Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Office Insights: Expensive Doesn't Mean Better

The most expensive office chair isn't necessarily the most comfortable. The most luxurious furniture collections, aren't necessarily the best. When selecting items for your workspace, look for the perfect blend of style, ergonomics, and value. Today on the blog, we'll highlight a few of our favorites. These best selling office chairs and furniture collections show that you don't have to spend a fortune to create a high end interior.

iDesk Oroblanco Chair from Cherryman IndustriesLike the title of today's post says, expensive doesn't mean better. Even the most high end office chair is only as good as its owner. That being said, you'll need to select an chair that's ready to meet your specific needs and body type. We recommend the Oroblanco from the Cherryman Industries iDesk Seating collection. This user friendly mesh chair comes standard with built in guides for personal adjusting. The Oroblacno's multi functional mechanism and arms make it easy to find the perfect sit with minimal effort. At just $339.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better chair for the price.

Medina Conference FurnitureWith lines like Medina from Mayline, you can make your office look luxurious without spending a fortune. This professional grade furniture line has made it's way to the top of the charts in 2016. The conference tables, reception stations, and office desks from the Mayline Medina collection come in trend setting finish options that are complimented by glass and metal accents. Medina offers unmatched value and ship times. If you're up against a tight makeover deadline, Medina is the way to go. Furniture from this innovative collection typically ships out from the factory in just 2 business days. Medina conference room tables are of particular note. These meeting area solutions are available starting at just over five hundred bucks! You can streamline your strategy sessions with the addition of power modules for just a slight price increase.

OFM Uno SeatingWhen tackling an office makeover project, set and stick to a strict budget. Over extending funds for luxurious furniture is a big time no-no. When it comes to the reception area, you can achieve unmatched appeal without breaking the bank by going with cutting edge seating from OFM! This highly respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting high end guest waiting area seating collections at low end prices. Take one look at model 420 Uno series chair and you'll see what we mean. These ultra cool side chairs are sold in affordable 2 packs for just $421.99. Now that's value!

Offices To Go Reception DeskYour desire to impress valued visitors when the walk into your business is admirable. However, it's not a reason to over spend. Again, expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. If you're looking to create an awesome guest welcoming area without spending a small fortune, turn your attention to the value priced reception desks from Offices To Go. Their SL-O model L shaped reception desk is available in 2016 for just $735.99 in a choice of 4 attractive laminate finish options. This versatile welcome station can be configured in right and left handed variations. The SL-O also includes a file pedestal for document organizing. When paired with 72" wide main work surface and 42" return, this station from Offices To Go is perfect combination of value and style.

Affordable Conference Room ChairsLast but certainly not least, conference room seating shoppers will definitely want to shop for value in 2016. Brands like Woodstock Marketing make it easy to save big. As the multiple chairs needed to fill your space can run up a hefty tab, finding a good deal is an absolute must. We recommend the segmented cushion Hendrix chair. This mid back conference chair from Woodstock Marketing boasts leather surfaces that are complimented by polished chrome accent features. At just under three hundred bucks, the Hendrix is a must consider for any meeting area makeover. The sleek European influenced design saves space. Rest assured, the days of using bulky, overstuffed conference chairs has come to an end. This year, contemporary chairs like the Hendrix will reign supreme. Sit in this rock legend inspired chair once, and you'll never settle for anything less. The best part, they won't break the bank! In this case, INexpensive actually DOES mean better!
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