Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 Ways to Take Your Office Makeover Public

Proud of your successful office makeover project? You should be! Now it's time to take it public. By sharing your makeover project with the world, you'll earn your new interior the compliments it deserves while simultaneously generating helpful ways to improve in the future!


Facebook logo

What better way to share your achievements than with the king of social media? Not only does almost everyone these days have a Facebook account, but so do millions of businesses. By creating a Facebook page for your company, not only do you to spread the word about your achievements, but you can also generate buzz for your business. The more likes your new office furniture gets, the more likes you get for for your company. And in today's competitive market, that's truly something to celebrate!


Twitter logo

For a fast way to get the word out on your office, nothing beats the second most popular social networking site. With an average of 310,000,000 users per year, Twitter users set the record for fast spreading news! A favorite of both celebrities and the average Joe, Twitter helps companies feel more personal to consumers by allowing everyone to share thoughts instantaneously. Simply limit your posts to 140 characters, throw in a few hashtags for spreadability, and watch your followers soar! #TweetTweet


Pinterest logo

While your spreading the word with Facebook and Twitter, why not go ahead and spread your design achievements on a site that's made for 'em? As a photo-sharing site, Pinterest is a haven for creativity. Not only is it an excellent place to show off your style, but by searching popular themes, you can find boards, like posts, and discover tons of information you never even knew existed. Getting involved with Pinterest early will let you search top ergonomic chairs and other popular office tools to furnish your new interior with. As an added perk, you can also share your office makeover work in progress, earning you much more followers than a single 'after' photo!


Instagram logo

New to photo sharing? There's no better place to start out than with Instagram. This favorite social media site is relatively new compared to our other suggestions, but it certainly doesn't lack for fans! Very popular with youths and young adults, Instagram is the perfect way to appeal to newer generations. Equipped with an arsenal of filters and tools to edit photos with, Instagram turns even the most ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art! Create your Instagram account early, and you can update your company's followers with progressive shots from the workplace. With periodic photo updates, they'll get to see walls painted, and workstations and desks unfold. The end result is sure to lure in a few spectators!


YouTube logo

You've got the photos. You've got the word out. You might as well take it another step further! Almost everyone in the world has visited YouTube at one time or another, and being the most popular video-sharing site the Internet has to offer, wandering eyes are never too far away. With most computer softwares offering some kind of built-in movie maker, videos are a snap to create. You can even use Powerpoint to do it! Simply pull together your photos, add a bit of original music or narration, and your company is on it's way to stardom. People all over the globe will be streaming your trendy new conference furniture in no time at all!
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