Monday, November 2, 2015

5 Core Elements of A Great Office Chair

Ergonomic Office ChairOffice comfort starts with the chair. As you'll no doubt want to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace, selecting a quality chair is a must. With so many models available in 2015, you may find it difficult to choose. Rest assured, there's no need to worry! We've got you covered. In today's post we'll simplify the chair selection process. Here we'll highlight the 5 core elements you should focus on when shopping for your next chair. Enjoy!

1.) Visual Appeal

We know you want your new office chair to turn heads! When you're shopping, you'll likely skip right passed models that don't catch your eye. The same holds true with your office visitors. You'll no doubt want them to compliment your chair and feel impressed when they walk into your workspace. All things considered, it's certainly important to select a chair that's visually appealing. This year, the hottest chairs are those with high back designs, contemporary curves, and attractive upholsteries. Sure you could select a standard black fabric task chair for your space, but consider stepping outside the box! In 2015, gray is the new black. Consider a gray leather office chair or even mesh. By capitalizing on growing movements like this, you'll be outfitting your space with a visually appealing chair that's ready to make your interior stand out from the competition.

2.) Adjustable Mechanism

Once sitting down in your new chair, it's all about the adjustment features you can utilize to stay comfortable when working. For this reason, you'll want select a chair with a great mechanism. All great office chairs come standard with versatile mechanisms that allow for tilt angle, tension, and height adjustments. Top of the line models like the new Living chair boast "smart mechanisms' that automatically react to your body movements. The mechanism is essentially the brain of your office chair. Choose a smart one! Sure visual appeal is a core element of all awesome chairs, but it takes a back seat to operational functionality and comfort.

3.) Multi-Functional Arms

Arms that simply go up and down are no longer the industry standard. These days, brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and Cherryman Industries are working hard to bring us multi-functional arms that do much more. In 2015, most top computer and task chair solutions come standard with arms that go side-to-side and back-and-forth as well. Office chairs with multi functional arms help users reach comfortable computing positions with ease.

4.) Quality Lumbar Support

The latest and greatest chair must have! Chair shoppers in search of the best for their backs always select with models equipped with lumbar support features. Nearly all top office chairs manufactured in 2015 come outfitted with a pronounced lumbar section. Those in search of luxury office seating will want to shop for models with adjustable lumbar features. Office comfort should not be taken lightly. Strive to provide yourself with as many resources as possible to reach peak performance levels. As all of today's best selling chairs have some form of lumbar support, don't select a model without it!

5.) Waterfall Seat Edge

Last but certainly not least, any great ergonomic office chair manufactured in 2015 will feature a waterfall seat edge. While it sounds simple, chairs equipped with a waterfall seat will help take pressure off the knees while working. They'll improve blood flow while simultaneously reducing fatigue. After years of studying the human body and natural sitting positions, top office chair brands have made the switch. Waterall seats are now the industry standard. Rest assured, this feature is here to stay. Make sure your next chair boasts this valuable feature.
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