Monday, August 3, 2015

Facing The Facts About Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomic Facts
Going ergo is about more than comfort. It's about improving health and becoming more productive. Workplace ergonomics has become a way of life and so much more than a fleeting trend. In today's post we'll be highlighting some cold hard facts about ergonomics and why you can't afford to miss out on the benefits gained from committing yourself to an ergonomic lifestyle in the office. Enjoy!

1.) Ergonomics Reduces Back Pain

Dealing with back pain while operating in the workplace will no doubt limit your productivity. Needless to say, it's not easy to work with discomfort of any kind. That being said, a quality ergonomic chair with the adjustable features needed to help you find support is a must. It's important for all of us to use the right office chair for our specific needs and body type. We encourage all of you to see professional assistance when selecting your chair. Meeting with your physician and talking to industry professionals is the best place to start!

2.) Ergonomics Improves Blood Flow

Sitting for long periods of time can cause cramps and muscle stiffness that's directly related to poor blood flow. When operating in your workspace, make it a point to stand up and stretch about once every hour. Lots of great techniques and deskercise routines are available to help. You can also utilize an office chair with a waterfall seat edge to take the pressure of your knees when sitting. In addition, a height adjustable ergonomic workstation will encourage continuous movement, and thus improve blood flow throughout the work day.

3.) Ergonomics Reduces Fatigue

You can't operate a peak performance levels when your tired and fatigued. While a good work day starts with a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast, there are also some ergonomic strategies you can use to fight fatigue throughout the day. Start by synchronizing your workspace. Align your office chair and computer monitor to ensure your not looking down when you type. You want to be eye level with the screen! Integrate an ergonomic CPU holder to keep your computer's power source up of the ground to avoid straining your back every time you need to plug in a device. Limiting strain is a key part of reducing fatigue. While continuous body movement is encouraged, strain is not. The difference between the two is that continuous movement can be productive, while strain cause eventual pain and a lot of fatigue. In the long run, fatigue is bound to show up when you least expect it. Be effectively prepared to fight it with a solid commitment to ergonomics.

4.) Ergonomics Improves Posture

Good posture habits are a key part of any solid ergonomic regimen. To keep yourself sitting correctly, post a list of reminders withing eyesight of your workstation. If you have a tack board underneath your office storage hutch, this is the perfect place. Studies have shown that workers with posture reminders nearby show major improvements. Some key posture tips to remember are as follows.
  • Don't Slouch
  • Keep Feet Flat On The Ground
  • Don't Cross Legs When Computing
  • Keep Your Head Aligned With Your Computer Screen (Don't Look Down)
  • Keep Your Back In Contact With Your Chair At All Times
5.) Ergonomics Reduces Eye Strain

While it may sound minimal, eye strain can be a real productivity killer. About once every 30 minutes, look away from your computer screen to let your eyes adjust. If you wear glasses or contacts, you are much more susceptible to eye strain when working. To avoid eye strain, never work too close to your computer screen. You can take things a step further by adding an ergonomic monitor arm to your workstation. These highly adjustable tools will allow you to move your monitor closer or further away as needed. You can also adjust the height of your monitors up and down to ensure you've working at eye level with your screen.

6.) Ergonomics Improves You!

If you're resisting the ergonomic wave, it's time to take the ride. Don't let yourself say "that stuff doesn't work" any longer. Commit yourself to good workplace habits and a legitimate commitment to ergonomics. Your health, efficiency, and productivity depend on it. In the scheme of things, ergonomics will fully improve both you and your work day.
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