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What Does New Office Furniture Cost?

How much should I expect to spend on new office furniture? This commonly asked question is definitely an important one! When shopping for furniture of any kind the cost is determined by several factors like brand, style, features, quantity, and size. The 4 main areas of any business furnishing project include the reception area, employee work spaces, boardroom, and executive office. To help you gain a better grasp of the cost of new office furniture, enjoy this workplace cost analysis using the popular Verde casegoods line of modern products for your business.

Cherryman IndustriesIf you're looking for new office furniture with modern style, you'll love Cherryman Industries. This full service office manufacturer is a favorite amongst industry professionals and interior design teams alike. The Verde casegoods line has been there top seller for the last 3 years. Verde's unique look, affordable price point, and quality make it a real winner in the workplace.

Verde Reception Furniture
The first area you'll want to cover is reception. This main area will require a professional welcome desk, guest seating, and accent furniture. On average businesses look to accommodate between 5 and 10 guests at a time. Therefore, we will use this figure throughout today's article to form our cost breakdown.

Modern Black Leather Verde Lounge Chair
When it comes to reception desks the Verde collection offers one of the most popular! The VL-816 Verde Reception Desk offers incredible modern style and versatility. Available with your choice of return direction, this station can form a left or right handed reception station for a truly modular design. Priced at $674.99, you just can't beat the value of the VL-816.
Contemporary Verde End Table
To accommodate your visitors, the Verde leather lounge chair will do the trick! This line of stylish office lounge seating is sure to compliment your Verde furniture perfectly. Priced at $553.99 you'll definitely want to call about a bulk discount for added savings. You'll be needing 5 chairs for your space at a total cost of $2769.95.

Accenting your reception furniture configuration is a breeze if you're using the Verde collection! Models like the VL-865 end table priced at $329.99 will do the trick. You'll want 2 tables for a cohesive look that provides a perfect organizing spot for magazines and other common lounge items.

Total Reception Furniture Cost: $4104.92

VL-619N Verde Corner Desk with Pedestals

Moving on to the employee work areas you'll want to find a general product that matches the theme of your reception area. Luckily, the Verde collection is a full service line that has your every need covered! Let's say we are looking to furnish 5 offices with new office desks and storage. Items like the VL-619N are a perfect choice that allow room for growth. This Corner Desk can be used along walls to save space which is surely at a premium! Priced at $992.99, we'll use these for our cost analysis! As an added bonus they also include desk pedestals for basic office organizational needs.

Two desk pedestals is enough to get your space off on the right track in terms of storage. However, you'll probably want to add lateral filing cabinets for important documents. While this is by no means a necessity, budgeting for office file cabinets is important and most businesses do opt to include them. The Verde Lateral File Cabinet priced at $509.99(x5) will definitely do the trick while matching perfectly.

Total  Cost: $7514.95

Verde Conference Table

A properly configured conference room furniture layout includes the table, wall cabinets, and presentation board. Starting with the VL-870 Verde Conference Table we'll get this room off on the right foot. The VL-870 features unique painted glass leg inserts and a modern style that's hard to miss. This line of contemporary conference tables has been incredibly popular throughout 2013 and is definitely a high recommended product by industry professionals! Priced at $981.99, it's also an excellent value.
Verde Cabinet

Wall cabinetry provides a nice accent to your table of choice and offers much needed storage for the boardroom. Using the VL-617N Verde Cabinet offers space for important files and a separate two door cabinet for basic storage. Priced at $1053.99, this cabinet is a bit pricey but really makes the space complete so we couldn't live without it!

Verde Presentation Board
Last but certainly not least the Verde presentation board offers an important piece of accent furniture commonly used during meetings. The V120LE offers a dry erase center section with side tack boards. Close the hinged doors for a clean and professional look when not in use. This piece adds $476.99 to our boardroom checkout total.

Total  Cost: $2512.95

Verde VL-749N Modern Executive Desk Suite
Last but certainly not least we reach the executive office furniture configuration. This area should make a classy statement sure to leave a lasting impression on guests. Luckily, this area is the easiest to furnish! Pre configured executive desks from the Verde collection provide a simple to use solution to your office needs. Priced at $2474.99, the VL-749N Verde Desk Suite is a great way to go. This popular modern executive desk configuration includes everything you'll need to create the perfect office with ample storage and a luxurious style that's easy to love.

Total  Cost: $2474.95

Now that all the main areas have been covered from the reception space to the CEO's office, your ready for the final tally. Keep in mind, new office chairs will probably be needed. With so many options on the market you'll be at no shortage of quality options to meet your needs and budget. The purchase of discount office chairs should be handled at the same time as your furniture to help you achieve a better bulk deal while minimizing the number of shipments to your office. If you've liked the Cherryman Industries Furniture highlighted above, you'll definitely want to check out Respond Series Chairs for your seating needs. 

Final Cost: $16,607.77

*A respectable bulk discount on this amount of Cherryman Casegoods should be in the neighborhood of 10%. As this is an estimation it has not been calculated into our grand total. Inquire with your dealer of choice as to current bulk discount specials, closeouts, and clearance office furniture while shopping to ensure you maximize your potential for savings!
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Comfortable Modern Office Chairs by Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock MarketingWe've all heard of the legendary Woodstock music festival and the impact it's had on modern culture. However, you've probably not yet heard of Woodstock Marketing, an equally unique office furniture and seating manufacturer that produces rock and roll inspired products sure to have your office looking groovy in no time. This incredible  new brand is at the forefront of some truly innovative office creations. With chairs named Hendrix, Baez and Joplin, Woodstock Marketing has set the bar incredibly high. You'll fall in love with the contemporary products and top notch quality.

Contemporary White Leather Office ChairWho doesn't love Jimi Hendrix! This musical icon has paved the way for nearly every modern blues and rock guitarist on the planet. Did you know he's had a contemporary leather office chair named after him? Needless to say, you'll love this chair. Woodstock Marketing has really outdone themselves with this one. Available in a variety of unique leather upholstery options, the Hendrix office chair is a favorite amongst interior design teams and industry professionals. The white leather office chair has been a huge hit in retro work environments as it provides a neutral canvas sure to match any decor. 

Contemporary Black Mesh Office ChairIt's no secret that Mesh Back office chairs have become incredibly popular in the world of professional office seating solutions. The all new Baez Office Chair from Woodstock Marketing is a perfect example of the influence the modern office world has had on chairs. This incredibly unique seating solution is offered in white and black mesh. The Baez series contemporary mesh chair also features a polished chrome frame for an enhanced modern look that's easy to love. Standard with a variety of user friendly ergonomic features, this chair is built with the demands of the modern workday in mind!

Brown Leather Office ChairYou've probably seen modern office chairs styled similarly to the Joplin. It's no secret that this look has been one of the hottest on the market in 2013. And well there are several variations of this chair on the market, not all are created equally! You'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded and well made black, white, or brown leather office chair on the market for use in your home or office. This line of European Inspired seating is typically in stock for quick shipment. We're told the black and white leather office chairs from the Joplin line are selling like hot cakes so place your order as soon as possible! This polished chrome frame swivel chair also makes a great fit in the conference room! It's easy to picture these black leather office chairs surrounding any of the truly unique conference tables available on the market in 2013!

Red Leather Office ChairTalk about style! Consumers are going nuts for the Annie series office chair from Woodstock. Models like this red leather office chair are incredibly popular for home, executive office, and modern boardroom furniture applications. Also available in black, brown, white, and seafoam green leather upholstery options, the Annie chair can easily match any decor from modern or traditional. The leather seating surfaces dual needle diamond stitch upholstery pattern makes for a one of a kind look that's sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. The high polished triple plated chrome frame, hand polished aluminum base, oversized 60mm casters and ergonomic features like adjustable tilt tension, and tilt lock add to the already unmatchable quality. The generous dimensions and 250 lb. weight capacity round out this inspiring chair.

Blue Mesh Back Office Chair with White Frame

Last but certainly not least, the Sweetwater Mesh Chair with incredible versatility at no extra charge! Priced at only $237.99, you'll be hard pressed to find an equal chair at twice the price. Available in 4 unique color combinations, the blue mesh office chair variation is by far the favorite! Use this cool office chair in conference, home office, and executive office seating environments with ease. Attributes like and upholstered fabric seat over high density molded foam, matching loop arms, tilt tension adjustability, and tilt lock make for all day comfort. The pneumatic height adjustment, 5 leg base with dual wheel casters and generous dimensions are just an added bonus you'll surely enjoy. Rest assured this line of mesh desk chairs is sure to earn any office environment a host of compliments. Use this chair as the feature piece of any office or as a stylish accent to contemporary office furniture to pull your space together!
Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mind Blowing Professional Office Interiors

Any project is more fun when you're inspired! When it comes to an office makeover project, looking at professionally designed interiors is the best food for thought. The modern spaces highlighted here will get you psyched about re vamping any work environment for your business. From the lobby to the boardroom, you'll fall in love with these gorgeous furnishings and mind blowing office interiors.

Modern Lobby Seating
Talk about a great first impression! This lobby furniture configuration definitely deserves an A for it's incredible style. The modern wall art and tile floors are accented with Mayline furniture from the popular Santa Cruz collection. This line of popular leather lounge chairs is available with tablets for improved functionality. The matching Santa Cruz sofa seats up to 3 guest comfortably. This modern lobby seating setup boasts welcoming tones while incorporating natural light for ambiance. The addition of accent lighting and potted plants complete the professional appearance guests will surely appreciate.

OFM Reception Furniture
While some businesses feature a walk up window for guests, stylish reception desks make a much better visual impression. How about this reception area furniture layout from OFM? You'll notice this space uses the large curved reception station as the focal point. Your eye is immediately drawn to this stunning piece of furniture. The plexi glass transaction screen further contributes to the modern appeal while stylish sled based modern reception chairs border the rooms perimeter. Matching magazine tables provide a cohesive blend with the Marque station. The space is completed with super cool modern office lighting and light wood floors for a neutral canvas.

Modern Breakroom Furniture Configuration
The breakroom is an important gathering area for any business. This space provides the ideal team bonding location that will promote quality relationships sure to improve your office morale. A well planned breakroom tables configuration like this one will seat ample guests while creating a calming contemporary environment. You'll immediately notice the bar height bistro tables with stainless steel bases. These commercially influenced square bistro table models create a sought after industrial look that's been extremely popular in 2013. The matching bar stools contribute to the simplistic modern aesthetics without distracting from the spaces key areas. The hanging lights add an awesome touch while the modern breakroom wall provides the optimal conversation starter.

Modern Executive Office Furniture
When it comes to high end executive furniture perhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive selection of professional products then Global Total Office. With new lines like Princeton and Zira Casegoods your space can be transformed from drab to fab in no time. Take this inspired executive desking layout with two tone color scheme. You'll be hard pressed to find a more impressive work space. The frosted glass accents, neutral area rug, and hardwood floors complement this luxury office furniture perfectly. The Leather Accord Chair from Global is upholstered in white for a sure fire match to any layout. One style and interior design tip you'll want to remember for 2013 is that white leather office chairs are in! Models like this Accord model are an excellent way to capitalize on this unique trend. Don't be distracted by the good looks alone. This custom Zira furniture setup is all about productivity. With a wardrobe cabinet, overhead storage, desk organizers, and built in desk pedestals, this workspace is at no shortage of benefits.

Wood Veneer Conference Room Furniture
Last but certainly not least, this stunning conference room with traditional appeal. It's no secret that modern style reigns supreme in 2013. However,  wood conference room furniture is always an excellent choice as it shows class and elegance. This space is focused around the Corsica conference table and accenting leather conference chairs to form the perfect meeting environment. It's hard to miss the incredible stone walls with arched floor to ceiling windows. Adding the matching Corsica presentation board is a nice touch that also provides this room with improved functionality. The use of wood veneer wall cabinets provides ample storage and a cohesive look. The neutral carpet tone provides the ideal canvas for such luxurious furniture. Needless to say, this wood office furniture layout creates the perfect boardroom.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Complete Guide to Creating A Professional Home Office

Home Office Furniture ConfigurationWorking from home is a common necessity that's often difficult for those just starting out in business. That being said, maximizing your square footage with a well thought out office furniture layout will improve your business effectiveness. In fact, creating a home office to be proud of can be quite simple. You just have to follow a few simple guidelines for success.

As Funds for start up home businesses are typically tight, you'll want to set a reasonable budget for furniture expenditures. Determine the most important products that will improve your efficiency while working. The office desk, chair, and file cabinet are a great place to start. Adding in top ergonomic office accessories like a keyboard tray, articulating monitor arm, and CPU holder are all great ways to stretch your budget while adding products that really come in handy.

Modern Home Furniture

Once you've set your budget and determined the furniture you'll need, it's time to conceive a general layout. For this step, measure your space and notate power outlets, windows, doors, and any other important details of your area. Once your sketch is made, shoot a few copies if possible.

Now it's time to get creative! Draw out a few furniture designs and configuration ideas. Get input from family members and encourage them to draw there best layout. The kids will love it! Working with an interior designer is always an option for those wary of this step. Keep in mind, this will eat up a large chunk of your budget. Quite honestly, this step is nothing to be scared of and will really provide a sense of pride when your new office furniture project is completed.

Small Home Office Furniture
The time has now come to start the shopping process. Visiting a showroom is a great way to start but generally unnecessary. Shopping online for home office desks and furnishings has become incredibly user friendly and will save you money! Utilizing comparison shopping engines like Amazon, Price Grabber, and Kaboodle are all great. That being said, Google product search is the preferred method as it offers the largest selection of home office furniture from a variety of industry leading dealers and manufacturers. Companies choosing to list their products here have the ability to offer coupons and specials for added savings. As an added bonus, Google pulls company reviews from a variety of sources to give shoppers the most information possible to make the best purchasing decision possible.

Luxury Home Office Furniture

When shopping for office chairs online the selection will be vast. You'll want to find a popular ergonomic seating provider that can provide helpful suggestions for your price range. Choosing a single dealer for your products is a luxury but not a necessity. One benefit of using a full service provider is the ability to minimize deliveries. However, choosing products from a variety of companies might help you to maximize your budget! In the end, the choice is yours. Do your homework and find the best products that will work for your new home office.

Once you've selected from the slew of home executive furniture and seating online it's time to prepare your space for the arrival of new furniture. Schedule a delivery window with your furniture provider if possible. Next, take pictures of any old furniture, remove it from your space, and stage it safely. The pictures will come in handy if you'd like to sell or re purpose old items. Now that your space is cleared your ready to receive your products effectively.

Home Office Desk ConfigurationIn most cases, curbside delivery will be included with your purchase. This includes the delivery company bringing the items to your home but not inside. Extended services like inside delivery are always available but will generate an extra charge. Most office chairs will ship via a common carrier like UPS and should be brought to your doorstep. When it comes to executive office desks, 2 people can typically handle the boxes. If you're unsure, it's best to inquire about inside delivery as it might be worth the extra money.

Corner Office Desk Configuration

Installing your new items should be relatively simple. Instructions should be included for any reputable product. Often, a small wrench and screwdriver are the only tools you'll need. In most cases, the most difficult part of furniture installation is debris removal! Most executive office chairs and desks are very thoroughly packed and create quite a bit of fodder.

Once your furniture is installed. It's time to get to work. Hopefully your project has gone smoothly from start to finish. For added help, we've added a list of resources below to utilize during the shopping process. These manufacturer's furniture solutions are all extremely well made and affordable. Enjoy!

Home Office Furniture and Seating Resources

Furniture Coupon Resources

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Modern Conference Tables Under $450

The modern look is always in high demand. That being said, creating a modern conference room for your business will ensure a professional experience for guests and employees alike. The affordable modern conference room table solutions highlighted in this article will have your space looking great for well under $500. Enjoy!

Brighton Series Conference Table

First up, the Brighton conference table with racetrack top. This 8' table is available in two stocked laminate finish options and includes free shipping for added value. Priced at $354.99, it's hard to pass up a deal this good! This line of popular casegoods furniture is one of the most popular options for budget shopping businesses in 2013. They everyday good looks and professional quality make Brighton desking and excellent choice for any meeting space.

Small Round Meeting Table with Contemporary Style
Shopping for small conference tables for your space? No problem. Global Total Office understands the needs of businesses with limited square footage. Their line of round meeting tables features modern style and metal legs that are trending like crazy! Priced at only $286.99, this small round conference table is the most affordable of today's article. Available in 10 attractive laminate finishes and a choice of 2 frame finishes this little table is an interior designers dream! The GC36CF can be customized to meet the decor needs of any space and looks great in the process.

Rectangular Conference Table

Third on the list is this awesome rectangular conference table available in 14 finishes. Talk about versatility! This 5' conference table is ideal for medium sized work environments and can be outfitted with power options for added functionality. Priced at only $356.99, this table comes in well below budget with enough style to spare. Depending on your finish selection, this line of modern conference tables can take up to 4 weeks to manufacturer. If you're in a hurry, this is not the option for your meeting area furniture needs. However, if you've got the time, these modern tables are well worth the wait!

Aberdeen Conference Table

If you haven't heard, Boat Shaped Conference Tables are in! This stylish design characteristics from the Mayline Aberdeen Casegoods collection is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade or create a new boardroom with trend setting style. This 6' boardroom table is stocked in 3 popular decor finishes and includes free nationwide delivery. At an everyday low price of $435.99, it's not wonder why so many businesses stand behind the Aberdeen furniture line. The table legs have cable chimney for concealed sire management from surface to floor. Larger models have multi piece top surfaces connected via steel cam post and steel connecting plates. Aberdeen series large conference tables ship in multiple cartons for ease of movement. The structural modesty panel conceals horizontal cable management. While power solutions are optional, they can come in quite handy and are worth the upcharge!

Alba Conference Table
Metal legs have become incredibly popular for conference tables in 2013. This trend is a great way to capitalize on contemporary style while saving your budget. In most cases, wood conference tables require more expensive materials to manufacturer. Therefore, metal legs can really extend your budget. Models like the Alba Conference Table from Global Total Office are a perfect example of this trend at work. That's the reason we've saved this awesome product for last. Available in a variety of sizes starting at 6' in length, this table is function, versatile, and cost affective. Priced starting at $459.99 you'll be hard pressed to find an equal quality solution at even twice the price!
Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 10 Coolest Office Products for 2013

The first quarter of 2013 is in the rear view mirror. Looking back on the past few months, we thought it would be fun to compose a list of our favorite office products. This article highlights our top 10 favorite desks, chairs, and office accessories for the home and business!

10.) Edge Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Edge Series Dual Screen Monitor Arm

This awesome ergonomic office accessory will support 2 computer screens effectively while increasing usable desk space, office versatility, and functionality. Priced at $247.99, these monitor arm solutions are an excellent office investment!

9.) Via Seating Swopper Stool

Via Seating Swopper Stool

Talk about cool! This ergonomically engineered office stool is built for superior comfort. The multi dimensional movement capabilities provide a unique and incredibly stylish seating solution that is sure to be the center of attention in any work environment. This line of mobile office stool solutions is available in a variety of fabric and leather upholstery options.

8.) NGT-2 Glass Top Bistro Table

Glass Top Bistro Table

OFM has brought several awesome new products to market for 2013. These glass bistro tables offer a modern look that's easy to appreciate. The contemporary design and tempered glass top provide quality and durability. Priced at $185.99, these cool new office tables are hard to beat!

7.) High Back Wau Chair

High Back Wau Chair by Eurotech Seating

It's hard not to love Eurotech Seating solutions for the home and business. This quality brand offers a host of ergonomic office chairs but the High Back Wau Chair is definitely our favorite. This modern mesh back office chair with headrest offers excellent features and a cool white frame that promotes the modern look.

6.) Avanta Drafting Table

Avanta Drafting Table

If you like contemporary office furniture than the Avanta table by Studio Designs will be an instant favorite. The tempered glass top, metal legs, and modern style provide an almost industrial look. This line of beginner drafting tables is perfect for home office and crafting area use.

5.) 4 Person Beam Chair with Table
OFM Beam Seating

The NB-5G Net series beam chair by OFM offers the perfect modern office seating solution for indoor and outdoor use. Available in 7 colors, this line of metal mesh reception seating is built to last! A variety of matching guest chairs and tables are also available to complete your lobby guest seating configuration.

4.) ORION Tablet Mount

ORION Tablet Mount

In today's world everything is getting mounted to provide added versatility. This is especially true in the workplace. Products like this new tablet mount from ESI Ergonomic Solutions provide a cool and functional way of improving any tablet owners office on a budget.

3.) Mayline Commute Chair
Mayline Commute Chair

Considered by many industry professionals as the top casegoods furniture manufacturer in the country, Mayline has recently added several new seating solutions to rival their modular office furniture solutions. New Mayline Office Seating like this Commute model offer excellent comfort, in stock availability, and wide variety of textile options.

2.) Verde Reception Desk

Verde Reception Desk

Where else can you find an in stock modern reception station with this much style, worksurface, and storage for well under $2000.00? If you find one, please don't hesitate to share it! The Cherryman Industries Verde Furniture collection includes a variety of matching executive office desks and storage solutions sure to enhance your entire business. The guest reception desk models are of particular interest as they are sure to create an excellent first impression for any business visitor.

1.) Wind Coffee Table

Wind Series Contemporary Coffee Table

Our absolute favorite office item for 2013 has been the Wind linear series table. This line of modular lounge furniture is hard to beat. The modern style and array of finish options makes these customizable contemporary coffee tables excellent for any lounge, lobby, or reception area.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Affordable Leather Executive Chairs by Offices To Go

Familiar with Offices To Go? You should be! This awesome off brand of Global Total Office is one heck of a seating manufacturer. Made to the same high standards as their sister company, OTG office chairs provide excellent comfort and ergonomic features sure to impress in any work environment. Amongst their extensive selection of quality seating is a wide variety of leather executive chairs that offer affordable luxury. In today's article we will highlight OTG's top sellers from the executive line and provide you with yet another resource to utilize when shopping for office chairs!

Wood Executive ChairKicking things off with a bang is this $207.99 wood executive chair with black leather upholstery. Talk about an over achiever! You just can't beat the quality and comfort this awesome product offers for even twice the price. Standard ergonomic features like seat height adjustment, and tilt tension adjustment are just a couple of the awesome attributes this chair has to offer. The wood arms and wood capped base feature a Cordovan finish that matches Offices To Go furniture perfectly. If you like the traditional look, this comfortable office chair is for you!

Black Leather Executive ChairShopping for professional office chairs is typically a lengthy process that involves testing chairs for comfort, viewing upholstery samples, and reviewing ergonomic features. When it comes to the conference room, at least save yourself some time by checking out the 11648B by OTG. This luxury conference chair will have you sold at first sit. The segmented cushion design and chrome frame boast a high end look that's far greater than the $214.99 price tag. Affordability is just one great feature the 11648B has to offer. This black leather office chair upholstered armrests, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and a swivel tilt mechanism for superior comfort. Now that's a bargain!

Overstuffed Executive ChairUse the 11633B as an accent or highlight piece of any executive office furniture configuration. This well padded executive office chair is extremely comfortable and equally affordable. Priced at $212.99, the 11633B Offices To Go chair comes standard with an attractive black Luxhide seating surface with mock leather trim and decorative white stitch. Ergonomic features include single position tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and much more. Stylistic additions like polished aluminum arms with upholstered armrests and a matching polished aluminum base with scuff tips and twin wheel carpet casters complete the look.

Leather Ergonomic Office ChairNext up, the 11649B Chair. With a price of $249.99, this leather manager's chair is perfect for managerial applications, executive work environments or as an accompaniment to contemporary conference room furniture configurations. This leather ergonomic office chair is the perfect combination of luxury style, comfort, and modern ergonomics at work. With standard features like a tilt mechanism with tilt tension adjustment this versatile seating solution provides excellent adjustment capabilities. The polished aluminum arms with upholstered armrests are incredibly popular and the pneumatic seat height adjustment with single position tilt lock makes for a customizable sit. Rounding out the look is the polished aluminum base with scuff tips and twin wheel carpet casters for ease of mobility.

Mesh Back Executive ChairLast but certainly not least is this black mesh back office chair with leather trim. The 11677B chair is all about comfort and functionality. The breathable mesh back design keeps users cool while the leather trim provides an executive touch. Use the 11677B in home office seating or business applications at the affordable price of $205.99. This mesh back office chair with leather trim offers a perforated Luxhide seat, height adjustable arms, pneumatic seat height adjustment, single position tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment, and scuff resistant high rise base with twin wheel carpet casters. Finding new chairs with these features is tuff at even three times the cost.
Monday, May 6, 2013

Top Selling Leather Lounge Furniture Collections

Leather lounge furniture is incredibly popular for the home and business. This timeless style style is sure to enhance your business while providing comfort any guest will appreciate. The top selling lounge furniture collections highlighted in this new article are also very budget friendly!

Crescendo Leather Lounge Furniture
When it comes to professional office furniture, perhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive selection of products than Global Total Office. This reputable brand provides over 10 unique collections that really impress. The Ballara reception furniture series provides a super modern style that looks outstanding while saving you space. The Citi lounge collection is a top seller that's been gracing lounge, reception, and waiting room spaces for years. That being said, one line that truly stands above the competition is the Crescendo Lounge Furniture collection in any number of leather upholstery options offered by Global. The comfortably stuffed cushions provide an excellent sit while matching contemporary reception area side tables pull the whole room together. Crescendo is a top seller in any market!
Kate Series Modern Leather Lounge Chair and Matching Ottoman
Looking for a simple solution that's not too over the top modern? Try the Kate Lounge Chair with matching ottoman. While the unique design is definitely contemporary, the Kate collection is still classy and not over done. The luxury look, beautiful upholstery, and stitching detail make this line a real winner. The Kate Chair is also available in any Global fabric of your choice. It's no wonder interior design teams love this chair. The versatility and availability of color options are endless. Kate even works great in large executive offices. Use these stunning modern chairs for a guest reception areas to earn your space the compliments it deserves. You will not be let down!
Mayline Prestige Furniture
We all love the modern style, but traditional office furniture is making a big time comeback. When it comes to traditional lounge solutions, the Mayline Prestige Furniture line is a long time favorite. Standard in black leather, this collection offers a choice of wood frame finish to match existing furniture from a number of their popular lines. Prestige series leather lounge furniture from Mayline offers a stylish sofa, settee, and matching chair that can be purchased as a set or individually. This well rounded line looks great in almost any work place and surely deserves it's place amongst the industries best sellers.
Mayline Santa Cruz Furniture

Highlight just one Mayline Lounge Furniture set would be a crime! Especially since they are making a huge impact on consumers and businesses alike with the Santa Cruz collection. This line of contemporary furniture for an office lounge is very impressive. Models upholstered in almond leather are top sellers while traditional black leather upholstery isn't far behind. The Santa Cruz Sofa seats 3 guests comfortably. A variety of sets are available for easy shopping. However, pieces can also be purchased individually to meet your individual decor needs and space requirements.
OFM UNO Series Leather Lounge Chair

Last but certainly not least is the Uno series by OFM. Talk about style! This line of leather lounge chairs and sofas is selling like crazy. The two tone color pairings are a great way to showcase your business ingenuity. The 250 lb. weight capacity and flexible back ensure quality and comfort. The molded fire-retardant seat foam and sturdy round steel tube frame make for a well rounded chair to be proud of. The UNO Series Chair must be purchased in packs of two but gang nicely for connecting chair applications. You'll be hard pressed to find a better line of leather waiting room furniture at even twice the price.

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