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Office Chair Reviews: Rest Seating by Global Total Office

Global Total Office Rest Chair ReviewThe Global Total Office Rest seating collection includes guest chairs, bar stools, and training room chairs that work great in professional workplace settings. In today's post we'll review Global's popular Rest chair collection and it's versatile benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Style

At first glance you'll notice the contemporary appeal of the Rest seating collection. With sleek curves and steel metal legs, Rest chairs are sure to wow office guests and enhance interiors. Rest chairs and office stools offer distinctive style characteristics that set them apart from any other seating collection on the market. In a seating category where all the chairs have started to look a alike and follow the same trends, Rest chairs are a breath of fresh air. If you're looking to set your interiors apart from the competition, check out Rest seating in 2015.

Rest Armchair2.) Ergonomics

Rest series office chairs provide excellent ergonomic benefits for office visitors. Armless Rest chairs are available that provide lot's of elbow room and save space. The contoured backs provide great lumbar support and high end appeal. In addition, Rest chairs feature waterfall seat edges that relieve pressure on knees when sitting and improve blood flow. While Rest chairs lack the adjustable arms featured on many of today's top task and computer chairs, they are not intended for this type of application. Rest was designed to provide guests with a comfortable, reliable, and memorable sitting experience in professional waiting areas. We feel it excels far past it's goals!

3.) Applications

Rest guest seating works great in professional lobby wand waiting room settings. The slim design characteristics save space and leave great impressions. Fully upholstered rest chairs are a bit more comfortable, but plastic back models are easier to clean and typically preferred for healthcare environments. Rest series stools work great in bistro and lounge applications. These durable stools offer the same great lines as their sibling side chairs. Rest stools can be purchased with or without arms to meet your specific needs. Last but not least, Rest chairs can be equipped with casters for mobility. This makes them the perfect option for training room applications!

Rest Sled Base Guest Chair4.) Colors 

With Global Total Office, your color options are limitless! This best selling brand has made Rest chairs available in designer fabric upholstery options from multiple grades, as well as high end blended and genuine leather tones. In addition, Rest chairs and stools can be upholstered in easy to clean vinyl color options that are perfect for physician waiting rooms.

Rest Bar Stool5.) Price

The Rest collection offers lots of different models to ensure there's something for every shoppers needs and budget. The basic 2614 model offers an armless design and stylish plastic back for $292.99. Higher end Rest chairs with casters can be purchased for as low as $346.99. Armless Rest bar stools like the 2654 model are available for $329.99. Adding arms will raise the price to around $363.99. To save, be sure to inquire about bulk discount pricing opportunities with your dealer of choice!

Rest Training Room Chair6.) Criticisms

There's really not too much to pick on the Rest collection about. All things considered this is a pretty well rounded chair line that's sure to keep you and your guests comfortable. That being said, Rest chairs do not stack effectively. We'd love to see Global revamp the frames slightly to ensure these chairs can stack at least 5 high to make transport and storage easy. Lastly, Rest chairs are a bit pricey. While they are super comfortable and stylish, they are bit more costly than most of the comparable guest chairs on the market. In the long run, you get what you pay for and Rest chairs are no doubt among the most luxurious options for waiting room and reception area seating needs.

7.) Final Grades

We give the Global Total Office Rest seating collection an overall grade of B+. With super cool and unique design characteristics and the comfortable features needed to keep guest comfortable, Rest seating is sure to be enhancing office interiors for years to come. While Rest chairs have been around for a few years now, they still find themselves on best seller lists year after year. We'd like to see a more stackable frame design and a bit lower price point. That being said, those were our only major point deductions that contributed to the overall grade. In a nut shell, these chairs rock! Give one a try today and you'll be hooked.
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