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The Do's and Don'ts of Boardroom Remodeling

Boardroom Remodeling Advice
Boardroom remodeling can be fun and rewarding if you properly prepare. That being said, it can also be quite a frustrating process if you don't. Luckily, we're here to help! In today's post we'll highlight the do's and don'ts of boardroom remodeling to help you create the professional meeting area of your dreams. Enjoy!

Do Set A Budget

Before your boardroom makeover project begins, you'll want to set a budget with your team. Determine how many guests you'll need seating for, price tables you like online, and determine what other products you'll need to complete your space. Once you've got a hit list of items and respective pricing, you'll be able to do a realistic cost analysis of how much your remodeling project will cost.

Don't Forget To Measure

Proper space planning is the most important part of any office makeover project. Start by obtaining the perimeter dimensions of your boardroom. Be sure to take note of where power outlets, windows, entry ways, and room obstructions are located that will affect the way your furniture fits. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing all new furniture, only to find out that it doesn't fit properly. Ouch!

Do Select Comfortable Chairs

Guest comfort should definitely be a top priority for your project. If your valued visitors are comfortably accommodated, they'll be more likely to retain the information your provide during important presentations. Be sure to select conference room seating that offers the quality ergonomic features needed to provide your guests with proper support. 

Don't Overcrowd You Space

There's not much worse than an overcrowded boardroom! You and your guests should feel at ease and at home in your meeting space. Avoid overly bulky executive style chairs that will limit the number of guests that can be seated comfortably around your conference room table. Don't overdue it with potted plants, wall cabinets, and room accessories. Sure you'll need to accent your room, but not at the expense of making it cluttered! On average, you'll want to leave about 3' of operational space around your table. This ensures that you provide visitors with enough space needed to get to their seats comfortably.

Do Consider Power Options

These days it's all about streamlining the meeting process. A powered boardroom table will help you do just that! When selecting the products for your space, be sure to look into tables that are available with power upgrades. As powered tables have become incredibly popular in 2015, brands like Mayline offer modules priced as low as $200 that work on many of their best selling tables. If you're in need of input options like USB and HDMI, consider Oasis power modules from Global Total Office. These high tech units will kick your boardroom performance into high gear!

Don't Rush Your Project

If you're feeling flustered or overwhelmed with your remodeling project, slow down! Whatever you do, don't rush. If you rush through the steps to quickly in order to meet a deadline, you'll likely encounter problems that could otherwise be avoided. As with any makeover, it will greatly help you to create a plan of attack. Sit down with your team and outline goals for each stage of the process. Doing so will set you on the path to boardroom bliss.

Do Add Room Accents

No space is complete without the right combination of accents needed to pull the room together. While you certainly don't want to overcrowd your boardroom, there's lot's of space saving accents that can be used to make your space stand out from the competition. Consider the addition of a cool area rug underneath your table. Perhaps a unique lighting fixture could be used as a conversation piece with guests. In addition, productivity improving accents are also a great way to go. A wall mounted folding presentation board can come in really handy during note taking and strategic planning sessions.

Don't Forget To Paint

Painting before your new furniture arrives is always a good idea! Don't wait until you've filled your room with new furniture. Remove your old conference table and seating about a week before your new products arrive. Take the time to patch any old tack holes and clean up scuff marks. Painting in an empty space will help you avoid spills on your new products. Needless to say, a big paint stain on your new conference chair won't go over well!

Do Prep Your Space

Take the time to properly prep your space before your new furniture arrives. Give your room a thorough cleaning to ensure it's ready to effectively receive it's new furnishings. Vac the floors, pick up any old paperclips or thumbtacks that may be lying around. You should also take the time to create a staging area for your furniture when it arrives. Don't bring your new products in off the delivery vehicle and into your space. This will make for an overly crowded installation project that's sure to have your nicely cleaned boardroom looking like a war zone!

Don't Forget To Schedule Delivery

Always schedule delivery with your furniture vendor. In most cases you'll simply need to call or email your dealer of choice once furniture has been purchased. Request a 24 hour delivery window that works for your business. About a week before your furniture arrives, contact your dealer again to obtain tracking information if possible. Sure your dealer should provide this information without being asked, but it never hurts to stay on top of things.

Do Share Your Project Success!

Once you're new furniture has been successfully installed, take some pictures and share your project success! Post a few pictures of your remodeling project on the company Facebook page. Share your work on other popular sites like Pinterest and Instagram to get feedback from your valued customers. The helpful upgrade suggestions and PR generated from sharing your remodel project is priceless!
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