Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Acheive Ergonomic Excellence with ESI

ESI provides high quality ergonomic solutions for the home and business. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in increasing workplace comfort, functionality, and productivity. In today's post we'll highlight the various products provided from ESI that are guaranteed to help any user achieve ergonomic excellence in 2015. Enjoy!

Monitor Arms

Evolve 3 Screen Monitor Arm by ESI

ESI's ergonomic monitor arm layouts are incredibly versatile. This year ESI introduced the all new Evolve lineup of mounts that will allow users to go from 1 screen to 6 with ease. While 6 screens may be a bit much for the average workstation, the ability to do so if needed is always a plus! The Evolve monitor arm system allows users to improve and grow screen configurations as their computing needs increase. These adjustable monitor arms are heavy duty and built to last. Standard with both grommet and clamp mounting options, ESI's Evolve monitor arms can install in minutes. The ability to increase the amount of usable desk space present at your workstation, while simultaneously improving ergonomic effectiveness is just too good to pass up. When it comes to monitor arms, ESI does it best in 2015!

Articulating Keyboard Trays

Articulating Keyboard TrayESI's articulating keyboard trays are the best in the business. With a seemingly limitless array of adjustment features, finding comfortable computing positions just got easy. ESI offers classic retractable keyboard trays, swivel keyboard trays with mousing platforms, and sit to stand keyboard trays that are just plain cool! As sitting for long periods of time can cause major health risks, a sit to stand keyboard tray from ESI will allow you to quickly change your operating position and help to promote continuous body movement. Sit to stand models are available for as low as $460.99. While a bit more pricey than the average retractable model, they are far more durable and ergonomically efficient.

CPU Holders

CPU Holder
Getting your computer's power source up of the ground is a great way to improve the ergonomic values of your workstation. ESI's retractable CPU holders mount directly underneath desk surfaces on a sliding mechanism that can be slid out of the way to provide additional knee space when not in use. The swiveling capabilities of these unit makes it easy to route wires and plug in devices. Having your CPU off the ground will also help protect you against water damage. In addition, many of ESI's CPU holders lock to prevent theft and keep your important digital documents secure. Available for as low as $111.99 in 2015, an ESI CPU holder is a smart buy that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Office Lighting

ESI Desk Lamp

Overhead office lighting can make for hefty electric bills! For this reason, ESI provides lighting solutions that mount directly underneath overhead hutch units. These magnetic lights come standard in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any hutch. Don't have a metal hutch? No problem! ESI offers additional attachment systems that are easy to install in wood and laminate workstations. If you're still in need of more light in your workspace, ESI provides cool LED desk lamps like the SOLSTICE that double as USB charging stations. Not only does the SOLSTICE provide a wide range of motion, but it also allows you to adjust the light intensity with a simple to use continuous dimming touch switch. Talk about versatile! If you're looking to achieve ergonomic excellence, ESI lighting is a must!

Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic WorkstationLast but certainly not least, ESI provides adjustable ergonomic workstations and tables. Great for business, school, and training environments, adjustable height workstations promote continuous body movement in the workplace. Much like a sit to stand keyboard tray, an electronic desk will improve blood flow and reduce fatigue in the office. With their exceptional height range, smooth and quiet operation, and concealed crossbar design, ESI premium tables are amongst the best ergonomic products on the market in 2015. Table bases and tops are sold separately to allow users to design the perfect ergonomic station to meet their specific needs. In addition to electronic height adjustable desks that go up and down at the push of a button, hand crank models are also available at a lower price point.
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