Friday, August 4, 2017

It's Okay To Be Cautious When Selecting An Office Chair

be cautious when selecting an office chair
When the time comes to purchase a new office chair for your home or business, it's okay to be cautious. The selection is virtually limitless and you definitely need to be weary of seating solutions that aren't built to last. If you're ready to select a new chair, take your time. Today on the blog we'll provide you with the helpful advice, tips, and product suggestions needed to ensure you make a wise ergonomic investment. Enjoy!

First things first, you need to assess your personal ergonomic needs as not every chair on the market offers the features required to alleviate your operational ailments. For example, if you're suffering from lower back issues throughout the day, you'll definitely want to find an office chair that has good lumbar support to keep you productive and pain free.

You'll also want to focus on brands that thrive on quality and comfort. These days nearly every manufacturer is ready, willing, and able to claim that their chairs provide the "best ergonomic benefits". Unfortunately, this just isn't the case. To help you out, we've provided a list of reputable office chair brands below.

  • Global Total Office
  • Eurotech Seating
  • RFM Preferred Seating
  • Offices To Go
  • MooreCo
  • SitWell
  • Herman Miller

Rest assured, not all office chairs are created equal. For this reason, you should be cautious and do your research. Once you've narrowed your search down to a few select models, visit blogs like this one to check out reliable reviews. You can also visit manufacturer sites and YouTube to watch demo videos.

In the long run, there's really no substitute for a good sit test. As office comfort is in the eye of the beholder, you really won't know how comfortable a chair is FOR YOU until you check it out in person.

If there's a showroom in your area, pay it a visit. You'll be able to test a variety of models out in person to see which task chairs provide the best health benefits and the most support. Industry professional will also be on hand to provide you with recommendations on brands, chair features, and options designed to meet your specific needs.

Looking for a few reliable office chair suggestions? No problem. Here's 5 that are well respected in the industry.

  • Cherryman Eon Chair
  • Global Vion Chair
  • SitWell Rave Chair
  • Eurotech Ergohuman Chair
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair

In the long run, you should be cautious when selecting an office chair just like any other investment. Your chair is like your best friend in the office. If you choose wisely, it'll have your back when you need it most. Literally!

Once you've purchased a chair and it arrives, be thorough and read the manual as even the best ergonomic chair is only as good as its owner. Familiarize yourself with the chair's adjustment capabilities and commit it's features to memory. Doing so will have you ready to adapt at a moments notice.
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