Tuesday, June 23, 2015

7 Essential Office Chair Selection Tips for YOU!

Office Chair Selection Tips
Looking to purchase a new office chair for your home or business? You won't want to miss the essential selection tips highlighted in today's post. Here we'll highlight just what to look for in a quality chair, as well as great ways to ensure you purchase the best chair for your specific needs and body type. Enjoy!

1.) It Starts With The Mechanism

Office chair comfort starts with the mechanism. Located underneath the seating surface, the chair mechanism acts as the brain of your chair. This important part controls about 75% of functionality. That being said, it's important to select an office chair with a mechanism designed to meet your specific needs. In 2015, syncro tilt and weight sensing mechanisms are the preferred options.

2.) Back Height Matters

Before selecting your new office chair, take the back height into consideration. Chairs are typically classified into low back, mid back, and high back groupings. If you are over 6' tall, a high back chair is the way to go! Shorter individuals can save on cost by shopping ergonomic mid back chairs and low back models.

3.) Price Doesn't Reflect Comfort

Expensive office chairs aren't necessarily the most comfortable. As comfort is completely dependent upon the specific chair operators preferences, it's important to not judge chairs based on price alone. While a chair like the iDesk Oroblanco by Cherryman Industries is $321.50 in 2015, it offers far more user friendly features than leather executive models priced nearly three times as much!

4.) Pay Attention To Weight Ratings

If you're a larger individual shopping for a new office chair, it's absolutely essential to check the weight ratings before purchase. While normal office chairs are rated to accommodate users up to 250 pounds, it's still important to do your homework! If you need a bit more heavy duty option, try expanding your shopping search to include big and tall ergonomic chairs to ensure you find a model that's ready to meet your personal needs.

5.) Research Product Reviews

Product reviews are widely available online to help shoppers make educated purchasing decisions. Take advantage of them! The Google Comparison Shopping engine will allow you to quickly find new computer chairs you're interested in and read reviews on them. Many of the top seating providers also showcase consumer reviews on their sites to help.

6.) Watch Demo Videos

Office chair providers have taken to sites like YouTube to showcase product demo videos that can be extremely helpful during the chair selection process. Take the time to browse for demo videos and watch them in full. Helpful assembly tips, chair adjustment tips, and feature overviews are commonly available to help in the chair selection process.

7.) Focus On The Features

While a stylish chair may turn heads, the features will keep you comfortable. Once you've narrowed your search down to three or less options, make a list of the features each chair offers. Next, place a numerical value of one to ten on the key features you feel are most important. Last but not least, grade the chairs based on what features they have, and those they don't. This will provide valuable insight on what chair will be best for you.
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