Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Office FAQ: Lobby Edition

Lobby Makeover AdviceWhen taking on a lobby makeover project, it's important to ask key questions along the way. In today's post we highlight the most frequently asked questions directly related to lobby design projects to help our readers select the absolute best furniture for their specific needs. Enjoy!

Q: What is the most important step in the makeover process?

A: Space planning! Effective space planning is the most important step in any professional makeover project. As you'll no doubt want to create an excellent waiting experience for your guests, be sure to take the time needed to create the most user friendly furniture configuration possible. Start by obtaining accurate dimensions of your space. Take note of entry ways, windows, power outlets, and load bearing members that will affect the way your furniture is situated. Next, draw out a few ideas on paper. Having an idea of what pieces you'll need and where your new lobby furnishings will be situated upon arrival will have you ahead of the game!

Q: Who are the most reputable lobby furniture manufacturers?

A: When it comes to lobby furniture, you can never go wrong with brands like Lesro Industries, Mayline, and Global Total Office. Lesro specializes in furniture for waiting area applications and offers several best selling collections. Mayline provides high quality lounge seating, wood guest chairs, and stunning reception desks that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your office guests. Global Total Office offers high end tablet chairs, beam seating, modern accent tables and much more. All of these full service furniture brands should be considered for any professional lobby makeover project.

Q: What are the most popular lobby furniture collections of 2015?

A: The Lesro Industries Mystic lounge seating collection offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. Mystic seating combines wood and metal accents for a unique look guaranteed to bring your space an abundance of compliments. The Mayline Santa Cruz collection offers sofas and tablet arm lounge chairs designed to improve the guest waiting experience. The lobby chairs from this popular collection ship out quick if you're in a time crunch! The Global Total Office Wind Linear collection offers modular capabilities that will no doubt maximize the square footage of any lobby space. Global's Wind Linear line is available in leather, vinyl, and designer fabric upholstery options.

Q: How long will my new furniture take to arrive?

A: Lead times vary depending on brand and the number of items purchased. While brands like Mayline specialize in quick shipping furniture solutions, others like Global Total Office create made to order seating that takes a bit longer to produce. If the lobby furniture you select is in stock, there's a good chance it will ship out in approximately 2 to 4 business days. Made to order furniture takes around 2 to 4 weeks to manufacturer. Most reputable furniture providers use respected freight companies like Roadrunner, FedEx, and ABF to minimize transit times. As with any furniture purchase, be sure to work with your dealer of choice to obtain tracking information.

Q: What are some good ways to save money on lobby furniture?

A: Most lobby furniture orders will qualify for some type of bulk discount. As you'll likely be purchasing multiple chairs, tables, and room accents from your dealer, don't be afraid to inquire about quantity discounts. In the long run, it never hurts to ask! You can also check out popular coupon sites like Retailmenot.com and Tjoos.com. Many of the best office furniture dealers have personalized pages on these sites to highlight monthly deals. In addition, you'll definitely want to shop using a comparison engine like Google's. These helpful resources will allow you to sort products by price, and identify dealers offering free shipping.

Q: What tools should I have on hand for furniture assembly?

A: If you've purchased sofas and lounge chairs for your space, they'll likely come assembled. That being said, individual guest chairs, accent tables, and reception area desks will require basic assembly. As with any installation, you'll want to have a helper on hand for safety. Be sure to bring basic hand tools like pliers, sockets, and wrenches. A cordless drill will also come in very handy! Last but not least, be sure to bring several large trash bags. New furniture is cartoned extremely well to prevent damage in transit. This means there will be lots of popcorn, cardboard, and bubble wrap to clean up. Prepare accordingly!

Q: What are the latest lobby design trends?

A: Lots of great lobby design trends have emerged in 2015. This year gray leather and two tone upholstery variations have been super popular. Businesses are looking for ways to stand apart from the competition and impress guests with personalized furniture. In addition, powered lounge furniture has also been quite popular. Chairs like the Serenity from OFM, Inc. feature USB and three prong inputs that allow users to charge and operate devices easily when visiting. Tablet arm lounge chairs are also dominating in 2015. As it's all about making the best impression on guests, providing them with helpful tools like tablet chairs will earn your space high marks.
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