Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Workplace Ergonomics: Care For Your Chair

Care for Your Office ChairWant to operate at peak performance levels in 2016? You'll need to show your office chair some love! By caring for your chair and learning its features, you'll be ready to adapt at a moments notice and achieve top quality support in every situation. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the chair features and posture tips you'll need to dominate your work day. Enjoy!

First and foremost, you have to select the right chair for your personal needs and body type. You and your chair need to be a good match for each other. When you start the shopping process, you'll be met with an overwhelming selection to stay the least. To narrow your search, assess your personal areas of discomfort. Dealing with upper back pain? Search for high back chairs. Looking to avoid the ergonomic learning curve? Find a "Smart Chair" that automatically responds to your movements. When all else fails, contact the professionals. They'll be happy to suggest popular office chair demo videos and best selling models to help you choose.

Once you've purchased a new office chair, show it you care by learning it's features. Read the owners manual and test out your chairs functions. Any ergonomic professional will tell you, even the most high end ergonomic chair is only as good as it's owner. If you don't take the time to learn your ergonomic chair features, you'll likely be settling for discomfort throughout those busy days in the office. Don't take a set it and forget it approach. You have to memorize your chair features to the point where you're ready to adjust at a moments notice without fear of loosing a "regularly used" position.

The first setting you'll want to change is your chair height. Adjust to a level that ensures you are able to work with your feet planted flat on the ground and facing forward. If you're commonly sitting with your legs propped up on the base of your office chair, or extended out in front of you, it's time to make a change. Adjust to the proper level today to show your chair you care!

Do you every shy away from your office chair when computing at your desk? That's not very caring! All jokes aside, each time you lean away from your office chair, you're missing out on valuable ergonomic benefits and the support needed to operate comfortably. Be sure to keep your back in contact with the task chair at all times. Rather than leaning forward, show your chair you care by engaging the tilt lever underneath your seat to learn the chair with you!

If you care for your office computer chair enough, you'll quickly learn that it's arms are their to keep you computing at correct angles. Many of today's top ergonomic seating solutions come equipped with multi functional T shaped arms that allow you to change the height, width, and angle at which you type to avoid discomfort. Chair arm angles will be a bit different for every user. Don't be afraid to adjust your arms regularly throughout the work day.

Lastly, show your chair you care by performing simple maintenance from time to time. About once every couple of months, check the screws and bolts that hold your computer chair together. Flip the chair over and remove any debris that may be caught in the casters. Oil the pneumatic cylinder and moving parts to prevent squeaks when working. Proper chair care and maintenance will help you achieve years of reliable comfort!
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