Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Furniture Facts: It's All About Power In 2015!

Powered office furniture has dominated 2015. With manufacturers like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline introducing cutting edge new products with high tech powered features, improving workplace functionality and performance is easier than ever. In today's Furniture Facts article we'll showcase the best powered furniture solutions of the year and their undeniable benefits.

Fact 1: Powered Workstations Improve Operational Functionality

Powered Office Furniture Configuration

This year powered workstations and cubicles have become more accessible than ever. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline have helped put powered open desking configurations on the map. These versatile stations from collections like Zira and TransAction make for improved operational experiences. No more trips underneath the desk to route wires and plug in devices. The surface level power modules located in open desking configurations provide users with USB, AV, and Audio inputs right at their finger tips. 

Fact 2: Powered Conference Tables Streamline The Meeting Process

Powered Zira Conference Table

Powered conference tables are incredibly cool and incredibly versatile! Powered tables from the Zira collection allow businesses to incorporate surface modules that feature USB, Audio, HDMI, and Ethernet inputs in multiple locations. Tables can be equipped with daisy chained modules that interlink and make presentations a breeze. Conference room guests won't be searching for wall outlets to plug in devices and share important info. Simply flip open the power port, plug in your device, and you're ready to roll. Awesome powered tables are available for less than a thousand bucks in 2015.

Fact 3: Powered Desks Improve Workplace Ergonomics

Adjustable Height VariTask Workstations by Mayline

Height adjustable desks and workstations were once operated using hand cranks that were far from user friendly. This year, top brands like Ergonomic Concepts and Mayline have introduced powered stations that go up and down with the push of a button. Height adjustable ergonomic workstations promote continuous body movement while simultaneously increasing blood flow and reducing fatigue in the workplace. If you find yourself sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time and dealing with back pain, a height adjustable desk may be the solution for you!

Fact 4: Powered Training Tables Help The Learning Process

Powered Training Room Tables - Mayline Sync

Powered tables have made their way to the training room. While this office area has yet to enjoy the power popularity boom like the conference room and private office, it's certainly right around the corner! Powered office training room tables can be used effectively in both school and business environments to promote an accelerated learning experience. If tablets are used during training sessions, battery life will always be a concern. With ability to plug into table surfaces, the problem is eliminated. Powered training tables can be linked together to form super cool configurations that will no doubt improve your space.

Fact 5: Portable Power Modules Come In Handy

Clamp On Office Power Module

Recently purchase new office furniture that didn't come standard with power features? No need to worry! Portable power modules are available to help. Brands like Symmetry Office offer awesome products like the ISLE power tower that can be used in waiting areas, private office environments, and conference rooms. Personal workstation modules like the Symmetry Office Juice can be clamped on to desk surfaces to provide USB and three prong inputs withing arms reach while you work. The popularity of these handy tools is booming. Available for less than two hundred dollars, portable power sources are a great buy for any business.

Fact 6: Powered Lounge Furniture Improves The Visitor Experience

Powered Lounge Chair

Brands like OFM, Inc. are at the forefront of the powered lounge furniture movement. The ability to provide office guests with centrally located power options in chair and sofa arms is just plain cool! Powered lounge chairs like the Serenity come standard with USB and three prong input options that allow guests to operate their devices comfortably during their waits. Often business professionals spend their time in the waiting room working to maximize their work days. The ability to do so without draining battery life will surely be appreciated and earn your waiting areas the high marks they deserve.
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