Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meeting Area Makeover Trends of 2016

Well designed meeting areas promote functionality and efficiency. This year, top brands are working hard to craft innovative products designed to promote effective group strategizing. With new trend setting products and a commitment to improved decor, 2016 will be a big year for meeting area makeover projects. In today's post, we'll review conference and meeting area design trends designed to make your interiors the best they can be. Enjoy!

Powered Conference and Meeting TablePowered meeting tables have become the industry standard. If you're taking on a meeting area makeover project in 2016, we highly recommend choosing a table with high tech input options to help streamline your strategic sessions. Powered tables like those from the Global Total Office Zira collection are amongst the best in the business. They are available with user friendly inputs that include HDMI, USB, AC, Phone, and Ethernet options. In addition to the powered meeting table models from the Zira collection, other popular meeting tables are available from the Mayline Medina and TransAction collections in 2016. What once started as a cool trend has developed into a must have for growing businesses.

Flat Screen TV in Meeting AreaThe days of rolling in multi media carts for meeting presentations has come to an end. These days, businesses are mounting smart TV's to perimeter walls. The addition of a flat screen in the conference  and meeting area will boost decor and help promote effective collaboration sessions. Smart TV's can link directly to mobile devices and laptops via WiFi. That means, no more extension cords, large projectors, and roll up screens cluttering up your space.

Thesis Training Room ChairsLooking to maximize your meeting area square footage? You'll need chairs that are up to the task and don't lack in terms of comfort. Using bulky, overstuffed leather conference room seating was the way to go in the late 90's. Needless to say, the times have changed! In 2016, sleek training style chairs have become the preferred choice for meeting area makeover projects. Seating solutions like the Thesis from Mayline save space and look great. These efficient chairs feature flip up seats that allow them to be nested along perimeter walls when not in use. Reconfiguring your meeting interior has never been easier. Other popular meeting chairs like Global Total Office Roma and Eurotech Breeze should also be considered for your project.

Connectable TablesConnectable tables are perfect for modern meeting area makeover projects! They allow businesses to quickly adapt to meet the needs of situation. The integration of connectable training room tables will make your meet area more efficient and effective in no time. Take one look at the ultra cool tables from the Global Total Office Junction collection and you'll see why this trend is taking off. Junction allows users to think outside the box and get creative with their layouts. Traditional round and square top meeting tables will always have their place, but if you truly want to maximize your interior, go with connectible tables for your project.

Sit To Stand Table
Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? It's true! That being said, sit to stand adjustable height tables have become incredibly popular for meeting area makeover projects. Sit to stand tables promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow.  Global's Foli collection has become a hot option for professional meeting area makeover projects. These electronic tables go up and down with the push of a button. Foli tables are incredibly stylish, versatile, and ergonomically correct. Other popular sit to stand meeting tables like the those from Mayline's RGE line are also worth a look. While sit to stand tables are pricey, they are definitely the way of the future!
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