Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is Your Boardroom a BOREroom?

Zira Boardroom by Global Total Office
There's nothing worse than a boring boardroom! Even if the information you're delivering is important, if you're guests are uncomfortable, bored, and disinterested, it won't go over well. In today's post we'll highlight ways to avoid a boardroom blunder. From providing comfortable seating to utilizing visual aids, we're ready to help you create a professional meeting environment you're valued visitors will love. Enjoy!

Joplin Conference Room Chair by Woodstock MarketingIf your current meeting space is overcrowded with bulky chairs, it's time for a change! Utilizing sleek conference room seating will help you provide your guests with plenty of elbow room. You'll likely be able to fit an extra couple of chairs around your table as well. In 2015, popular conference room chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing and the Europa from Eurotech Seating have been premier options. These popular chairs save space, provide a comfortable sit, and enhance visual appeal. Boring boardrooms typically feature lack luster chairs that leave guests fidgeting for the correct sit. Don't fall victim to this common epidemic. Select the right chairs for your meeting area and enjoy the benefits!

Modular Table ConfigurationBoardroom guests typically become bored due to a lack of interaction with their fellow visitors and hosts. To avoid this problem, encourage collaboration! When designing your space, check out modular table configurations from Global Total Office, Mayline, and other popular brands. A modular table set like the BXK132S from the Global Total Office Bungee collection will help you create versatile configurations designed to promote group interaction. These space friendly table sets will even make your boardroom interiors ready for important training sessions. Modular table configurations save space, look great, and keep visitors involved. What could be better?

Modern Boardroom
Do you find yourself struggling through lengthy presentations in your boardroom meetings? If so, it's time to go high tech! Integrating a powered table into your boardroom will help streamline your meetings. A powered boardroom table from a brand like Global Total Office, Mayline, or Cherryman Industries will allow you to plug devices directly into your table top without the need for extension cords and distant power outlets. Powered tables can be equipped with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, AC, and other valued input options to help take your boardroom meetings to the next level.

No more pull down projector screens and bulky TV carts! It's time to step up your boardroom game. Invest in a Smart TV that can be linked to your powered table. You'll no doubt impress your guests and have them far more engaged in the information your providing. Modern boardrooms are making the switch to flat screens as we speak. Don't let your business fall behind the competition! Take the initiative to ensure your space is up to date and far from boring!

Boardroom with Visual Aids
You'll also want to provide visual aids in your boardroom to prevent boredom. Most folks are visual learners and need to see what they're hearing in some way, shape, or form. A simple presentation board will do the trick. These handy units can be mobilized, or mounted to a perimeter wall. Most provide dry erase surfaces that can be used to jot down ideas and strategize with your team during meetings. Boring boardrooms typically lack the visual tools needed to garner the attention of guests. Don't let your space suffer! Invest in handy visual aids to ensure your meeting area is ahead of the curve.

Professional BoardroomLong meetings can quickly become boring if you're not prepared! If you're hosting a presentation that's going to last more than an hour, be sure to take a short break in the middle. Bring in a hospitality cart with snacks and refreshments. You're guests will be rejuvenated and ready to tackle the second half of your meeting.

Last but not least, you'll want to create aesthetic appeal. When designing your boardroom be sure to use bright colors, cool wall art, lamps, and area rugs to showcase your individual business style. Dark and dull meeting areas will make any guest tired in no time. Feel free to open up the blinds and let in a little natural light. Your space will be all the better for it!
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