Thursday, July 9, 2015

How To Create The Ultimate Guest Waiting Experience

Let's be honest, nobody loves waiting in a lobby for their appointment. That being said, it's important to make your office guests as comfortable as possible while they wait. In today's post we'll highlight 5 ways to create the absolute best waiting experience for your valued visitors. Enjoy!

Powered Furniture

Powered Lounge Furniture
Whether you're walking through the mall or dining in an upscale restaurant, you're bound to see multiple guests enjoying their phones and tablets. Unfortunately, when batter power runs low, tensions begin to rise. This sad but true fact has reared it's ugly head in office waiting areas. To solve the problem, the furniture world's best brands have begun introducing ultra modern powered lounge furnishings. Top manufacturers like OFM, Inc. have introduced swanky new lounge chairs like the Serenity that offer USB and three prong outlet inputs centrally located withing the chair's arm. They say, if you can't beat em', join em'! Utilizing powered lounge chairs in your waiting room will no doubt keep your guests engaged in their devices during their waits, thus improving their overall visiting experience.

Tablet Chairs
Citi Tablet Arm Lounge ChairOften guests need to get a little work done while they wait for their appointment. For this reason, providing them with tablet arm seating in your waiting room is just plain smart. Tablet chairs are incredibly user friendly, and cost about the same as traditional lounge seating. These versatile lobby seating solutions provide the perfect surface for operating during their waits. No more using the knees as a note taking support! Popular tablet arm lounge chairs like the Citi series 7875LFLTL model from Global Total Office are a must consider for any guest waiting area makeover project.

Welcoming Welcome Desk

Cherryman Verde Reception DeskThe reception desk should be used as the center piece of any professional guest waiting area. Integrating a quality welcoming station into your space will make your guests feel right at home. While super fancy custom reception stations are certainly available, you don't have to spend a fortune to improve your space. Brands like Cherryman Industries and Mayline offer excellent reception desks that cost less than eight hundred bucks. A well designed reception desk can be effectively used to represent your business decor and  professionalism! You might also consider upgrading your current welcome desk with a mounted tablet for sign in. The traditional pad and paper method is rapidly becoming a thing of the past! No matter the route you decide to take, ask yourself "is my welcome area truly welcoming". It should be!

Visual Appeal

Ultimate Waiting Area
To create the ultimate guest waiting experience, you'll need to achieve a high level of visual appeal. Enhance your space with attractive colors and trending design features. This year gray wood tones have been incredibly popular! If you're going for a more traditional feel with your space, look to use lighter wall colors to contrast well with the darker furniture finishes you'll no doubt be selecting from. Modern waiting areas should incorporate silver and glass accents wherever possible to create a cutting edge, industrial feel. Once your space is complete, don't be afraid to ask your coworkers for tips on how to improve visual appeal. You can also take a few pics of your space and share them on your favorite social channels. Let your Pinterest followers and Facebook friends provide you with helpful suggestions. You might be surprised at the simple and easy ways they come up with to take your interior to the next level.

The Little Details

Professional Lobby DesignThe difference is in the details! In your quest to create the ultimate waiting experience for your office guests, put a primary emphasis on area rugs, plants, wall art, and sconces. Add an elegant center piece to your coffee table. Use cool lighting fixtures to showcase your design ingenuity. Keep reading material well organized, and not scattered across your chairs. Create a daily cleaning routine to ensure your space looks great each morning for early visitors. Ensure your receptionist is hospitable and offers guests a beverage when they arrive. You can even create a small coffee station on a reception table if you have the space. In the long run, the little details will make the difference in a good space and a great one!
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