Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December Desk Sale 2018

Are you wrapping up 2018 with an office makeover project? You're in the right place! This month we're offering best selling desks on sale with free nationwide shipping. Here you'll find affordable computer desks and executive workstations at over 50% off retail. In addition to our December deals, please find the list of our active coupon codes listed at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Mayline Medina Sea Salt U-Desk MNT30 - $1617.99 + FREE Shipping!

desk sale

2.) Mayline Serling Executive Desk STED72B - $980.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount executive desk

3.) Cherryman Amber U-Desk AM-369 - $1469.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Desk

4.) Cherryman Verde U-Desk VL-653N - $1527.00 + FREE Shipping!

Verde Desk

5.) Modway Turn Office Desk EEI-1184 - $337.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Turn Desk

6.) Modway Stasis Glass Desk EEI-1181 - $348.75 + FREE Shipping!

glass desk

7.) Offices To Go U-Desk SL-C - $893.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Desk

8.) Offices To Go L-Desk SL-K - $550.99 + FREE Shipping!

Superior Laminate Desk

9.) MooreCo Up-Rite Adjustable Desk 91153-D - $769.99 + FREE Shipping!

MooreCo Up-Rite desk

10.) MooreCo LX 2 Person Desk 89844 - $479.99 + FREE Shipping!

2 Person Desk

Active Coupons:

Code: SAVE50
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1500.00 or More

Code: SAVE100
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $3000.00 or More

Code: SAVE200
Receive $200 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $6000.00 or More
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Accenting The Office: 7 Designer Tables That Will Make Your Reception Area Pop

A fashionable reception area will help you make a lasting impression on your office visitors. To create a cool and comfortable space, you'll need a thoughtful combination of furniture and seating. That being said, in this edition of 'Accenting The Office' we'll take a look at 7 designer tables that are up for the challenge. Prepare to be impressed!

Woodstock Marketing Havens TableFirst up is the Havens table from Woodstock Marketing. This mid century modern side table is clean and classy. The Havens table is available for $279.99 and features a glass surface that pairs with a polished chrome frame. The neutral look of glass and chrome make the Havens table the perfect partner for any fabric or leather seating you choose for your interior.

Modway Provision TableUp next is the EEI-1214 Provision end table from Modway. This table offers a little something for just about any design theme you can think of. The wood surface provides rustic appeal while the polished frame adds a contemporary touch. At just $318.00, it's a great buy that will do wonders for your reception area.

Modway Polaris TableHere's another great find from Modway that won't break the bank. The EEI-2092 model Polaris end table boasts an attractive walnut finish. This versatile side table doubles as a handy magazine rack so there's no need to keep unsightly reading material unorganized. The Polaris table is on sale this season for $136.75.

MooreCo Tablet Table 91124Moving right along, allow us to introduce the MooreCo tablet table. It's compact, fashionable, and absolutely perfect for commercial waiting areas. Unlike traditional tables, the 91124 tablet table from MooreCo boasts a base that can be slid underneath chairs to save space when not in use. It also makes it easy for guests to utilize their tables while waiting.

OFM Tablet Charging End TableThe OFM model ACCTAB powered end table is another awesome option that office visitors love. The 3/4" thick high pressure laminate top is scratch resistant and intended for everyday use. The silver powder coated painted steel base makes for an industry look that's right on-trend. The best part is, this side table with a USB port allows guests to charge devices while they wait in a package priced at $136.99. Now that's value!

Sterling Floating Top End TableMayline's Sterling collection offers the reception stations and accent tables needed to create an elite interior. Check out this STET model end table with a floating top and silver surface risers. Available in 3 trend setting finish options, the STET table is a must consider!

Sirena End TableThe team at Global Total Office offers more than 50 designer side tables to choose from. Their tables match high quality seating that's second to none in the furniture world. Collections like Sirena are favorites of design teams and shoppers alike. The 3402 model Sirena accent table is distinctive yet practical. Available in more than 10 finish options, the Sirena table can be used to blend with any furniture you choose for your project.
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Workplace Solutions: MooreCo Sit-Stand Products

The demand for office products that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing is at an all-time hight. Brands like MooreCo are paving the way with innovative workplace solutions that includes desktop attachments, tables, and stations designed to encourage continuous movement while reducing fatigue. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the hottest sit-stand products this industry leader has to offer.

91106 sit-stand station by MooreCoFirst up is the 91106 model sit to stand workstation with a built in keyboard platform. The wide monitor shelf comes equipped with a grommet hole for white management while the adjustment mechanism operates smoothly and quietly. The 91106 station ships fully assembled and can be installed on just about any surface in under 20 minutes.

MooreCo Lapmatic workstation 89764The MooreCo Lapmatic collection is packed full of amazing ergonomic products the encourage healthy operating habits. Take one look at the 89764 height adjustable computer workstation and you'll quickly see what we mean. At the everyday low price of just $265.99, this mobile laptop desk is an absolute winner. The built in mouse platforms, spacious operating surface, and easy to maneuver base work together to create an elite ergo station.

height adjustable bistro tableMooreCo even offers height adjustable bistro tables that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing. Their 90353 table boasts a 32" wide square top and heavy duty base. With this multi-purpose tables you can collaborate in small groups and toss around your bright ideas.

height adjustable training tableThese days flip-top training room tables are a dime-a-dozen. Those with height adjustable bases are not! MooreCo has taken the sit-to-stand movement to the training room with their 90317 model table. The ability to create clean sight lines while simultaneously encouraging stand-up tasking puts this table in a league of its own.

professional computer desk that raises and lowersHow about an all-in-one computer desk with the accessories and sit-to-stand capabilities you need to work healthy? The MooreCo Ergo E. Eazy 82493M can do just about anything you can think of. This professional computer workstation encourages healthy work habits and makes it easy to turn any interior into an ergonomically correct space. The 82493M offers a retractable keyboard tray, printer shelf, and even a CPU shelf. At $615.99 it's one of the bets all-around computer desks on the market today.
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October Computer Desk Sale 2018

We're kicking off the fall season with a sale on professional computer desks for the home and business. The 10 computer workstations listed here all include free shipping for added value. These discount desks from brands like Modway, OFM, and Mayline offer exceptional quality and value. In addition to our October computer desk deals, please find our active coupon codes listed at the bottom of today's post for extended savings on your furniture purchase.

1.) Modway Swag Computer Desk EEI-1185 - $398.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount computer desk

2.) Modway Panel Computer Desk EEI-1321 - $150.50 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Panel Computer Desk

3.) Modway Stir Computer Desk EEI-1322 - $160.00 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Stir Desk

4.) OFM Essentials Floating Top Computer Desk ESS-100 - $99.99 + FREE Shipping!

Floating Top Computer Desk

5.) OFM Essentials Computer Desk ESS-1002 - $115.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Essentials Desk

6.) OFM Essentials L-Shaped Computer Desk ESS-1020 - $179.99 + FREE Shipping!

L-Shaped Computer Desk

7.) Mayline Vision Computer Desk 972 - $211.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Computer Desk

8.) Mayline Eastwinds Arch Desk 971 - $170.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cool Computer Desk

9.) MooreCo Ergonomic Sit-Stand Computer Desk 90016 - $585.99 + FREE Shipping!

Sit-Stand Computer Desk

10.) MooreCo Professional Computer Desk 90106 - $399.99 + FREE Shipping!

MooreCo Professional Computer Desk Coupon Codes:

Code: SAVE50
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1500.00 or More

Code: SAVE100
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $3000.00 or More

Code: SAVE200
Receive $200 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $6000.00 or More
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Get The Support You Need With A Eurotech Task Chair

Eurotech Task Chairs
When it comes to professional seating, Eurotech knows their stuff. This highly respected brand specializes in the provision of ergonomically correct chairs that offer the adjustment features needed to achieve all day support. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 of the hottest Eurotech task chairs on the market.

Eurotech iOO chairLet's kick things off with a bang, shall we? If you want the best and won't settle for less, the iOO chair from Eurotech is a must consider. It's modern, incredibly well made, and supremely comfortable. The iOO offers more adjustment features than you can shake a stick at. This chair will have you adjusting, adapting, and overcoming discomfort in a flash.

Eurotech Ergohuman ChairUp next is a little something for the executive crowd. The LE9ERG model Ergohuman chair from Eurotech is nothing short of luxurious. The first thing you'll notice is the segmented back sections designed to provide top notch lumbar support. Upon closer inspection the adjustable arms, user friendly controls, contoured waterfall seat, and ample padding will have you read to become an Ergohuman.

Eurotech Astra ChairSimple, effective, and comfortable. The Eurotech Astra task chair is an absolute winner in the workplace at just $246.00. This mesh back office chair is ready, willing, and able to take your sit to the next level. The contoured back cradles the user and avoids restricting upper body movement while the adjustable arms and multi functional mechanism provide all the ergonomic tools needed to adjust on the fly.

Concept 2.0 task stoolThe Concept 2.0 task stool from Eurotech just hit the scene a few months ago. This versatile seating solution pairs perfectly with height adjustable desks and workstations. The Concept 2.0 is all about performance and professionalism. This commercial quality task stool packs a serious ergonomic punch and looks great doing it.

Eurotech Monterey ChairWe can't say enough good things about the Eurotech Monterey chair. Franky, this seating collection hasn't gotten the buzz it deserves. Popular options like the MMSY55 Monterey chair have been on the market for awhile but they're still ahead of their time. This full mesh chair is breathable to prevent overheating and very supportive. The chair seat is depth adjustable and so is the lumbar area. If you're on the hunt for a chair worthy of sitting in day-in and day-out, this one will have your back... Literally!
Thursday, September 13, 2018

September Office Seating Sale 2018

This month we're offering best selling office chairs on sale with free shipping. Here you'll find popular seating solutions for tasking, big and tall computing, drafting, and visitor welcoming areas. In addition to our September office seating deals, please find our active coupon codes listed at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Cherryman Atto Chair ATT106B - $225.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Atto Chair

2.) Cherryman Zetto Chair ZET106B - $262.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Zetto Chair

3.) OFM Stratus Big and Tall Chair 257 - $300.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Stratus Chair

4.) Global Truform Heavy Duty Chair TS5451-3 - $396.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global Truform Chair

5.) Global Solar Mesh Drafting Chair 8457S - $559.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global Solar Drafting Chair

6.) SitWell Ovation Ergonomic Task Stool OV-438-M-SK - $545.99 + FREE Shipping!

SitWell Ovation Task Stool

7.) Eurotech Breeze Guest Chair FS8277 - $131.00 + FREE Shipping!

Eurotech Breeze Guest Chair

8.) Modway Tide Accent Chair EEI-1385 - $134.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Tide Chair

9.) OFM Smart Series Stack Chair 304-P - $168.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Smart Chair

10.) Global Twilight Chair 2194C - $271.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global Twilight Chair

Active Coupons:

Code: SAVE50
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1500.00 or More

Code: SAVE100
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $3000.00 or More

Code: SAVE200
Receive $200 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $6000.00 or More
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

2018's Top Task Stools Under $500

Shopping for a high performance task stool to pair with your ergonomic furniture? You're in the right place! Today on the OFD blog we'll be showcasing the 6 best adjustable task stools available in 2018 for under $500.00. These seating solutions come packed with the features needed to provide all day support and the design characteristics needed to earn your workspace the compliments it deserves.

Novello Task StoolFirst up is the 6410 model Novello task stool from Global. Modern in nature, this adjustable stool is ready to impress. The Novello boasts an easy to clean polypropylene back that pairs with fixed arms and an upholstered seat that's available in a limitless array of cool color options to make your interior pop. At $439.99 it's a great buy!

Aspen Task StoolUp next is another high performance task stool from the team at Global. The 2858-6 Aspen task stool has been on the market for awhile, but remains one of the hottest options on the market at $475.99. The contoured ribbed back offers an on-trend look and natural lumbar support to help you work comfortably. The adjustable arms are a nice touch that make it easy to adapt on the fly.

Oroblanco Task StoolGlobal isn't the only manufacturer crafting awesome stools. The team at iDesk has made it their mission to promote ergonomically correct tasking. Their 405W Oroblanco task stool offers a supportive sit and modern look that's hard to beat at the everyday low price of $371.00.

Mid Century Modern Task StoolIf you're looking for a little flair, the Annie mid century modern task stool from Woodstock Marketing is an excellent options. Priced at $409.00, this designer stool is sure to make an instant impression. At first glance you'll notice the diamond stitched back pattern and sleek Euro design. The fixed base offers exceptional stability while the polished chrome frame adds to the mid century vibes.

MooreCo Circulation Task StoolOkay bargain shoppers, this next stool is for you! The MooreCo Circulation stool for sit to stand desks comes in at nearly half our allotted budget at $263.99. The 34798 model task stool offers an armless design and easy to clean surfaces that pair with handy footing. Optional arms are available if you want them.

RFM Task StoolLast but certainly not least is the 4833 model task stool from RFM Preferred Seating. If you're shopping for a stool that provides the perfect mix of style and comfort, look no further. The 4833 features a contoured back that avoids restricting upper body movement in addition to multi functional mechanism that makes for quick and easy adjustments. The ability to supports users up to 300 pounds makes the 4833 stool a great option for nearly any user. A variety of arm options and upholstery choices are available to help customize this task stool to your liking. The 4833 task stool is currently available in 2018 for $438.00 and it's worth every penny.

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