Monday, February 29, 2016

Office Furniture News: February 2016 Edition

Gray Office Furniture
Gray Office Furniture Is Trending!
Top office furniture and seating manufacturers are always looking for new ways to step outside the box and transform interiors into works of art. This month, brands are paving the way with innovative new trends designed to kick corporate appeal into high gear. Let's see what's shakin' in this edition of Office Furniture News!

Gray has rapidly become the preferred choice of interior design teams, shoppers, and industry professionals alike. Gray leather office chairs and gray woodgrain furniture configurations are a must consider for any makeover project. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office are having huge success with furniture lines like Medina, Aberdeen, Sterling, Zira, and Princeton as the'se popular collections are all available in attractive gray finish options. As shoppers look to avoid the traditional cherry and maple finish options that dominated the market in years passed, look for the gray office furniture movement to continue building momentum throughout 2016.

Arti Chair
Minimize Adjusting With A Smart Chair!
It's all about the "smart chair" in 2016. As office comfort is dependent on the sitting habits of chair users, top manufacturers are making their seating solutions more user friendly than ever. Smart chairs automatically adjust and adapt to the movements of the user. They prevent the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting. If you're considering the purchase of a new office chair in 2016, go with a smart chair like the Arti from Global Total Office or the Living chair from Mayline.

Zira Powered Conference Table
Streamline Meetings With A Powered Table!
Streamline your meetings with powered conference table in 2016. Traditional tables without powered surfaces are becoming extinct. Top brands are pushing the limits in the boardroom to help maximize productivity and efficiency. A powered conference table will help improve presentations while saving time and promoting collaboration. Basic powered conference tables can now be purchased for less than a thousand bucks, while a custom table with HDMI, USB, Phone, and Audio inputs can kick the price tag up significantly. Before purchasing a powered conference table, take the time to assess your personal boardroom needs and determine exactly what features you need.

Flip Top Tables
Improve Functionality With Flip Top Tables!
The days of relying on a single space for a single purpose are over. In 2016 it's all about multi tasking! With the use of modular flip top tables, you can save square footage by combining conference and training areas. Today's top flip top tables can be quickly connected to form group table configurations, or spaced individually to form classroom-type environments. When cleaning is required, simple drop the tops and nest your tables along perimeter walls. No more heavy lifting and wasting space! Skip the fixed leg training tables in 2016 and go with cost effective flip top tables from OFM and Global Total Office.

Say tuned for more Office Furniture News. Today's top brands are regularly introducing new products that pave the way for improved functionality and performance in the workplace. In the coming months, we expect new releases from highly respected brands like OFM and Cherryman Industries!

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