Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Is Your Workspace Secure?

There's not too many good feelings that result from having your stuff stolen, but most victims will tell you: awareness that it can happen is better than blissful ignorance. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry. Because offices can contain a lot of data and vital statistics, they're one of the most commonly targeted places for burglars. Thankfully, today's article covers everything from cyber-security to old fashioned property defense, so you can rest knowing your workspace is still in working order!

Create Unique Logins

The internet may seem nice, filled with all it's hilarious memes and cat videos, but there's one menacing thing it's also filled with - hackers! And they can mean the death of a business. However, one way to thwart hackers from accessing your company's digital data is with crafty logins and passwords. While it may be convenient to use the same password for everything, that password ends up becoming a master key when left in the hands of a hacker. Ensuring your computer files and websites are secured with individual passwords is not only the best way to do things, but it's easier than you think!

* Here are some tips on creating unique passwords for business use:

1. Think of an easy-to-remember phrase, like your company's slogan. For example:

"Quality office furniture at prices you can't beat!"

2. Take only the first letters of every word, and alternate capitalization that you can remember. The most varied caps and lower-case letter combinations will be harder for hackers to crack:
Quality office furniture at prices you cant beat = QoFaPyCb

3. Throw in some numbers to keep things interesting! Something easy to remember like a birthday, famous political event, or the year your business was founded won't be as difficult for employees to remember, but will be very difficult for hackers:

4. Special characters or spaces will also improve security: 

5. But even a password this strong shouldn't be used for every website (remember what we said about the master key?) That's why slightly altering it for each site your company uses may help save you time and money should your business ever come under cyberattack. See if you can guess what websites these passwords go for!

Viola! Now you're cyber-secure!

Use Lockable Cabinets

Of course, there are plenty of thieves out there who prefer to do things the old fashioned way, by physically stealing. And one of the most targeted places in an office are the cabinets! Burglars will look for anything of value, and since safes can be too much of a hassle, cabinets are the next best thing. Especially in places like doctors' and dentists' offices, file storage cabinets can harbor a wealth of identities and vital statistics. In order to ensure the safety of your company's clients and records, make sure to keep cabinet doors locked!

Invest in a Locking CPU Holder

Even if your company has the craftiest passwords on the planet, the most clever hacker will go right for the box - the computer box that is. The hard drive is a computer's brain and memory, and with a hard drive, its a lot easier to pilfer a company's information than it is to dig through the web trying to plant a virus. While affordable CPU holders are excellent space savers, and of course are super convenient for rewiring, most are unfortunately easy to steal. Thankfully, office tech companies like  ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Symmetry Office Products have devised lockable CPU holders, which provide security and space-saving convenience all in the same package!

Install A Security System

Nothing deters a burglar like a blaring alarm. Even if your office is in an area that hasn't ever been prone to thefts before, it's probably still worth your while to install a security system. This way your office is secured 'round the clock, even when the desks and cubicles are empty. On some high tech models, you can even punch in a fake signal code that turns off the alarm, but still notifies police so robbers think you're cooperating. Not only that, but most security systems nowadays are multi-purpose. In addition to saving your stuff from burglars, many of them also monitor dangerous things like smoke and carbon monoxide levels!

Use Your Surroundings

Any good warrior will tell you, use your surroundings! For a burglar to burgle in the first place, they must be able to get to your things. Therefore, consider the physical landscape of your workplace. Are there bricks along the walkway, or heavy stones nearby? To some robbers, those things open just as easily as a key when tossed through a glass window. When all else fails, make sure to secure your workplace the classical way. Build fences, plant cactuses, add gates, affix rail guards to windows that prevent entry - any of these things can help to slow down a robber!
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