Monday, June 8, 2015

Create Cutting Edge Interiors with Zira Furnishings!

Looking to kick your office interiors up a notch? The Global Total Office Zira furniture collection is up to the task. This cutting edge line of reception, conference room, work floor, and private office furnishings offers high end appeal that's sure to make your work environments stand apart from the competition. In today's post we'll highlight the awesome ways Zira can help you in your quest for the perfect office space. Enjoy!


Zira Reception Desk

First impressions begin to form the minute clients walk into your business. That being said, it's important to create a stylish, professional, and welcoming environment for them to visit. The new Zira reception desks from Global are ultra modern and a great way to earn your business the high marks it deserves. These rectangular, U shaped, and multi user reception stations offer versatile storage components, attractive handle pull options, metal accents, and optional glass features that will not doubt wow your valued clientele.

Conference Room

Modern Conference Room Furniture

Take your conference room to the next level with Zira series furniture from Global Total Office. The power ready tables available from this best selling collection can be configured with USB, Phone, Ethernet, and three prong inputs to help streamline your meeting process. In addition to awesome conference tables, Zira also includes buffet cabinets, hospitality carts, lecterns, and the presentation boards needed to complete your meeting area effectively.

Work Floor
Global Total Office Zira Furniture

Open desking is the latest industry craze. As businesses are looking to promote collaboration in the workplace, the traditional cubicles of years passed are rapidly disappearing. Lines like Zira offer the modular capabilities and extensive components needed to create unique open desking configurations. No matter the size of your space, a Zira layout can be created to fit your specific needs and budget. Customize your Zira work floor configuration with power upgrades and glass accents to let your design ingenuity shine!

Private Office

Executive Office Furniture

Wether your creating a high end executive space or looking to maximize the square footage of a smaller work environment, Zira offers the private office furnishings needed for the job. Zira desks can be spec'd in over 20 unique laminate finish options. Shoppers will love the ability to select from a wide range of handle pulls and desk edge options at no additional charge. Zira is an excellent value and provides a lot of bang for the buck. There's not much this line can't do! It's no wonder why Zira desks and workstations have become the premier choice of interior design teams in 2015.
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