Friday, June 19, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Mercado Wood Guest Seating by Mayline

If there's one thing professional business associates know, it's that leather looks good! For those in search of a sophisticated style for their workplace, the Mercado collection by Mayline seems to fit the bill. But are looks all they're cracked up to be? In today's article, we'll find out. Presenting another installment of "Office Chair Reviews," here is our take on Mercado guest seating by Mayline!


When it comes to style, Mercado guest seating by Mayline definitely has things down! Whether you choose the box-style chairs or the more traditional models, every chair in this collection is worth its salt in looks. Mercado relies heavily on the combination of rich dark finishing and glossy leather to create a classic professional allure. The perfect addition to reception area furniture and lobby applications, these chairs will draw visitors without a doubt, and the superb design will keep compliments rolling in. Talk about curb appeal!


Although most contemporary visitor seating is purchased for looks than comfort, buyers of Mayline Mercado guest chairs will have nothing to fear from this line. Compared with similar models, Mercado seating is spot on for continued comfort. This is because the chairs are equipped with seat suspension for constant support. Of course, the genuine leather upholstery has something to do with the smooth feel of this seating line too. With a stunning leather finish on each model, users can choose from a variety of seat styles and still enjoy luxury.


Compared to other office reception chairs, Mercado chairs are often a little more expensive. However, in comparison to other leather chairs for sale, they're still a bargain! Different models are offered at different prices, but Mayline also prices many Mercado chairs in packs of two, for convenience to buyers who may be trying to furnish an entire waiting room. The larger models are priced as singles. This way, buyers can efficiently shop according to business needs.


One other thing the Mercado line possesses in spades is versatility! This collection offers a multitude of guest chairs in varying styles and models, of many different shapes and sizes, to meet a variety of applications. Not only that, but the Mercado line also includes a wide array of leather chairs for executives and conference rooms, so the whole office can match!

Final Grades

Overall, we give the Mercado line 4.5 stars. What the collection lacks in pricing convenience, it more than makes up for in variety, comfort, and quality materials. Not only does the Mercado series feature expert craftsmanship, but the genuine leather upholstery speaks volumes for professionalism in business atmospheres. Whether for guests or executives, these chairs always deliver a sense of regality. Sophistication, elegance, and dignity - these are the characteristics of the Mercado series!
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