Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Ways To End Your Work Year Right

2017 Office Tips
As 2016 winds to a close, it's important to leave a good foundation for the new year. It's not too late to start forming good habits and the operating structure needed to rock 2017. Today we'll take a look at 5 great ways to do just that. From purging old files to collaborating with coworkers, these tips are an absolute must read.

How To Purge Old Files1.) File Purging

Don't end 2016 with a bunch of old documents taking up valuable drawer space. Purge your old files effectively by removing them one drawer at a time. Next, put them back in the file cabinet one at a time in. You'll likely come across a lot of essential files that are out of order after a year of use. A well organized and regularly purged cabinet will ensure room for growth and efficient operating in 2017.

How To Organize Your Office Desk2.) Desk Organizing

If you want to operate at peak performance levels in 2017, a well cleaned and organized office space is a must. Start by removing unnecessary desktop items. Old notes, wrappers, and debris can all be cleaned quickly. Next, go through your desk drawers and collect all the loose writing utensils and office aids. Organize them in a way that will have them at hand when needed. Do your best to form the good office desk cleaning and organizing habits needed to keep things nice and neath throughout the new year.

Sit to Stand Desktop Riser3.) Sit To Stand

You probably spent the majority of 2016 sitting in your office chair. End the year right by committing to a good sit to stand system. If you can, invest in a desktop sit to stand station like the 5100 model from OFM. It's currently available for just $279.99 and will fit on almost any surface. If funds are tight, at least make it a point to take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Stand up from your chair, get a drink of water, and walk around to stretch our your muscles. Sitting in your chair and staring out your computer screen for hours on end has to stop. It's incredibly unhealthy!

Love Your Office Chair4.) Office Chair TLC

That's not a squeak, it's your office chair screaming for it's life! All jokes aside, that fancy ergonomic chair you bought does require a little tender love and care every once in awhile. Take the time to give your chair a once over. If you have the owners manual, read through it. Refresh yourself on your chairs features and benefits. Test out the chair mechanism and it's levers to ensure they're working properly. Adjust your chair as needed to ensure you're sitting posture perfect. Be sure to tighten any loose screws on the arms, back, and base of your chair to prevent a productivity killing breakdown. In the long run, even the most expensive chair is only as good as it's owner. You have to provide a little TLC to reap the ergonomic rewards you deserve.

How To Collaborate At Work5.) Coworker Collaboration

Having a good relationship with your coworkers will greatly improve morale around the office. End the year by collaborating with your teammates. If you sense a disconnect, make it a mission to repair any relationships. You don't want to kick of 2017 with drama. Instead, prepare for success by conversing with your coworkers. Don't be afraid to ask about holiday plans, ideas for office improvement in the new year, and other simple topics that will get the conversation started. An end of the year party is never a bad idea. Throw together a pot luck and bring in the near work year right!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

6 Office Remodeling Trends That Made 2016 Great!

We saw office design trends come and go in 2016. That being said, a select few reigned supreme and continue to transform professional interiors. Today we'll take a look at the 6 hottest remodeling trends of the year to help you get inspired for your makeover. From gray wood office furniture to mid century modern office chairs, these ever popular trends have major staying power!

1.) Gray Office Furniture

Gray Office Furniture

Using gray office furniture will help you create a modern coastal vibe that's sure to impress your valued visitors. Brands like Mayline and Global cornered the gray furniture lines like Medina, Sterling, and Zira. Gray office desks from these collections are perfect for beach inspired remodeling projects, or anybody looking to skip traditional cherry and maple tones that have dominated in years past. It's safe to say, gray is the new black!

2.) Red Office Chairs

Red Leather Office Chair

Black office chairs will always be in style. But this year, designers and shoppers alike wanted to make interiors pop! Red office chairs were hot in 2016. Popular red leather office chairs like the Annie from Woodstock Marketing and Remix from Modway Seating were heavily relied upon to give conference rooms and executive interiors the style boosts they needed.

3.) Open Concept Desking

Open Concept Desking

This year cubicles were kicked to the curb in exchange for open concept desk configurations. Why you ask? Because traditional cubicle and panel systems make interiors feel closed off. On the other hand, open concept office furniture lines like e5 from Mayline promote team interaction and collaboration. This trend is rapidly becoming an industry standard. Cubicles on the other hand, not so much!

4.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference Furniture

These days, purchasing a conference table without a power ready surface is like throwing money away. If you're tackling a boardroom makeover, provide your business with the ability to streamline meetings and group strategizing sessions with the integration of a powered conference table. We recommend the cutting edge Zira boardroom furniture collection from Global. The tables from this advanced line can be spec'd with awesome USB, HDMI, and other versatility boosting input options you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

5.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby Seating

Skip the played out combination of a sofa and two lounge chairs in exchange for a modular lobby seating configuration that maximizes square footage. The guest experience provided by your business will say a lot about your level of service, and the impressions formed by your visitors. The use of modular lobby seating will allow you to think outside the box with your remodel. You'll be improving guest interaction as well as corporate appeal in no time. Want to jump on board with this trend? You can't go wrong with Popular OFM lobby seating collections like Uno, Serenity, and Triumph.

6.) Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

Mid Century Modern Office Chair

At the start of the Fall season, mid century modern office chairs started dominating office remodeling projects. The ribbed back look has always been popular for conference and boardroom areas, but this year mid century modern ribbed back chairs started popping up in executive interiors. Nearly every reputable seating manufacturer on the planet is now offering at least 3 different mid century modern chairs for the conference room and private office. Want to take your remodel to the next level? Go with a red leather mid century modern chair to double dip on the years hottest trends.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Create Coastal Vibes With Mayline Sterling Furniture

Mayline Sterling Office Furniture
The Textured Driftwood office furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection is unlike anything on the market today. If you're looking to craft a coastal inspired interior that doesn't lack in terms of quality, give this full service line a look. The Sterling collection offers amazing executive desk layouts, upscale boardroom tables, and the coolest reception desks you've ever seen. Today we'll take an in-depth look at the coastal couture furniture from Mayline's hottest new line. Prepare to be impressed!

Gray Office Desk LayoutWether you're remodeling a home office interior or create a cutting edge executive workspace, the desk configurations from the Mayline Sterling collection are a must consider. Even at first glance, a Sterling desk with Textured Driftwood finish will have you saying WOW! While individual components are available, we recommend the preconfigured sets. They really take the guess work out of the design process and make remodeling your workspace simple. Popular Sterling office desks like the STL4 include everything you need to craft an elite coastal inspired interior that's built for operational productivity.

Sterling Boardroom FurnitureA luxurious gray boardroom table from the Sterling collection will no doubt help you design a coastal couture meeting area that earns daily compliments from valued visitors. Sterling boardroom tables boast boat shaped operating surfaces with knife edge detailing that pair perfectly with intricate T shaped bases. Smaller meeting tables are also available to match. With an abundance of sizes and accenting presentation accessories, Sterling is your best bet for boardroom remodeling.

Sterling Reception Desk from MaylineShowcase your trendy coastal vibes to guests the minute they walk in the door. That's when first impressions begin to form. What sets the Sterling collection apart are it's textured driftwood reception stations. With ultra contemporary work surface extensions and glass transaction counters, these upscale welcome desks are the best in the biz. Best selling models like the STG34 offer plenty of operating space and the storage components needed to help your receptionist stay well organized during busy work days.

Textured Driftwood Furniture Finish Swatch
Any designer will tell you, gray is the new black and coastal tones are in! The Textured Driftwood finish option from this Mayline office furniture collection has been a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly used cherry and maple woodgrain tones. Sterling makes it easy to impress in every professional interior imaginable. You won't find a more gorgeous and well rounded line in 2016 and beyond. The attention to detail and unrivaled craftsmanship is evident in every product from this hot new line. Needless to say, coastal is cool, and Sterling is capitalizing big time.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Build Your Bistro With Cool Tables from OFM

OFM Bistro Tables
OFM specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture and seating solutions. This industry leading brand is ready, willing, and able to take your remodeling project to the next level. That being said, OFM's array of ultra cool multi purpose tables have become designer favorites. If you're building out a cutting edge bistro, OFM tables are the only way to go. With attractive finish options, quick ship times, and loads of appeal, you'll be hard pressed to find better for your space.

OFM Endure TablesTired of the same old table styles? You're not alone. Thankfully, OFM has come to our rescue! Take one look at their new Endure table collection and you'll see what we mean. These retro-industrial standing height tables with swivel out stools boast powered operating surfaces to help improve the guest visiting experience. Needless to say, they're unlike anything on the market today.

OFM FT36RD Round Multi Purpose TableCombine traditional appeal with modern functionality by integrating FT36RD round multi purpose tables into your remodeling project. These flip top tables save space when not in use by nesting along perimeter walls. They also make for easy to clean areas! The FT36RD model OFM table is available in 4 attractive laminate finish options that pair perfectly with the silver metal base.

Square Multi Purpose TableEven at first glance you'll notice the cool modern base on the LT36SQ table from OFM. This 36" square top multi purpose table boasts a scratch resistant high pressure laminate surface and 3mm edge banding for long term durability. At just $216.99, the LT36SQ provides exceptional value!

OFM Bar Height Bistro TablePrepare to be impressed! The NGT-2 OFM glass top bistro table from the Net series is an absolute beauty. With it's heavy duty metal base, the NGT-2 can even be used outdoors. This Greenguard Certified table is perfect for eco friendly remodeling projects. The modern-industrial look showcased by this designer table is sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

OFM Bar Height Bistro and Cafe TableLat but certainly not least, we present to you the XTC30RD bar height bistro table with mahogany laminate top. This 30" round table features a durable powder coated steel base that will look great for years. The XTC30RD is an absolute bargain buy at just $222.99. The 1 1/8" thick top and edge banding combine to form one of the best tables for professional bistro and cafe remodeling projects on the market. If you're looking to build your bistro on a budget, you can't go wrong with the XTC30RD from OFM. Square variations are also available.

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Deals: Power Ready Conference Tables That Won't Break The Bank

December is just getting under way and our team of furniture specialists are hard at work looking for the hottest deals from our favorite brands. Today on the blog, we'll be highlighting affordable conference room tables with power ready operating surfaces. These high tech meeting area solutions will help streamline your important presentations while simultaneously skyrocketing operational functionality.

Discount Conference Table with Powered Top
First up, the BTCT6 Brighton collection oval conference table from Mayline. This 6' long table can be outfitted with a centrally located power module for just $235.00. The BTCT6 is available in a choice of cherry and mocha finish options that typically ship within just 2 days of purchase. This Mayline conference room table seats between 4 and 6 guests. Matching wall cabinets and presentation boards are available to complete your makeover project.

Discount Conference Table with PowerYou gotta love a brand like Mayline. They never fail to impress. While one conference table would of been enough for today's post, we simply couldn't resist highlighting the ACTB10 model from the Aberdeen collection. This 10' boat shaped conference table is ready to meet your multi media meeting needs. The 10' operating surface can be configured with one or two modules to meet your needs. In cool finish options like Gray Steel, this discount table is an absolute winner in the workplace.

High Tech Conference Furniture
Not all powered conference tables are created equal. Those from brands like Global Total Office are truly in a league of their own. Global's Zira conference furniture collection includes an array of high tech tables that are the absolute best in the business. Zira tables can be spec'd with HDMI, USB, and other advanced input options to take your meetings to a whole new level.

Modern Conference TableYou can't go wrong with Cherryman Industries furniture for your boardroom makeover. The cost effective modern conference table solutions from their Verde product line offer unrivaled appeal and versatility. These power ready tables are available in 3 different sizes and two unique finish options that will distinguish your interiors from the competition.

Modular Conference Table with Power
Last but certainly not least, OFM has your powered conference table needs covered. If powered tables are cool, those with mobilized bases and modular reconfiguring capabilities are even better. This 3 piece table layout from OFM features 2 semicircle ends that combine with a square center section to form an 8' long modern meeting table that's perfect for group collaborating. At the everyday low price of just $702.99, this custom table is a hot deal you won't want to pass up. The tables from the OFM Mesa line are available in quick shipping color options like cherry, oak, and maple that pair perfectly with industrial metal legs for long term durability.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Life In The Cube: Products For Productivity

It's all about healthy, productive operating in 2016. Sure good posture tips will help, but to truly be at your best, you'll need key ergonomic add-ons to take your work day to the next level. That's where we come in! Today on Life In The Cube we're highlighting essential workplace productivity solutions from brands like OFM, Symetry Office, and more.

OFM Desktop Sit To Stand StationIt just wouldn't be fair to kick today's post off with anything other than the 5100 model desktop sit to stand attachment from OFM. This incredibly versatile ergonomic product can be utilized on any operating surface 35" x 23" or larger. The user friendly handle makes for effortless transitions from sitting to standing positions. The 5100 station helps prevent the need for extended sitting sessions without reducing productivity. Switching to a standing position while working will improve blood flow and alleviate the natural strain caused from staying seating for long periods of time. At just $279.99, the OFM 5100 station is a must for intensive work environments.

Symmetry Office CPU HolderNext up, the HARMONY-CPU-4 model CPU holder from Symmetry Office. For a modest investment of $120.99 you can avoid banging your knees on your CPU for a lifetime. While that should be enough to sway you, the Harmony also offers lot's of key ergonomic benefits that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. The ability to retract your CPU will provide you with more operational space. You'll be able to slide it forward when wire routing and device charging is necessary without those pesky trips under the desk. Additionally, having your CPU secured off the ground with protect your digital files from theft and even water damage.

Articulating ergonomic keyboard platformNot all ergonomic keyboard platforms are created equal! Those from brands like ESI reign supreme. The AA360-PL215 combo unit articulates to help users operate at correct and healthy angles. This adjustable unit mounts securely underneath nearly any operating surface to create more usable space. When you're not computing, simply retract your platform and continue on with your daily tasks.

Dual Screen Monitor SystemReduce visual strain, eliminate wasted time flipping between tabs, and simultaneously create more desk space with the integration of a dual screen monitor mount. This product is really a no brainer. Attachable dual screen monitor systems like the EZKC2 from Mayline provide unparalleled versatility and value.

Ergonomic Foot RestYou can't be productive if you're operating in pain of any kind. Believe it or not, even the simplest of products tend to make a difference. Take this adjustable ergonomic footrest from Global for example. the ability to relieve knee and foot pressure may seem minimal, but in fact, studies have shown that individuals (especially females) the use foot rests report improved comfort and productivity.

Advanced Ergonomic Office ChairIf you really want to take your work day to the next level, an advanced ergonomic office chair is a must. We recommend the iOO from Eurotech Seating. This highly adjustable swivel chair is in a league of it's own. The iOO comes standard with a tilt tension control that allows the recline rate to automatically adapt to the rate of the user. The chair back angle can be set for personalized comfort in a reclined position of your choosing by using the tilt lock feature. A waterfall seat edge is also standard. It will help take the pressure off your knees while working by improving blood flow. The list goest on and on! A 2.8" ratchet back makes it easy to achieve top quality lumbar support. The adjustable arms are multifunctional to help users compute at correct angles. This posture promoting office chair represents a pinnacle in the world of seating evolution. It's modern design characteristics and adjustable features have made it one of the absolute best chairs on the market for individuals looking to improved productivity. Needless to say, the iOO from Eurotech packs a major ergonomic punch!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Trending Ways To Redesign Your Office Space

Tired of the same old look and vibe of your office? Have no fear. We're here to help! Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we're highlighting 5 trending ways to redesign your space to maximize both appeal and functionality. From keeping it traditional to promoting an open feel, these space planning ideas are a must consider! how to

1.) Traditional

As modern collections come and go, traditional furniture lines are always in style. The classic look of wood veneer office desking has been a favorite of shoppers for years. Traditionally inspired office furniture is perfect for both home and business applications. Lines like Sorrento from Mayline are a must consider for any shopper going for this timeless look. Best selling Mayline Sorrento office desks and granite accented reception stations will help you furnish your professional interiors from front to back!

3 Traditional Furniture Collections To Consider:

  • Sorrento by Mayline
  • Emerald by Cherryman Industries
  • Margate by Offices To Go

2.) Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Office Interior with Global Zira Furniture

If you're ready to streamline your work day by boosting productivity levels and efficiency, there's certainly no shortage of cutting edge furniture collections on the market to help you do it effectively! We recommend the Zira collection from Global Total Office. This line of innovative modular desking makes it easy to think outside the box with private office, reception, and conference room remodeling projects. Zira's cutting edge powered tables are the best in the business. The user friendly HDMI and USB input options will help improve your presentations in no time at all. Zira's modular desking is great for creating cutting edge single and multi user layouts. With an abundance of cool finish options  like gray, white, and walnut tones you'll be on your way to a fast paced interior.

5 Cutting Edge Office Design Ideas:

  • Gray Wood Furniture Finishes
  • Modular Lounge Seating
  • Powered Conference Tables
  • Ribbed Back Office Chairs
  • Multi User Benching Systems

3.) Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Office Interior

From chairs to desks, the mid century modern look has been hotter than ever in 2016! Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing are a big reason why. With a blast of modern and contemporary characteristics, Modway and Woodstock have cornered the market on the mid century movement. Cool mid century modern writing desks have certainly become the go to option for home office remodeling project. Mid century modern chairs are rocking boardroom and executive interiors left and right. You can't go wrong by incorporating mid century elements into you redesign project!

Cool Mid Century Modern Components To Consider:

  • Modway Jive Chair
  • Modway Tinker Desk
  • Modway Warp Desk
  • Woodstock Marketing Santana Tables
  • Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair

4.) Retro-Industrial

Industrial Office Interior with Metal Desks

A retro-industrial redesign can be accomplished successfully by blending metal, glass, and wood grain tones. We recommend staring with a metal desk from OFM or a similar brand! Check out their Mesa collection to see what we mean. If you're looking to go a bit more old school, don't be afraid to visit your local antique store, swap meet, or flea market. We're also seeing a lot of cool DIY desks sold via classified ad sites that incorporate a retro coastal vibe you're sure to love.

5 Places To Find Retro-Industrial Office Furniture:

  • Brands Like OFM, Inc.
  • Local Swap Meets
  • Flea Markets
  • Antique Stores
  • Classified Ad Sites

5.) Open Concept

Mayline e5 Open Concept Office Benching Layout

We've saved the most popular redesign idea of the year for last. The open concept office furniture trend is sweeping the globe. Businesses looking to promote collaboration and team interaction in the workplace are jumping on board with the open concept movement. In addition, brands like Global, Mayline, Hon, Steelcase, and OFM are all crafting elite collections specifically designed to help you create an open concept interior that's built for maximum productivity. If you're still using traditional cubicles, it's time to kick them to the curb. Open desking and benching systems are the way of the future!

4 Open Concept Furniture Collections To Consider:

  • e5 by Mayline
  • TransAction by Mayline
  • Princeton by Global 
  • Zira by Global