Friday, February 24, 2017

Office Furniture Review: Medina Collection by Mayline

Mayline Medina Office Furniture ReviewIn just a few short years, the Mayline Medina office furniture collection has cemented itself as one of the hottest lines of all time. The designer desks, tables, reception stations, and storage solutions from this popular collection are perfect for modern remodeling projects. Today on the OFD blog we'll take an in-depth look at Medina's versatile layouts, finish options, and components. Prepare to be impressed!

Mayline Medina Desk with Sit To Stand Ergonomic BridgeThe office furniture layouts from the Medina collection help take the guess work out of the remodeling process. If you're looking to avoid piecing a furniture configuration together, a Medina typical is the way to go. Trendy stations like the MNT45H2 have everything you need to craft a truly elite executive interior. While an average U shaped desk will get the job done, Medina layouts like the MNT45H2 go the extra mile by providing users with height adjustable sit to stand bridges that promote continuous movement in the workplace. With more than 30 layouts to choose from, finding the perfect workstation is easier than ever.

Medina Conference TableWe can't say enough good things about the Conference Tables available from the Mayline Medina collection. These power ready tables are built to impress guests and streamline meeting activities. If you're tired of running extension chords across your boardroom to host presentations, check out a Medina table. With a variety of sizes to choose from, meeting your individual space requirements is a breeze. Popular Mayline Medina series tables like the MNC8 are available starting at just $508.99 and provide an exceptional combination of value and style. Power modules will run you an extra $235.00 each. By industry standards, this is an absolute bargain.

Mayline Medina Reception DeskWith a Medina series reception desk you'll be ready, willing, and able to make a lasting impression on guests the minute they step foot into your business. Medina reception desks are available in a choice of rectangular and L shaped variations. These stations boast spacious 87 1/4" wide fronts accented by glass transaction counters and silver trim. With the added return on models like the MNRSLBF you'll have even more operating space to utilize. On the downside, if you're dealing with minimal square footage in your reception area, these welcoming stations probably won't fit. Be sure to measure first!

Mayline Medina Storage CabinetWe say it all the time; No office interior is complete without the right combination of storage products needed to stay well organized and efficient. Mayline fully understands this! They've introduced a wide range of mobile desk pedestals that can be slid underneath work surfaces when not in use, along with glass accented hutch units, bookcases, and executive low wall cabinets that will enhance decor and organizing potential. Popular Medina office organizing products like the MVLC can be used effectively in conference, training, reception, and executive office areas.

Modern White Office FurnitureUnique finish options have put the Medina collection in a league of it's own. If you're tired of traditional cherry and maple tones, check out Medina's Gray Steel and Textured Sea Salt options. They're absolutely stunning. With Medina you can create trendy coastal inspired office interiors that will blow away your guests. While other manufacturers scramble to keep up with the latest trends, Mayline is hard at work setting new ones in motion with lines like Medina.

Mayline Medina Office Furniture RatingAfter a careful and in-depth review, we feel giving Medina anything other than a 5 out of 5 star rating would be a crime. This collection has everything you need for just about any interior imaginable. From trend setting finish options to advanced power modules, Mayline thought of everything with Medina. In terms of value and style, you'll be hard pressed to find better for your home and business interiors in 2017 and beyond.
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Office Epidemics: Confined Interiors

With a confined office interior, it's hard to be productive. You're likely feeling cramped and limited on operating space. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to avoid this office epidemic. From hot new open concept furnishings to unique storage products for persona organizing, we'll have you working smart and effective in no time. Enjoy!

Confined Office InteriorIf you feel like your office walls are starting to close in on you, it's time to make a change. It's always a good idea to start with a thorough cleaning. Purge those old file cabinet drawers effectively and rid your space of documents that are no longer necessary. With open drawer space, you'll be able to determine how much room you have left for future growth.

You'll also want to get your pens, post its, and regularly used stationary items properly organized. There's a lot of office hacks out there that provide handy ways of tackling this task efficiently. If you're looking to free up additional desk space taken up by stationary organizers, consider transitioning them into zip lock bags and putting them in drawers. If you need a little extra drawer space, you might consider decorating a few cool mason jars and organizing your stationary items on top of your desk. The options are really limitless!

Overcrowded Office InteriorYour interior will start to feel confined if the area and space underneath your desk isn't put to good use. All too often we see interiors with boxes underneath the desk, as well as a ton of debris from snacking. Create as much knee space as possible by removing and cleaning up all the fodder you can. You might also consider integrating a retractable CPU mount that allows your computers power source to be slid out of the way when not in use.

When all else fails, it's time to consider a remodel. It's quite possible you've simply outgrown your current office furniture configuration. We highly recommend taking pictures of your interior, along with dimensions. Visit a local design team in your area to discuss your personal workspace needs. They'll be happy to provide you with ideas on how to get the most out of your valuable square footage.

This year, it's all about open concept office interiors built for productivity. The best part about an open concept interior, is that it will do the complete opposite of confine you. To create an open concept environment, you'll need to focus on selecting the proper components for your space. It all starts with the collection. We've provided a few resources below to help.

Open Concept Office InteriorPopular Open Concept Furniture Collections:
  • e5 by Mayline
  • TransAction by Mayline
  • Zira by Global Total Office
  • Princeton by Global Total Office
Once you've settled on a collection that suits your personal style, it's time to enlist the help of the pros. They'll be able to help you select components that properly fit within the parameter of your interior. 

Once you've removed your old furniture, give those walls a fresh coat of paint. It's best to do this before new items arrive. Rest assured it's never fun to paint around fancy new furnishings. Painting your walls a light, bright, and trendy color will make it feel less confined and far more welcoming. This year, coastal tones like light grays, blues, and greens have been super popular.

Open Concept WorkspaceLast but not least, it's time to maximize your office storage and organizing potential. Sure a couple of file cabinets will do the trick, but they take up a ton of valuable floor space. Make your interior feel more open and less confined by integrating a wall mount hutch unit that can be rested atop your desk. Mounting a hutch will provide you with a ton of storage space. 

In addition, you might want to consider integrating a couple of file pedestals on wheels that can be slid underneath your work surfaces when not in use. Remember, it's all about efficiency! When push comes to shove and you begin to feel confined, don't procrastinate. Analyze your workspace, purge what you can, and strive for healthy operating!
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The 2017 Reception Desk Buyer’s Guide

Are you on a mission to enhance your guest reception area? It all starts with the front desk! It serves as the focal point of your space. Today we'll provide you with everything you need to know to select an awesome reception station for your business. From the best brands to the hottest new finish options, we've got you covered.

Best Reception Desk BrandsBest Brands:

Not all reception desks are created equal. You need to be aware of cheap imitations that aren't built to last. Your best bet is to select a high quality reception station from a brand you can trust. Here's our three favorite brands...

  • Mayline: With more than 10 popular lines available, you'll be at no shortage of modern and traditional reception stations to shop from Mayline. Their furniture is well respected and reviewed in the design community.
  • Global Total Office: Global's array of modular components makes it easy to craft elite guest reception areas. With the versatile custom furniture from Global you'll be able to create single and multi user reception desks that work perfectly in you welcoming area.
  • OFM: While competing brands are looking for ways to imitate the latest trends, OFM is hard at work setting new ones in motion. They're curved front reception desks are incredibly cool and modern. They look great from every angle!

Zira Reception Furniture CollectionHot Collections:

Once you've settled on a brand, you can focus on your favorite collection. There's plenty of options out there, but a select few are really turning heads in 2017. We've provided a list of our most popular reception desk collections below.

  • Medina: It's the hottest line on the market. The trend setting Medina reception desks from Mayline feature glass accented transaction counters. They're available in rectangular and L shaped variations. Medina reception desks are guaranteed to earn your space an abundance of positive compliments from valued visitors.
  • Zira: Talk about options! With Zira, you're only limited by your own imagination. Zira reception layouts take approximately 4 weeks to manufacture, but they're well worth the wait. If the average desk just won't cut it, turn to this incredibly versatile line.
  • Marque: The Marque reception desk collection from OFM is a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. As an added bonus, these curved front guest reception stations actually require no tools for assembly. No that's user friendly!

Popular Stations:

Now let's break down the top reception desks available in 2017!

Modern Reception Desk from Mayline

Medina MNRSLBF: This L shaped reception desk is an absolute winner. The MNRSLBF features an L shaped design that's complimented by silver accents and a glass transaction counter.

Custom Zira Reception Desk

Zira-Reception-13: This Custom U shaped reception desk offers no shortage of wow factor. With it's glass accented wardrobe cabinet and array of storage compartments, you'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded and unique option on the market for your project.

Marque Curved Front Reception Desk from OFM

Marque 55293: This curved reception desk is ready, willing, and able to make an impression on your guests the minute they walk in the door. The 55293 Marque triple reception station from OFM is accented with silver metal trim. The curved operating surface makes for improved and efficient operating.

Cost Effective Reception DeskPrice Points:

You don't have to break the bank to create a cool new guest reception area. Quality stations are available on the market for under a thousand bucks from brands like Offices To Go and Cherryman Industries. For example, the Offices To Go SL-O reception desk is an absolute bargain buy at $620.99. High end models like those from the Zira collection above are going to be upwards of $4000.00, but they're completely customizable and intended for truly elite projects. The average reception desk purchased in 2016 was about $1500.00. Variations from the Medina and Marque collections are definitely available in this range.

Popular Reception Desk FinishFinish Options:

The reception desk finish you select will say a lot about your space. If you're looking to keep things traditional, consider classic tones like cherry, maple, and mahogany. That said, the modern revolution is in full swing. This year cutting edge finishes like Mocha, Absolute Acajou, and White have become incredibly popular. If you're looking to set your space apart from the competition consider a unique finish that will wow your guests. With grays and whites you'll create a modern coastal vibe with high end flair. Dark woods offer a luxurious feel and they also show minimal wear over time. As a rule, you'll definitely want to order a variety of finish samples from your dealer of choice before making a purchase.
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February Favorites: A Look At This Month's Hottest Office Chairs

With just over a week left in the month of February, we thought it would be helpful to provide our readers with a quick run down of the hottest office seating solutions on the market this month. The chairs highlighted in today's post offer an unrivaled combination of ergonomic features and style. Prepare to be impressed!

Global Novello ChairThe Novello chair from Global Total Office has become an instant favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. These highly fashionable task chairs designed by Alessandro Piretti are completely customizable with various frame, base, seat, and arms options. Novello chairs are also available for professional drafting applications.

Global Luray Executive ChairGlobal is also enjoying success with their all new Luray chair collection. These upscale conference and executive office seating solutions feature trendy ribbed backs that combine with natural contours for improved user comfort. Global Luray office chairs for the modern executive like the 6460LM-2 are available in extensive fabric and leather upholstery options.

Oroblanco ChairThe iDesk seating collection has continued its dominance in 2017. Popular models like the 404W come standard with built in guides for personal adjusting, as well as breathable mesh backs that keep users feeling nice and light during task filled days at the office. The mid back Oroblanco office chair is an absolute bargain buy at $299.99. You'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded, user friendly chair on the market at even twice the price.

Heavy Duty Office ChairWe can't say enough good things about the all new office chairs from the OFM Essentials Seating Collection. If you're shopping on a budget, this cost effective line is definitely worth a look. Popular Essentials chairs like the ESS-200 can even be used for big and tall applications. This heavy duty mesh back managers chair is ready, willing, and able to support users up to 400 pounds. With adjustable arms and a thick padded seat, this big guy's chair provides an exceptional sitting experience.

Woodstock Marketing Sha Na Na ChairLast but certainly not least, we've got a cool new mobile side chair from Woodstock Marketing that's an absolute must consider for training room, conference, and educational environments. The Sha Na Na chair from Woodstock is sold in 4 packs for $636.00. Available in hot color options like gray, white, and red, these stackable training room chairs with wheels are easy to clean and incredibly durable. Adding the optional dolly for an additional $169.00 is a good idea as it will allow you to stack up to 12 high. The Sha Na Na make look super simple, but they're actual very comfortable. We highly recommend these chairs as opposed to upholstered models as they will outlast them in just about every environment imaginable.
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cool Ways To Create Vintage Vibes In Your Office Interior

Are you an old soul looking for ways to create vintage vibes with your office remodeling project? You're in the right place! Today we'll teach you how to keep it classy with cool products that are guaranteed to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. From tufted office chairs to unique lighting fixtures, the design tips and product suggestions provided here will have you on your way to a one of a kind vintage workspace.

Tufted Leather Office ChairTufted leather office chairs offer a traditional look that's hard to beat. While an original tufted chair will cost you well over a thousand dollars, brands like Flash Furniture offer authentic replicas that won't break the budget. Popular models like the CI-360-BY-GG are available for literally half the price. This high back tufted leather office chair is available in a choice of black and burgundy color options that are perfectly complimented by brass nailhead trim and mahogany wood bases.

Vintage Wood Veneer Office Furniture FinishRustic woods offer classic appeal that will help you create old school vibes. When going vintage, you can't go wrong with cherry and mahogany veneers. Lucky for you, there's lot's of awesome collections to consider. We particularly love the Mayline Sorrento line. The Luxurious U shaped desks and executive workstations from this collection are truly top of the line.

Traditional Office FurnitureIn addition to the Sorrento collection, you'll also want to check out the Emerald collection from Cherryman Industries. With an array of vintage style writing desks and matching storage components, Emerald furnishings are a cut above the rest.

Vintage Poster for Retro OfficeMetal wall art should be used to effectively contribute to your vintage design theme. As the vintage look is super popular, you'll likely be able to find a wide range of products to choose from at your local home furniture store. Unique scones that hold candles are a must consider.

In addition to metal wall art, you can mount 60's concert posters on your office walls in cool frames to show a little bit of your personal style. Pick out a cool retro frame to accent a historic concert poster from your past. Having trouble finding old posters? Take your search to eBay. If originals are too expensive, prints are likely available to help you maximize your remodeling budget.

Retro Lighting Fixtures for OfficeNot a big music fan? No problem! You can skip the concert posters and substitute them with old blue prints and architectural art. If you can find black and white portraits, they work great too!

Last but certainly not least, round out your vintage inspired office interior by replacing those modern lighting fixtures with a little something for period correct. The best place find retro lamps and lighting fixtures is the flea market. If you don't have a flea market, check out a swap meet or a few local antique stores.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Site, New Products, and New Ways To Save at Office Furniture Deals!

New Office Furniture Deals LogoToday is an exciting day at Office Furniture Deals. We've officially completed our website makeover! The new site is now live and we wanted to take a minute to show you around. The changes we've made will help improve the shopping experience by saving you time and money. From an all new logo to fashionable new products and categories, we've done our absolute best to provide you with the ultimate office furniture website.

HeaderAt first glance you'll likely notice the all new color scheme and logo. We wanted to brighten things up. It makes the products easier to see. Across the header of the new site you'll see a large search box, our toll free number, and a live cart tracker that will help you monitor your order as items are added while shopping.

New Site Features
We further simplified the new site with the addition of a few new categories. The first is our "Interiors" page. Here you'll be able to shop for new furniture by space. From the waiting room to the executive office, we've got every interior covered. Additionally, you'll see our all new "Best Sellers" and "Sale" items page. Here we'll be showcasing products that are up to date with the latest trends and that won't break the budget.

Featured CategoriesBelow the headers categories we've created a slide show to highlight monthly coupons and promotions. You'll notice to kick the new site launch off with a bang we're offering tons of new office chairs on sale with an additional 10% off. If you're on the hunt for an all new office chair on a budget, try entering coupon code OFD10 at checkout.

Shopping for products from a particular brand? No problem! We've highlighted several of our most popular options directly below the slide show. Just look for the logos.

New Ways To Stay Connected
Moving on down you'll see our custom hover expand thumbnail categories. These link directly to our most popular pages. Check them out and enjoy a fully refined shopping experience. You'll also find cool featured products, quick contact info, and social sharing links to stay connected with our team at the bottom of the home page.

Once you get into our redesigned product pages, you'll notice larger images contained in individual boxes that illuminate when hovered over. With more than 5,000 products online, we found that without this feature it was easy to loose your place when shopping.

Hot New Office Furniture
As an added bonus we've also taken our new site responsive. This means it will show up the same way across all devices effectively. Check out our all new mobile interface. It's super fun. You can also use your tablet to efficiently shop for furniture from your office and living room. We've really tried to go the extra mile to make our site as user friendly as possible for our valued customers.

We've been gearing up for weeks to launch the new site with a bang. We've loaded tons of new products from brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global. You'll definitely want to check out the height adjustable ergonomic executive desks from Mayline collections like Medina and Sterling. They promote continuous movement in the workplace and reduce fatigue. Last but not least, we've added more than 50 new products from new Global furniture collections like SideBar, Bungee SL, and ConnecTABLES in addition to trend setting seating lines like Luray and Novello. Needless to say, 2017 is going to be our best year ever. Happy shopping!
Monday, February 13, 2017

What's New? Powered Training Tables from Global!

Global Bungee SL Tables ReviewAre you ready to take your corporate training area to the next level? Global has you covered! This year, this industry leading brand is paving the way with high tech powered tables from their all new Bungee SL collection. Today on the blog we'll take a look an this innovative new line and it's unrivaled versatility. Prepare to be impressed.

Powered Training Room FurnitureIt's sad but true, not all professional training room furniture solutions are created equal. Those from brands like Global are a cut above the rest. Take one look at the tables from the Bungee SL collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. With heavy duty metal legs and scratch resistant laminate surfaces, Bungee SL tables are built to last and look good doing it.

With a variety of sizes to choose from, meeting your specific needs and space requirements is easier than ever. Bungee SL tables are available in a choice of spider and fixed leg variations. The spider bases are intended for training room use, while the fixed legs are great for creating modular conference room table layouts.

High Tech Training Room Tables
The all new Global Total Office training room tables from the Bungee SL collection are a designer's dream. Hot new finish options like Absolute Acajou, Asian Night, and White Chocolate pair perfectly with black and silver legs to create cutting edge environments. Whether you're looking to keep it traditional with cherry and mahogany tones, or want to promote a more modern vibe, Bungee SL has you covered.

Global Bungee SL Powered Training Room Tables ConfigurationAdvanced power modules really put the Bungee SL collection in a league of their own. While optional, we highly recommend adding them to help streamline your group strategy sessions. Bungee SL tables can be connected quickly and modules can be daisy chained together through attractive modesty panels. While most power ready training room tables require cutting the tops to create ports, Bungee SL simplifies the process and minimizes the manufacturing. These high tech tables are clean, sophisticated, and distinctively classy.

We feel the new Bungee SL collection deserves a big A+. These tables are competitively priced, incredibly versatile, and exceptionally stylish. Bungee SL tables can be purchased individually, or as part of advanced powered training room furniture configurations like the BSL506 that take the guess work out of the design process. Global truly thought of everything with this well rounded, user friendly furniture line.

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