Sunday, July 26, 2015

User Friendly Office Chairs Are The Way To Go!

Don't spend thousands on a high end office chair that's hard to operate! User friendly seating solutions are available on the market in 2015 for as little as $350.00. As a chairs ergonomic functions are only valuable if you take the time to master them effectively, the awesome seating highlighted in today's post will help you get ahead of the learning curve!

Oroblanco Mesh Back Task Chair

First up, the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman. With a built in user guide for comfort, finding the perfect operation position is a breeze. The multi functional task chairs offer high end appeal and the cutting edge ergonomic features to match. At just $321.50, the Oroblanco is perhaps the best value on the market. Rest assured, you'll have this comfy chair mastered in less than 30 minutes. Choose from a variety of frame and seat color options to match your space.

Offices To Go 2803All too often, users find a comfortable sitting position and their terrified to adjust their chair and loose it. This is not a good ergonomic habit! You've got to be willing to maximize your chair's potential. Take the time to get to know all the paddles and buttons located on your chair arms and mechanism to ensure your sitting for success in every situation. Chairs like the 2803 model from Offices To Go make it easy to do just that. The user friendly mechanism that comes standard on the 2803 is easy to learn and operate in the workplace. Don't let the $255.99 price tag fool you, these are professional quality chairs built for optimal comfort. It just goes to show, you don't have to spend a fortune to sit effectively!

Supra X ChairHigh end doesn't have to mean high priced! While many of today's most expensive office chairs are confusing to operate, it's good to know that brands like Global Total Office still offer affordable, user friendly chairs that don't break the bank. Seating office seating solutions like the Supra X may not wow you with modern curves and contemporary design attributes, but we encourage you to give one of these chairs a try. You'll be rewarded with a top of the line sitting experience that will no doubt improve your workplace functionality. Priced at $327.99, models like the 5336-5 from the Supra X collection are an excellent value. These user friendly chairs are highly adjustable and equally customizable. Choose from a limitless array of fabric and leather upholstery options to make your interiors shine.

Woodstock Marketing Annie Chair
Next up, the Annie series leather office chair from Woodstock Marketing. As the retro look has become incredibly popular in 2015, chairs like the Annie have enjoyed unmatched success. While these chairs don't offer the adjustable arms and multi functional mechanisms available on most task chairs, the Annie is premier option for conference room applications. These slimline chairs will help you maximize the seating around your boardroom table. At just $315.00, Annie chairs are available in black, white, and brown color options. The Annie is super comfortable and one of the most user friendly retro seating options available for the conference room.

Last but certainly not least, if your shopping for an office chair that's easy to use, comfortable, and affordable, look no further than the all new BT350 big and tall office chair from Eurotech Seating. Ready and willing to accommodate users up to 350 pounds, BT350 chairs are heavy duty and ready to work. With user friendly side paddles that control the chairs height and tilt, the perfect sitting position is never more than a few motions away. Priced at just $282.00, the BT350 is one of the best big and tall ergonomic office chairs on the market in 2015. Don't be fooled by fancy features that are seldom used and cause chair prices to skyrocket. Go with a user friendly chair like the BT350. It's got everything you need and then some!
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