's important to do your research. As not all office chairs are created equal, product reviews and videos will help you narrow down your search. In addition, shoppers can get helpful product suggestions from industry professionals as well as physicians.

Now that you've decided on an office chair for your specific needs and body type, it's time to save some money! Top notch office chairs can be quite pricey, but luckily there are several awesome ways to maximize and extend your budget. Start by looking for free shipping specials listed at various websites. Most of today's reputable seating manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Eurotech Seating offer free shipping on their chairs for preferred dealers. That being said, if you see a shipping charge, keep on shopping! Next you'll want to browse various sites like and for coupons. Simply enter in the name of the website you're considering purchasing a new chair from and see if they have coupons. You can also call you dealer of choice and inquire about closeouts and special deals they may be running to help you save even more. As everyone loves a good deal, if you save a few bucks on your purchase, you'll love your new office chair even more!

Once your chair arrives, basic assembly will be required. While you may view this step as a bit of a hassle, it's actually a great way for you to learn how your chair operates. Typical assembly will take around 30 minutes, but the knowledge gained about your chair will help you operate more comfortably for years! Understandably, if you're purchasing multiple task chairs for your employees you may not want to put them all together by hand. That being said, be sure to look over the assembly instructions and keep them somewhere safe if needed.

With your fully assembled chair ready to rock and roll, it's time to start learning it's features. As even the best office chairs are only as good as their owners, mastering your chair's adjustments will make a huge difference in your ergonomic effectiveness. Adjust your chair up and down, manipulate the angle at which your chair sits, and master the paddles located on your chair mechanism. You can also check out good posture tips and sitting advice to help you become even more successful in the workplace.

In the long run, if you show some love to your office chair, it'll show some back! Take the time to understand the individual components of your chair and how they operate cohesively to keep you comfortable. Maintenance you chair regularly by oiling it's metal parts and tightening loose screws. When respected and treated properly, your chair can be an office investment that lasts you a lifetime.
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