Thursday, June 4, 2015

Modernize Your Office Interiors with e5 Furniture!

Wether you're designing a private office space for yourself, or a new furniture layout for your team, the Mayline e5 collection is ready to modernize your interiors! This cutting edge line from Mayline offers high end appeal and the versatile components needed to make your workscapes shine. In today's post we'll be highlighting the e5 collection and it's unique benefits.

e5 Open Desking ConfigurationEven at first glance you'll notice the modern appeal showcased by Mayline's e5 office furniture collection. This line of modular workstations, open desking, and storage solutions combines an industrial feel with it's metal accents and sleek lines. If you're looking to earn your office interiors the compliments they deserve, e5 is a must consider.

e5 Executive OfficeIn 2015, Mayline expanded the e5 collection to include quick shipping private office furniture configurations that can be used effectively in both home and professional work environments. These easy to spec stations feature raven laminate surfaces and silver metal accents. The new e5 private workstations are available starting at just $790.99. Talk about a great buy!

Modern Office FurnitureIf you're looking to step outside the cubicle realm, e5 open desking is the way to go. The ability to design spacious furniture configurations built around team and group interaction is very enticing! While cubicles are great for privacy, the do little to encourage collaboration within your business. The high panel walls of traditional cubicles tend to make work floors look overcrowded. That being said, open desking from the e5 collection will make your work floor look far more appealing. The possibilities with e5 open desking are endless. Mayline has made it incredibly easy to create custom workstations designed to meet your specific business needs.

e5 Group DeskingPower modules have been the hottest office trend in 2015. As businesses are looking to improve versatility, functionality, and efficiency, lines like e5 have the ability to do all three with ease. Stop taking those trips under your workstation to route wires and plug in devices. Mayline's e5 furniture configurations can be designed with surface level modules that feature USB, audio, phone, and three prong inputs. Rest assured, there's not much this trending line from Mayline can't do!

It's safe to say that no office can function at peak performance levels without being well organized. That being said, e5 offers unique storage components unlike anything on the market. While the classic desk pedestals and file cabinets we've relied on for years are available in the e5 lineup of components, consumers will also love the super cool wardrobe cabinets, credenzas, padded storage benches, and work surface organizers e5 has to offer. Whether you're looking to organize your important documents or display your achievements, e5 has the components needed to get the job done right!
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