Monday, September 21, 2015

Office Design: Elements Of Style

To create stunning office interiors, you need to focus on the key elements of style! From utilizing modern finishes to setting trends of your own, by thinking outside the box and following the tips in this post you'll be ready to kick your work environments up a notch. Enjoy!

Modern Finishes

Modern Reception Desk with Gray Steel Laminate FinishGray Steel Wood Grain Finish from MaylineTraditional office furniture finish options like cherry, maple, and mahogany put off a been there, done that vibe that's lacking in wow factor. If you want to focus on the elements of style, consider ushering modern finish options like gray steel, driftwood, walnut, sea salt, and brown sugar. Not familiar with these trending tones? It's because they're just hitting the market! Brands like Mayline have made their mark in 2015 by releasing these modern wood grain tones designed to help your business interiors earn the compliments they deserve. Modern finishes will make your interiors stand apart from the competition and showcase your individual style.

Cutting Edge Features

Powered Conference TableWhen shopping for new office furniture for your interiors, make features and functionality top priority! Do this and you'll be simultaneously upping your style cred as most of the coolest new products on the market come standard with the coolest features. Cutting edge power options like those on Global Total Office Zira modern conference table models and open desking will help you streamline your workplace activities. Glass transaction counters like those available on Mayline Sterling series reception desks will provide ample wow factor and earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve. In the long run, the features included with your furniture will make a huge impact on style, functionality, and productivity.

Visual Appeal

OFM UNO Reception SeatingVisual appeal makes a major difference! Office guests start forming their opinions about your business the minute they walk in the door. Creating a visually appealing space will no doubt help to make that first impression a positive one. When designing your space, consider multiple layout options before deciding which one will work best for your waiting area. Use attractive and popular upholstery options like gray leather to keep you space on the cutting edge. When all else fails, talk to a designer or your furniture provider. They'll be happy to share the latest tips and trends with you. Once you've selected the major furniture and seating components needed for your interiors, don't forget the little details! The right combination of room aesthetics including accent tables, wall art, potted plants, and lighting fixtures will help you take visual appeal to the next level.

Setting Trends

Trend Setting Office FurnitureThe only thing more important than following trends is setting them! That being said, following the latest trends can be expensive, while setting your own can be far more affordable. In the final months of 2015, gray wood grain tones, industrial metal accents, glass tables, and retro inspired furniture has all be hot. Step outside the box with your makeover and come up with cool ways to incorporate modernized versions of these trends in your project. If you need design inspiration, take to the web! Social sharing sites like Pinterest can be a huge help. Valuable resources like Pinterest will set you on a path to setting trends and finding the ultra cool products you need to maximize your interiors.
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