Monday, July 20, 2015

6 Ways To Make Your Office Interiors More Versatile

Versatile office interiors are ready to adapt at a moments notice. These highly sought after environments promote functionality, comfort, and efficiency. In today's post we'll highlight 6 key ways to improve versatility in your work environments. From modular conference tables to portable power modules, the products found here are ready to take your business to the next level. Enjoy!

1.) Modular Conference Tables

Modular Conference Table

Modular conference tables look great and save space! A modular table layout like the BXK132S from the Global Total Office Bungee collection will allow your business to quickly go from meeting to training layouts in a flash. The best modular conference table sets offer flip top design characteristics that allow tables to be nested in a space saving fashion along walls when not in use. With modular tables, the layout and configuration possibilities are endless. Go versatile with your conference room with a modular table set. You'll be glad you did.

2.) Tablet Chairs

Tablet Arm Sirena Lounge Chair by Global Total Office

Tablet chairs are the latest craze! Ideal for both professional lounge areas or private office environments, tablet arm seating really comes in handy on a daily basis. In waiting areas, chairs with tablet arms will improve the visiting experience of valued guests. In addition, modern executives will love the added worksurface space that a tablet chair provides. Once you try one, there's no turning back. You'll be immediately hooked on the improved versatility and functionality these trending chairs provide. Brands like OFM and Global Total Office offer the best tablet arm seating solutions on the market in 2015.

3.) Flip Top Tables

Flip Top Training Table

Flip top tables make office training areas and classrooms much more versatile. At times when flip top tables are not needed, they effectively nest along walls to save space. This makes for easy to clean interiors! Tops can be flipped down in seconds and locked into place when needed. Brands like Mayline offer a variety of best selling flip top training room tables that allow businesses to create unique configurations designed to meet any number of tasks. Collections like Sync and Flip-N-Go are a must consider for any business looking to improve versatility. 

4.) Nesting Chairs

Nesting Chairs

Save even more space in your training room and classroom environment with nesting chairs! Let's face it, traditional office chairs with 5 star bases take up a lot of room! Outfitting your group interaction areas with traditional office chairs is not the best use of your square footage. That being said, you can save lots of space in your training room and classroom environments with nesting chairs! This type of seating offers flip seat designs that allow chairs to be pushed closely together during transport or when they are not being used. Nesting chairs have also make a handy addition to professional conference room areas. Models like the TSH1 from the Mayline Valore collection offer space saving nesting capabilities and modern appeal that's sure to impress guests and keep them comfortable!

5.) Monitor Arms

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Looking to accessorize your office space and simultaneously improve versatility? Go with a monitor arm! These handy ergonomic devices provide a seemingly unlimited array of adjustment features. The factory base that came with your computer provides little in terms of ergonomic benefits. With an ergonomic monitor arm you'll be able to quickly increase the amount of desk space available at your workstation, reduce eye strain, and get your monitors to eye level where they belong. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Global Total Office, and Symmetry Office provide the best single and multi screen monitor mounting solutions on the market.

6.) Portable Power

Juice Power Module

Last but not least, power modules provide a great way for businesses to improve the versatility of their interiors. Units like the ISLE module from Symmetry Office come in super handy in waiting, training, and meeting environments. With a plethora of USB and three prong inputs, these portable power stations define versatility in the workplace. Other cool options include the Juice module which can be quickly mounted to any desk surface to prevent those pesky trips underneath desks to plug in devices. The Juice puts power at  your fingertips and that's what versatility is all about!
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