Monday, August 21, 2017

Go Modular With Woodstock Jefferson Seating

Woodstock Marketing Jefferson Collection
The team at Woodstock Marketing is at it again! This time they're revamping their waiting room offering with innovative new seating that promotes unrivaled versatility. The connectable chairs and accent tables from the Jefferson collection are perfect for maximizing floor space and corporate appeal.

Modular Waiting Room FurnitureIf you're ready to think outside the realm of traditional waiting room furniture and seating, you'll love the Jefferson line. With connectable guest chairs, Jefferson components can be used to effectively create modern and contemporary welcoming areas that are up to date, and even ahead of the industry curve.

The modular guest reception chairs from the Jefferson line are available in a choice of 4 in stock color options, thus making this new collection an excellent option for any business up against tight remodeling deadlines. All of the chairs are accented with attractive silver legs that offer a cutting edge vibe that's hard to beat.

Powered Lobby Furniture
Rest assured, this new line of modular seating for the lobby and waiting room will make an instant impression on your valued visitors. Jefferson is ready, willing, and able to earn your welcoming areas the compliments they deserve.

To kick things up a notch, Woodstock has introduced the Jefferson line with matching accent tables available in 3 versatile shapes. The rectangular and triangular variations can be used directly along side the chairs from this line to create fluidity. The circular coffee tables from the Jefferson collection are great along side curved configurations. They can be effectively used as the focal point of your seating configuration. All of the reception area accent tables from this collection boast power modules with USB and 110V inputs that pop up directly from the center of the marble surfaces.

Connectable Guest Reception ChairsIn addition to the accent tables, the Jefferson collection includes a unique side table that comes in handy for guests that want to work on their laptops while they wait. This heavy duty metal table with a white laminate surface is also affordable at just $289.00.

Sure you could go with a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration, but why not think outside the box with a modular collection like Jefferson. The possibilities are endless! This line of connectable chairs for the waiting room is perfect for interiors of any size. With two tone upholstery options, powered tables, and stools, Jefferson is the total package.
Friday, August 18, 2017

Take A Stand For Ergonomics!

MooreCo Beta WorkstationThe time is now to take a stand for ergonomics. Literally! Why you ask? Because sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. As we work in our office chairs for extended computing sessions, even the best posture habits begin to suffer. Blood flow is restricted, fatigue sets in, and productivity levels are dealt a devastating blow. But have not fear! Sit to stand products are here. Today we'll highlight the hottest desktop risers, surface convertors, and height adjustable workplace solutions needed to help you fight back.

Brands like MooreCo, Inc. are ready, willing, and able to help you take a stand for ergonomics. Their array of adjustable products make it easy to operate healthy and efficiently, even in the most intensive environments. Take their Beta series mobile sit to stand workstation for a spin and you'll quickly see what me mean. This heavy duty ergo tool is ready to help you maintain productivity levels on the go. The 27614 Beta workstation boasts an integrated keyboard platform and CPU holder. Optional projector shelves and dual screen mounting options are also available.

Height Adjustable Computer Desk
In addition to the Beta station, you'll also want to check out the MooreCo Ergo E. Eazy all-in-one height adjustable computer desk with a built in CPU holder, keyboard platform, and shelf. Rest assured, the 82493M packs a major ergonomic punch. This compact workstation is ready for both home and professional business needs. The Ergo E. Eazy is currently available for $615.99 and has everything you need to create an ergonomically correct office interior.

Sit To Stand Desktop ConvertorMooreCo isn't the only industry leader crafting elite products designed to help you take a stand for ergonomics! The team at OFM is rocking the workplace in 2017 with versatile risers like the 5100M. This attachable sit to stand desktop convertor boasts a rising platform with a spacious keyboard tray and convenient surface slot that can securely hold your tablet or smartphone at just the right angle. At just $279.99, it's one of the hottest buys of the year.

Height Adjustable Tilt StoolNeed a little extra support when working at your stand up workstation? No problem. OFM has you covered. Their all new Vivo series perch stool is an absolute winner and a true bargain. Available now for just $157.99, the Vivo is ready to help you swivel, tilt, and rotate your way to superior comfort. This handy ergonomic office stool features an integrated rear handle, well padded seat, and light weight design that makes it easy to take from space to space as needed throughout the day.

Sit To Stand Executive DeskWe fully understand your desire to create cutting edge interiors that are up to date with the latest trends. All too often, sit to stand products are looked at as corporate eyesores that do little to generate a professional vibe. Thankfully, Mayline has crafted the perfect solution. If you're an executive looking to take a stand for ergonomics, check out the all new height adjustable executive workstations from the Mayline Sterling Collection. They're cutting edge, incognito, and ergonomically correct. These U shaped desks with sit to stand electric height adjust bridges are the best in the business.

Mayline ML Height Adjustable Collaboration TablesThese days you can even create collaborative interiors with sit to stand products. The height adjustable multi purpose tables from the Mayline ML collection can be used to create both single and multi user layouts built for creativity and team interaction. ML series ergonomic tables from Mayline are available in a wide range of sizes and surface shapes to meet your specific needs. Optional privacy panels, monitor arms, and more are available to take appeal and performance to the next level.
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Office Design Advice: Start Thinking Mid Century!

Mid Century Modern Office ChairThe mid century movement is in full swing. If you're looking to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends, mid century office chairs, desks, and accent tables are a great way to go. Today on the OFD blog we'll highlight mid century modern pieces for the office from brands like Woodstock Marketing and Modway. Rest assured, these fashionable components will rock your remodel.

Office comfort starts with the chair. That being said, many of today's popular mid century modern office chairs lack the support needed to help you make it through tough work days. That's not the case with the Hendrix adjustable high back office chair from Woodstock Marketing. This swanky chair inspired by Jimi himself boasts memory foam cushions that will make you feel like you're sitting on a cloud. The Hendrix is available in 5 quick shipping color options for $316.00.

White Ribbed Back Conference ChairIf you're ready to rock your conference room with a mid century vibe, go with ribbed back seating. The 11730 from Offices To Go is the perfect option. It's well padded design provides top notch comfort that your meeting area guests will enjoy. This Offices To Go Luxhide conference room chair is also a bargain buy at just $222.99.

Modway Delve Mid Century ArmchairNobody does mid century home office furniture and seating better than Modway. Their selection is second to none. With fashionable armchairs like the Delve you can create mid century living areas that are up to date with today's hottest design trends. This ultra cool armchair from Modway is even perfect for guest reception areas, waiting rooms, and large executive work environments.

Mid Century Home Office DeskAre you thinking a mid century themed remodel is the way to go for your home office makeover? If so, the Modway model EEI-1188 Warp desk is a must see. Even at first glance this mid century modern home office desk will impress. The Warp features integrated storage compartments to help keep you well organized in addition to a stylish chrome base. Choose from white and walnut finish options.

Mid Century Modern Executive FurnitureThe all new Global Corby furniture collection is perfect for your mid century decor needs. This full service line of executive writing desks, wall cabinets, and credenzas is nothing short of luxurious. Corby wood veneer components from Global are made specifically for their users in more than 10 elite finish options.

Mid Century Accent TableGlobal also crafts super cool lounge and waiting room furniture with mid century flair. Take one look at their 3883 model Wind Linear accent table and you'll quickly see what we mean. With a scratch resistant laminate surfaces and metal legs, this designer reception table is built to last. As an added bonus, this high fashion table even boasts an integrated storage compartment that can be used to keep your guest reading material well organized.
Friday, August 11, 2017

Design & Decor: Popular Remodeling Themes And The Products Needed To Create Them

Every office remodeling project can use a little direction. That being said, deciding on a theme for your project is a great idea. Wether traditional to modern, the theme you select for your makeover will help you stay on track. Today on the blog we'll highlight popular design themes and the products needed to execute them effectively.

1.) Traditional

If you're going for a classic vibe, a traditional theme is the way to go. To create a traditional feel you'll likely want to go with wood veneer furniture as opposed to laminate. Wood veneer office components are elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated. You'll typically see veneer collections and traditional themes applied in high end executive interiors and boardrooms.

Recommendation: Margate

When it comes to traditional office furniture, you can't go wrong with the components from the Offices To Go Margate collection. Their nothing short of impressive. Offices To Go Margate desks, reception stations, and boardroom tables are available in 2 traditionally inspired finishes that will earn your work environments the compliments they deserve for years to come.

2.) Coastal

Gray Office Furniture
The hottest remodeling theme of the year is coastal. You can create professional coastal office interiors with gray and white furnishings. Going with a coastal theme is a great idea if you actually live near the beach. Coastal office furnishings will make your interior feel vibrant and relaxed. To "get the look" visit antique stores and swap meets to hunt for unique shabby sheik pieces. There's also no shortage of coastal DIY projects that will help you add a little personalized flair to your space.

Recommendation: Sterling

Using the Textured Driftwood office furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection will help you create a cool coastal vibe. This new line from Mayline is full service. It's go all the desks, tables, and storage components needed to rock your remodel.

3.) Collaborative

Collaborative Office Furniture
Traditional high wall panel furniture systems are great for privacy. They do little to encourage collaboration amongst employees. If you're looking to spark a little creativity and team interaction, a collaborative theme is the way to go. Collaborative office furniture will give your interiors an open concept feel that's hard to beat.

Recommendation: Princeton

The office furniture from the Global Princeton collection is perfect for creating collaborative multi user workstations that are up to date with the latest trends. Princeton offers a limitless array of interchangeable components and finish options that can meet the specific square footage needs of any business.

Mid Century Modern Office Desk4.) Mid Century

Mid century design themes are trending in 2017. With a combination of mid century modern furniture and seating you'll be able to create a swanky vibe with a hint of retro flair. Unique mid century components can be purchased new from a variety of top brands. You can also find mid century office components at consignment shops and thrift stores.

Recommendation: Modway

The team at Modway offers the absolute best selection of mid century modern furniture and seating. Mid century desks like the Warp have wow factor to spare. In addition, mid century armchairs and reception area accent tables from Modway like the Modway model EEI-1798 Beguile chair are a must consider for your project.

Industrial Training Room5.) Industrial

Last but not least, the use of metal accented office furniture will help you create a unique industrial theme. The best part about industrially inspired remodeling projects is that the furniture y you'll need is truly built to last!

Recommendation: Mesa

The industrial office furniture from the OFM Mesa collection is very well made and durable. This line of metal accented executive desks, training room tables, and standing height workstations is also very versatile. Mesa components can be used effectively in home, school, training, and executive office settings.
Thursday, August 10, 2017

Budget Interiors: Affordable Multi Purpose Seating

Are you in need of chairs that can do it all? You're in the right place. Today on the OFD blog we're going to be showcasing multi-purpose seating solutions from brands like SitWell, MooreCo, and Global that provide exceptional versatility. These multi-purpose chairs are great for the conference room, training room, classroom, and even professional guest welcoming areas. The best part is, they're affordable and up to date with today's most popular trends. Enjoy!

SitWell Tagalong ChairIf you're looking to craft cool office interiors on a budget, turn to the multi-purpose chairs from SitWell. Popular options like the Tagalong chair are ready, willing, and able to meet the demands of the modern workplace. This stackable office chair with a flip up seat can be nested to save space when not in use. The T-15 Tagalong chair is perfect for just about any area you can think of. At just $225.99 it's an absolute bargain.

Multi Purpose Nesting ChairDon't spend a fortune on office chairs that only serve a single purpose. Get more out of your seating with the help of MooreCo. This industry leader takes pride in crafting affordable multi purpose chairs like the 34473. This armless nesting chair is easy to clean, affordable, and surprisingly comfortable. You can enjoy 34473 model chairs from MooreCo in budget friendly 2 packs for $355.99.

Duet Multi Purpose Task Chair by GlobalUp next is the 6720 model Duet chair from Global. This multi purpose polypropylene office chair with arms and an integrated rear handle is durable and easy to clean. If you're outfitting conference, training, and classroom environments, the 6720 is a must consider at just $216.99. It's even available in 10 cool color options!

OFM Vivo Perch ChairTalk about cool! With all the stand up workstations available on market in 2017, it's nice to see a manufacturer crafting a multi purpose chair to provide a little extra support. The OFM Vivo is an absolute winner with it's integrated rear handle that allows it to be taken from space to space throughout the day. . This ergonomic perch chair swivels, tilts and rotates to provide it's user with exceptional versatility. If you've invested in a desktop riser or height adjustable desk, the Vivo is a must have piece for $157.99.

Eurotech Breeze ChairLast but not least, you can maximize space and productivity without sacrificing appeal and comfort with the FS8270 Breeze chair from Eurotech. This multi purpose office chair with a thick padded seat boasts a perforated back for ventilation. The Breeze chair is currently available in 2017 for $112.00. By industry standards, that's very hard to beat. Breeze series multi purpose chairs from Eurotech are great for professional waiting room applications, but truly shine in conference room settings and training rooms. These chairs are durable, comfortable, value priced, and extremely versatile. What more could you ask for?
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New In August: Hot Products From ESI, MooreCo, and Woodstock Marketing!

It's shaping up to be an awesome month in the office furniture world. Why you ask? Because brands like ESI, MooreCo, and Woodstock Marketing are rocking interiors across the country with innovative new products. Today on the blog we'll showcase a few of the fashionable, ergonomically, correct, and cutting edge new products from these industry leaders. Prepare to be impressed!

ESI Ergonomic SolutionsESI Sit To Stand Desktop ConvertorESI has taken the month by storm with their new S2S desktop convertor. This versatile sit to stand work surface attachment encourages continuous movement in the workplace, reduces fatigue, and improves posture. Sure there's a lot of sit to stand desktop convertors on the market, but the S2S is very different. It boasts a weight adjustable mechanism that allows the user to tailor the weight tension setting to accommodate their specific work tools. The S2S can be raised and lowered with just one hand making it one of the most user friendly new ergonomic products on the scene.

MooreCo Height Adjustable WorkstationESI isn't the only brand crafting awesome new ergonomic products! The team at MooreCo is ready to help you kick productivity levels up a notch while simultaneously improving operational versatility. Their all new 91106 model sit to stand workstation is an absolute winner. This handy tool works with just about any surface and quickly transforms it into a healthy computing station. The 91106 includes a spacious keyboard platform and monitor shelf.

MooreCo Markerspace FurnitureIn addition to the 91106, MooreCo is rocking interiors with the multi-purpose office furniture from their new Markerspace collection. This line of modular desks, 3D printer carts, and storage components is nothing short of impressive. Markerspace components are available in unique color options that will help put a modern spin on your work environments. This trendy new line is perfect for school, work floor, training, and private office applications.

Woodstock Marketing Jefferson SeatingIt's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional lounge chair and sofa configurations. You can get much more out of your available square footage with modular seating. Enter the Jefferson collection from Woodstock Marketing. This new line of connectable chairs for the lobby and waiting room can be used to create high fashion configurations that earn your business the compliments it deserves. In addition to modular seating, the Jefferson collection offers awesome accent tables with pop up power inputs to help improve the guest experience.
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

6 Ways To Rapidly Improve Workplace Comfort and Productivity

When remodeling your office interiors, improved comfort and productivity should be at the top of your list of goals. If this is the case for your business, it's essential to select components that streamline activities and promote good posture while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Rest assured, we're here to help. Today we'll showcase the chairs, furniture, and accessories needed to rapidly improve your workplace.

1.) Responsive Chair

Responsive Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. That being said, you don't want to spend half your day grabbing mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit. That's where responsive chairs come in! This year, industry leading brands like Global are working hard to create the latest and greatest "smart chairs" that automatically react to user movements to minimize the ergonomic learning curve and promote next level comfort. Chairs like the Arti, G20, Shadow, and Spritz from Global are changing the way we work.

2.) Multi Screen Mounting System

Dual Monitor Arm

The days of using single screen operating systems are coming to and end. Businesses looking to improve comfort and productivity are making the switch mounts for multiple computer screens in 2017. With a dual screen monitor arm you'll be able to increase usable desk space, reduce visual strain, and raise your computer screens up to eye level where they belong to prevent neck pain.

3.) Connectable Training Tables

Connectable Training Tables

Pass on old school fixed leg tables when remodeling your training room. Alternatively, you'll want to step into the modern age of modularity. With flip top training room tables that can be connected the possibilities are endless. Connectable training tables make it easy to create collaborative configurations that encourage creativity and team interaction.

4.) Powered Boardroom Table

Powered Boardroom Table

Give your boardroom a boost with a powered table that streamlines presentations and group strategizing sessions. Advanced tables from the Mayline TransAction collection and Global Zira collection are the way to go. They're available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your square footage needs. With advanced input options like HDMI and USB you'll be conducting efficient meetings in no time.

5.) Tablet Seating

OFM Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Tablet arm seating encourages comfort and productivity. This trend has had the biggest impact of the waiting room. Tablet chairs from brands like OFM greatly improve the guest waiting experience. Popular options like the 3002T model Triumph lounge chair are a must consider for any business looking to give their welcoming area the edge. In addition, OFM chairs like the ORO are excellent for big and tall users and executive work environments.

6.) Articulating Keyboard Platform

Articulating Keyboard Platform

Last but not least, if you want to rapidly improve office comfort and productivity, it's time to invest in an articulating keyboard platform that encourages healthy typing angles and reduces the risk of workplace epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An articulating keyboard platform will increase usable desk space with the ability to be mounted underneath your work surface and retracted when not in use.

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