Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 Ways To Help Your Office Interiors Evolve With The Times

Are your office interiors starting to feel a bit dated? Rest assured, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll highlight 5 great ways to improve your work environments. From self adjusting chairs to powered furniture, these trendy solutions are ready, willing, and able to kick performance into high gear while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal.

1.) Self Adjusting Chairs

Articulating Office Chair

The days of constantly pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to ensure a proper sit are coming to an end. In 2017, self adjusting ergonomic desk chairs are rapidly becoming the industry standard. The take the guess work out of getting comfortable. This new and cutting edge style of office chair automatically responds to the user's movements. Self adjusting office chairs react to the weight of the user and often articulate like the spine to keep users posture perfect. Popular auto responding chairs like The Living Chair from Mayline are the perfect option for any interior in need of an ergonomically correct makeover.

2.) Sit To Stand Solutions

Height Adjustable Office Furniture

It's all abut sit to stand products in 2017. Brands like ESI, Systematix, Mayline, and OFM are all hard at work crafting the latest and greatest height adjustable components that reduce the need for extended sitting sessions. Why are sit to stand work surface attachments and desktop risers so popular you ask? Because they provide a ton of health benefits and don't cost a fortune! As it simply isn't practical for the average worker to take a short break once an hour, sit to stand solution make it easy to keep your blood flowing and reduce fatigue without stepping away from your work. Stand up operating isn't for everyone. However, those who give it a try typically find it to be very rewarding!

3.) Collaborative Benching

Collaborative Office Benching

Traditional high wall panel furniture systems are great for privacy. That being said, startup businesses that thrive on creativity and team involvement will definitely want to check out the latest and greatest collaborative benching systems from brands like Global. They encourage interaction and employee engagement while simultaneously creating an open concept feel that will make your work floor look more spacious. Collaborative benching systems are high tech, fashionable, and productivity minded.

4.) Tablet Seating

Executive Recliner With A Tablet Arm

Tablet arm chairs are a favorite among interior design teams and industry professionals. In the reception area they'll provide your valued visitors with the ability to work while they wait. Additionally, versatile training room chairs with tablet arms have also become very popular as they improve versatility. Sometimes that little extra work surface can make a big difference!

5.) Powered Furniture

Boardroom Table with USB Inputs

Last but not least, any business looking to help their professional interiors evolve with the times will certainly encounter an array of new powered office components. From the waiting room to the boardroom, powered furniture is changing the way we interact and work on a daily basis. Particularly in boardroom settings, a powered table with USB ports and other advanced inputs will help streamline group strategizing sessions and presentations. In the waiting room, powered furniture will improve the guest experience by allowing them to charge devices while the wait.
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10 Trendy Ways To Refine Your Office Interiors

Are you looking for ways to keep your office interiors up to date with the latest trends? You're in the right place! Today we'll be showcasing 10 ways to help you refine your professional work environments for enhanced appeal and productivity. From desktop risers to unique lighting fixtures, these helpful design tips and product suggestions are a must consider for any growing business.

1.) Desktop Riser

Sit To Stand Work Surface Attachment

The sit to stand revolution is in full swing. The ability to reduce the need for extended sits without taking constant breaks makes it easy to keep productivity levels high throughout task filled work days. A sit to stand desktop riser like the 5100 model from OFM will work with just about any surface in your office to provide you with a more healthy operating experience.

2.) Dual Monitors

Dual Monitor Arm

One screen is good, but two or more will help you improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously helping you create a cutting edge vibe with your interior. Dual monitor arms that clamp the edge of the desk or attach through grommet holes will also help you create a ton of usable desk surface area. They'll also provide you with the ability to raise your screens to eye level where they belong. Thus reducing both visual and physical strain on the eyes and neck.

3.) Auto Responding Task Chair

Auto Responding Office Chair

Stop wasting time adjusting your office chair throughout the day. Modern office chairs that automatically respond to user movements will help you refine your interior for exceptional comfort without the guess work. Auto responders like the Arti chair from Global are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

4.) Powered Boardroom Table

Powered Boardroom Table

Refine your boardroom with a powered table that boosts appeal and productivity. These days just about every manufacturer worth their salt is crafting some form of boardroom table with surface level USB ports and other advanced options. A powered boardroom tale will help streamline your presentations and just about every meeting area activity imaginable.

5.) Collaborative Benching

Collaborative Benching Configuration

Traditional high wall cubicle systems are great for privacy, but they do little to encourage team interaction and creativity. That's where collaborative benching systems come in. With an open concept feel, collaborative benching will make your work floor feel larger and modernized while simultaneously keeping your employees engaged with one another.

6.) Nesting Chairs

Nesting Chairs For Office Training Area Use

Nesting chairs are great for conference, training, and classroom environments. When not in use, nesting chairs can be staged along perimeter office walls to maximize available square footage. Popular nesting chairs like the Thesis from Mayline provide a great sit, space saving design, and the modern appeal needed to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

7.) Tablet Arm Reception Seating

Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Give your guest reception area the edge with tablet arm seating! Your guests will love the ability to work while they wait with designer seating solutions like the InterPlay lounge chair from OFM. Tablet arm chairs can also be used effectively in private office settings, training environments, and boardrooms.

8.) Mid Century Modern Accent Tables

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table with Wood Top

The little details tend to make the biggest difference when refining your office interiors. That's where mid century modern accent tables come in. They'll help you make a statement without overpowering your complimenting furniture. Brands like Modway offer some of the coolest mid century modern tables for the waiting room. They're a must consider for your remodel!

9.) Coastal Finishes

Coastal Office Furniture

There's nothing wrong with traditional furniture finishes like cherry, maple, and mahogany. That said, refined tones like Absolute Acajou from Global and Textured Sea Salt from Mayline will help you create a cool coastal vibe that's hard to top. Gray and white office furniture has been super hot in 2017!

10.) Unique Lighting Fixtures

Unique Lighting Fixture for Boardroom

Last but certainly not least, that old school overhead lighting is doing very little for corporate appeal. Enhance and refine your interiors by investing in unique lighting fixtures that will distinguish your work environments. In the reception area and boardroom, unique lighting fixtures will really stand out and help pull the overall look of your project together. You can find unique lighting fixtures at salvage yards, swap meets, antique stores, and flea markets.
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Budget Interiors: Affordable Collections For The Conference Room

Conference room remodeling projects can get a bit pricey if you're not careful. An array of chairs, a cool table, and a few accents will rack up a hefty bill if you don't know how to maximize your budget. That's where we come in. Today on 'Budget Interiors' we're here to help our value shoppers by showcasing cost effective conference collections. Prepare to be impressed!

Medina Conference Room FurnitureLet's kick things off with the hottest conference room collection of 2017. This year, the tables and accents from the Medina collection are turning heads with affordable power options and elite finish options. Woodgrain tones like Textured Gray steel will help you create coastal gathering areas with modern flair. Popular Medina conference and boardroom furniture solutions like the MNC8 are available for just $521.99. Surface level power mods are available for just $235.00 each and feature AC and Data inputs for streamlined efficiency.

Aberdeen Furniture for the Conference RoomMayline's Aberdeen collection is also worth a look. This full service line offers an array of designer desks and reception stations in addition to fashionable conference furniture. Popular Aberdeen furniture for the conference room like the ACTB6 table can be used to create both modern and traditionally inspired interiors. This 6' long boat shaped table will run you just over four hundred and fifty bucks. Aberdeen components are available in a choice of 5 trendy laminate finish options.

Superior Laminate Conference TableThe team at Offices To Go is all about helping your create professional grade interiors on a budget. The components from their Superior Laminate line are high quality, stylish, and value priced. An oval shaped Superior Laminate conference table like the SL9544RS will cost you $320.99, thus leaving plenty of funds to spare for matching accents like seating, presentation boards, and wall cabinetry.

Cherryman Amber Conference FurnitureCherryman offers a wide range of collections to consider for the conference room. Their Amber line is the most affordable, but that doesn't mean it's not one of the best. The tables from the Cherryman Amber collection are modular and expandable. This means they can grow as your conferencing needs increase. At just $702.00, Amber tables like the AM-410N are available that can be configured in lengths up to 14'. That's quite a bit of surface and work area at this price point!

Mesh Back Conference ChairNo conference room is complete without fashionable chairs to match your furniture. If you're shopping on a budget, don't feel like you need to sacrifice appeal or quality. Take one look at Offices To Go conference chairs like the 11790B and you'll quickly see what we mean. This $219.99 mesh back chair for the conference room provides exceptional comfort and a modern look with polished accents.

Red Leather Conference ChairIf you want to add a little color to your space, we recommend checking out the Annie chair from Woodstock Marketing. It's available in fashionable tones like red, white, and even sea foam green! The diamond stitched back pattern, genuine leather surfaces, and polished accents make this designer chair an absolute winner at $294.99. You can even save an additional 10% for a limited time with coupon code CYBER1.

White Mid Century Modern Conference ChairLast but not least, you can't beat the value priced chairs for the conference room from Modway. Popular options like the EEI-1026 Tempo mid back chair offers a blend of mid century and contemporary characteristics that are perfect for professional meeting areas. This fashionable seating solutions is currently available in 4 cool color options for $212.99. The Tempo chair also includes free shipping for added value. On a side note, when purchasing conference room seating from your dealer of choice, be sure to inquire about bulk and quantity discount opportunities. You might just be rewarded with a coupon to help maximize your remodeling budget.
Monday, July 17, 2017

Fab Furniture: High Fashion Welcoming Desks That Impress

In business, first impressions count! It's important to start wowing your valued visitors from the moment they walk in the door. That being said, a high fashion welcome desk will certainly do the trick. Today on 'Fab Furniture' we'll showcase elite reception stations from reputable brands like Mayline, Global, and OFM that are up to the task.

Gray Wood Reception Desk with Glass AccentsThis year, gray finishes have dominate office remodeling projects. If you're loving the look, check out the MNRSLBF model L shaped guest welcome desk from the Mayline Medina collection. With its gray steel finish and silver accent trim, this station is sure to make an impression in your reception area. As an added bonus, the MNRSLBF Medina reception desk also features a glass transaction counter that creates a classy modern vibe.

Custom Reception DeskGoing for a more customized look? Check out the high fashion reception desks from the Global Zira collection. As one of the most versatile furniture lines on the market today, Zira makes it easy to personalize interiors and maximize square footage. The reception components from this line can be used to craft both single and multi user stations. Zira offers a variety of two tone finish combinations, unique handle pulls, and frosted glass paneling. We do recommend planning in advance if you want a Zira welcome desk as they take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture.

Curved White Reception DeskMuch like gray, white has also been hot in 2017. A curved white reception desk from the OFM Marque collection will definitely do wonders for your welcome area. The Marque line has been a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals for the last several years. Now available in white, the reception stations from this collection are enjoying a renewed sense of self. Marque stations are available in a variety of sizes to meet your square footage needs.

Discount Reception StationOkay bargain shoppers, this desk is for you! The SL-O model L shaped welcome station from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection is an absolute bargain buy. For just $620.99 you'll be rewarded with a high fashion desk that's spacious and up to date with today's professional standards. The SL-O is also in stock and typically ships within just 2 days of order. That's a big plus if you're up against a tight makeover deadline. This popular reception station is available in a 4 finish options and includes a full sized pedestal for file and stationary organizing.

Cherryman Verde Reception StationLast but not least we've got a high fashion reception desk to show you from the Cherryman Verde office furniture collection. With a blend of laminate surfaces, silver accent trim, and a white transaction counter, this ultra modern desk is the total package. Verde stations are available in both rectangular and L shaped variations to meet your space requirements. They're also in stock and ship quick. The best part is, these popular reception stations are available form a full service line. This means you'll have a variety of tables, desk configurations, and storage components that can be used in your complimenting interiors.
Friday, July 14, 2017

Cherryman Makes Office Remodeling A Breeze

Cherryman Office FurnitureWhen the time comes to remodel your professional business interiors, you can't go wrong with the furnishings from Cherryman Industries. This respected manufacturer offers the full range of components needed to keep all your work environments up to date with the latest trends. Today we'll take a look at the collections available from Cherryman and their respective benefits that will make your makeover projects an absolute breeze.

Cherryman Verde Meeting Area FurnitureLet's kick things off with one of the hottest lines on the market, shall we? The desks, tables, and reception stations from the Cherryman Verde collection offer the high end appeal needed to make y our interiors stand out from the competition. Even at first glance, you'll notice Verde's white accents and classy silver trim. The Verde line is available in a choice of swanky Espresso and Latte finish options that are a unique and refreshing option compared to overly traditional tones like cherry and mahogany.

Cherryman Emerald Boardroom FurnitureMoving right along, allow us to introduce one of the most luxurious office furniture lines available in 2017. The wood veneer desks, conference room tables, and welcome stations from the Cherryman Emerald collection are truly elite. If you want the absolute best for your interiors and you're looking to avoid today's modern trends, Emerald has you covered. Rest assured, this line offers plenty of wow factor and a classic look that's never going out of style.

Cherryman Jade Executive Office FurnitureHaving a tough time deciding between modern and traditionally inspired furniture for your interiors? You can have the best of both worlds with Cherryman Jade furniture. This full service line offers all of the fashionable components needed to completely your projects without mix and matching products from a variety of brands. Any designer can tell you, that can be dangerous. Avoid remodeling remorse and craft stylish interiors using Jade workstations, designer tables, and glass accented reception desks in a choice of cherry and mahogany finish options.

Cherryman Amber Open Concept FurnitureAttention all bargain shoppers, Cherryman has a line you've got to check out! Their Amber collection is an absolute winner in the workplace. This laminate line of executive desks, expandable tables for the conference room, and multi user reception stations provides exceptional value. Just this year, Cherryman revamped the Amber line with a wide range of modular components that make it easy to create open concept group workstations that encourage collaboration. If you're tackling a big project without limited funds, there's no better option than Amber.

Cherryman Ruby Modular Office FurnitureThere's something to be said for creating simple, classy office interiors that are well rounded and not too over the top. If this sounds appealing to you and your business, check out Cherryman's Ruby line. This classic collection is even a top choice for home remodeling projects. Ruby executive style desks can be used in private office environments, or connected to form large clusters for the work floor.

Cherryman Eon ChairDon't think for a second that Cherryman doesn't have your ergonomic seating needs covered. Just a few short weeks ago, this industry leading team introduced one of the best new chairs we've seen in years. The 415B model Eon chair boasts a breathable mesh back, a set of multi functional arms, and an advanced synchro mechanism with a 2" seat slider. If you're looking to get posture perfect on a budget, this best selling swivel chair priced at just $294.00 is a must consider. The Eon chair is ready, willing, and able to tackle the demands of the modern work day in style. Currently available in a black on black color scheme with a polished base, Cherryman is soon to release new gray variations of the Eon chair that offer a bit more modern appeal for your interiors.
Thursday, July 13, 2017

You'll Love The Fashionable Ergonomic Chairs From MooreCo!

MooreCo Office ChairsWe couldn't be more excited to tell you about the office chairs from our newest brand. Trust us, when it comes to comfort and style, MooreCo knows their stuff. This reputable brand crafts some of the most fashionable and reliable seating solutions on the market today. Here on the OFD blog we'll introduce you to a few of our favs. Prepare to be impressed!

MooreCo Renew ChairFirst up, the MooreCo Renew chair. This modern ergonomic task chair is available in a choice of high and mid back variations. The Renew chair is offered in an array of unique two tone color combinations that will do wonders for your interior. This best selling office chair also boasts removable cushions that are durable and easy to clean. Renew series ergonomic office chairs from MooreCo are available starting at $365.99.

MooreCo Butterfly Mesh Back Office ChairUp next, you'll definitely want to check out the Butterfly mesh chair. This high back executive style task chair with a headrest packs a major ergonomic punch. The 34729 model Butterfly chair will make you feel like you're sitting on a cloud with breathable mesh surfaces and a plethora of ergonomic attributes. The back of the chair doubles as a handy coat rack and a versatile tablet arm mount is also available to help you kick performance into overdrive.

Modern Red Office ChairThe MooreCo Fly chair is a bargain buy that's ready to make statement in any interior without sacrificing comfort. This modern nylon back office chair is available in cool color options like red, gray, and white that pair with a black seat. The Fly chair is sleek and supportive with a natural lumbar support and integrated headrest. At just $349.99, it's hard to beat!

MooreCo Spine Aline Ergonomic Office ChairWe're also loving the 34556 Spine Aline office chair from MooreCo. This innovative seating solution sports a set of free floating lumbar support panels that will have you breezing through the toughest work days without back pain. This advanced tasking chair is well rounded with a contoured headrest, wide 5 star base for stability, and a thick padded seat.

Ergo Ex Chair from MooreCoLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the Ergo Ex. This mesh back executive chair with a thick padded seat and headrest is ready, willing, and able to meet the demands of the modern work day with flying colors. The 34434 model Ergo Ex office chair from MooreCo is outfitted with a set of adjustable arms that make finding correct and healthy computing positions a breeze. As an added bonus, the Ergo Ex chair comes standard with an adjustable lumbar support that will help prevent and relieve lower back pain. At $499.99, it's a bit more pricey than the average office chair available in 2017. That being said, the Ergo Ex is far from average. This is an elite chair that was designed for top notch comfort and support.
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Office Upgrades: Perch Stools, Sit To Stand Risers, and More!

OFM Vivo StoolAre you ready to upgrade your office space? You're in the right place! Today we're showcasing innovative new products from brands like OFM and Global that are ready to help you kick productivity levels into high gear. From adjustable Perch stools to auto responding task chairs, these office upgrades are a must consider.

Let's kick things off with the Vivo perch stool from OFM. This swiveling, tilting, and rotating stool packs a major ergonomic punch. If you like working at a standing height surface, the 2800 model Vivo perch stool will provide you with added versatility and support throughout your task filled days in the office. At just $157.99, it's also a bargain buy!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TraySmart workers know there's always room for improvement. While you've probably already got a retractable keyboard tray, we encourage you to upgrade your space with one that provides you with sit to stand capabilities. A height adjustable keyboard tray will keep you computing at healthy angles while simultaneously creating additional desk space. Most importantly, sit to stand models like the Balance 3 from Symmetry Office promote continuous movement and help prevent the need for extended sitting sessions.

Height Adjustable Monitor MountYou can further upgrade your office space with an adjustable height monitor arm that accommodates multiple screens. If you're still operating with the factory base that came with your computer, it's time to modernize your interior. Popular dual screen solutions like the Ergorise CLIMB2 from ESI will have you ready to adapt at a moments notice to maintain peak performance levels.

OFM Sit To Stand Desk SurfaceYou can always go with an all-in-one desktop riser to simplify your quest for improved ergonomic functionality. Desktop risers work with just about any surface and attach in just minutes. They've also become pretty cost effective! Popular options like the 5200S from OFM are even available in white for just $259.99.

Powered Beam SeatingIf you want to upgrade your office waiting room, make the switch to powered beam seating from Global. They've got multiple collections available, but our personal favorite is Vion. The reception area beam chairs with power inputs from this collection offer an absolutely exceptional combination of versatility and comfort. Vion beam configurations like the VON504 are nothing short of cutting edge.

Mayline Living ChairLast but certainly not least, if your current office chair just isn't cutting it, or you have trouble understanding how to use it properly, make the switch to an auto responder. Weight sensing office chairs that react to the user to promote good posture and health operating are the latest craze. Innovative office chairs that articulate like the human spine are changing the way we work. Trendy options like the Living chair from Mayline provide exceptional ergonomic benefits while simultaneously simplifying the sit! This advanced office chair comes standard with multi functional arms, a passive seat slider, and flexible back that provides constant support as you move naturally around the office.

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