Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How To Create Collaborative Work Environments

Collaboration plays a key role in workplace success. That being said, when you take on and office remodeling project, you'll want to make important factors like collaboration and teamwork a priority. In today's post, we'll highlight ways to boost collaboration in private offices, work floor, training room, and boardroom environments through the use of modular furnishings and smart space planning. Enjoy!

Private Office

Collaborative Private Office SpaceDo you ever host meetings and strategy sessions in your private office space? You're not alone. All to often this important part of the job is forgotten during the remodeling process. When planning or enhancing your current space, it's important to plan for collaboration. Start the process by choosing a desk configuration that features a peninsula wing or desk extension. This will provide you with the additional work space needed to accommodate visitors during private office gatherings. Next, select comfortable chairs for your guests. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries offer attractive guest seating solutions that will match your furniture configuration while keeping your valued visitors sitting pretty. Mobile side chairs make it easy to move around and reconfigure your space when needed to strategize effectively with your teammates. Avoid the traditional fixed leg side chairs used in executive makeover projects of the past. These days it's all about modularity and functionality! If you've got the space, consider adding a small meeting table along side your desk. You'll be further enhancing your space while maintaining your commitment to creating a collaborative environment.

Work Floor

Collaborative Open Desking LayoutTraditional cubicles and panel furniture systems do little to promote collaboration in the workplace. These days, businesses are opting for open desking configurations. An open desking configuration will make your work floor appear more spacious. You'll also be able to create unique work layouts designed specifically to kick team interaction into high gear. Open desking configurations from brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer high tech surface level power outlets, privacy screens to reduce noise, and unbelievable storage features. As the work floor is area where collaboration matters most, we highly recommend kicking those old cubicles to the curb. Go with an open desking environment enjoy the abundant benefits. Studies have shown that collaborative work floor layouts reduce down time, improve productivity, and create a more efficient business structure that's geared for success.

Training Room

Global Total Office Bungee Table ConfigurationTo create a collaborative training room you'll need modular tables and seating. Fixed leg tables can be moved, but it requires heavy lifting and a lot more time! To be truly effective, you'll need the flip top capability and mobility that modular training room table models provide. We recommend the bungee table collection from Global Total Office. With the tables from this collection you'll be able to create an unlimited array of layouts designed specifically to boost collaboration. In addition to modular tables, you'll need the right chairs. The new Thesis seating collection from Mayline is definitely work a look. These tablet arm training room seating solutions feature flip up seats that allow them to be nested along perimeter walls and out of the way when not in use. If you run out of table space, you don't have to sacrifice team interaction with chairs like these. Simply pull up a Thesis chair and work on the versatile tablet arm to stay in the conversation!


Modern Boardroom for CollaboratingThe best boardrooms are built for collaboration! That being said, the table shape, features, and seating you choose for your space will play a major role in just how effective your space can be. We recommend selecting a boat shaped table with power upgrades. This popular shape features curved sides and flat ends that work well for group strategizing. A surface level power module will provide your team with user friendly input options like HDMI, USB, AC, Audio, Phone, and Data that really come in handy during important presentations. Once you've selected a boardroom table for your space, turn your attention to seating. Bulky, overstuffed, executive style conference chairs are stylish, but they take up a ton of space! Instead, select sleek European style chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing. Chairs like this will help you maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated effectively round your table. You can also add tablet arm lounge seating around the perimeter of your space if you've got the room. They come in really handy during crowded meetings and allow excess visitors to strategize effectively with the main table grouping.
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