Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June Office Furniture Sale 2018

This month we're offering hot deals on office desks, conference tables, reception stations, and more. The 10 bargain buys listed here all include free shipping for added value. In addition to our June sale items, please find the active coupon codes listed at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Mayline Medina Mahogany Office Furniture Set - $960.00 + FREE Shipping!

June office furniture sale

2.) Mayline Sterling Driftwood Office Furniture Set - $2714.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount office furniture set

3.) Modway Turn Desk EEI-1184 - $337.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount computer desk

4.) Offices To Go Espresso Conference Table - $320.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount conference table

5.) OFM Glass Conference Table GT3977 - $876.99 + FREE Shipping!

conference table sale

6.) Cherryman Amber Conference Table AM-411N - $962.00 + FREE Shipping!

7.) Offices To Go Dark Cherry Reception Desk SL-O - $622.99 +FREE Shipping!

discount reception desk

8.) OFM Marque Large White Reception Station 55293 - $2833.99 + FREE Shipping!

white reception station

9.) Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk AT36 - $1452.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount reception furniture

10.) Global Adaptabilities Reception Desk ADP508 - $3059.99 + FREE Shipping!

contemporary reception desk

Active Coupons:

Code: SAVE50
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1500.00 or More

Code: SAVE100
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $3000.00 or More

Code: SAVE200
Receive $200 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $6000.00 or More
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Workplace Solutions: Tasteful Check-In Desks

If you want to make a listing impression on your office visitors without being too over the top, you'll need a tasteful check-in desk in your office reception area. A practical check-in desk will help you lay the foundation for a well rounded welcoming area that's sure to earn an abundance of compliments. Today on the blog we'll provide you with a few of the most popular options on the market.

Check In DeskFirst up is the AM-400N from Cherryman. This L shaped guest check in desk with a glass transaction counter offers just the right amount of modern flair. The AM-400N is spacious, versatile, and cost effective. At just $1001.00 it's one of the best buys of 2018.

Designer Reception DeskIf you're wanting a bit more pop, check out Cherryman's VL-816 model. This rectangular check in desk from the Verde office furniture collection is available in 2 attractive finishes that are perfectly complimented by curved side panels and a white transaction counter.

Adaptabilities Reception DeskThe ADP508 Global Adaptabilities reception desk is tasteful and totally terrific! This designer workstation is complimented by a translucent transaction screen, silver trim, and plenty of operating space. The large check-in counter is a nice touch that's sure to be appreciated by your visitors.

Zira Reception DeskMoving right along, the check in desks from the Global Zira series are also worth a look. They're available in more than 20 finishes and an equal amount of sizes. With optional frosted glass upgrades, returns, and modular storage components, the Zira series makes it super easy to create custom layouts that really rock.

Practical Guest Reception DeskWe can't say enough good things about the curved front check-in desks from the OFM Marque collection. They've been hot for more than 5 years now. These designer stations are available in practical finishes like walnut, cherry, and maple. If you're going for a bit more flair, check out the white laminate finish option!

Cool Reception DeskWe've saved our favorite check-in desk for last. The MNRS from the Mayline Medina collection is bold yet tasteful enough for any remodel. This 87.25" wide reception area welcome desk is available in 5 finish options for both modern and traditionally themed makeover projects. Tones like Gray Steel, Textured Sea Salt, and Mocha are a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly similar tones that make it difficult to distinguish reception areas.
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Workplace Solutions: Modern Mesh Chairs

These days everybody is on the hunt for the latest and greatest office chairs. In 2018, modern mesh chairs from brands like Global, Eurotech, and Offices To Go have taken the seating world by storm. Today on the blog we'll showcase 6 of our favorite new mesh chairs that come packed with the cutting edge features and design characteristics needed to keep you comfy and cool all day in office.

Modern Mesh Back Office ChairFirst up is the 6762-6 model Spritz chair from Global. This mesh back tasking chair is compact but packs a major punch. The Spritz line was designed to encourage high end appeal without sacrificing comfort. This user friendly office chair is an excellent option for modern work floor, classroom, and commercial training applications. A ton of cool back and seat color combinations are available.

Eurotech Kinetic ChairEuro style mesh chairs are trending in 2018. Take a look at the Kinetic chair from Eurotech and you'll see what we mean. The MT301A Kinetic chair is sleek, comfortable, and perfect for corporate gathering areas like the conference room. You'll want to pick up one of these chairs while you can as a national price increase direct from the manufacturer is going to effect very soon.

OTG Mesh ChairThird on our list of modern mesh chairs to consider in 2018 is the 11921B from Offices To Go. Even at first glance this fashionable swivel chair will catch your eye with it's unique back design. This chair is all about performance. The 11921B is definitely the best office chair under $150.00 in 2018.

Oroblanco Chair by iDeskThe Oroblanco chair from the iDesk seating collection has been out for a couple of years now. That being said, it's still one of the most popular office chairs on the market. The Oroblanco is modern while remaining practical and built for the demands of the modern work day. This designer chair is available in two back colors, two frame finishes, and a variety of fabric seat color options.

Woodstock Ravi ChairFrom the home office to the conference room, the Ravi chair from Woodstock Marketing is a winner. This fixed arm office chair with a breathable mesh back and fabric seat is versatile, modern, and on-trend.

OFM Stratus ChairIf you're a big and tall shopper looking for a modern mesh back office chair on a budget, you've probably found the selection to be a bit limited. Thanks to brands like OFM you don't have to settle. Their all new Stratus big and tall office chair for 24 hour applications is ultra cool and equally heavy duty. This office chair is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 350 pounds.
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Office Design 2018: 5 Modern Office Chairs To Consider For Your Interior

The world of professional office seating is always changing. Year after year we see fashionable new chairs hit the market from our favorite brands. 2018 is no exception. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 of the coolest ergo chairs on the market to consider for your space. These designer chairs come packed with the adjustable features and high end design characteristics needed to rock your work day.

Modern Office ChairThe 34392 MooreCo Renew chair is ready, willing, and able to enhance your workspace while keeping you sitting pretty. This ultra fashionable high back office chair with a headrest boasts a two-tone blue and gray color scheme. The adjustable features and unique pattern on the back cushion work together to make a modern office chair that's well rounded in terms of style and functionality.

Global Spritz ChairThe Global Spritz chair blends mesh and fabric seating surfaces to create one of the coolest modern office chairs of 2018. Sure the 6760-4 Spritz chair is stylish, but give it a sit and you'll see why we love it. This commercial grade task chair packs a major ergonomic punch!

Ravi Office ChairThe Ravi chair from Woodstock Marketing is modern, practical, and versatile. This fixed arm office chair with a gray mesh back is perfect for conference room makeover projects as well as home office. The fabric seat is available in a variety of flashy color options like red that will help make your space pop.

iOO ChairIf you're on the hunt for something a bit more upscale, check out the iOO from Eurotech Seating. This ergonomic chair is truly top of the line. The iOO boasts independently adjustable sections and is available with an optional headrest for additional neck support. The iOO chair in the black mesh and white frame scheme is definitely the way to go for modern interiors. This is one chair that you won't ever have to worry about becoming outdated. It has features that computing models can only hope to imitate.

Modern Task ChairLast but not least, there's a fine line between modern and over-the-top. If you find today's modern chairs to be a bit impractical, you don't have to settle for a boring seating solution. The chairs from Offices To Go available in 2018 are the perfect option. Best sellers like the 11685 are definitely worth a look. This cost effective task chair is modern enough to make a statement but won't overpower your existing office furniture. The 11685 is also available with colorful fabric seat options if you want to add a bit more personality.
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

10 Office Desk Deals For May 2018

This month we're offering best selling office desks on sale from our favorite brands. Here you'll find fashionable executive workstations and home computer desks with free nationwide shipping. In addition to our 10 desk deals for May, we've got a few new coupon codes you don't want to miss. Happy shopping!

1.) Cherryman Jade Executive U-Desk JA-173N - $2995.00 + FREE Shipping!

Office Desk Sale 2018

2.) Cherryman Amber Executive Office Desk AM-405N - $1556.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Amber Furniture Sale

3.) Mayline Medina Gray Steel U Shaped Desk MNT30 - $1658.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Gray Desk

4.) Mayline Sterling Brown Suger L Desk STL8 - $1268.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Desk Sale

5.) OFM Essentials L Desk ESS-1020 - $139.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Computer Desk

6.) OFM Computer Desk 55103 - $195.99 + FREE Shipping!

Computer Desk Sale

7.) Offices To Go Mahogany Desk SL-D - $1019.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Office Furniture

8.) Offices To Go Autumn Walnut U Desk SL-E - $616.99 + FREE Shipping!

Autumn Walnut Desk

9.) Modway Stasis Computer Desk - $287.50 + FREE Shipping!

Glass Desk

10.) Modway Stir Computer Desk EEI-1322 - $148.00 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Stir Desk

Active Coupons:

Code: SAVE50
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1500.00 or More

Code: SAVE100
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $3000.00 or More

Code: SAVE200
Receive $200 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $6000.00 or More
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Maintaining A Healthy and Productive Workspace

A clean office is a happy office. That being said, it's time to do a little spring cleaning. It's that time of year again folks. You've survived the winter and now it's time to revamp your workspace to encourage smart, efficient, and healthy operating habits. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 10 simple and easy spring cleaning tips to apply to your workspace. Enjoy!

1.) Contain Unsightly Wires with Zip Ties

Wire Management Tips

Are there wires running all down the backside of your office desk and across your operating surface? You can quickly and effectively clean them up with zip ties. Professional wire management solutions are also available. If you go with zip ties, make sure not to put them around your cables to tightly, just enough to keep them together.

2.) Purge Old File Cabinet Drawers To Create Space
Clean File Cabinet Drawers and Purge Old Documents

When was the last time you cleaned our your personal file cabinet and removed old documents? There's a chance you could be storing sensitive information that needs to be disposed of. There's an even better chance that you're housing unnecessary junk that needs to be thrown out. Clean out your file cabinets to clear up usable drawer space. If you are in fact housing sensitive documents, make sure to shred them!

3.) Clean Laminate Furniture with A light Soap & Water Solution

How To Clean Laminate Office Furniture

We're commonly asked about ways to effectively clean laminate furniture. You don't want to use traditional surface cleaners as they'll definitely leave streaks. The best way to clean laminate office furniture is with a light soap and water solution. A little bit goes a long way! A soapy wet rag is not what we're recommending. Mix up a little soap and water solution in a spray bottle, then spray a little bit on a paper towel. A little bit of moisture will do the trick. Once clean, wipe your surfaces down with a dry paper tower.

4.) Protect Veneer Furniture with A Surface Polish

Wood Veneer Office Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning solid furniture is a bit difference. Veneer furniture requires polishing and protecting to maintain that luxurious shimmer you've come to love. The good news is, you don't have to mix up any special concoctions to clean your veneer office desk this spring. Lot's of awesome furniture polishes for veneer are available at the local hardware store.

5.) Organize Your Desktop with Cool Containers

Cool Desktop Organizer

Ditch the old pen container this spring and revamp your workspace with cool containers designed to enhance office appeal while simultaneously organizing your work surface. There's no shortage of cool desktop organizers on the market. You can even go DIY with mason jars and other stylish options. Be creative to personalize your space and have a little fun!

6.) Clean Glass Surfaces Inside and Out

Clean Office Windows

It's quick, it's easy, and it makes a big difference. Clean the glass surfaces in your workspace including hutch and storage cabinet doors and even your windows. Take a few minutes to go outside and clean the outside of your windows as well. There's like debris and pollen covering them from a year of neglect.

7.) Sort Your Junk Drawer

office junk drawer

We know you've got one. Everybody does! The catch all drawer in your office needs to be cleaned regularly. Pull everything out of the drawer and put it in a box. Only put items back in the drawer that are needed. You'll probably throw away about half of the contents. Most BBF style file pedestal drawers are spacious enough to hold tons of items, but that doesn't mean you need to fill them with assorted junk.

8.) Purge Your Digital Files

Clean Up Desktop Icons

Much like your cabinets, your digital files also need purging. Start by arranging your desktop icons. Once your desktop is cleaned up, take to your folders. If you're saving any old pictures and personal information, delete it. You might also want to go through your digital wastebasket and empty it as well.

9.) Disinfect Your Workspace

Disinfect Your Office

You're constantly typing on your keyboard and touching various things around the office. It's important to disinfect your surfaces regularly to prevent germs. There's always some type of bug floating around the office. Do your best to fight back by disinfecting this spring, and at least once per week moving forward.

10.) Perform General Maintenance

General Office Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Last but not least, perform a little bit of general maintenance. Take out the trash, clean up underneath your desk, and swifer the floors. If your office space is carpeted, run a vacuum through your space. Dusting is also important. The top of your hutch is the perfect place to start. Start at the top of your office and work your way down to ensure you've properly cleaned. It's a good idea to do a little general maintenance once a week to keep things look and performing at a high level.
Monday, April 16, 2018

How To Select Your First Office Chair

How To Select Your First Office Chair
So you're ready to purchase your first office chair? Great! You're in the right place. A comfortable office chair is the foundation for a productive work day. Without a comfortable chair you can be left straining and fighting back pain for hours on end. That's why it's essential to choose a chair that's right for you. Today on the blog we'll help you do just that by highlighting the tips, advice, and product suggestions you'll need to make a smart investment.

First things first, you need to set a reasonable budget. Sure there's chairs out there that cost thousands of dollars and have a ton of bells and whistles. They're cool, but definitely not what you need in a first chair. We recommend setting a budget of $300.00. At this price point you'll have plenty of great options that will introduce you to the world of ergonomics without the headaches associated with fancy adjustment features.

Set An Office Chair BudgetPro Tip: You don't have to spend a fortune to get comfortable!

When selecting your first office chair, be sure to keep it simple. We know you want to pick a chair that looks cool. There's nothing wrong with that. Comfort however, does come first. Take the time to visit an office chair showroom in your city. You'll be rewarded with helpful information from professional that really know their stuff.

Pro Tip: Don't be fooled by fancy design elements. In the long run, it's all about the sit!

Office Chair ShowroomAn entry level task chair may sound basic, but it doesn't have to be. In many cases, entry level chairs are preferred as they're easy to use. Office chair technology has come a long way in the last 5 years. Many of the standard features you'll find on entry level chairs are also featured on those that cost 5 times the price.

By now you're probably wanting a few reliable chair suggestions. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll go ahead and tell you about 3 of the best office chairs available for under $300.00 in 2018.

1.) Cherryman 415B Eon Chair

Cherryman Eon ChairFirst up is the Eon by Cherryman Industries. This high back mesh chair boasts adjustable arms and an advanced synchro tilt mechanism with a seat slider that allows the chair seat to be positioned directly behind the knees. The Eon chair is also very stylish and modern. At $294.00 it comes in at the top of our price point, but it's worth it!

2.) Offices To Go 11325B Chair

Offices To Go ChairYou can't go wrong with any chair crafted by Offices To Go. This year they've raised the stakes with the model 11325B. This ergonomic executive chair with lumbar support is an absolute bargain buy at just $235.99 and boasts many adjustment features not found on chairs priced twice as much.

3.) OFM 580 Executive Chair

Going for something a bit more fancy for your upscale interior? Check out the new 568 leather office chair from OFM. This designer chair is available in 3 quick shipping color options for just $200.00. Nope that's not a typo. This chair is value price and packed with great features. The adjustable arms, segmented cushions, and polished accents work together to ensure the perfect combination of support and style.

Choosing your first office chair should be fun. Do your homework and read reviews to ensure you're purchasing a reliable product. You can even do a quick search for demo videos on YouTube. They really come in handy!

In the long run, the chair is an extension of yourself. Do your best to select a chair that showcases your personality and blends with your furniture without sacrificing the adjustment features needed to keep you computing healthy. If this sounds like a lot to ask for, we're here to tell you it's not. You can truly have everything you need in your first chair without breaking the bank. If you'd like help. don't hesitate to ask the pros!

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