Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Trending Ways To Decorate Your Office Space in 2015

Looking to take your office interior to the next level in 2015? You're in the right place! In today's post we'll share 5 cool ways to decorate your workspace. From incorporating a trendy chair mat to adding innovative storage components, we're ready to help you give your office environment a serious style boost.

Chair Mat

Bamboo Chair Mat

Add a cool chair mat to your office space in 2015 to enhance both appeal and versatility. A modern chair mat will improve the functionality and mobility of your office chair will making your space look great! Brands like Anji Mountain offer bamboo floor mats that should be considered for every office makeover project. Up for a little DIY project? Custom floor mats can be easily made to go under office desks, reception desks, and even conference tables as area rug alternatives!

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

The industrial look is in! This year, interior designers are making regular visits to salvage yards, flea markets, and thrift stores to find retro lighting to utilize in office makeover projects. Cool metal lamps and lighting features put of a vintage vibe that's hard to miss. Use industrial lighting fixtures in the executive office, conference room, and lobby to show your design skills!

Cool Wall Art

Office Wall Art

Let your individual personality shine by adding a cool piece of wall art to your workspace. While you're at the thrift stores and flea markets, keep you eyes open for inspiring pieces that will enhance your space. If you don't have luck there, don't be afraid to visit home decor store. Framed art can often be found on sale and won't break your budget. Don't let your office walls be bare and boring. Spice them up with a cool portrait or landscape painting.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants In Office

Add a little greenery to your office interiors with hanging plants. You can pick up cools vases and pots at any local home store. Be sure to choose Spider Plants, Golden Pothos, Chrysanthemums, and other good indoor varieties. These awesome plants will actually improve the air quality of your space. Simply screw in a hook and accent the corners of your office with a new hanging plant. Don't' forget to water!

Innovative Storage Components

Padded Office Storage Bench

No office can operate a peak performance levels without being well organized. That being said, traditional storage cabinets take up a ton of floor space that most of us don't have! New and innovative options like storage benches are great for multiple purposes and are in turn far better options. Don't let your floor space go to waste! In your quest to create the perfect work environment, consider ways to maximize your square footage without sacrificing square footage. Wall mount hutch units are another great option that will accent your room without making your space feel overcrowded. Mobilized desk pedestals with cushioned tops are also popular options in 2015. Use them as a stool as well as a handy place to keep important documents secure. That's sounds a lot better than the traditional metal file cabinets we are all used to seeing!
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