Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Live the Ergo Life At Home

Most home workers would agree, not being bound by the walls of a cubicle or a boss over your shoulder is pretty great! Still, it's hard to get things done when you're physically uncomfortable. Whether you work in a town house or a skyscraper, staying healthy is always a challenge in any office. Thankfully, today's article is all about the best tricks to help you live a healthier, more comfortable, ergonomic office life at home!

The Perfect Fit

Whether it's your desk or a pair of pants, finding the perfect fit is always important. When it comes to office workstations, nothing takes greater precedence than how it's adjusted. This may sound strange, but improperly adjusted workstations are actually one of the most common causes of office-related pain. In fact, back pain, neck pain, leg pain, muscular trouble, and even poor blood flow can all be potential results when the desk height and chair height are disproportionate to the user's needs. But don't stop there! While you're adjusting features, make sure you're happy with the layout of the workstation in the room. Sometimes a simple window view is the quickest cure for the Monday Blues!

Practice Posture 

Believe it or not, comfort in the office is almost solely dependent upon proper posture. Adjust your workstation to your body's dimensions by first sitting up straight in your office chair. Knees should be bent at right angles, with feet flat on the floor to prevent loss of circulation in the legs. Next, keep elbows bent at right angles, with forearms parallel to wrists and hands - this should be the location of keyboard platforms or desktops (depending on which one your hands interact with more). Finally, ensure the top of your computer monitor is at eye level, when your head is face forward and upright as when standing or walking - this prevents neck and upper back pain.


Any fashionista will tell you, "always accessorize!" And the same is true for interior design. In the case of home office furniture, however, accessories are much more than some simple decorations. When you shop ergonomic office products, you are shopping for actual tools, many of which are backed by years of study and technological innovation. Ergo tools like monitor arms for computers can drastically improve one's quality of life in the workplace simply by reducing pain. In addition, they also save space and improve efficiency. Accessories like lumbar supports, desk lamps, and even foot rests can go a long way in turning a low tech work zone into an executive paradise!


One of the most prominent reasons office workers experience chronic pain or fatigue is lack of movement. Even working at home has its drawbacks in a sedentary lifestyle - but it doesn't have to be! Finding ways to stay active and healthy at work is a strategy that's got office workers everywhere going crazy - and the newest health trend is... deskercise! Health experts have set creative sights on making the average cubicle into a modern gym. The internet is riddled with tutorials and videos that discuss proper ways to exercise on the job. After all, you're at home - why not make the most of it with a few stretches and leg lifts to stay active?

Break It Up

One of the most effective ways to live an ergonomic life - take breaks. While many office workers strive to plow through the day as fast as possible, this is actually an extremely unhealthy way to live. The body needs activity and the brain needs breaks. Although working from home certainly isn't a cakewalk, in most cases, it does offer the blessing of actually allowing you to physically walk. If you're graced with the freedom of not having a boss breathe down your neck, take advantage of it. There are multiple studies out there showing the benefits of frequent active breaks on the human brain. Not only does focus improve, but so does energy. So leave the desk chairs behind and go walk the dog. Your body and mind (and work) will thank you!

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