Monday, July 13, 2015

Through The Looking Glass: Lobby Makeover Edition

Professional Lobby Furniture Configuration
What do your office guests think of your lobby and welcoming area? Do you feel they'd be impressed? Would positive first impressions be formed? If you're unsure of the answers, today's post is for you! Here's we'll offer up helpful design tips, product suggestions, and trending ways to make your space the best it can be.

If you're looking to create the ultimate visiting experience for your guests, comfort should be the primary goal of your lobby makeover project! While nobody likes a long wait, providing your guests with comfortable lobby seating ensures they are a bit happier. Ever sat in an overcrowded waiting room and uncomfortable chairs? Did it make a good first impression on you? We doubt it! When tackling your lobby design, be sure to put comfort at the top of the list. Using well padded guest chairs, lounge chairs, and sofas is always appreciated by visitors. Before selecting the seating for your lobby, be sure to check out product reviews, demo videos, and visit show rooms if possible. This will help to ensure you select the absolute best seating for your space

Sirena Lobby Lounge Chairs and Wind Table
As comfort comes in as the top priority for any lobby makeover, functionality is a close second. In 2015, tablet arm chairs and sofas have been the preferred choice as they offer guests the ability to work and operate their personal devices comfortably while visiting. In addition, powered lounge furnishings like the Serenity chair from OFM even offer guests the ability to charge phones and tablets while waiting. Now that's customer service! Leave not doubt, your guests will greatly appreciate you going the extra mile to create a functional and user friendly waiting environment.

OFM Lounge and Reception FurnitureOnce you've got comfort and functionality covered, it's time to focus on visual appeal. Before your new furniture arrives, be sure to patch walls and apply a fresh coat of paint. This year lime green, gray, and deep blue tones have been incredibly popular. You may also consider hanging new lighting fixtures to give your space that little extra pop it needs to make a great impression.

If your going for wow factor, don't forget the little details. Using attractive area rugs and potted plants will certainly help your chances of impressing guests. Ensure your welcome station or reception desk is easily accessible and the main focal point of your space. You'll certainly want to maintain a well organized space as well. Don't leave magazines sitting on tables and seating for extended periods of time. About once ever hour, have your receptionist do a quick clean up as a messy lobby doesn't bode well for compliments.

Leather Lounge Furniture from MaylineLast but certainly not least, provide a refreshment station for your guests. A vending machine will do the trick, but it often requires a long walk and can be inconvenient for seniors or guests with children. If you have the space, integrate a small table that can be used as a coffee station. You may also consider purchasing a smaller hospitality cart like the 1015HC from Mayline. This user friendly piece can be used in the lobby, and quickly moved to the boardroom to accommodate meeting area guests as needed.

In the long run, creating a lobby that's designed for comfort, functionality, and visual appeal will ensure you earn your business the positive compliments it deserves. We highly recommend the lobby and lounge furniture solutions available from brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Flash Furniture for both modern and traditionally themed projects. Take the initiative to make your space the best it can be. You'll be glad you did!
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