Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Office Chair Review: Essentials 167Q by RFM

RFM Preferred Seating Chair Review
RFM specializes in the provision of high quality custom office chairs that pack a major ergonomic punch. While RFM is hard at work crafting exceptional seating solutions that set new industry trends in motion, the competition can only hope to imitate their designs. Today on the blog we'll take an in-depth look at their 167Q model Essentials chair and the features that put it in a league of it's own.

RFM Essentials Chair ReviewThe 167Q Essentials office chair from RFM is deceptively simple, yet distinctively modern. This professional chair boasts a black high impact mesh back design that promotes high end appeal and the ventilation needed to keep users operating efficiently. At first glance, words like cool, unique, and cutting edge will no doubt come to mind.

You'll likely be surprised to find that the 167Q Essentials chair is ready to accommodate users up to 300 pounds, making it an awesome option for almost any operator. We know we were! Finding a heavy duty mesh back office chair that doesn't lack in terms of style is easier said than done.

Office Chair ReviewsThis popular RFM office chair locks into 4 different positions within the full tilt range and comes standard with an adjustable lumbar support that provides a 4" vertical range to support all back sizes.

The seat slider and deluxe multi functional arm rests with four positional adjustments make finding the correct computing position an absolute breeze. While most of today's top rated ergonomic chairs come with a hearty learning curve, the 167Q simplifies the operating experience for the user. We found that this chair could be mastered and memorized inside of an hour.

Popular Office ChairAnother nice feature you'll likely miss until sitting is the waterfall seat edge. It helps to take the pressure of the users knees while working. The seat edge makes for a smooth transition from thigh to calf when sitting naturally. It also improves blood flow to make extended sits for bearable.

At $385.99, we feel the 167Q Essentials mesh back task chair from RFM is an absolute bargain buy. It's got standard adjustment features not found on executive models priced nearly three times more. The Essentials chair excels when matched up against comparable seating solutions from bands like HON and Herman Miller at a significantly reduced price point.

RFM Essentials Chair RatingWe're pleased to give this swivel chair a respectable 3.5 out of 5 star rating. We'd like to see an optional headrest and modern color options as an alternative to the black on black. Other than those minor critiques, the 167Q Essentials chair is the real deal. This popular office chair deserves more recognition than it gets in an industry filled with over priced chairs that don't provide the support needed to operate efficiently for long periods of time. The Essentials chair is comfortable, attractive, and built to last.
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