Saturday, July 18, 2015

Streamline Your Meetings with a Powered Boardroom Table!

The modern business world is a highly competitive place, but for many, the one place your business can gain a critical edge is definitely the conference room! Boardrooms and conference halls are the backbone of offices all over the country, so streamlining your meetings with high powered tables is an excellent wait to strengthen your company. Here are five tables to help you do just that!

Global Zira
Starting us off is one of office furniture worlds favorite collections, the Zira series by Global. Not only are Zira boardroom tables highly customizable and stylish, but they're also equipped with a number of cool input features. Power up your boardroom by USB, HDMI, audio, or even phone connections by hooking them into a Zira boardroom table. Your company's guests will definitely leave the meeting fully charged with amazement!

Lesro Mystic
Speaking of amazement, we have to include this next show-stopper! Featuring clean lines and plenty of modern design, the Mystic series by Lesro is sure to leave corporate guests speechless. Not only that, but with phone and three prong input options, these contemporary boardroom tables are also super cost effective. It's easy to design Lesro's Mystic tables to your office's unique design with the array of specifications available at the click of a mouse! Don't miss out on this "mystical" deal!

Mayline Aberdeen
Next up, we proudly present the Aberdeen series by Mayline to impress your company's critics. Boasting stellar finish options, Aberdeen tables both look and act the part of a dream conference table. Like the Mystic series, these modular conference tables are easy to specify. They also offer an optional power module for easy access to computers and other forms of data. Stylish and affordable, the Aberdeen series is a long time favorite of designers and budget savvy shoppers alike!

Looking for something to dazzle your corporate guests? Nothing beats TransAction tables for style and impressive accessibility! This line of boardroom tables was clearly designed for multi-media use. Much like the Zira collection, TransAction tables are offered with stunning finish specifications, but also with tech ports for streamlined convenience. With these tables, you can show off your company's style and forward thinking mindset!

Cherryman VerdeLast but not least, we leave you with the incredible Verde collection. Being from Cherryman Industries, this collection of boardroom tables has high expectations for being the best - and it certainly delivers! Verde tables lead the pack in both style and craftsmanship. Shoppers can choose from a light latte finish or a rich dark mocha to compliment the table's chrome accents. Three prong outlets and phone inputs for technological applications are just icing on the cake when you shop Verde wood conference tables by Cherryman!
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