Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How To Maximize A Small Conference Room

Small Conference Table with PowerStuck dealing with a small conference room? No need to worry. We've got you covered. In today's post we'll share lots of great ways to maximize your interior and get the most out of your limited square footage. With the tips, advice, and product suggestions in today's post you'll be on your way to a successful meeting area makeover project.

Mayline Medina Meeting TableThe conference room table will be the focal point of your space. That being said, it should be the first item on your purchase list. Before rushing out and buying a new table, take the time to measure out your space effectively. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your furniture fits.

Modern Conference RoomOnce you've got your dimensions, you'll be able to effectively determine what size table will work best for your space. In a 10' x 10' space, you don't want to use anything larger than a 6' table. This will ensure you leave a large enough border around the table to fit room accents. It will also prevent your room from feeling cramped. Consider going with a powered model from a brand like Mayline. A conference table with a high tech power module will no doubt take the attention of your limited square footage. Powered conference tables like the ACTB6 from the Mayline Aberdeen collection boast data and AC inputs that will prevent the need to run extension cords throughout your meeting area to host presentations.

Small Meeting AreaFor spaces smaller than 10' x 10' you'll want to consider smaller round and square meeting table solutions. You can also use modular training room tables with flip down tops that can be nested along perimeter walls when not in use. As needed, tables can be configured into a wide range of layouts to meet the specific needs of any task. Brands like Global Total Office specialize in the provision of modular tables and should be highly considered for any smaller conference room makeover project. Modular tables save space, look great, and promote versatility.

Small Conference TableSeating will be your next priority. Avoid the overstuffed and over bulky executive style conference room seating options widely available on the market. When it comes to smaller spaces, every inch counts. Go with sleek European style seating. We recommend new chairs like the Solar from Global Total Office and Joplin from Woodstock Marketing. These slimline chairs will help maximize the number of guests that will fit around your table. As guest comfort will no doubt be a top priority, be sure to leave plenty of elbow room. If you go with a standard 6' table, you should be able to comfortably accommodate 2 guests per side, and 1 guest on each table end if desired.

Wall Storage CabinetDon't forget about the interior accents just because your space is small! Consider mounting a flat screen TV on a perimeter wall. This won't eat into your walk way and will come in handy during important presentations. Every conference room regardless of size needs some form of storage component to keep stationary and presentation materials well organized. A smaller wall cabinet should do the trick. Units like the MVLC Medina series storage cabinet from Mayline are desk height. This means they can double as beverage and snack stations.

Before your new furniture arrives, you'll want to properly prep your space. Take the time to remove old furniture and paint your walls a lighter color. It will make your room look bigger. Rest assured, you don't want valued clients entering your meeting area and feeling uncomfortable and cramped. In the long run, the little details make the biggest difference! When you're hosting meetings, don't be afraid to open the blinds! Letting a little natural light in will also help create the illusion of a larger space.
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