Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Furniture News: OFM Marque Reception Stations Now Available In White!

White Reception Desk
The OFM Marque reception collection has been enhanced to include a new white finish option! These  trend setting reception desks have become a favorite of interior design teams and shoppers alike. In today's post we'll take a look at the all new Marque stations and their innovative benefits. Enjoy!

Even at first glance you'll be wowed by the blend of modern and contemporary design characteristics showcased by a Marque reception desk. These guest welcoming stations from OFM are complimented by large operational surfaces and silver metal accent trim. If you're looking to earn your reception area daily decor compliments, a Marque desk will certainly do the trick.

Circular Reception DeskA Marque reception desk from OFM will impress your visitors from every angle. The curved front design makes positioning your station a breeze. These high end stations are available in 5 sizes. The 55290 and 55310 models are perfect for smaller reception areas. These attractive units can be further enhanced with the addition of ADA compliant sections for handicapped and elderly guests.

U Shaped Reception Desk from OFMMarque reception stations like the 55316 boast circular design characteristics. These reception desks work great when placed in larger open areas. The 55316 reception desk offers unmatched appeal, especially in the all new white finish option. When the average reception station just won't cut it, give this high end unit serious consideration!

Marque stations are available with and without plexi transaction screens. Models like the 55292 feature the full front design while the 55312 boasts the transaction screen upgrade at a slight price increase. Base level units start at $993.99 and $1131.99 with the plexi screen.

Modern Reception DeskThe one downfall of the Marque collection is the lack of storage. In years passed, you were forced to select alternative file pedestals and wall cabinets to keep your receptionist operating neatly and effectively. We fully expect OFM to upgrade their Marque collection with the addition of matching storage solutions in 2016. It will push this popular collection even further into super stardom.

In the long run, a white reception desk might not be perfect for every space. That being said, Marque stations are available in 3 additional finish options that include walnut, maple, and cherry tones. Personally, we love the white! If you're going for a high end modern look, it doesn't get much cooler than these reception stations. The ability to easily blend accent finishes and brighten up your welcoming area is too good to pass up. We give this modern reception desk collection 4 out of 5 stars. The all new white Marque stations will no doubt make their way onto our best sellers list in the next few months.
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