Thursday, October 19, 2017

Product Showcase: Offices To Go Autumn Walnut Furniture

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Furniture In Autumn Walnut
The team at Offices To Go is set to take the Fall season by storm with the all new Autumn Walnut furniture from their Superior Laminate collection. This industry leader is known and highly respected for their commitment to quality and affordable workplace solutions that provide exceptional value and appeal.

Light Wood Executive Office FurnitureSuperior Laminate desks are a favorite in the interior design community. As light wood finishes are starting to become more popular, the desks from this Offices To Go collection are sure to continue their rise to the top of the sales charts.

Autumn walnut finished executive desks from Offices To Go blend modern and traditional characteristics. This light wood grain laminate finish will make your personal workspace feel larger and more open.

Group Office Furniture ConfigurationIf you don't need a full sized executive style U shaped desk for your project, no problem. Individual straight front and bow front desks can be purchases with return and accenting cabinets to meet your specific needs.

The Superior Laminate collection is all about modular functionality. With this popular line of office furniture you can create both right and left handed desks, multi user workstations, and even reversible L shaped reception stations.

Fashionable Conference Room FurnitureIf you're looking to create fluidity throughout your professional interiors, you can't go wrong with Superior Laminate components in Autumn Walnut. This full service line has literally every room of your business covered. In addition to desks and matching storage cabinets for the executive office, Superior Laminate offers both round and oval shaped conference room tables.

Autumn Walnut Laminate Finish SampleAutumn Walnut components offer a bit of a beachy vibe that's sure to impress. You can pair your Autumn Walnut pieces with a variety of coastal accents to add flair while distinguishing your interiors from the competition.

Needless to say we love the new Autumn Walnut finish option from Offices To Go. It's right on par with the hottest trends. With Autumn Walnut components you can easily create modern and traditionally themed interiors. Shoppers looking to maximize their budget without sacrificing appeal should definitely check out this popular desking line and new finish option from OTG.
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Prioritize Comfort With An RFM Office Chair

RFM Preferred SeatingThe team at RFM Preferred Seating isn't shy about their quest to improve posture and comfort in the workplace. Take one look at their chairs and you'll quickly see what we mean. This industry leading brand has made it their mission to encourage healthy sitting habits while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal.

RFM Essentials ChairChairs from the RFM Essentials collection are perfect for the everyday worker. Popular options like the 167Q come standard with ventilated mesh backs and natural contours that provide excellent lumbar support. The best part is, RFM Essentials chairs are cost effective. The 160Q for example is available for just $259.99.

RFM Rainier ChairIf elite comfort is your goal, give the RFM R6 Rainier chair a sit. You'll be glad you did. This high quality operators chair that supports up to 300 pounds comes equipped with a ratchet back and seat slider that work together keep users sitting posture perfect during task filled work days. Additional models from the Rainier collection are available in a variety of fashionable upholstery options.

RFM Multi Shift ChairAverage office chairs are a dime a dozen. For those required to sit for long periods of time, average just won't cut it. Intensive use task chairs like the Multi-Shift from RFM are the only way to go. This durable and ergonomically correct task chair is ready for the demands of the modern workplace and then some.

Modern appeal and comfort combine with the RFM Carmel chair. Even at first glance you'll notice the unique back shape that's bold, but also functional. The 8235 model Carmel office chair back is designed to provide excellent spine support without restricting upper body movement. This well designed chair offers unrivaled attention to detail that you'll benefit from during long work days. Rest assured the Carmel is a favorite of designers and ergo enthusiasts alike.

RFM Verte ChairNow it's time for the main course. The RFM Verte series office chair defines comfort. This auto responding office chair with an articulating back is lined with torsion springs. The Verte mimics the vertebrae to provide support where you need it, when you need it. Nearly a decade in the making, the Verte is in a league of its own. These days you'll see smart chairs crafted by just about every reputable seating manufacturer. The 22011 model Verte chair started the movement. As the demand for improved comfort and operational efficiency increases, it's impressive that the Verte has stood the test of time. This top of the line office chair isn't for the budgeting shopper. However, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with a truly one of a kind sit. The Verte minimizes the ergonomic learning curve and maximizes comfort.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Office Matchmaker: Finding The Perfect Furniture Collection

Are you having trouble finding office furniture you can settle down with for the long haul? You're not alone. It's not easy falling in love with just one furniture collection. The options available are practically limitless! That being said, we've got you covered. In our new 'Office Matchmaker' series we're working hard to pair our valued readers with furniture to meet their specific needs, interests, and budgets.

Versatile: Zira by Global

Versatile Office Furniture

Who doesn't want their office furniture to be versatile? These days it's all about getting the absolute most out of your available square footage. If you like the idea of improving operational functionality and simultaneously boosting corporate appeal, we recommend pairing your professional interiors with the supremely versatile modular office furniture from the Global Zira collection in 2017. This full service line offers power ready conference tables, connectable desks, elite storage components, and high fashion reception stations designed to create fluidity throughout your various work environments.

Contemporary: Verde by Cherryman Industries

Contemporary Office Furniture

Perhaps your looking for a something with a bit more flair to make your interiors stand out from the competition? If this is the case, you really can't go wrong with the contemporary office furniture from the Cherryman Verde collection. This cutting edge line of desks, tables, and storage components has wow factor to spare. Many of the components from this line even feature white glass accents that are unlike anything else on the market. Verde furnishings are cost effective and available in 2 attractive finish options.

Coastal: Sterling by Mayline

Coastal Gray Office Furniture

We made "coastal" its own category in this edition of 'Office Matchmaker' because this booming design theme has really dominated the market in 2017. If you're loving the look of coastal infused furniture, check out the textured driftwood components from the Mayline Sterling series. They're unique, professional grade, and infused with beach vibes that won't overpower your interiors.

Traditional: Ventor by Offices to Go

Traditional Wood Veneer Boardroom Furniture

There's nothing wrong with keeping things traditional. If you enjoy the timeless elegance of wood veneer office furniture, we recommend the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. This subtle line of executive workstations, boardroom tables, and reception stations is luxurious without being overly expensive. As many of the traditionally inspired furniture collections available in 2017 will bust the budget, the Ventor line from OTG will help you maximize it without sacrificing your desired design theme.

Industrial: Mesa by OFM

If you're looking for a long term relationship with office furniture you can rely on, check out the Mesa series from OFM. This line of metal office desks and flip top training room tables with scratch resistant laminate surfaces is an absolute winner. As an added bonus, the team at OFM offers an array of big and tall office chairs you can trust to support up to 500 pounds from collections like Avenger and Oro.

Collaborative: SideBar by Global

Collaborative Office Furniture

Last but certainly not least, no industry buzz word has been hotter than "collaborative" in 2017. These days business furniture shoppers are on the hunt for collaborative workplace solutions that encourage team interaction. In our professional opinion, there's not better option than the SideBar collection from Global. This awesome line of group benching is ready, willing, and able to help you create open concept office interiors that spark creativity. SideBar components provide a refreshing alternative to traditional high wall panel furniture systems that restrict interaction. If you're ready to think outside the box and knock down those cubicle walls, go with SideBar. You won't regret it!
Monday, October 16, 2017

Promote Versatility With MooreCo Chi Tables

MooreCo Chi Tables
Classroom Tables with Folding TopsIf you're ready to think outside the box with your office interiors to improve versatility and operational functionality, check out the Chi collection from MooreCo. This awesome line of multi purpose flip top tables is perfect for classroom, training, and conference room use. Today on the OFD blog we'll take a look at the all new tables from the Chi collection and their respective benefits. Enjoy!

Nesting Tables For A Training RoomFirst things first, you're going to want to select furniture that looks good. Even at first glance the multi purpose tables with folding tops from the Chi collection will grab your attention. They're modern without being too over the top. The unique curved legs offer just the right amount of flair.

Training Room with Modular TablesChi tables are equipped with Vacuum formed PVC tops available in a choice of Cherry and Gray Nebula finish options. These training room flipper tables from MooreCo boast scratch resistant surfaces that are also easy to wipe down and clean as needed.

2 Person Training Room TableYou can also rest easy knowing you're purchasing tables that are built to last. All of the models from the MooreCo Chi series come standard with black powder coated steel bases and 2" casters.

It's safe to say that not all office tables are created equal. Those from brands like MooreCo reign supreme in both business and classroom environments. In fact, Chi tables are ready, willing, and able to support up to 300 pounds.

2 Person Training Room TableWe love this line of tables because it promotes versatility. Mobilized bases make Chi tables easy to move and configure as needed to accommodate the needs of any situation. Additionally, these nesting tables for a classroom and training area can be staged along perimeter walls with their tops flipped to maximize space when not in use.

Clamp On Power Module with Tablet HolderAre you trying to stay within a tight remodeling budget? No problem. The Chi collection offers 60" x 24" tables starting at just $299.99 in your choice of teak and cherry finish options. By industry standards, this price point is hard to beat.

Last but not least, Chi series flip top tables for the training room will help you improve versatility because they're available with power! Simply add the 66675 model MooreCo clamp on power module with AC and USB inputs and you'll be on your way to streamlined performance in no time.

We give this trendy table collection from MooreCo a well deserved 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Chi tables are stylish, affordable, and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. With quick shipping color options, heavy duty frames, nesting capabilities, and optional power, what more could you ask for? Pair these tables with flip seat nesting chairs like the 34426 model from MooreCo and you'll have successfully created a performance based work area that's ready to adapt at a moments notice.
Friday, October 13, 2017

Modway Desks Offer Exceptional Appeal

Modway Office Desks
While competing brands are scrambling for ways to imitate the latest trends in the office furniture world, Modway is busy setting new ones in motion. This industry innovator crafts some of the most unique home office desks and workstations on the planet. Today on the blog we'll showcase a few of our favorites. Prepare to be impressed!

Modern Office DeskLet's kick things off with a bang, shall we? The EEI-2320 Modway Impression series fiberglass office desk is nothing short of bold. This extremely modern desk boasts integrated storage shelves and unique contours that are unlike anything you've ever seen. Available in stylish color options like red, green, yellow, and orange, this cutting edge desk is ready to live up to its name.

Home Office DeskIf you think the Impression desk might be a little hard to pull off, we've got you covered. The Modway EEI-1182 model Abeyance glass writing desk for a home office is a bit more practical. This luxurious workstation features attractive metal legs and integrated storage compartments available in 2 finish options.

Warp Office Desk
Moving right along, allow us to introduce the EEI-1188 Warp desk from Modway. Talk about cool! This supremely stylish desk will wow even the harshest furniture critics at first glance. The Warp desk is elegantly contoured and ready to make a statement in your executive interior. This small modern desk with 3 storage compartments is tastefully accented with a polished base. The Warp is available in a choice of white and walnut finish options.

Modway Bin DeskOkay value shoppers, this next desk is for you. At the everyday low price of just $94.99, the EEI-1327 Bin desk from Modway is hard to beat. This small home computer desk with storage compartments is easy to assemble and great to look at. The Bin desk doesn't take up a ton of space and will help you create an open feel.

Modway Tinker DeskWe saved our favorite Modway desk for last. The EEI-293 Tinker workstation is loaded with lovable attributes. First and foremost, this executive writing desk boasts a 75" operating surface. The Tinker is perfect for full time laptop users who don't need the wire concealment of traditional executive stations. Available in a choice of natural and walnut finishes, the Tinker workstation will help you create modern-coastal vibes that earn an abundance of compliments. This luxurious desk is an excellent choice for both home and professional business applications. When paired with one of Modway's ultra cool office chairs, you'll be well on your way to a fashionable interior that's built for business. The Tinker desk can be yours this season for $859.99.
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hot In October: Executive U-Desks From Cherryman

Cherryman U Shaped Desks
The weather is starting to cool down but the furniture world is heating up. In our new series 'Hot In October' we'll be showcasing high fashion desks and workplace components designed to help you kick corporate appeal into overdrive. Take today's post for example. Here we're taking a look at designer U desks from the team at Cherryman. These elite workstations are some of the best in the business!

Verde U Shaped DeskLet's kick things off with a bang, shall we? If you need office furniture that's capable of making an instant impression on your valued visitors, look no further than the Verde collection. This bold line of modern desks for the executive office and matching storage components is an absolute winner. Verde workstations like the VL-745 even feature white accents and silver handle pulls that really make them pop!

Amber U DeskUp next is the Amber line. The U desks from the Cherryman Amber collection are a favorite amongst budgeting shoppers. If you're looking to save a few bucks on new office furniture without sacrificing quality, check out an Amber U shaped desk like the AM-365. At just $695.00 you'll be hard pressed to find a better workstation at even twice the price.

Cherryman Ruby U DeskPerhaps you're on the hunt for something a bit more traditional. If so, check out the cherry finished executive U desks from the Ruby line. This popular Cherryman furniture collection provides timeless appeal and unrivaled quality. Ruby U shaped desks like the RU-244N are a favorite for both home and professional office remodeling projects.

Luxury DeskAllow us to introduce one of the most luxurious wood veneer office furniture lines on the market. Take one look at the U shaped desks from the Cherryman Emerald line and you'll instantly know you're seeing top of the line furniture. Elite Emerald desks like the EM-413N are available in a choice of Cognac Cherry and Mahogany finish options.

Cherryman Jade DeskLast but certainly not least, you'll definitely want to check out the U shaped desks from the Cherryman Jade collection. They provide the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal. A Jade series U shaped desk like the JA-156N will reward you with ample storage and organizing space. This collaborative U desk with a curved front section and metal modesty panel even includes a full sized wardrobe cabinet that positions perfectly next to a glass accented hutch unit. Jade workstations like this this will no doubt earn your professional space the compliments it deserves from even the harshest critics.
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Showcase: Popular Desks, Tables, and Seating Solutions For Your Interiors

Fall Office Furniture And Seating ShowcaseEach season we do our best to highlight the hottest workplace solutions from brands you can trust. That being said, if you're looking to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends then you're in the right place. Today on 'Fall Showcase' we'll take a look at fashionable desks, tables, and ergonomically correct seating solutions designed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive while simultaneously boosting comfort and productivity. Enjoy!

Modern Office FurnitureIf you're going for a cutting edge modern vibe, look no further than the Cherryman Verde collection. This line of stylish conference room tables, reception stations, and white accented office desks is a real head turner. Verde components are unlike anything on the market today. While modern lines comes and go, Verde has stood the test of time and remains a staple amongst the best selling office furniture collections in 2017.

Fashionable Home Writing DeskIn the home office, writing desks are set to be more popular than ever before. As more and more homes make the switch to full time laptop use and kick their traditional desktop computers to the curb, writing desks are becoming the preferred option. Fashionable home writing desks like the EEI-293 Tinker from Modway are poised to steal the show. Why invest in a full sized executive U desk for your home office to conceal the cords of a desktop computer if you're not using one? Alternatively, it's a great idea to opt for a luxurious writing desk like the Tinker. It will help no doubt earn you an abundance of compliments with it's blend of coastal and contemporary vibes.

Walnut Office FurnitureThis season light woodgrain finishes are becoming more and more popular. Take a look at the Offices To Go Superior Laminate components and you'll see what we mean. The all new Autumn Walnut finished executive office desks, boardroom tables, and storage cabinets from this fashionable line will make your interiors look larger and more open than ever before. The light wood office furniture from this collection is also very affordable. If you're on a tight budget, Superior Laminate is the way to go.

Sit To Stand Training Room Furniture
These day's it'a all about operational versatility. For this reason, height adjustable tables for the training room have become a preferred option for businesses. With sit to stand tables you can create a stadium effect with clean sight lines. New sit to stand training room tables from MooreCo are the way to go. Popular models like the 90179 from the Flipper collection boast folding tops that make for easy nesting when not in use.

Powered Boardroom Table
2017 has brought us a ton of cool furniture with integrated USB and AC inputs designed to streamline everyday activities without the need for squeaky AV carts and extension chords causing tripping hazards throughout office common areas. This Fall the powered office furniture trend will continue thanks to high tech conference room tables from lines like Zira. Rest assured, powered tables are now the standard in conference, meeting, training, classroom, and boardroom environments.

Best Office Chair 2017Moving right along, the Fall season will be fully packed with new office chairs. Do your best to be aware of cheap knock offs that just aren't ready for the demands of the modern workplace. If you're planning to purchase a new chair, we recommend popular options like the Eon from Cherryman. At just $294.00, it's perhaps the best office chair under $300.00 available in 2017.

Articulating Office ChairThose looking to take their operating experience to the next level can minimize the ergonomic learning curve with a self adjusting office chair like the Arti from Global. This line of articulating smart chairs takes the guess work out of getting comfortable. Arti chairs automatically respond to user movements to encourage good posture and healthy computing habits.

Portable Office Power Module with USB and AC InputsLast but certainly not least, we highly recommend checking out x-factor products this season like the FlexCharge9 from ESI. This portable power module for conference, training, and other collaborative work environments offers supreme versatility at an affordable price point. If you're utilizing a table without surface level power inputs, the FlexCharge9 is a must have at just $175.00.

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