Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Avoid These 5 Workplace Productivity Killers...

Workplace Productivity TipsIt's all about comfort and productivity in 2016. To operate at peak performance levels, you've got to kick bad posture habits to the curb while striving to become more ergonomically correct. Today on the blog, we'll highlight 5 workplace productivity killers and the best ways to avoid them. Enjoy!

1.) Stress

Dealing with a heavy work load? You're not alone. A long list of tasks and projects can cause stress that directly relates to diminished productivity. To avoid stress in the workplace, you'll need to start each day with a plan of attack. When you arrive at work, write out a list of goals and realistic completion times.

Office FatigueThroughout the day, collaborate with your teammates to share the load. Don't let an intensive work environment rock your productivity levels. Fight back against office related stress by becoming more efficient. The use of ergonomic office products will help. Consider the addition of a dual screen mount to improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously increasing usable desk space. Products like these will help you save time that can be spent relaxing, instead of stressing!

2.) Fatigue

The experts will tell you, all productive work days start with a good nights rest. Don't stay up late watching old movies and snacking on the couch. Save that stuff for the weekend! Instead, commit to going to bed early to ensure you get your full 8 hours.

Exhausted At WorkGive yourself enough time to wake up and get ready slowly. Rushing through your morning is bound to leave you with a day filled with fatigue. You'll also want to eat a nutritious breakfast that provides you with the energy needed to tackle your daily tasks. Skip the french toast and heavy foods that leave you feeling ready for a nap at your desk before lunch time.

3.) Aches & Pain

Bodily pain in the workplace is no joke. While most pain related issues are directly related to your chair and sitting habits, it's absolutely essential to master your office chair. Take the time to check out a few demo videos on line. If you find that your current seating solution just isn't cutting it, invest in a new ergonomic office chair outfitted with the features needed to keep you well supported throughout your day.

Pain At WorkA comfortable office chair is only half the battle. Pain can also be caused from extended sitting sessions. When you sit for long periods of time, your muscles become tight. About once every hour, it's important to stand up and walk away from your desk. Stretch, hydrate, and get some fresh air if possible. When you return to your station, you'll no doubt feel revitalized!

4.) Hunger

When you're hungry, you're thinking about food. When you're thinking about food, you're far from productive. Give that growling belly a snack from time to time to keep you focused. When taking your hourly stretch break to avoid extended sits, grab a healthy snack. If you're hungry, don't wait till lunch to satisfy your nutritional needs. Avoid skipping breakfast at all costs. Packing your lunch the night before is also a great idea. You can throw in a few extra edibles to ensure you're ready to make it through your full day without the need to run to the local fast food restaurant for unhealthy substitutes that leave you feeling unproductive!

Messy Office5.) Organization

It's hard to stay productive in an unorganized workspace. Each day before you leave, take the time to clear off your work surfaces. Reorganize important files that you've pulled out through the day. Tackling these simple tasks will ensure you return to a space that's ready to work the following day.

Once per week, take the time to vacuum underneath your desk. Crumbs and fodder have a tendency to collect regularly. Proactive cleaning habits will go a long way. Your short and long term productivity levels will certainly see a boost when your space is well organized.

Take things a step further by purging your office about once a month. You've no doubt accumulated unnecessary documents, paperwork, and files that can be thrown out to create additional operational space. Your filing cabinet is the best place to start. Once complete, move on to your desk side pedestals and overhead storage unit. Once your drawers are free of unnecessary documents, you'll have a great idea of how much room you have for future growth.
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