Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Seating Showdown: Oroblanco Vs. Ambarella

Ambarella ChairOroblanco ChairThe Cherryman Industries iDesk seating collection has been a huge hit in 2015. Chair specialists, shoppers, and ergonomists have all fallen in love with popular iDesk models like the Oroblanco and Ambarella. In today's post, we'll review these two best selling office chairs to see which reigns supreme. Enjoy!


At first glance, both the Oroblanco and Ambarella iDesk chairs from Cherryman Industries will impress. The Oroblanco boasts a traditional mesh design with contoured back and T shaped arms. The Ambarella features a black knit mesh back sleeve and the same great T shaped arms. The Ambarella offers a more simplified look and universal appeal while the Oroblanco is a bit more cutting edge. This year, the modern look has been super popular. Shoppers are regularly searching for the latest and greatest ergonomic seating creations from brands like Cherryman. For this reason, the Oroblanco gets a slight edge in the style round.


The Oroblanco and Ambarella chair models from the iDesk seating collection come standard with the same syncro-tilt mechanism and 2" seat slider adjustment. Both models feature adjustable T shaped arms, well padded seats, and built in user guides for comfort. With so many similarities this round could only be decided by a sit test. In our opinion, the Oroblanco was a bit more comfortable. After sitting in both models, most of our chair testers picked the Oroblanco. They found the back to be more supportive, especially in the lumbar area.


Both the Oroblanco and Ambarella are perfect for tasking and computing applications. That being said, the Ambarella's smaller frame makes it a better option for conference room and meeting area applications. The Ambarella will no doubt help you maximize the number of guests that can fit comfortably around your conference table. Neither chair is recommended for big and tall applications or high end executive work environments. For intensive use applications, the Oroblanco task chair is a preferred as it's slightly more comfortable in our opinion. This rounds a tie!


The Oroblanco chair is available in 2015 for $339.99. The Ambarella is far more affordable at $206.50. As these chairs offer so many of the same features, we give this round to the Ambarella. Sure the Oroblanco is a bit more comfortable, but at over $100.00 more we'd save the money. That being said, both of these chairs provide excellent value. You'll get a lot of bang for your buck regardless of which model you choose. As most of today's top ergonomic seating solutions cost well over five hundred bucks, it's nice to know you can still purchase a supremely comfortable chair without breaking your wallet.


The Oroblanco takes the battle 2.5 rounds to 1.5 rounds. While the Ambarella chair is much more affordable, the Oroblanco edges it out in terms of style and features. In addition, the Oroblanco collection also includes matching side chairs that will help take your interiors over the top. This X factor sets the Oroblanco collection apart and makes it the better option in our opinion. That being said, if you're shopping with limited funds, there's no better chair on the market under $250.00 than the Ambarella.
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