Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Trending Ways To Redesign Your Office Space

Tired of the same old look and vibe of your office? Have no fear. We're here to help! Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we're highlighting 5 trending ways to redesign your space to maximize both appeal and functionality. From keeping it traditional to promoting an open feel, these space planning ideas are a must consider! how to

1.) Traditional

As modern collections come and go, traditional furniture lines are always in style. The classic look of wood veneer office desking has been a favorite of shoppers for years. Traditionally inspired office furniture is perfect for both home and business applications. Lines like Sorrento from Mayline are a must consider for any shopper going for this timeless look. Best selling Mayline Sorrento office desks and granite accented reception stations will help you furnish your professional interiors from front to back!

3 Traditional Furniture Collections To Consider:

  • Sorrento by Mayline
  • Emerald by Cherryman Industries
  • Margate by Offices To Go

2.) Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Office Interior with Global Zira Furniture

If you're ready to streamline your work day by boosting productivity levels and efficiency, there's certainly no shortage of cutting edge furniture collections on the market to help you do it effectively! We recommend the Zira collection from Global Total Office. This line of innovative modular desking makes it easy to think outside the box with private office, reception, and conference room remodeling projects. Zira's cutting edge powered tables are the best in the business. The user friendly HDMI and USB input options will help improve your presentations in no time at all. Zira's modular desking is great for creating cutting edge single and multi user layouts. With an abundance of cool finish options  like gray, white, and walnut tones you'll be on your way to a fast paced interior.

5 Cutting Edge Office Design Ideas:

  • Gray Wood Furniture Finishes
  • Modular Lounge Seating
  • Powered Conference Tables
  • Ribbed Back Office Chairs
  • Multi User Benching Systems

3.) Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Office Interior

From chairs to desks, the mid century modern look has been hotter than ever in 2016! Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing are a big reason why. With a blast of modern and contemporary characteristics, Modway and Woodstock have cornered the market on the mid century movement. Cool mid century modern writing desks have certainly become the go to option for home office remodeling project. Mid century modern chairs are rocking boardroom and executive interiors left and right. You can't go wrong by incorporating mid century elements into you redesign project!

Cool Mid Century Modern Components To Consider:

  • Modway Jive Chair
  • Modway Tinker Desk
  • Modway Warp Desk
  • Woodstock Marketing Santana Tables
  • Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair

4.) Retro-Industrial

Industrial Office Interior with Metal Desks

A retro-industrial redesign can be accomplished successfully by blending metal, glass, and wood grain tones. We recommend staring with a metal desk from OFM or a similar brand! Check out their Mesa collection to see what we mean. If you're looking to go a bit more old school, don't be afraid to visit your local antique store, swap meet, or flea market. We're also seeing a lot of cool DIY desks sold via classified ad sites that incorporate a retro coastal vibe you're sure to love.

5 Places To Find Retro-Industrial Office Furniture:

  • Brands Like OFM, Inc.
  • Local Swap Meets
  • Flea Markets
  • Antique Stores
  • Classified Ad Sites

5.) Open Concept

Mayline e5 Open Concept Office Benching Layout

We've saved the most popular redesign idea of the year for last. The open concept office furniture trend is sweeping the globe. Businesses looking to promote collaboration and team interaction in the workplace are jumping on board with the open concept movement. In addition, brands like Global, Mayline, Hon, Steelcase, and OFM are all crafting elite collections specifically designed to help you create an open concept interior that's built for maximum productivity. If you're still using traditional cubicles, it's time to kick them to the curb. Open desking and benching systems are the way of the future!

4 Open Concept Furniture Collections To Consider:

  • e5 by Mayline
  • TransAction by Mayline
  • Princeton by Global 
  • Zira by Global
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New In November: OFM ESS-6035 Essentials Heated Massage Chair

OFM Essentials Seating Collection
For those looking for a bit more from their office chair, we present to you the ESS-6035 model Essentials collection heated massage chair by OFM. This executive seating solution provides an absolutely awesome sitting experience. Always ahead of the curve, we've come to expect nothing less from an industry leader like OFM. Today we'll take an in-depth look at the ESS-6035 and put it's features to the test.

At first glance, you really wouldn't know the ES-6035 is a massaging office chair with heated seat to help you make it through those tough work days. We've decided that's a good thing! You don't really want a chair that screams "I'm sitting around enjoying a massage at my desk all day". It's nice that the ESS-6035 takes an incognito approach to providing it's users with pampered comfort.

OFM ESS-6035 Essentials Heated Massage Chair ReviewWe then asked if a massaging executive chair was really necessary for the office. The answer we came up with is absolutely. Needless to say, work can be stressful. The ability to enjoy a Shiatsu massage at your leisure will help you take the edge off. We found that the ESS-6035 chair reduced anxiety and made for improved operating. Using it while working can be a bit distracting. That being said, we found it most beneficial in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee!

At the everyday low price of just $249.99, the ESS-6035 Essentials collection office chair from OFM provides exceptional value. Many of today's top executive task chairs come equipped with far less features for well over three times the price. If you're looking for a unique, efficient, and user friendly operating experience that won't break the bank, the ESS-6035 is a must consider.

We found ourselves asking, "What can't we do with this chair". The answers were limited. While preferred in executive environments, the ESS-6035 is also an awesome option for conference and boardroom seating needs. Your meeting guests will be blow away when you provide them with a heated massage during important presentations and strategy sessions. They'll likely leave asking when your next meeting is! The ESS-6035 chair is also perfect for home office makeover projects. It's affordable and sure to enhance appeal without being too over the top.

OFM Essentials Chair RatingWe give the all new ESS-6035 model Essentials reclining massage chair for the office 4 out of 5 stars. Our only main deduction was due to a lack of color options. This year gray, white, and red leather tones have been incredibly popular. Don't put it past OFM to introduce more upholstery options in the coming months. With it's segmented padding, integrated headrest, and multi functional mechanism, the ESS-6035 packs a nice ergonomic punch to compliment the heated massage feature. True to form, we expect this new release from OFM to set a massage chair trend in motion.
Sunday, November 27, 2016

10 Cyber Monday Office Desk Deals You Don't Want To Miss!

Cyber Monday is upon us! As you're still likely recovering from a turkey coma, we're ready to bring you back to life with 10 hot desk deals you don't want to miss. This year we're offering ultra cool home office computer desks and professional executive desks from brands like Moday, Mayline, and more at crazy low prices. In addition to the Cyber Monday specials listed here, please check out our active coupon codes at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Modway EEI-1321 Panel Mid Century Modern Desk - $140.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cyber Monday Office Furniture Sale

2.) Modway EEI-1181 Stasis Modern Glass Office Desk - $268.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cyber Monday Desk Deals 2016

3.) Modway EEI-293 Tinker Executive Writing Desk - $759.99 + FREE Shipping!

Office Desks On Sale with Free Shipping

4.) Mayline Medina MND72 Gray Desk with Return - $499.99 + FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping Office Desk

5.) Mayline Medina MNT41 White Office Desk and Hutch Set - $1411.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount White Office Desk

6.) Offices To Go SL-F Superior Laminate U Desk - $835.99 + FREE Shipping!

Office Desk Coupons

7.) Offices To Go SL-B Superior Laminate Office Desk - $914.99 + FREE Shipping!

Executive Desks On Sale

8.) Cherryman Amber AM-365 U Desk - $695.00 + FREE Shipping!

Office Furniture Sale

9.) OFM Mesa 66360 Mesa Metal Office Desk - $478.00 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Metal Office Desk

10.) OFM Milano 55501 Executive Desk - $650.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Office Desk Sale

Active Coupon Codes:

Save 5% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-456-6746 for Details! 

Code: CYBER1
Save 10% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-456-6746 for Details! 

Save 10% On Woodstock Hendrix Chairs ~ Call 800-456-6746 for Details! 

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Office Seating Sale 2015

Not feeling the Black Friday lines and abominable traffic? No problem! We've got you covered. This year at we're offer best selling office seating solutions from brands like Offices To Go, Modway, and more with free shipping. The deals highlighted here will help you enhance corporate appeal and comfort without breaking the bank. If you're on the hunt for a new office chair, this is one sale you don't want to miss.

1.) Offices To Go 11685 Managers Chair - $235.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Office Chair Sale

2.) Modway EEI-1028 Escape Office Chair - $225.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modway Office Chairs On Sale

3.) Eurotech MF2000BLK Astra Swivel Chair - $203.50 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Office Chair

4.) Woodstock Hendrix Mid Back Office Chair - $295.00 + FREE Shipping!

White Leather Office Chair

5.) iDesk 401B Ambarella Office Chair - $247.80 + FREE Shipping!

iDesk Ambarella Office Chair 401B

6.) Mayline TSH3 Valore Mesh Swivel Chair - $291.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Deals 2016

7.) Global Kate 2811-8 Mid Century Office Chair - $448.99 + FREE Shipping!

Black Friday Sale 2016

8.) OFM Essentials Big and Tall Chair ESS-201 - $234.99 + FREE Shipping!

Office Chairs On Sale

9.) Woodstock Marketing Ravi Boardroom Chair - $229.00 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Boardroom Seating

White Boardroom Chair

Don't forget to contact our team direct at 800-456-6746 for exclusive Black Friday coupon codes and bulk discount pricing opportunities!
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Desks In Demand: OFM Mesa Series

OFM Mesa DesksThe industrial look is in! Desk shoppers are on the hunt for heavy duty workstations that are built to last. That's where OFM, Inc. comes in! This top rated manufacturer is enjoying unparalleled success with their Mesa desk line in 2016. Mesa desks combine scratch resistant laminate surfaces with metal framing to form some of the most awesome operating stations on the market.

Heavy Duty Metal Desk with Laminate TopAfter checking out OFM's Mesa collection, it's no wonder why these heavy duty desks are in high demand. Popular Mesa models like the 66242 have become the preferred choice of shoppers looking to craft industrially styled home work environments. This 42.25" wide station is perfect for interiors limited on square footage.

OFM Mesa L Shaped DeskThe Mesa collection offers larger executive L shaped desks like the 66366L. With 3 surface options to choose from, creating unique workspace is a breeze! Like all Mesa office desks, the 66366L supports up to 200 evenly distributed pounds. The gray 9mm T-Mold edge provides added durability and protection against wear.

Mesa Credenza DeskNeed a matching credenza desk to match your new front operating station? No problem. Mesa has you covered! Models like the 66266 offer plenty of surface space and the locking storage pedestals needed to keep your important belongings properly secured and organized. The 66266 Mesa double pedestal credenza offers the same 16 gauge steel construction found on it's complimenting desks that have made them a favorite in 2016.

Mesa Standing Height DeskSitting for long periods of time can be very damaging to your health. That's why OFM decided to expand the Mesa line this year with the addition of standing height workstations that promote constant movement while simultaneously improving blood flow. Mesa standing height table desks like the 66121 are even perfect for school and classroom environments!

OFM Mesa Collection RatingThe desks in demand from the Mesa collection are nothing short of impressive. Shoppers on a budget and in a hurry will want to put this line at the top of their list. Mesa offers unrivaled quality, appeal, and value. With an OFM office desk from the Mesa collection you can craft a heavy duty executive workspace, or ergonomically correct learning environment for students. In all sizes and variations this desk line will continue to excel. We are pleased to give OFM and their Mesa collection a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.
Monday, November 21, 2016

Office Chair Envy: Modway Edition

Modway Office Chairs
Shopping for a cool new chair that your office visitors will clamor over? Modway has you covered! Today on Office Chair Envy we'll highlight 5 of our fav models from this industry leader. Modway chairs provide an unrivaled combination of value, modern appeal, and comfort. Prepare to be impressed!

Let's kick things off with a bang, shall we? The Modway Escape chair is unlike anything on the market. If you're tired of the same old chair styles, give the EEI-1028 model from Modway your full attention. At first glance you'll notice the ultra cool ribbed back design that's complimented by a polished chrome base and unique arms. The Escape chair is perfect for executive interiors as well as home office environments. This popular Modway office seating solution is currently available in 5 color variations for just $225.99.

Modway Remix ChairThe Moday Remix chair is sure to shake things up around your office! Just be prepared to receive an abundance of compliments from every visitors that enters your space. This ultra cool mid century modern office chair provides exceptional padded to help user's enjoy plush comfort during those tough work days. The EEI-276 Remix chair is available in attractive vinyl upholstery options like brown, gray, red, white, and even red.

Modway Jive High Back Ribbed Office ChairTalk about making a statement! If you want to give your guests a huge dose of office chair envy, go with the Modway EEI-272 Jive chair in a cool color like Orange. This ripple back office chair with padded armrests is perfect for home, executive office, and professional boardroom applications. The Jive high back chair offers sleek European design characteristics that pair with a user friendly ergo attributes like a waterfall seat edge to take the pressure off your knees when computing at your desk.

Modway Edge ChairShopping for a cool modern mesh back office chair to keep your feeling light and airy? Check out the EEI-596 model from Modway. This affordable task chair can be purchase now for just $150.99 and even includes free shipping. If the funds are tight, this chair will give you the Edge on comfort without breaking the bank. All jokes aside, the Edge is the real deal. With 5 cool color options to choose from, this chair is undoubtedly one of the best buys of 2016.

White Conference ChairLast but certainly not least, we present to you the Modway EEI-1026 model Tempo chair. This mid century modern ribbed back office chair is ready to rock your conference room. As the classic overstuffed boardroom seating solutions of the passed are rapidly being replaced by sleek models that maximize space, chairs like the Tempo have become the preferred choice of professional designers and industry professionals. The EEI-1026 Tempo chair is priced affordably at $212.99. We love the Tempo in gray and white as they will make your space feel upscale, elegant, open, and clean.
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Office All Stars: Global 2Gether Tables

Global 2gether Training Room TablesThe 2Gether training room table collection from Global offers unrivaled functionality and appeal. This line of multi purpose training room tables will help improve versatility and operational versatility in no time. Today on Office All Stars we'll take an in-depth look at the 2Gether line and the features that have made it favorite of design teams and industry professionals alike.

Global Total Office Training Room TablesToday's best training rooms promote collaboration. They also have to be able to adapt at a moments notice to meet the needs of any specific group activity. That's where 2Gether tables excel. With modular capabilities, these top of the line training room tables can be used individually, or ganged together to form multi user layouts.

If you're on the hunt for office furniture for the training room, these tables are a must consider. Global has truly outdone themselves with the 2Gether line. The flip down tops operate effortless and allow tables to be nested along perimeter walls when not in use to maximize valuable square footage. When tables are needed, simply drop the tops and you're ready to roll.

Nesting Training Tables2Gether tables also boast mobilized bases that make reconfiguration a breeze. While fixed leg models will always have their place in classroom settings, businesses are turning to mobile training room tables from Global Total Office to make life in the office easier. Mobilized training tables can be used to combine conference, meeting, and training environments. They're simply too versatile to pass up!

Global Training Room FurnitureAll of the tables from this hot new collection are available in extensive laminate finish options that pair perfectly with attractive silver bases. Cutting edge tones like Absolute Acajou and Asian Night will help keep your collaborative environments up to date with the latest trends.

In terms of price, 2Gether tables are definitely more expensive than average models available in 2016. That being said, these tables are far from average. 2gether training room solutions are incredibly well built, durable, and far more user friendly. The initial cost should be looked at like an investment into long term performance. When paired with training room chairs from Global you'll be on your way to an elite interior that gives you and you're valued employees the edge over the competition.

Global 2Gether Table Review
The 2Gether collection deserves nothing less than a 5 star rating. These modular training room tables are the best in the business. We'd feel confident putting them up against any other tables on the market today. With extensive size and finish options, you're only limited by your own imagination. If you want the best for your training environment, get 2gether with Global's best new collection. You'll be glad you did!
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keep It Collaborative with Mayline e5 Furniture

Mayline e5 Furniture Review
Traditional panel furniture and cubicle systems promote privacy by creating closed off workspaces. While once the preferred choice of businesses and design teams, these classic configurations are rapidly being replaced with open concept lines like e5 that promote collaboration and team interaction. Mayline's e5 collection is truly revolutionary. Let's take a look at the layouts and components that have made this line one of the best options for professional remodeling projects in 2016.

Mayline e5 Open Concept FurnitureIt all starts with the private office space. A personalized work environment built for your specific needs. That being said, you don't want your interior to feel overly cluttered right? Definitely not! To maximize performance and appeal, you want your workspace to feel open and awesome. That's where e5 comes in.

The modular components from this collection will help you maximize floor space and valuable square footage to promote collaboration. Cool e5 desk configurations are available from Mayline to simplify the remodeling process. Typicals like the e56 offer everything you need to create an upscale executive vibe. If a preconfigured set won't work for your office, you'll love e5's ability to create custom layouts. With e5, the sky is the limit!

e5 benching from MaylineMayline e5 series benching is perfect for training, educational, testing, and work floor applications. It's incredibly versatile to say the least. Creating cluster workstations is quick, simple, and surprisingly cost effective.With e5 benching, you can even put power at your user's finger tips. Surface level input options help minimize the trips underneath the desk to hunt down three prong outlets. Charging devices and routing wires will no longer be a headache. The frosted separating panels provide just enough privacy without hindering collaboration. Needless to say, open is awesome!

Mayline e5K16 Quick Ship TypicalThe e5 furniture line has recently been expanded to include quick ship desk layouts that leave the factory within just 2 days of order. While most of the components from this line take a few weeks to manufacture, these quick ship typicals are ready immediately. Popular e5 desk setups like the E5K16 include the storage modules and operating components needed to help you stay at your best while creating an interactive environment that can be expanded as your personal needs increase.

Open Concept Office Furniture LayoutWhat set's the e5 line apart is it's unrivaled functionality. While great for private office interiors, e5 is equally effective in large work floor applications. If you're looking to kick those old school cubicles to the curb to make your interiors feel large and more collaborative, e5 open desking is the only way to go. The custom components from e5 allow design teams and business to think outside the box. With e5 you're only limited by your own imagination. With cool storage components, intricate power options, and loads of cutting edge appeal, this modern office furniture collection excels in ways competitive lines can only hope to.

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