Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Ways To Give Your Boardroom A Face Lift

It's as simple as this, if your boardroom is fun and energetic, guest will be more involved and in tune with the materials you're presenting. If your space is lackluster and dull, visitors will likely tune out. As you'll no doubt want your meeting area to be the best it can be, giving it a face lift will surely help. In today's post we'll highlight 5 great ways to boost your boardroom functionality and decor. Enjoy!

1.) Upgrade The Table

Powered Boardroom TableThe table is the main focal point of your space. It's the first thing guests see when they walk in, and it's where they gather during important presentations. That being said, it's essential to have a stylish table that's ready to meet your specific business needs. This year, businesses looking to give their boardroom a face lift have turned to powered tables. Once thought of as overly expensive niche items for high tech businesses, powered boardroom tables have now become the industry standard. More than ever businesses are looking to streamline the meeting process with the addition of a powered table. Best selling powered boardroom table models from brands like Mayline can be purchased for as little as $800.00. Top of the line models from Global Total Office with HDMI, Audio, and USB input ports have also come down in price significantly. Give your boardroom the tools it needs to succeed. A powered table will have your space operating at peak performance levels in no time!

European Style Conference Chairs
2.) Purchase New Chairs

Kick those bulky, overstuffed conference room chairs to the curb! These days it's all about sleek conference room seating solutions like the Joplin chair from Woodstock Marketing. Slimline office chairs like these will keep your decor up to date with the latest trends. They will also help you maximize the number of guests that can sit comfortably around your table. You may be worried about a lack of padding, but rest assured, these chairs mean business! Brands like Global Total Office, Flash Furniture, and Eurotech Seating all offer new models that should be considered for your boardroom face lift. As an added bonus, slim European style conference room seating far more affordable then those executive models currently taking up your valuable square footage.

3.) Paint

Boardroom Design TipsPurchasing new furniture for your boardroom? Before the new items arrive, be sure to paint your space! A fresh coat will give your room a major face lift. This year, light blue and gray tones have been incredibly popular. Interior designers and DIY enthusiasts have been calling gray the color of the year. It's also light and neutral so matching your furniture shouldn't be a problem. As paint is super cheap, this is one step you certainly don't want to skip. Avoid taking on this project with furniture in your space. There's nothing worse than an unwanted paint spill on your new table. Ouch! With your room clear you'll be able to lay down drop cloths and handle the full room in a couple of hours. Get your coworkers involved in the process. Purchase a few pizzas and though a painting party. You'll be improving decor while simultaneously boosting morale.

4.) Get Organized

Boardroom Organizing TipsIs your current space feeling a bit crowded? It's probably in need of a good organizing session! Take the time to throw away old presentation materials and do a thorough cleaning. Go through your wall cabinets, clean the floors, wipe down the baseboards and get your space in order. A well organized and tidy meeting space will have you on the road to success. Your freshly organized space will be ready to work instead of hold you back. The best part? It doesn't cost a dollar! You just have to be willing to put in the time. Once your space is clean, be sure to keep it that way. Stick to good office organizing habits to ensure your new benefits last for the long term.

5.) Accessorize

Boardroom AccessoriesThe little details make the biggest difference! To give your boardroom a complete face lift, you'll need to properly accessorize. We recommend starting with a folding presentation board. They're affordable, and many of the top conference furniture collections offer models that will match your new table. A presentation board will enhance appeal while coming in handy during strategy sessions. You can take things a step further by mounting a flat screen TV on a perimeter wall. A Smart TV will allow you to host power point presentations and demonstration videos with ease. You can also add a cool area rug underneath your table. Put a few potted plants in the corner of your space for a nice aesthetic touch. Consider visiting home stores to pick up a couple cool wall sconces. Before you know it, you're boardroom will look better than ever!
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