Thursday, July 2, 2015

How To Cut Costs and Not Corners with Your Office Makeover!

Office makeovers are more than just a marketing tactic. They're an adventure. A way to improve. A way to give your office the best it deserves. However, there are plenty of things that can go awry. In order to save you the trouble though, we've compiled this handy how-to guide to help you through your office makeover. From buying to building, these tips will save you time and money!

Make A To-Do List

Perhaps the most important step in any remodeling adventure is to go in with a game plan! In order to save on money and mishaps in the future, try to plan a list of steps for every part of the office makeover. Not only will this help prepare you for unforeseen circumstances, but a solid to-do list will also help you to pace yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is quality executive office furniture, so make sure to plan your makeover before you pay for it!

Efficient Space Planning

Once you have a generic idea about how the office makeover process will go down, be sure to take accurate measurements of every room you plan to renovate. As the old carpenter saying goes, "measure twice, cut once" - meaning you'll be less inclined to make mistakes if you take the time to do things right. Drawing every wall to scale on a piece of graph paper is a tremendous help, and it also gives you a good idea of where to put the furniture when the time comes. Don't forget to make note of doorways, windows, and power outlets, and try to design your furniture layout accordingly.

Use Comparison Shopping Engines

Get ready to rev up your engines - your comparison shopping engines! When shopping discount office furniture, it pays to look around. Specialized search engines, like those offered by Google Shopping and PriceGrabber are excellent ways to save money. Just type in a desired item or a model number, and shopping engines will come up with dozens of places to buy from. Best of all, the prices for said items are always on display, so you never have to dig for a good deal!

Avoid Shipping Costs

Unfortunately, the one problem with shopping engines is that they often don't always factor in shipping. Shipping costs are one of the biggest budget busters an online shopper can encounter. However, a savvy shopper knows how to avoid shipping costs wherever possible. Buying in bulk, seeking free shipping options, and calling up retailers to inquire about secret deals are just a few hat tricks to help you save. For anyone purchasing big items like office desks and tables, it never hurts to get a discount!

Hunt For Coupons

Most avid couponers will happily tell you about the deals they get with those little pieces of paper. But Sunday news articles aren't the only treasure troves on the map! With the rise of the digital age, coupon fans have gotten a lot more tech savvy, so most furniture retail sites will offer digital coupons. These coupons are often released in blog posts or email newsletters. They're typically offered in the form of codes, such as "SUNDAYSALE" or "DISCOUNT20." By signing up for newsletters, you'll get premium access to these secretive deals. Just enter the code at checkout, and your wallet will definitely thank you!

* Bonus Tip: Lots of online sales and coupons are released around the holidays. Timing your office makeover project with these dates can often save you loads of money on expensive furniture.

Prep Your Space

Now that you've planned your makeover, measured your space, and ordered those ergo chairs, it's time to prep your space. One critical mistake a lot of first time office decorators make is failing to find out (or schedule) the arrival date of their furniture. Too often, shipments arrive before the office is ready, and employees have to dedicate an entire workday to hauling out the old desks, and hauling in the new. By scheduling the delivery date so you have time to get rid of old furniture, the transition is smooth and timely. You may even decide to higher a moving crew with all the money you saved!

Plan for Installation

As we said above, the first and foremost lesson to learn is scheduling delivery dates. Shop early so that you give the furniture plenty of time to arrive. Calling up dealers for clarification on shipping dates and tracking numbers will give you a better idea of the right time to clean out old furniture. If the room you're making over is an a back part of the office, clear the way before the furniture arrives. Nothing is worse than buying tons of stylish office supplies and accidentally damaging it because you forgot to clear a path to the cubicle.
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