Friday, October 28, 2016

Remodel Remedies: Open Concept Furniture Rules!

Open Concept Office FurnitureAre you looking for ways to spice up a boring office interior? Today on the OFD blog we've got you covered! Here we'll be showcasing ways to remedy your remodel with the use of open concept furniture. This year, industry leading brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM are promoting collaboration with open concept furnishings that will help you take performance to the next level while simultaneously kicking caproate appeal into overdrive.

Mayline is raising the industry standard with open concept office furniture collections like e5. This line of modular casegoods makes it easy to think outside the box with work floor remodeling projects. The components from the e5 line can be used to craft cutting edge single and multi user desk configurations with high tech power options for streamlined performance.

Open Concept Training Room FurnitureIn addition to e5 Mayline is promoting the open vibe with with the all new modular office tables from the Even collection. This incredibly versatile office furniture line is perfect for training and classroom environments. Even series office tables will remedy your remodel in a hurry with unrivaled modern appeal. The ultra cool tables from this soon to be best selling collection are available in extensive size and finish options. Even office tables from Mayline can be quickly upgraded with the addition of cool accessories and modesty panels for a touch of privacy without making interiors feel boxed in.

Global Princeton Open Concept FurnitureGlobal is also getting in on the open concept trend. In fact, they are one of the originators of this booming movement. As design teams searched for ways to think outside the cubicle, Global answered the call with the mid century modern desking from their Princeton Collection. This line of open concept workstations and tables is perfect for interiors both small and large. Princeton stations can be customized in limitless ways to maximize corporate appeal and functionality. If average office furniture just won't cut it, turn to the made to order solutions from this top rated line.

OFM Mesa Series Training TablesThe all new OFM training table solutions from the Mesa collection must be tested in person to be fully appreciated. Talk about versatility! With an open concept feel, these flip top tables with mobilized bases can be used to blend conference and educational environments. The Mesa training tables with modesty panels work great for testing environments. With models starting as low as $304.99, you can jump on board with the open concept movement without breaking the bank.

When tackling an office makeover project, be sure to consider the open trends that are dominating the market in 2016. If you want to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends while simultaneously promoting creativity, team interaction, and performance, it's your best bet. Interiors remedied with open concept desking, benching, and tables will make your work environments feel larger and far more appealing. Your valued employees will be complimenting your design ingenuity regularly! While cool and cutting edge, open concept furniture is typically made to order. You'll no doubt want to work with your dealer of choice in advance to plan your project effectively.
Thursday, October 27, 2016

Office Chair Envy: Offices To Go Edition

Offices To Go ChairsOffices To Go specializes in the provision of high quality seating solutions that maximize comfort and appeal without breaking the bank. This respected manufacturer continues to shine year after year in a market dominated by over priced chairs that under perform by comparison. Today on Office Chair Envy, we'll highlight 5 of our favorite OTG chairs that will have your office visitors wondering why they spent so much on their tasker while you're operating at peak performance levels with half the investment!

Offices To Go Executive ChairFirst up, the OTG11858B. Even the most most critical shoppers agree, this executive style office chair offers the same good looks and quality features found on chairs priced well over a thousand dollars. The supple Luxhide surfaces provide exceptional support and durability. The OTG11858 office chair is enhanced with polished chrome features and padded armrests for user comfort. The high back design aids the executive vibe while the segmented cushion design will help you keep your space up to date with the latest trends. Are you sitting down? You need to be. This office chair is currently available for just $188.99!

White Ripple Back Conference ChairThe sleek conference seating trend is in full effect, and brands like OTG are a big reason why. Popular ripple back conference chair models like the 11730B from Offices To Go provide the space saving characteristics needed to maximize seating around your conference table. These designer chairs are available in attractive color options starting at just $222.99. Now that's value!

Offices To Go 11980B ChairThe all new 11980B mesh back managers chair from Offices To Go has seating specialists in love! At the everyday low price of just $227.99, this swivel chair is one of the absolute best buys of 2016. The 11980B comes equipped with a durable and breathable mesh back that's complimented by adjustable T shaped arms that make finding the correct computing position a breeze. This easy to use chair minimizes the ergonomic learning curve and maximizes corporate appeal. That's office chair envy at it's finest!

Modern Ergonomic ChairLooking to modernize your interiors? Check out the OTG11685 chair! Respectably priced at $235.99, this popular chair has been given a major boost with cool upholstery options that really make a statement. This modern ergonomic office chair provides exceptional support and unique design characteristics that make it unlike any chair on the market.

Offices To Go Big and Tall ChairLast but certainly not least, we've got a little something for the big and tall chair operator! The Offices To Go 11961B executive chair is ready to support users up to 350 pounds. This heavy duty office chair boasts heavily padded seating surfaces and a work-ready design that'll keep any user operating effectively during the toughest days in the office. Sadly, big and tall office chair shoppers are typically faced with a limited selection of chairs that lack the support and style needed to meeting their specific needs. Thankfully, brands like Offices To Go are here to help. At just $239.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better chair at even three times the price.
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Office Chair Review: Lift by Modway

Modway Office Chair Review
Known for their innovative modern office seating, Modway never fails to impress. Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll take a look at one of the hottest new Modway chairs on the market. The Lift high back mesh chair provides exceptional appeal and a refined sitting experience any user will appreciate. Prepare to be impressed. This is one chair we really love!

Modway Lift Chair ReviewStyle:

If we had to describe the Modway Lift chair with just one word, it would be "modern". With distinctively bold design characteristics, the Lift chair puts off a high tech look that's way ahead of it's time. You'll quickly notice the high back design with segmented mesh sections and headrest that work together to contribute to the cutting edge vibe. The Lift chair is further accented with the addition of a luxurious chrome 5 star base that really pops in professional settings. Looking at the Lift chair from the rear, it's even more modern. A stylish chrome support beam that resembles a human vertebrae rounds out what we feel is one of the coolest and most unique seating solutions on the market.

Modway Lift Chair - Side View

The EEI-324 model Lift chair packs a major ergonomic punch. The independently adjustable mesh back sections work together to provide excellent back support during those long operating sessions when you need your chair to be at it's best. The adjustable T shaped arms come in handy when computing while the multi functional mechanism is easy to use and operate. We found that the Lift chair really minimized the ergonomic learning curve. While most of today's most popular office chairs are a bit hard to master, the Lift will have you ready, willing, and able to adapt at a moments notice.

Modway Lift Chair - Rear ViewApplications:

The Lift chair is a perfect option for high end executive interiors. With it's upscale modern look, this chair will earn your space an abundance of positive complimented from valued visitors. This modern mesh swivel chair is also a great option for home computing as it's consumer friendly price point will allow you to get comfortable without breaking the bank. Last but certainly not least, these highly adjustable chairs are perfect for professional tasking. In a world filled with chairs claiming to be ergonomic in just about every way imaginable, the Lift excels. Sit in this mesh chair once and you'll never settle for anything less. The Lift will take your performance to the next level. There's not too much you can't do effectively in this office chair. While a bit big for professional conference room settings, that's really the only operational limitation.

Popular Office ChairPrice:

The EEI-234 model Lift chair is currently available 2016 for $474.99. It's most commonly compared to the Ergohuman mesh back executive chair from Eurotech Seating which is priced a few hundred dollars higher. While we personally feel the Ergohuman is a slightly more comfortable variation, this minimal difference cannot be effectively justified at nearly twice the price. The Lift chair offers many of the cutting edge adjustment features found on chairs priced well over a thousand dollars. It's probably a bit pricey for the average shopper, but for those looking to invest in ergonomic functionality, it's great buy when compared to the other top rated models on the market with the same features.


We are pleased to give this modern office chair from Modway 4 out of 5 stars. The Lift is cool, comfortable, and significantly more cost effective then it's most comparable peers. If you're looking for a high quality office chair that's up to date with today's current seating trends, the Lift is a must consider. We gave a half star deduction due to a lack of cool color options you'll find on many of Modway's most popular chairs. We gave another half star deduction because we feel the chair seat should be available in full upholstered variations for long term durability and user comfort. The mesh seat is light, springy, and doesn't have the waterfall edge commonly found on many of the chairs at this price point to help take the pressure off knees when working. Overall, this is a fantastic chair that's easy to use. Any shopper can invest in the Lift chair with confidence!
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Office Inspirations: Cutting Edge Corporate Training Areas

Every professional design project starts with a little inspiration! Today on the OFD blog we're highlighting cutting edge corporate training areas that will provide you with the ideas needed rock your remodel. These stylish, functional, and versatile interiors boast the modular furniture and ergonomic seating solutions that are guaranteed to keep your space up to date with the hottest trends. Enjoy!

Mayline Sync Training Room Table ConfigurationCheck out our first corporate training area fully furnished with products from Mayline. At first glance, this cutting edge space will wow you with the green accented flip seat nesting chairs from the Valore seating collection. These space saving chairs help businesses maximize floor space and comfort without sacrificing valuable appeal. Upon closer inspection you'll notice the modular flip top training tables from the Sync collection that can be quickly folded and nested along perimeter walls when not in use. Our first inspiring training room is rounded out with mocha finished accents that include a folding presentation board, lectern, and glass accented low wall cabinet. Needless to say, this professionally designed training room from Mayline has it all!

Global Total Office specializes in the provision of innovative furniture for every area of your business. This year, their raising the bar with cutting edge gray wood grain finish options that are a breath of fresh air compared to the overly used cherry and maple tones that dominated the market in years passed. Cool Global Total Office training room tables from the Bungee collection are a must consider for any professional makeover. They offer unrivaled quality and versatility that's sure to keep your space operating at peak performance levels. When paired with the stackable side chairs from the Rest collection this space is the perfect example of what to strive for with your remodel!

Training Room Remodeling TipsBrands like Global don't settle with one best selling line for a particular area. They thick outside the box and look for ways to further maximize interiors. Take our third interior for example. Outfitted with all new tables from the 2gether collection, this corporate training area is ready to inspired. The flip top tables are equipped with stylish silver modesty panel that improve aesthetic appeal, as well as privacy. These popular training room tables with mobilized bases pair perfectly with mesh back chairs from the Roma collection. Our third interior promotes collaboration, comfort, and style! What more could you ask for?

OFM Training Room FurnitureA relative new comer to the world of training room furniture, OFM is already making their impression felt in a major way. Take one look at our fourth inspiring interior and you'll instantly see what we mean. Outfitted with tables from the Mesa collection, this workspace is ready for collaboration while still maintaining privacy. As you'll see, the Mesa tables utilized in this interior boast surface level modesty screens that come in handy during testing sessions. The interior is further complimented with the addition of OFM office seating from the popular Moon collection. With it's unique industrial vibe, this interior boasts retro tones while still incorporating the modern features needed to function at high levels.

Professional Training Room DesignLast but certainly not least, we've got another inspiring corporate training area furnished with Mayline products. This interior boasts the stylish new Flip-N-Go tables with silver bases, along with armless chairs from the Thesis seating collection. The unique U shaped table configuration makes it easy to host presentations and company strategy sessions. The awesome flat screen TV cart from Mayline is a nice addition that can be utilized in more than one interior! The ability to transform this space into a conference room should not be overlooked. With Mayline Flip-N-Go training tables and Thesis chairs, you can think outside the box with your remodel and give your interior the edge!
Monday, October 24, 2016

10 Halloween Office Desk Deals So Good They'll Scare You!

Halloween is right around the corner. While you're likely busy pumpkin carving and making costumes for the kids, we're hard at work looking for ways to help you save big on new furniture! This week, we're offering 10 exclusive desk deals that you don't want to miss. These spooktacular specials will help you maximize office appeal without breaking the bank. As always, please enjoy free shipping on your entire order for added value. Happy Halloween!

1.) Modway Knack Desk EEI-1326 - $133.99 + FREE Shipping!

Desks On Sale

2.) Modway Turnabout Desk EEI-1324 - $105.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Desks

3.) Modway Bin Desk EEI-1327 - $94.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Bin Desk

4.) Flash Furniture Clifton Desk NAN-CLIFTON-WH-GG - $73.99 + FREE Shipping!

White Computer Desk

5.) Flash Furniture Secretary Desk NAN-2124-GG - $98.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Computer Desk

6.) Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk NAN-JN-2824S-GG - $108.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Computer Desk

7.) Mayline Eastwinds Empire Desk 945 - $109.00 + FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping Desk

8.) Mayline Eastwinds Arch Desk 971 - $129.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Desk Sale

9.) Mayline Eastwinds Vision Desk 972 - $159.99 + FREE Shipping!

Home Office Desk

10.) OFM, Inc. Desk 55103 - $195.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Desk

*Please feel free to contact our team directly at 800-456-6746 for bulk discount pricing!
Thursday, October 20, 2016

Office Chair Envy: Eurotech Seating Edition

Eurotech Seating Office Chairs
Today on Office Chair Envy we're highlighting the best selling office chairs from one of our favorite brands, Eurotech Seating. The chairs crafted by this industry leading manufacturer offer the cutting edge design characteristics and ergonomic features needed to help users reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman ChairFirst up, the chair that put Eurotech on the map! The LEM4ERG model Ergohuman high back executive chair with black leather upholstery is the perfect option for any shopper looking for the best and not willing to settle for less. The Ergohuman packs a major ergo punch. With too many adjustment features to list, this is one chair you'll need to sit in to fully appreciate.

Fuzion Luxury Series Office ChairYour office visitors will be envious from the moment they step into your space once they feast their eyes on the FUZ9LX-HI model Fuzion Luxury office chair from Eurotech Seating. With it's cool chrome accents, breathable mesh back design, and multi functional mechanism, the Fuzion chair makes achieving top notch support and unrivaled appeal a breeze.

Frasso Ribbed Back ChairGive your boardroom a major boost with the Frasso ribbed back office chair from Eurotech Seating. This luxurious black leather boardroom chair falls squarely inline with the hottest seating trends of 2016. The sleek European design will help your business maximize the number of guests that can be seated comfortably around your boardroom table.

Astra Mesh Back Task ChairYour office visitors will think you broke the bank to give them a case of office chair envy when they see the Astra chair. With it's high end features and contemporary curves, the Astra mesh back swivel chair looks for more expensive than it's minimal $203.50 price tag indicates. The upper back design of the Astra chair avoids restricting upper body movement while the multi functional mechanism and adjustable arms help users get posture perfect without the headaches commonly associated with mastering a new office chair.

We've saved the best for last! While not practical for everyday tasking and computing use, the Nuvem chair is an absolutely awesome seating solution that was a must for today's post. We're envious every time we see somebody purchase one! With an adjustable tablet arm, leather seating surfaces, and matching ottoman, the Nuvem has it all. Available in two cool color combinations, this top of the line modern recliner is perfect for upscale executive interiors. It just doesn't get better than the Nuvem. It makes the perfect fantasy football command center, personal workstation, and home lounger.
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coming Soon: Global Total Office Swap Tables

Global Total Office Swap TablesPrepare to be impressed! The Swap table collection from Global Total Office will be ready to transform your interiors in just a few short weeks. This line of interchangeable square, round, rectangular, and oval tops pairs perfectly with contemporary bases to form some of the most versatile tables on the market. Today on the blog we'll highlight the all new Swap collection and 4 of it's most popular table configurations.

Swap Conference TableSwap is perfect for professional conference and boardroom applications! Our first table configuration features a 10' long two piece boat shaped operating surfaces that's complimented by 3 bases. This Swap collection boardroom table is available in extensive finish options to help your business add a personal touch to your corporate gathering area.

Oval Bistro TableDesign teams are rocking guest welcoming areas, cafes, and bistro environments with bar height tables that provide an uptown coffee shop vibe that's generating a ton of praise from valued visitors. The Swap collection can help your business capitalize on this trendy movement with ultra cool 8' long oval tops and cylindrical bases that work together to accommodate multiple users. If you're not feeling the oval top, simply switch it out for a rectangular surface.

Swap Coffee TableWith a variety of low bases, Swap makes it easy to maintain a cohesive look with the accent tables used in your lounge, lobby, and waiting room. Both round and square top tables from the Swap collection are available in multiple size and finish options. We personally love the round variations for lobby applications as they offer a cool and contemporary look that's sure to impress.

Global Swap Break Room TableSwap tables can even be used effectively in restaurants and break room environments. The round and square top tables from this collection boast scratch resistant laminate surfaces that are incredibly well made. When paired with heavy duty metal bases, you're interior will be up to date and looking great for years to come. The restaurant and break room table models from the Swap collection offer an industrial look that's sure to help your show off your design ingenuity. While these made to order tables take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to craft, we think they're well worth the wait.
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are There Advantages To Dark Furniture Finishes? You Betcha!

Dark Office Furniture Finish
Dark furniture finish options like espresso, black cherry, and mocha have become incredibly popular. While design teams, shoppers, and industry professionals love these trend setting tones for corporate appeal, there's also distinct advantages to dark furniture that should not be overlooked. Darker wood grain tones show minimal wear and scratches over time that makes them ideal for long term use. Dark furniture finishes easily blend with nearly any pain color and chair upholstery you can think of. Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll take a look at the most popular dark wood furniture collections on the market and the attributes that make them great for professional remodeling projects.

Offices To Go Boardroom Furniture
Looking to craft a cool conference room on a budget? No problem! The American Espresso boardroom furniture from Offices To Go and their Superior Laminate Collection is hard to beat. This affordable line of tables and storage components makes it easy to create trend setting interiors you're valued visitors will love. Espresso finished Superior Laminate tables like the SL9544RS feature oval shaped operating surfaces that will look great for years and show minimal wear over the long term. At just $320.99 this table provides exceptional value.

Cherryman Amber Desk LayoutThe Cherryman Amber collection is an awesome option for any shopper looking to take advantage of the benefits provided by dark laminate office furniture. The Cherryman Amber Office Desk layouts available in 2016 are great for both home and business use. Amber workstations can be crafted using individual components, or purchased as part of sets to take the guess work out of the design process. With a Black Cherry Amber office desk package you'll provide your interior with a cutting edge good look that's built to last.

Zira Reception DeskDark wood furniture finishes pair perfectly with glass accents! If you're ready to earn your interior the compliments it deserves, take this design tip to heart. Need an example? No prob! Check out the custom Zira reception desks crafted by Global Total Office. Talk about wow factor! These rectangular, multi user, U shaped stations are ready, willing, and able to make a lasting impression on your valued visitors. Zira reception desks in dark tones like Espresso can be used for both modern and traditional remodeling projects.

Mayline Training TablesYour training room is going to get a ton of use! Employees and students will be filtering out regularly and your furniture typically pays the price. That being said, it's never a bad idea to select a dark laminate tone that's scratch resistant. We recommend the Witchcraft Mocha option available on the tables from the Mayline Sync collection in 2016. These flip top training room tables are incredibly versatile, durable, and user friendly. The dark operating surfaces can be effectively paired with bright chair upholsteries to make your training environment pop. Year after year you'll feel like a design genius as your tables continue to look as good as the day you bought them despite the intensive training sessions they've endured.
Monday, October 17, 2016

Office Chair Envy: Global Total Office Edition

Best Selling Office Chairs from Global Total Office
When it comes to office chairs, Global knows their stuff! Rest assured, if you're sitting in a Global chair, those around you are no doubt envious. Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll highlight the best selling seating solutions from this industry leading brand to showcase their design ingenuity and commitment to ergonomic functionality. Enjoy!

Presidential Office ChairEven the harshest chair critics are envious of operator's sitting in the Concorde. As Global's most luxurious collection, Concorde models like the 2409 are in a league of their own. This Presidential office chair with genuine leather upholstery offers an exceptional sitting experience that's absolutely unrivaled in 2016. The Concorde packs a major ergonomic punch and a user friendly control system that will have you mastering sitting posture in no time.

G20 Cloud Chair by GlobalThe G20 has changed the way we look at office chairs. Even competing brands are envious of the high tech features and benefits this popular ergonomic chair from Global has to offer. The model 6008 G20 cloud chair comes equipped with a synchronized mechanism that allows the seat to gently recline and slide to the rear to help users achieve a near perfect operation experience. This high tech chair even automatically adjusts as it senses the user's weight!

Arti Open Back ChairGlobal Total Office takes pride in crafting the absolute best office chairs on the market. This point is quickly proven with one sit in the 6670-2 model Arti chair. With it's open back design, the 6670-2 Arti looks unlike anything on the market today. To say it's innovative would be an understatement! The chair back articulates like a human spine and allows the user's profile to be mimicked. The back rest is linked together by internal steel cable and highly graded steel springs. The strength, durability, and versatility provided by the Arti is second to none.

Global Total Office Solar Mesh ChairSimple, effective, and incredibly cool! The all new Solar chair from Global Total Office is an absolute winner in the workplace. Designed for light tasking and boardroom applications, this clean looking mesh chair will have onlookers envious of your interior in no time. The 8457 Solar chair features a fluid structure with it's one piece seat and back. These popular mesh boardroom chairs are available in a variety of attractive color options to make your interiors pop!

Roma Training Room ChairLast but certainly not least, allow us to present to you the coolest training room chair on the market! The Roma series 1899 model chair stacks and nests to save space when not in use. The mobilized base, padded seat, and breathable design allows the 1899 Roma training room chair to be quickly configured utilized by guests to achieve top notch support during those long strategizing sessions. This popular chair can be stored along perimeter walls in space saving rows to make your training area easy to clean. In terms of versatility, functionality, and comfort, the 1899 chair from the Roma collection finds itself at the pinnacle of the seating world.

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