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Office Tips: 7 Exercises for the Workplace

Looking for a way to stay fit and limber at the office? Well, you've come to the right place! While most everyone agrees that exercise is the crown jewel of a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, the lifestyle of most Americans often leaves little room for a workout. That's why one of the best places to get in shape is the place you'd least expect - the workplace - and in today's article, we're listing our favorite office exercises to keep you in shape and pain-free at the desks!

The Curl Up

For the average office worker, curl ups are one of the best exercises in the world - particularly for those who experience chronic back pain. Most office-related back pain comes from slouching due to a lack of ergonomically designed chairs for work. Adding an ergonomic task chair can fix the problem, but not without a little help from your abs. Strengthening the abs in both power and endurance helps give much needed support to the spine. Without a set of toned abs, the spine is left to support the weight of your entire upper body by itself - a task it was never made for. So unless you're planning to convert to height adjustable desks, curl ups are your back's best pain relief!

The Push Up

Like curl ups, push ups help tone the muscles, but in many more places than just the abs. Push ups help to strengthen the whole body, from neck to feet. The arms, abdomen, shoulders, and legs do the most work, and in doing so, receive the most benefit! At work, push ups can help keep the body in better physical shape so that it's more equipped to endure the eight or more hours of seated inactivity, with much of a reduced chance for chronic pain.

* Helpful Hint: There is a type of push up that can be done right in your office chair, for when your arms and abs are starting to feel like noodles. After making sure your task chair is sturdy and stable enough to support your weight, cross your legs on the seat. Then, grip the armrests and slowly lift your whole body out of the chair as if you're levitating. Not only will you get to feel like a genie, but you'll also be training your arms and core to handle even the longest workday!

The Racing Heart

There's nothing wrong with a little extra cardio! As many health enthusiasts will tell you, the best way to burn fat is by working the whole body. Whether you decide to walk, run, swim, or go whitewater rafting, anything that gets your heart pumping is a great way to exercise for work. By getting a few calories burned off on a regular basis, office workers are far less likely to experience the lethargy and weight gain attributable to the average desk-bound American. The added exercise offers improved focus, and reduces the chance for a host of horrible health problems, including poor sleep and depression. Creative employees will easily find ways to work cardio into the cubicles, improving one's whole work experience!

The Yogi 

No, not the bear...
A "yogi" is actually a master of yoga (which by the way, is an excellent way to relieve office-related pain.) Yoga is often one of the most widely accepted ways of relieving chronic pain, particularly in the office. Even high rated furniture companies like Eurotech have designed ergonomic seating (like the Chakra chair) with the pain-relieving tenants of yoga in mind. For anyone stressed or experiencing work-related pain or muscle tightness, a little office yoga is the trick. All the stretching helps to limber up the body, lightly strengthening the muscles, and adding flexibility and resilience to one's physical makeup. Best of all, there are plenty of online tutorials that are cubically kosher!

The Break Bandit

If you're on a mission to keep your body fit and healthy, then break time needs to be for more than just snacks and cigarettes. Instead of slouching over a game of computer solitaire, use the extra time to get up and move. Walk the office, go outside, do some deskercising, or even do a little dance. Even munching on something healthy like nuts, kale, or an apple is better than doing nothing. As they say, anything that keeps you active, keeps you healthy. Be sure to use your breaks for the better!

The Mentalist

Health is mental. Not the crazy kind of mental, but the kind of mental that makes you believe fully in what you're doing with your life. In order to relieve pain or stay fit in a place that requires most to sit and stare for hours on end, health needs to be more than just a kick - it needs to be a lifestyle. Taking the stairs, eating right, and getting enough sleep are just the first part. The rest of your health depends on habitual workout regiments and the willingness to sacrifice a bit of dignity at your workplace. For those truly bent on staying healthy in a skyscraper, a little dance with the conference room chairs to stay active isn't the end of the world. It's just the tip of the iceberg!

The Shaolin Monk

Shaolin monks are known for their seemingly inexhaustible capacity to transcend the both the world and the mind. Their tolerance for extreme physical and mental exertion is legendary, which is urge any aspiring-to-be-healthy office workers to mimic the monks in their mindset! The martial arts world often requires using one's environment to his advantage and thinking outside the box, and both are just as critical in the office. The internet is riddled with great tips for working out right in your cubicle. Using classic desks as balance-bars, chairs as exercise tools, and even cubicle walls as body supports are just a few ways one can use an office environment to their advantage. All it takes is a little creativity and the drive to make health happen!

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