Monday, May 9, 2016

Office Inspirations: Ergo Minded Interiors from Mayline

It's all about ergonomic functionality in 2016! To achieve this common and essential goal, you'll need to get inspired for your makeover project. That being said, the Office Furniture Deals Blog has you covered. Today we'll be highlighting super cool ergo minded interiors from Mayline. These work environments are outfitted with the trend setting products you'll need to kick productivity and functionality into high gear. Enjoy!

Mayline ML Series TablesCheck out this 3 person collaboration station from Mayline! This ML series table layout is complimented by adjustable monitor arms that increase usable desk space while reducing visual fatigue. The Living series task chair automatically reacts and responds to user movements to help you achieve the perfect sit with minimal adjusting. This ergo minded interior is the full package.

Mayline RGE Series TablesGo ergo with your lab! Our second interior is highlighted by RGE series electric sit to stand tables that promote continuous movement in the workplace. These adjustable height stations go up and down quickly with the push of a button. RGE series sit to stand tables work perfectly in lab environments as they boost functionality while offering unmatched versatility.

Ergonomic Open Desking LayoutHere's another inspiring ergonomic office interior that highlights the versatility of the Mayline RGE collection. This cutting edge space was designed to provide the business with a healthy alternative to the traditional cubicle systems that have dominated interiors in years passed. This open configuration promotes collaboration and group interaction. With RGE tables, workers are able to quickly adapt to the needs of any situation. The work floor is further complimented with the addition of e5 series storage products and commute series ergonomic tasking chairs.

Mayline VariTask Tables
Looking to keep your project simple without sacrificing key ergonomic values? You're not alone! Thankfully, Mayline offers the products needed to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Our fourth interior is highlighted by a VariTask series sit to stand corner desk with retractable keyboard tray that increases usable desk space. The 3200 model Mercado mesh chair offers the adjustable features needed to keep you sitting posture perfect without being too over the top in terms of style.

Last but certainly not least, check out this heavy duty ergonomic interior outfitted with Mayline TransAction series office furniture. At first glance you'll be drawn to the adjustable single screen monitor mounts and retractable keyboard trays that promote healthy computing. Upon closer inspection, the Commute series ergonomic chairs will draw you in for a reliable sitting experience. Our fifth and final ergonomic interior was built for collaboration. The open feel makes it easy to interact and strategize with desk mates for increased efficiency. The durable desk frames are equipped with metal file pedestals that make document and stationary organizing a breeze. This simple yet sophisticated interior maximizes square footage, boosts visual appeal, and keys in on the ergonomic principles needed to keep users operating at their best.
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