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Professional Office Interiors to Inspire Your Workplace Makeover

A well designed office space will create an excellent first impression. Using the right furniture and accent products in a cohesive nature show professionalism and class. This article highlights trendy office interiors sure to inspire your makeover project.

The Home Office

Home Office

Working at home is an excellent opportunity to make your office completely your own! The perfect way to go about decorating your home office is by finding a "focal point". This can be specific color or art piece for you to orient your room around. In the example above, the focal point is the striped paintings behind the desk and the rug on the floor. The rest of the room uses muted analogous colors to showcase the focal points, creating a wonderfully balanced home office!
Now, you may be thinking "what if I can't find any furniture to go with the room?" Well, never fear! Office furniture manufacturers realize the importance of decor, and work to create furniture with variety to fit any room. In fact, most companies have lines of home computer desks specifically designed for the home office, so your room can look its very best!

The Conference Room

Conference Room

The conference room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in almost any office, so naturally, a makeover for one can be something of a challenge. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers have recognized this and have developed lines of conference room furniture that perfectly blend elegance with tranquility. Keeping the balance between comfort and sophistication is key when decorating a conference room, and nowhere is it more important to keep this balance than in your room's chairs. Today, conference chairs have reached the epitome of style and comfort so your guests never feel tired or stiff during those long meetings. So whether you choose to make the chairs or your conference table the focal point of the room, you can rest assured your guests will be impressed and relaxed at the same time!

The Lobby

Lobbies are typically the first room guests see when they enter an establishment, so its important to decorate with the motto "you never get a second first impression" in mind. It is important to make a room that reflects not only the characteristics of your business, but also looks as amazing as possible. The easiest way to go about this is to follow a protocol similar to home office decoration, that is, focusing more on the rest of the room, then finding furniture to accent it.
Manufacturers today have designed a vast array of lobby furniture available in all sorts of colors and shapes to beautifully accent any lobby. In the photo above, the circular arrangement of fashionable lobby seating that slightly alternate in design draws attention to the sculpture in the center, so guests have something to focus on. The arrangement is graceful, chic, and unique - a great first impression!

The Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are all about comfort, about making your guests or patients feel relaxed and entertained until you can reach them. The stylish waiting room showcased above is an exemplary illustration of a room that goes above and beyond for its guests! In this room, guests can lounge on the comfortable sofas with a good book or a magazine, or they can choose to work on a laptop at one of the convenient work tables while they wait. The room is tastefully decorated in warm orange tones and is cozy enough that a guest could take a short catnap if the wait time is a long one, and the art on the walls is unintrusive yet interesting enough to capture attention. The capacity for occupancy is high and room for improvements has been left in case the owner decides to add a television or a few end tables to enhance the decor. All in all, this stunning waiting room furniture configuration has everything it needs and the potential for more!

The Training Room

Training Room

The addition of training rooms is one of the fastest growing trends in the business world today, and training room furniture goes right along with it. Training rooms are exactly what they sound like, rooms in which interns or new employees can be trained collectively in small classrooms. The best part about training room furniture is that it is extremely versatile. It isn't just for fast growing businesses. It can also fit seamlessly into libraries or classrooms as well! The designs of training room chairs are very diverse and can be elegant or simple depending on the room's needs. Not only that, they are available in scores of colors to match any decor. Most training tables have the ability to nest for easy storage, making them perfect for lounges, seminars, or cafeterias. Always accessible and ever useful, training room furniture can find a place in any institution and look good doing it!
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Popular Modern Conference Table Styles

The boardroom is constantly advancing to improve the quality of meeting efficiency and effectiveness. Advanced technology has combined with modern style to form some of the most innovative conference room table solutions on the market.
Modular Conference Table

One of the hottest trends of 2013 is conference tables with metal legs and laminate tops. As the commercial stylings have been a huge hit, this look provides an industrial appeal that's sure to impress while creating more leg room than traditional table styles. Products like the 55118 from OFM are an excellent example of this modern trend put to use in the workplace. This modular conference table is available in 3 finish and frame combinations and is quite budget friendly at only $649.99.

Industrial Conference Table with Glass TopIn addition to metal legs, adding a glass top to your table will surely improve your corporate appeal! This modern look provide an excellent look while simultaneously making your space look larger. New glass conference table solutions like the GT3977 also provide a neutral canvas that's sure to match any office decor. The GT4794 is also available for larger boardroom furniture applications. When shopping for a commercial conference table with glass top, make sure to source models from reputable vendors. You'll want to ensure the glass is tempered for longevity and durability. A leader in this field, OFM conference tables are the perfect place to start your furniture search.

Powered Conference Table
Creating a powered conference room is the perfect way to improve your meeting versatility and effectiveness. Industry leading powered conference table models from lines like the new TransAction series from Mayline will have your space operating at the highest levels of productivity possible. While a seemingly limitless array of power components, you'll be able to customize any of the TransAction conference table models to meet your individual needs. Want to keep it a bit more simplified? No problem! Other Mayline conference room tables from lines like Aberdeen, Brighton, and Napoli office furniture are now available with basic power modules in the table surface. These basic modules provide 2 phone ports and electrical ports to hook your devices up with ease.

Elliptical Conference Table
Now that we've covered the most popular bases, materials, and technology used in modern conference tables for sale today, it's time to cover shape! In 2013, businesses and interior design teams alike are thinking outside the box. While there's nothing wrong with traditional round conference tables, rectangular, or boat shaped models, elliptical conference table solutions have been the top sellers this year. While lines like the Lesro Industries Mystic Furniture collection, you'll be at not shortage of solutions to improve your space with. These discount conference tables for sale combine several of the trends previously mentioned including metal legs and the ability to run power directly through the table surface. If you're in search of a conference table with large top to compare for your boardroom, Global Industries is the brand to choose. Their top conference table with elliptical top can be purchased in any size up to 30 feet.
Friday, June 21, 2013

Office Furniture Reviews: The Mayline Sorrento Collection


With all the popularity surrounding the cutting edge furniture that's been released in 2013, traditional wood office collections have had a tuff time holding their own. One line that has continued to excel despite the boom in modern furniture is the Mayline Sorrento collection. This full service line offers conference tables, executive workstations, cabinets and reception desks to furnish any space with luxury style.

Sorrento Conference Table
If you're in search of wood conference tables for sale that showcase a classy look, Sorrento is the collection for you. This line of Mayline conference tables is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any meeting area. A birds eye maple and birds eye maple finish combination highlights the rectangular conference table while an espresso finish highlights the boat shaped version. The most popular of the group is the 8' Sorrento Conference Table with rectangular top. This model is well suited for most any sized boardroom and can be paired with the matching presentation board for a well rounded look. One thing this table could really benefit from is the ability to add power easily. While most of the Mayline Tables available in 2013 provide power options, the Sorrento does not without custom surface modifications.

Luxury Office Furniture Set
Every business executive strives to provide a professional work environment while simultaneously creating a positive first impression for guests. The Sorrento line of luxury office desks is sure to do just that. The high end office furniture configurations available from this series are among the industries most popular and for good reason. They are absolutely beautiful! The birds eye maple and bourbon cherry finished typicals feature wood hutch doors and stunning inlays that portray excellent in the workplace. The espresso executive desk configurations boast glass accents that further enhance the stellar designs. Top Sorrento Office Desk models include ample storage solutions like desk side pedestals for office organizational needs. As a side tip, these units are extremely heavy! You'll want to have at least two people at your office ready to help move or install any of these wood executive desks for sale for the home or business.

The little details make the biggest difference! In the case of the Mayline Sorrento Furniture collection, you'll be at no shortage of options. Top executive cabinets for sale from this line are the perfect way to enhance your space while providing versatile organization capabilities. Products the Sorrento Buffet cabinet work perfectly in lounge, lobby, reception, and veneer conference furniture configurations.
Sorrento Reception Desk
Last but certainly not least, the Reception Desks for Sale from this popular line are amongst the most luxurious on the market. Adding a Sorrento Reception Station to your space will surely earn you positive compliments on a daily basis. Models like the SRCSLM granite top reception desk have been top sellers for the last several years. These Mayline reception desks for sale are in stock and ready for quick shipment, a nice luxury for those in need of new office furniture in a hurry! Both small reception desks and L shaped models are available from this collection to meet your individual space requirements.
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Popular Office Desk Styles for 2013

The world of office furniture is always changing. Manufactures are always striving to create the next must have item to improve your work day. When it comes to desks, the latest trends have become quite apparent in 2013! This article highlights the industries most popular styles in order to help you keep your office on the cutting edge.

Glass Office Desk
In 2013, glass office desks have taken over! From small computer desks to larger workstations, the use of glass makes for a modern look that's sure to impress. Those dealing with square footage limitations will benefit from glass workstations as they just seem to make any space look bigger! Manufacturers like Calico Designs Furniture are revolutionizing the way we look at desks for the home. Meanwhile, brands like Cherryman Industries Furniture offer lines like the new Verde Casegoods collection which features stylish white glass painted accents for a totally unique look. No matter the size of your space, a glass office desk is sure to bring it to life!

Corner Office Desk
Saving space is always a top priority of any business. Utilizing the popular corner office desks for sale in 2013 is a great way to do just that. Wether you're in search of a modern solution to add cutting edge style to your space or want a traditional wood office furniture setup to showcase your luxury style, desks for the corner office are available to meet your needs. Brands like Global Total Office are the perfect place to start your corner desk search. Their top modular office furniture for sale like the new Zira Casegoods collection will have your space looking fantastic in no times. With an extensive offering of components, this line allows users to grown there configuration when their business needs and office size increase!
Small Modern Computer Desk with Metal Legs

Don't think the top furniture brands have forgotten about the needs of your home office. Every year modern computer desks come out that are sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. Having a professional office doesn't mean it has to cost you a fortune either! Top small computer desks for sale from brands like Mayline are the perfect way to get your home office furniture configuration off on the right foot. This industry favorite brand offers extensive home products from the Eastwinds collection that provide the value and professional qualities needed to get you through the work day.
Margate Executive Furniture
The modern executive should always strive to express luxury style on a budget with their workspace. For that reason top luxury office desks for sale in 2013 have been incredibly popular. While the term luxury is often associated with being expensive, brands like Offices To Go understand the importance of sticking to a strict budget when furnishing your office! Products like a Margate Executive Furniture configuration offer consumers the quality they need at price they'll appreciate. The rich cordovan finish is sure to get the compliments flowing while the wide variety of components ensure you meet the space requirements of your workspace.

In addition to the desk styles listed above, staying current with the current industry furniture trends in 2013 will also make a big difference in your space. Using white office chairs as a neutral canvas is a nice little style tip while any office desk with metal legs provides a commercially influenced look that's also been popular. Meeting with industry professionals is a great way to get insight and product suggestions for your office makeover.
Monday, June 17, 2013

Top Ergonomic Chair Features for Improved Office Comfort

Keeping it ergo in the workplace is just plain smart! A well thought out ergonomic office will improve your versatility, comfort, and effectiveness. That being said, any office of this nature revolves specifically around the chair. When shopping for a new chair, it's important to understand the value of top features sure and how they can benefit your space. This article defines and highlights the top ergonomic office chair features you'll need to get your ergo office started on the right foot. These features provide optimal adjustment capabilities to ensure your comfort and work quality are at their highest levels!

1.) Lumbar Support

Concorde Presidential ChairThe lumbar support offers relief for the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum. The lumbar region, often referred to as the lower spine is one of the most common areas for back pain. Top chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office offer adjustable lumbar supports that provide a wide range of user friendly settings. While these luxury office chairs are great for high end executives, those with lower budgets will appreciate models like the $250.99 B8701 Boss Executive Chair with excellent value! While adjustable lumbar options are nice, if faced with a limited budget you should definitely shop for a chair with a built in version. This is one feature you and your back will definitely appreciate on a daily basis.

2.) Adjustable Arms

Global G20 ChairIn today's world, most top office chairs for sale are available with stocked or aftermarket arms with excellent adjustment capabilities. Width adjustable arms allow outward movement to match shoulder breadth. This ensure that your forearms are properly supported while computing throughout the day. Arms of this nature will significantly reduce the muscular effort of common problem areas like the next. In addition, some arms like those on the G20 Office Chair can even rotate in order to minimize the risk of pain. The three main types of arm adjustment are height, width, and rotation. If you find a quality office chair with all 3 you'll be on the right track to all day comfort.

3.) Tilt Lock

OFM Mesh Executive Chair 580You've probably already guessed the definition of this useful feature! However, for those that haven't, tilt lock is ability to lock your chair in any desired reclined or forward leaning position by working. This feature is designed to accommodate your individual working posture and create a range of supportive positions. While infinite tilt lock position chairs are available, single lock models are far less expensive and still provide great support. Models like OFM 580 Office Chair provide a wide range of functions including tilt lock for as low as $299.99. As with all OFM office chairs, this popular model is made incredibly well and with your everyday needs in mind.

4.) Swivel

Contemporary White Leather Office ChairYou won't have a hard time finding ergonomic office chairs for sale with this feature. Nearly every chair on the market offers users the ability to swivel. Believe it or not, there was actually a time when this was considered the premier feature. It just shows you how far modern ergonomics have advanced in the last few years alone. Regardless of it's common status, this feature is of great benefit to any user. Speed, efficiency, and mobility are all improved with swiveling desk chairs for the home or business. Just imagine how many times you turn in your current office chair per day. Now imagine how many times you would have had to strain your back without this feature. Without a swivel feature you'd be getting up on a regular basis for simple tasks we take for granted because of this attribute. Keep in mind that while this feature is probably already a factor on your old chair, it's benefits are not to be overlooked and appreciated. Office life would be much more difficult without the swivel chair! Unless you suffer from severe motion sickness, swivel capabilities are essential for any business chair.

5.) Synchro-Tilt Movement

Cherryman Industries Respond Task ChairThis beneficial feature allows your office chairs backrest to recline at a faster pace than the seat. Simple as it is, this increases the angle between your torso and thighs, thus encouraging dynamic body movement and improved comfort. The mobility of your office chair and range of capable movements is drastically improved with a synchro-tilt chair. Models like the Cherryman Industries Respond Chair offer synchro-tilt and a variety of the other features highlighted in this post and should definitely be considered by those looking for mesh back office chairs that won't break you budget.

Additional features you should consider when shopping for computer chairs for sale online include quality casters and pneumatic seat height adjustment. These two factors will improve your mobility while simultaneously improving your posture. Most of the industries top executive chairs come standard with these features. Brands like Mayline, Global Industries, OFM and many others are definitely the best place to start your search!
Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reviewing Top Contemporary Lounge Chairs at Discount Prices

The lounge are makeover is one of the most popular office interior design projects of 2013. With so many products available, it's hard to know where to shop and find the best products and budget friendly deals for your business. This article highlights and reviews the industries top contemporary lounge chairs that won't break your budget. These stylish products are a great way to get your lounge furniture project started on the right foot!

Jet Series Red Leather Lounge Chair
First up, this red leather lounge chair from the Flash Furniture Jet Series. If you're looking to wow your visitors, this trendy lounge chair is the perfect way to do it! Priced at $318.99, the Jet chair offers a far more impressive look than it's price point indicates. The   curved arms accent by the taught seat and back pull together to form one of the most innovative seating solutions for the waiting area. Talk about a conversation piece! The protruding metal legs and contemporary curves are a sure way to earn your business a host of positive compliments. It's no wonder why interior design teams and industry professionals love this chair!
Recoil Lounge Chair by OFM

2013 has brought with it a wide variety of OFM seating solutions for modern lounge and waiting room areas. Products like the Recoil Lounge Chair offer businesses the ability to showcase their individual style and separate themselves from the competition. With functional attributes like the unique spring back, stain resistant fabric, and heavy duty construction, this chair will undoubtedly improve your areas durability and longevity. The 400 lb. weight capacity is fully supported through the durable steel frame. The black seat and nickel back make for a two tone finish that's truly unique. Even better, matching OFM reception area furniture is available to complete your area from a single source!
Verde Lounge Chair

If you like leather lounge chairs it will be extremely hard not to appreciate this unique product from Cherryman! The Verde Lounge Chair offers style, comfort, and affordability that's made it a popular choice for modern office lounge furniture makeover projects in 2013. Priced at $553.99 on Cherryman's MAP policy, if you're looking for an even better deal, call your furniture provider direct. As an added bonus, this stocked product is available for quick shipment. A great feature for any business looking to meet a project deadline!
Modern Brown Leather Lounge Chair with Chrome Frame Accents

The chrome frame jumps out on the contemporary brown leather lounge chair from Flash Furniture. The next thing you'll notice is the price! At only $357.99 this cool office lounge chair is an absolute bargain. Also available in black or white leather upholstery, these modern lounge chair solutions boast a tufted seat and back, foam filled seat cushions for a comfortable sit, and eco friendly construction. Love the look? Add the matching leather sofas and love seat options from this popular collection. Needless to say, the Lesley collection is a real winner.

Santa Cruz Series Tablet Lounge Chair on WheelsLast but certainly not least, you'll fall in love with this Santa Cruz Tablet Lounge Chair by Mayline. The almond leather upholstery provides luxurious appeal to any area it graces. The versatile tablet features a chestnut finish that matches perfectly. Looking for modular lobby furniture solution for your business? No problem! The VCCMT offers heavy duty casters and brushed aluminum handle for simplified mobility. This line of office lounge chairs allows you to reconfigure your space in minutes. As with all Mayline Furniture, the new Santa Cruz lounge furniture collection is made to the highest levels of quality. Mayline has really outdone themselves with this stocked leather waiting room furniture line for professional businesses.
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Top Leather Executive Chairs Under $250

Creating a stylish executive office can be quite expensive! Luckily, you'll be able to save a ton of money with the professional seating solutions highlighted here. Rest assured, these 5 executive chairs under $250 are from the best manufacturers in the business. With excellent ergonomic qualities and modern style, these chairs will get your office makeover project started on the right foot!

Leather Executive Chair
First up, this discount leather executive chair from Offices To Go. The simplistic style and well rounded good looks make the 2700 model chair a true value. Priced at $196.99, you'll also be able to use this chair for executive style in the boardroom. The loop arms and thick padded seating surfaces make for a comfortable site. Ergonomic features such as pneumatic seat height adjustment and tilt tension adjustment come standard. The scuff resistant arched molded base with twin wheel carpet casters makes for excellent durability and improved mobility. Want to know the best part? This versatile chair is typically in stock for quick shipment. An excellent attribute for anyone looking for new office chairs in a hurry!

Eurotech Seating Europa ChairSecond on the list is the Europa Chair from Eurotech Seating. If you love modern style, this European inspired chair will be an instant favorite. The contemporary design is highlighted by a chrome frame and unique back that provide a luxury look that won't break your budget. At $199.99, these Eurotech Chairs are at the top of our price range but well worth every penny! The LE811 forms the perfect combination of style and value. Ergonomic features like tilt tension control make this chair fully functional for any workplace environment. In addition to the standard features, the Europa is available with zip on arm covers for an enhanced look that takes this chair over the top!
OFM Stimulus Chair
Did you know that OFM Office Chairs are a favorite of industry professionals and interior design teams? You do now! This reputable manufacturer prides themselves on making quality products at affordable prices. The OFM Stimulus Chair is an excellent example of their superior craftsmanship at work. This line of chairs includes mid back, high back, and matching office guest chairs for sale well within our allotted price range. The 516-LX highlighted here is the most luxurious at $199.99. With standard efficiency improving features like 360 degree swivel, body supporting design, and tension control, you'll be able to easily adjust to meet your individual seating style.

White Leather Reclining Office ChairThe white leather office chairs trend is sweeping the nation! Combine that with the ability to recline and you've got yourself a top seller! This white leather reclining office chair by Flash Furniture is all about style and comfort. The even better part, this awesome product is only $144.99. Standard features like a padded headrest, dual wheel carpet casters, and heavy duty nylon base, this chair is built to last! Not to encourage workplace napping, but take one seat in this chair and it's the perfect recipe for rest. As an added bonus, this line of office recliners is made from eco friendly materials which helps reduce our overall carbon footprint. Green products also improve office air quality which never hurts.

Armless Office ChairLast but certainly not least, the 11655B Offices To Go Chair in black leather. At $79.99 this the most affordable model on the list. You'll be hard pressed to find a better chair for the money. The simple design makes this the perfect black leather office seating solution for both home and business environments. The 11655B chair also works great accenting modern conference furniture configurations where style is important. Looking for ergo features? No problem! This excellent product offers seat depth adjustment capabilities as well as thick soft cushions and an armless design for increased elbow room. The scuff resistant base and hinged back angle make these durable office chairs a winner for any business.
Monday, June 10, 2013

5 Cool Office Chairs Any Dad Will Love!

Father's day is less than a week away. By now, dad is probably tired of ties and coffee mugs. That being said, all the hard working dads out there deserve a comfortable office chair! The super cool models highlighted here will keep dad sitting pretty while showing him just how much you care. Enjoy!
OFM Avenger Series Office Chair

Is you dad a big guy? If so there's no better chair our there then the OFM 810-LX Avenger Chair in black leather. This new line of Big and Tall chairs is designed around comfort and efficiency. With support capabilities up to 500 pounds, you'll be hard pressed to find a more durable chair for dad! With features like a 5" thick extra wide padded seat, 28" base, and gas lift seat height adjustability, this chair is a real winner. The even better news, this line of OFM Office Chairs is typically in stock for quick shipment!
Power Rest Reclining Office Chair
Who doesn't like to kick back and relax every once in awhile! Treat dad with ability to recline at work when he's ready for a short break. This reclining office chair is super comfortable, stylish, and affordable. The 680 model chair is offered in black or burgundy vinyl  and is a great way to relieve stress in the workplace. Let's be honest, most every dad on the planet will appreciate a stress reliever. Additional ergonomic benefits include a 4" thick seat with padded headrest, fully functional swivel base, and padded arm rests. The Power Rest Recliner even allows users to lock-in to 5 different positions for added comfort.

Concorde Office Chair
While the Concorde Office Chair is a bit pricey for the average Father's Day gift, that doesn't mean it's not incredibly cool. Commonly considered the most comfortable chair on the market, this line of luxury office seating is built to impress in every way. The Concorde chair is available in extensive leather upholstery options and can even be purchased in a massage version for superior comfort. If your dad had good taste, he will definitely appreciate this chair! With it's aircraft seating technology, the Concorde is truly top of the line. Fabric upholstered models are available, but kids will probably still need a bit of help from mom to swing this gift for Father's Day!

Retro Brown Leather Office ChairThis retro brown leather office chair from Woodstock Marketing has dad written all over it. The Hendrix chair, inspired by the blues icon offers a polished chrome frame and contemporary look that's sure to impress. The supple brown upholstery enhances the old school feel without straying to far from the popular modern style we all love. Priced at $289.99, this chair is an excellent value that any dad will take note of!

Presideo Lounge Chair
Last but certainly not least, every dad will love the Presideo Lounge Chair and ottoman set by Flash Furniture. The combination of wood and leather form the perfect gift for any dad. The Presideo features button tufted surfaces, thickly padded curved armrest cushions, swivel seat, and black metal base. The Italian leather upholstery offers luxury that's hard to top. Needless to say, this unique line of leather lounge chairs has plenty of wow factor!

No matter what gift you decide to go with, it's the thought that counts. Most dads just want to feel loved and appreciated on Father's day! With the leather office chairs highlighted in this article you'll be at no shortage of awesome gift inspirations to highlights your home or business office furniture configuration. Not to mention, you'll keep dad comfortable which is never a bad idea.
Thursday, June 6, 2013

7 Secret Office Furniture Shopping Tips for Increased Savings

New Office Furniture
We all love a good deal! Regardless of what we're shopping for, perceived value is incredibly important. Nobody wants to pay top dollar when coupons are out there for the taking! When it comes to the world of office furniture these same principles remain true. The best part is, with the awesome shopping tips in this article a good deal is no longer hard to find!

Tip 1: Bulk Discounts

All too often shoppers walk right through the checkout process with multiple items loaded in the cart. When in a hurry, forgetting to inquire about bulk discount savings is a common occurrence. This is most typically seen with new office chairs and similar products purchased in multiples. If you've got 3 or more items loaded in a shopping cart, take a moment to call about bulk pricing. You'll be surprised at just how much money you can save.

Tip 2: Free Shipping

Paying for shipping online is just plain silly! Did you know that most leading manufacturers like Mayline Furniture include free shipping for dealers? If you see a shipping charge on an furniture purchase there's definitely a chance it's just a hidden way for dealers to make additional profit. This isn't always the case, but to be on the safe side, make sure you seek out legitimate free shipping office furniture providers for the absolute best value possible.

Tip 3: Mark Up

Recent studies show that consumers feel they've received a better deal when they get big discounts off of a marked up product. Several top office furniture providers have taken this principle to heart! Instead of offering products at everyday low prices, dealers are marking up prices and offering specials galore! The benefit is that if you don't ask or seek out a deal, you might just end up paying more than you have to. On the flip side, if you find a coupon, the dealer makes what they wanted to originally but you feel like you've gotten a real bargain. No matter what, mark up is occurring. Arm yourself with this knowledge going into the shopping process. Make sure you find a trustworthy dealer like that believes in customer honesty and affordable prices from the start.

Tip 4: Coupons

If you see an area during checkout to enter a coupon code stop! Open up a new screen in your browser and search active coupon codes for the respective company. It sounds obvious, but all too often checkout is completed quickly and savings are not maximized! Sites like and are great places to start your coupon hunt.

Tip 5: It Never Hurts to Ask

Online shoppers tend to avoid calling dealers to steer clear of a sales pitch, automated system, or any number of factors that take up valuable time. However, time spent building a decent rapport with your dealer of choice can save you money. Take a "It Never Hurts to Ask" mentality when shopping for office desks for sale online along with any other items you might be considering for the home or business. Additionally, a quick phone call will provide you with insight as to what kind of company your dealing with. Preparing yourself in advance with a short call can save you the trouble of a customer service nightmare down the road. If a company seems helpful and friendly, you'll probably also end up with an additional discount of some sort!

Tip 6: Be Nice

Online companies are always more likely to provide you with better service when your nice. Being respectful and kind to your furniture company goes a long way. A quick call to say thank you for a job well done or positive company review speaks volumes. Your furniture provider will often reciprocate with coupons, specials, sale alerts, and closeout specials for added savings.

Tip 7: Newsletter Sign Up

We all hate junk mail! However, if you plan on shopping for office products on a regular basis for your company, the company newsletter is the best place to find out about the latest deals. Commonly, dealers will list items like new conference tables and other top products here when on sale. You can't beat the product suggestions found in the newsletter! Any reputable dealer should put out a monthly message without rocking your inbox with tons of nonsense. If they spam you up, simply request a removal. Let's say your shopping for new reception desks for your business and looking to make a first time purchase with a new dealer. Call your dealer for a copy of the most recent newsletter and see if any are listed. Inquire about active coupons and get a feel for just what type of company your dealing with. Use this simple tip and you can never go wrong!
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Improve Workplace Versatility with Office Furniture

Creating the perfect office space for your business is no easy task. You'll need to consider factors like efficiency, ergonomics, and style to ensure a user friendly work environment. During this process, maximizing your square footage will be essential. Finding products geared towards functionality is also must. The good news is, all of these things are very possible. When combined, these attributes will surely improve the versatility of any office space while simultaneously improving your business.

Global Bungee Tables

In order to improve office versatility, you'll need to acquire modular office furniture for every space. The idea of using furniture for a single purpose is an old school mind set that's becoming a thing of the past. In the modern office, all products are designed with modularity in mind. This unique attribute is an excellent way to save your business money, time, and space.

One area where modular products will help maximize versatility is the conference room. Using modular conference table layouts makes for easily reconfigurable spaces to meet the needs of any particular meeting. Commonly, modular training tables are used in place of traditional conference tables as they offer mobility and increased user friendliness. Typically, a flip top training room tables layout will cost about the same as a name brand wood conference table but can offer far more benefits. Tables can be easily nested and stored along walls when not in use. This makes for easy to clean spaces designed with the needs of your office in mind. That's what office versatility is all about.

Ergonomic Office Products
The ability to combine one area to serve two office purposes is also key. While this sounds good in theory, knowing the modular products lines capable of this is great! Arming yourself with product knowledge when shopping for your business office furniture is essential. Collections like the Bungee Table line from Global Total Office along with the Flip N Go table series from Mayline are truly excellent ways to improve your workplace versatility on a budget. These value priced office tables offer ease of use and excellent ergo benefits that should not be overlooked when considering a modern training room furniture or conference room makeover project!

Height Adjustable DeskThe use of ergonomic products in the workplace is at an all time high. In 2013, products like ergonomic monitor mounts have been selling like hot cakes! Why you ask? These simple products provide priceless versatility. Models like the Edge Monitor Arm by ESI offer a limitless range of adjustment capabilities while freeing up valuable desk space. Additional products you'll want to consider when looking to improve office functionality include the Orion Tablet Mount for only $149.99, along with the popular Solstice LED desk lamp which also charges mobile devices! The range of ergonomic office furniture and accessories is broad. Asking industry professionals for helpful product suggestions will provide excellent insight into what products will most improve your office versatility.
Monday, June 3, 2013

Incredible Reception Desks Sure to Inspire Your Welcoming Area

We all know the value of a good first impression. When visitors walk into your place of business what do they think? Are they wowed, impressed, and blown away by the incredible good looks and professionalism? Or, do they find it lacking style and generally boring. Hopefully the later! That being said, the value of a well thought out welcoming area is priceless.

Creating this area the right way revolves around a quality reception desk. As this is typically one of the largest business furniture expenses most companies will incur, it's important to have good food for thought before starting your makeover project. The stations highlighted in this post are a great way to get inspired for your project while helping you maximize your furnishing budget!

Wood Reception Desk with Granite Counter TopWhen it comes to quality office furniture perhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive offering of products than Mayline. With 10 top selling casegoods furniture collections on the market, Mayline provides quality furnishings fast and affordably. One station sure to stand out in any welcome area is the Sorrento Reception Desk in either of the two stocked wood veneer finish combinations. This reception desk with granite top is sure to impress even the harshest of critics. The traditional look combined with modern luxuries makes for a stylish space to be proud of. Matching wood wall cabinets and storage accessories are available from this popular collection to further accent your space.

Napoli Reception Station

Glass and metal have been the most popular materials to use in the reception area for 2013. Combine these attributes with a luxury wood veneer and you've got the recipe for a winning reception desk. Like what  you hear? Check out the NRSBB Napoli Reception Station as it offers just that! This incredibly unique rectangular reception desk is available in 3 stocked finishes and includes two box box file pedestals for built in storage. The glass transaction counter is sure to earn any space a high grade while the simplistic metal accents complete the look. Talk about wow factor!

Jade Reception Station with Glass CounterKeeping it simple with your business reception space is never a bad idea. A welcoming look provides a wholesome appearance that's never out of style. Lines like the Cherryman Jade Collection offer the perfect combination of luxury and modern elegance to form one heck of a wood office furniture offering. Units like the JA-124N Jade Reception Desk features a stunning glass transaction counter choice of cherry or mahogany finishes. The JA-124N is ideal for upscale reception furniture and waiting room projects on limited budgets. Another stocked product, this item is great for those in need of new reception furniture in a hurry.
Verde Reception Station

Love the modern look? You can't go wrong with Verde casegoods for your office. From conference room tables to luxury executive suites, this line can outfit your entire business to perfection. The VL-644L Verde Reception Station is an excellent example of this collections craftsmanship. The subtle curves, clean look, and stunning finish combine to form one of the most popular reception desks for sale on the market today. Priced at $1509.99, it's also one of the most affordable! Models can also be purchased with a right hand return along with matching reception tables and leather lounge seating solutions.
55314 Cherry Finished Marque Reception Station

Last but certainly not least, the 55314 Marque Reception Station by OFM. This line of large curved reception desks is sure earn your space an overwhelming amount of positive compliments. Available in 3 stocked finishes, the cherry reception desk is surely the most popular. However, any of these will provide you space the look and quality your business deserves. Marque stations and reception area furniture requires no tools for assembly! These easy to install units boast silver metal frames and a translucent plexi glass transaction screen for good looks and privacy. Smaller models are available in addition to an ADA reception station addition for handicapped visitors.

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