Monday, October 28, 2013

Solving 5 Common Office Aches with Ergonomic Seating

Pain is exactly what it sounds like: a pain. Not only does it hurt, its also distracting, which is why aches in the office can seriously cost you in both your health and your pocketbook when you can't get your work done. But did you know that most common office pains are a direct result from your seating solutions? Thats right! Many office aches can be greatly reduced and even prevented altogether just by switching from a conventional office chair to an ergonomic one. Ergonomic furniture is designed to improve efficiency and add comfort at the same time. If you're being slowed down at work by your office furniture, ergonomics might be your solution!

Knee Pain

Global Vion Weight Sensing Office Chair

Now, you may be wondering how an ergonomic chair can relieve knee pain. Both conventional chairs and ergonomic ones seem to have the same basic look to them. How could there truly be that much of a difference with regard to knee pain, right? You couldn't be more wrong. Actually, the secret to knee joint relief from ergonomic chairs lies in the seat. Most ergonomic chairs feature molded waterfall seats which gently slope down at the edge to increase blood flow to the legs, reducing knee pain, but that isn't the only cool feature about ergonomic chair seats. In fact, many ergonomic chairs also feature memory foam or molded foam seats for added comfort. Chairs like the Vion Weight Sensing Chair by Global also allow adjustment of the seat's depth for maximum support. Nearly all ergonomic office chairs come equipped with either pneumatic or gas lift seats for optimal height adjustment. Who knew so much tech could exist in just the seats?

Joint Pain

ORO Multi Task Chair with Tablet by OFM

One problem common to office workers as well as the elderly and arthritic is joint pain, particularly of the arms, ankles, and hands. While ankle pain can find relief for the same reasons as knee pain listed above, you may be wondering how your office chair could have a significant effect on your arms and hands. Well, the answer is fairly simple actually. While many office chairs come equipped with armrests, ergonomic office chairs come with a special variety. The armrests of most ergonomic chairs, unlike a conventional chair's armrests, are often highly adjustable. Most joint pain in the hands and fingers is likely due to decreased blood flow when typing. Small keyboards and excessive typing on a smartphone or iPad can aggravate joint pain in the hands. If you're leaning over your desk to type, it could be a strain on both your arms and your back. Consider adding a retractable keyboard mount under your desk, or better yet, make full use of ergonomic office chairs by purchasing one that comes complete with an adjustable tablet connected to the arms, such as the ORO Multi Task Chair with Tablet by OFM. This way, you can relieve stress on your elbows by resting them on the armrests, end back pain by ending your need to lean over the desk, and end hand and finger pains by typing on the right size keyboard, at the right height and right length away from yourself for optimized comfort and efficiency!

Neck Pain

Obsuforme Ergonomic Chair by Global

Neck pain can be caused by many things. Existing back pain, leaning over a keyboard, refusing to rest the neck, and having nothing to rest the neck on are all potential contributors to neck pain at the office. The good news for you is that ergonomic chairs can help solve this too! Because most ergonomic chairs are designed especially to relieve back pain, if your neck aches are caused by it, the chair will likely take care of that too. If your neck pain is caused by leaning over a keyboard or straining to see your computer screen, a retractable keyboard tray, ergonomic computer mount, or ergonomic chair with a tablet attachment can also help relieve your pain. However, if your neck pain comes from a lack of rest, never fear, ergonomics can solve that too! Chairs like the Obsuforme Ergonomic Chair by Global incorporate technology that helps curve to the natural shape of your spine, so it not only is good for your back, but also your neck. Many ergonomic chairs like this one also incorporate an adjustable neck rest so that you can change its position to meet your unique comfort needs.

Back Pain

Perhaps the most common effective solution to pain relief reached by nearly all desk, task, lounge, and executive chairs with ergonomics is that of back pain. Back pain is so common among artists and office workers that the very study of ergonomics with regard to chairs was primarily founded on pursuit of back pain relief. As a result, nearly all ergonomic office chairs provide some technological solution for relieving back aches. Whether that solution lies in the shape of the chair, a high tech adjustable back rest, or in a special upholstery designed to cradle and support the back, it depends on the chair but the possibilities are endless. Its extremely difficult to find an ergonomic chair that doesn't attempt to solve this problem. No matter what causes your pain, the good news for you is that nearly all ergonomic office chairs ease back pain, so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable as long as you shop for the appropriate chair for yourself!

Uncomfortable Tempreture

Wau Office Chair by Eurotech

One of the most common office problems that is addressed the least is general discomfort. Maybe you don't really have any pains per say, but being too hot when you're working can be a pain all its own. Sweating can be an embarrassing problem because it usually shows up on your clothes. Having to converse with co-workers or (heaven forbid) your boss when your shirt has sweat stains just makes everything more awkward than it already is, which everyone knows is awkward enough. For people who work in warm climates or in offices where the thermostat never seems to fall below eighty degrees, this is a real and ever present problem. Not only is discomfort caused by temperature annoying, it is also terribly distracting, but no worries! Ergonomics has solved this one too with the invention of ergonomic mech chairs. Choosing mesh back chairs for office use can be one of the best decisions you make if your office climate is too warm for you because the mesh fabric increases air flow to the sitter. These chairs can come in all shapes and sizes, but for the sweaty office worker, ergonomic mesh chairs with breathability come as a sweet relief.
Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Ways to Relieve Office Stress

Work is one of the topmost stressors for people in the U.S, and its not hard to understand why. Just about everyone has to deal with the same work problems, namely bosses, deadlines, and coworkers. All this stress over work combined with stress at home can build up into a nasty temple of either acute or chronic stress that inhibits your health, ruins your day, and destroys your life. Don't let that happen to you. Your life is too short and too worthy to not enjoy it. If you're stressed at work, here's some great ways to relieve it!



Just breathe. You'll be shocked at how much better you feel. Breathing has a long history in the health world for a good reason. It releases a calming a effect that can be instantly felt and makes the body feel physically much better. Many psychiatrists, health professionals, and yoga experts actually recommend it for stress management and people with anxiety, digestive problems, and high blood pressure. All you have to do is take three minutes out of your day to find a calm quiet place, perhaps even at your desk, to breathe deeply. Take a 5-second long deep breath in through your mouth, hold it for a moment, and then exhale slowly through the nose. Do this several times for three minutes and then several times throughout the day, every thirty minutes to an hour if you need to. Its been scientifically shown that people who do this not only handle stress and anxiety better, but they lead much healthier lifestyles if done on a regular basis even if it is the only change to their daily routine they make. All it takes is remembering to do it and the diligence to do it often. The health benefits are astounding. Just breathe.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Office Lunch

Leading a healthy lifestyle may sound sort of redundant on a post about stress management, but it is extremely important. Even if you have trouble managing stress or anxiety, simply eating well and getting plenty of sleep is a huge step in the right direction, and we mean huge. Following a good eating pattern puts wonderful health benefits on the body and physically forces you to feel better. Of course, both chronic stress built up over time and acute stress that occurs for just a moment can both cause stomach pains that prevent us from wanting to eat. The best thing to do in this case is breath deeply (remember it can also effect the digestive system?) to see if you can loosen up some of the stomach stress, and then eat something healthy and calming such as soup or a smoothie. Additionally, sleeping well can also have an enormous effect on your health. If you are stressed, you're probably one of the 40% of Americans that lie awake thinking about it at night. It never, ever helps. Tell yourself that there is nothing that staring at the ceiling can fix, especially since your day is already over. Do whatever you need to fall asleep on time. Force yourself to get into and maintain a sleeping pattern. The body loves repetition, and if you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekends, your body will reward you by feeling much better. All it takes is 21 days to form a habit, and in this case, your health depends on it, so get forming!

* ASAPScience on has great scientific health videos such as "Should you use the snooze button?" that provide tons of easy-to-understand scientific information about healthy lifestyles usually under three minutes. The videos are fun and informative with great cartoons that illustrate the information easily. Check them out and see if you can apply the knowledge to your life.

Find Your Balance


In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, its critical to find balance in your life. It may seem like its in your best interest to devote all your time and energy to work, but if its stressing you out too much, it may actually end up costing you more in the long run in terms of health and money. Make sure you divide up your time so that its manageable between work, home, and recreation. Time to "stop and smell the roses" will never come unless you seek it out and make time to do it. Sure, it sounds like a difficult task what with co-workers and kids trying to snag your attention all the time, but that doesn't mean you can't include them in your recreation. If you can find time during a break to play fun card games with co-workers, go for it. They'll probably enjoy a break-up in their routine just as much as you. At home, make sure you give time to your family, but let them know that you also need time for yourself and that its okay if they need to exercise a bit of time alone too. Set times where you all can have a few moments peace from each other but also some times to come back together again to eat dinner together or play some games at the end of the day. Recreational activities are extremely important for health reasons, so make use of them. Sometimes kids need activities and breaks after all that school and homework too. If you all work together to maintain a good balance in each other's lives, there's a good chance you'll all succeed, and that's just one less thing to worry about.

Exercise or Deskercise


Most people recognize that exercise is another huge leap that needs to be taken to improving health. Like breathing, exercise also releases endorphins that help us feel good, and people who find the time to walk the dog, go for a jog, ride a bike, or take a stroll in the park generally have much healthier views on life than people who don't. If you can, see if you can find the time to take breaks during your office hours. Instead of heading to the lounge or the break room, go for a walk outside instead. Use the time to focus only on your surroundings and clear your head. If you don't have the time to do this, "deskercise"or exercising at your desk is a trend that has been sweeping the nation. There are videos, pictures, and pamphlets that illustrate the exercise moves that can be done in your office chair. If your office doesn't make use of ergonomics, talk to your boss to see if you can convince them to include ergonomics into the workplace. Not only does affordable office furniture for executives increase comfort and workplace efficiency, but ergonomic office chairs improved health as shown through scientific studies!



If you're constantly worrying about work and the other big stressors in your life, you may think that's probably too much focus and thats the last thing you need to relieve your stress right? Wrong. Constantly worrying about work is not actual focus, its just worrying. Studies show that people who spend time stressing out over constant focus on work actually get much less of it done than the people who genuinely focus just on what they're doing at that moment. Instead of trying to just plow through your day, start off by just working for a straight hour and a half with a concentration only on the work that you are doing, not on everything else that needs to get done. This will set up a momentum for you that you should do your best not to break. After you get the momentum going, make sure you take brief breaks in which you can breathe for a minute or use your comfortable chairs for office use do a few deskercise moves. This will help you keep the "work" frame of mind without overworking yourself. Completely shut off your cell phone unless you need it for work, and even then only text or take calls that are imperative to work. Leave games and social networking sites alone completely to reduce distraction. Studies have also shown that standing can help increase your circulation and improve brain function while you work. If you can, see if your workplace has any office desks with modern design that provide height adjustability so you can stand up while you work. Try it out and see if it works for you!
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Ways to Create An Eco Friendly Office

With all this talk of climate change and all the shows on TV about the animals affected by human expansion, its no wonder that the "green revolution" has truly taken off. People everywhere have taken on the responsibility for the effects on the world they can't always see. They've taken up recycling, changed their lighting fixtures, reduced their shower times, and all that other good stuff. But what about when you're at work? Even if you're the greenest guy or gal at the office, its hard to keep up the routine if your workplace doesn't provide avenues for it. Here are some great ways to go green at the office, and possibly save some cash in the process!



Recycling is often the first thing people think of when they try to go green. Obviously, offices use tons of paper, which kills trees and wastes an unnecessary 55% of water compared to recycled paper. The list of office products that can be recycled is pretty much endless: papers, metals (paperclips and soda cans), cardboard, but one of the most important things you can recycle as a business is plastic. You may not know, but when plastic isn't properly recycled, it has a good chance of floating around over the years until it reaches the ocean, where it can float around for a very long time. That plastic bottle you're drinking out of, if you don't recycle it, could very well end up in one of the five oceanic gyres filled with plastic. According to In each of the world's oceans, there's an area where all the currents meet and swirl pretty much infinitely. Any trash or plastic in the water will eventually make it there to become part of a giant trashy soup. These plastic gyres pollute the water and trap animals. Sometimes migrating fish can swallow tiny bits of this plastic. If they're caught by us, the fish are usually eaten, which basically means we are eating each other's trash, albeit in small quantities. Every human born since the 50s has plastic in their bodies and scientific research shows that drinking or eating from plastic containers can contribute to developing cancer. 
Recycling at the office is a great way to help break this cycle since workplaces house numerous individuals that would recycle if given the opportunity. You may even choose to check with your local government to see if it offers cash rewards to businesses that recycle! 

Pull the Plug

Power Outlet

Did you know that devices plugged into walls are always sucking power? Even if your cellphone is fully charged or your hairdryer is completely off, if its plugged into the wall, both the environment and you are paying for it. What the electric companies don't want you to know is that the best way to lower your power bill is to unplug all your stuff when its not in use. Even if your employees set their computers to "low power mode" when they leave the office, if its plugged in, its likely costing the tons of money on the electric bill. A study done in California determined that "low power mode" is responsible for 10% of total electricity used in homes in California. A great way to save the environment and save yourself some cash is to change your computer's settings so that it saves energy. You can look up how to do this depending on your computer, and you'll be surprised just how much energy this saves. Also, don't forget to pull the plug on things like TVs, DVD players, and other gadgets when not in use either at work or at home. You may end up saving your workplace a few bucks and a few polar bears by reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned!


Carpooling Coworkers

Soccer moms and high school kids have taken this collective mode of transport to the max. Of course biking, taking the bus, or riding a scooter to work are far more eco-friendly than driving a car, but since most people can't get away from it, carpooling is the next best thing. Talk with your co-workers to see who lives near you and ask if they'd like to carpool. Not only does it save all of you money on gas if you all pitch in a little bit, but it also saves gas. Research shows that around 8 billion gallons of gas would be saved if every car in the U.S. carried just one more person. Carpooling is a wonderful opportunity for co-workers to bond and become friendly with one another. After all, you spend all day together anyway, why not get to know the folks in the office cubicle configurations next to you? Some employers even pay there employees a little extra just for riding together! Who knows? You may even gain a best buddy while you gain cleaner air!

Green Office Desks

Eco-Friendly Desk

This is one for the employers rather than the employees. While its probably not worth the trouble if your workplace is already filled with quality office desks, those of you thinking about starting a new business or redesigning your office can consider choosing eco-friendly office desks. Great multi user workstations for business use are easy and efficient to power even if they're not made out of sustainable materials. By housing more than one individual, the desks can save space, making your workplace appear cleaner and more efficient, but they also use less power, saving you money on the company's electric bill. For those of you considering redecorating, recycling the old desks and looking for stylish office desks for sale made from sustainable materials like recycled metals, recycled glass, bamboo, or other sustainably extracted hardwoods is another great way to go green!

Smart Office Lighting

Pixie LED Task Light by Ergonomic Product Solutions

Choosing the right lighting for your office can make a world of difference for both the environment and your pocketbook. We've always said that natural sunlight has always been the best sort of lighting for office scenarios if you have a sufficient source. Natural sunlight saves tons of money because it costs none, and it has wonderful psychological effects on employees and guests alike, making them feel better, more upbeat, energetic, and friendly. However, if your office simply can't do this for whatever reason, never fear! There are plenty of great desk lamps and office lighting solutions out there that can save both the environment and you some worries. Choosing compact fluorescents and LED lights that use little energy can give you better lighting and save you more money over a longer period of time than traditional incandescent lights. These lighting options burn brighter and more efficiently for much longer than traditional lights, and can sometimes burn for years, saving you tons of money and the environment tons of fossil fuels. Going the extra mile by springing for lighting systems that have motion sensors can also help your green theme by shutting off when there's no sign of physical activity. Schools everywhere have already made wonderful use of this nifty invention, why not see if your workplace will too?
Monday, October 21, 2013

The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

For those unfamiliar with the furniture world, the word "ergonomics" can be a bit of a brain teaser. What does it mean? What does it do? How does it make that chair different from this one? What you probably don't know is that this one little word really can make all the difference in your furniture, especially your office chairs. Applied properly, ergonomics can change every aspect of your home or business for the better. Still confused? Not to worry. This article will illuminate everything you could ever have wanted to learn about ergonomic office chairs and ergonomics in general!


Global Arti High Back Synchro Tilter Chair

The first thing anyone ought to know about ergonomics is that it is synonymous with comfort. In fact, they might as well be right next to each other in the thesaurus. The study of "ergonomics" refers to the study of home and workplace design. All ergonomic products from mattresses to retractable keyboard trays are intended to provide comfort and efficiency to their users. When it comes to comfortable office chairs, you won't find anything as comfortable as something labeled "ergonomic". Because ergonomics began with the study of workplace efficiency, office chairs were one of the first things to change. The results of these extensive studies have produced beautiful ergonomic office chairs for sale that have done nothing but improve tenfold over the past several years. Chairs like the Global Arti Synchro Tilter Chair are even  designed to articulate like a human spine for maximum serenity. Today, its no surprise to find luxury executive chairs and plush lounge furniture under the ergonomic label. Many of these ergonomic seating solutions can fit just as easily into a home as into an office, and the best part is that they've become super affordable so there's no excuse for missing out on all the relaxation!


Red Leather Annie Office Chair by Woodstock

The next thing everyone should know about ergonomics is that it never lacks for style. Not only has the word "ergonomics" itself become a trendy thing to say, but the furniture, chairs, and desks that help define the word have developed range of styles as diverse as every individual on the planet! In the field of ergonomics, office chairs have developed a huge range of styles for every occasion and place you could possibly put them. For chairs with wonderful design, few things can top cool ergonomic desk chairs for office use. Interior designers always seek out this type of desk chair for the unique shapes the category has become known for. Few people realize the importance of colors to interior design, but office furniture manufacturers seem to have made it their mission to provide their stylish guest chairs with plenty of color choices to help match existing decor. While nearly all ergonomic office chairs bring style in spades, these two categories certainly provide the most eye-pleasing diversity!


Green Chakra Chair by Eurotech

A chief concern that has always been at the forefront of ergonomic design is health. You suspect a chair might be ergonomic, look first for its listed health benefits. If nobody can tell you what they are,  its likely not an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs designed for business use are some of the healthiest chairs one can buy. Nearly all of these chairs are designed to relieve back pain and support crucial joints such as the knees and elbows to help improve blood circulation. Some ergonomic office chairs have even gone one step beyond, featuring articulating technology so the chairs can match every single move of the body for optimal support. In fact, contemporary ergonomic mesh chairs even provide added breathability for those that tend to work in warm office environments. Take a gander at the categories of ergonomic computer chairs and popular ergonomic task chairs for the chairs with the greatest health benefits.  You might be surprised to find that a few of these chairs, such as the Chakra Chair by Eurotech even relies on new age healing technology, supporting the body by targeting its pressure points. Both this chair and the RFM Verte Chair feature zoomorphic structures for incredible support and unique style, making them two of the healthiest chairs on the market!


Sweetwater Mesh Office Chair by Woodstock

Few chairs are quite as efficient as ergonomic office chairs. In fact, most ergonomic furniture manufacturers pride themselves on the efficiency of their products. Efficient ergonomic products can also include ergonomic workstations as well as modern office desks and helpful office accessories for user-friendly function. To keep up with the efficient modular designs of these desks, quality task chairs must perform at a top-notch level. They need to be easy to maneuver so users can reach anything they need to in a swift time frame. Adding discount task chairs with adjustability and ergonomic features to an office is probably one of the best things a responsible business owner can do to improve the function of a workplace. For those of you considering this option, check out the Sweetwater collection by Woodstock Marketing or any of the products by Flash Furniture for affordability. These chairs feature a diverse range of styles and combine them with discount prices that are always hard to beat.


Oslo Sled Base Chair by Via Seating

Few chair categories can match ergonomic chairs in versatility. Because the pursuit of ergonomic design took off primarily through the improvement of seating solutions, ergonomic chairs can be found in nearly all seating categories. Its common practice for offices to include designer guest chairs with ergonomic features in fashionable lobby furniture and waiting rooms for visitors. Ergonomic chairs can also be found under  breathable mesh back chairs,  executive chairs, computer chairs, and even relaxing conference chairs to impress the bigwigs! You can even include ergonomics in your amazing waiting room furniture setup or as a part of your versatile training room furniture collection! All it takes is a little imagination and a few ergonomic seating solutions. If you're looking to improve the efficiency, work ethic, mood, and health of your workplace, don't miss out on critical ergonomic furniture. With all these benefits, you have absolutely nothing to lose!
Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Lobby

Because lobbies are usually the first impression guests have of your business, its important that any visitors are blown away as soon as they walk in. You want your guests to know that you care about both them and your establishment, and there is no faster way to show them than with a cool, stylish lobby that reflects your business's ideals. It may seem like a daunting task to try and balance a customer's well-being with your company's, but believe us when we say its not as hard as you think! Here's a few great tips to help you design the perfect lobby!

Great Reception

Luminary Wood Reception Desk by Mayline

Its important that guests feel welcomed when they come into your establishment. No one likes to be brushed off as just another average Joe. In order to make your visitors feel welcomed, make sure your receptionists are considerate, approachable, helpful, and amiable. Give them every reason to be in good spirits with affordable ergonomic office chairs to sit in and inviting colors to look at. When your receptionists are bright and cheery, chances are the good vibes will rub off on your guests, making them less likely to become frustrated. But while having friendly employees is important, sometimes making sure your guests can find them is crucial. Give your guests the opportunity to reach a receptionist for help or information if they need to by keeping them behind stylish reception desks that are easy to see. Choosing rounded or curved reception desks for sale allows you the stylistic opportunity to face the desk almost any direction. They are elegant and easy to approach from all angles. But if you'd rather go with something a little more traditional such as rectangular desks or modern reception desks, know you'll never lack for class!

Stylish Decor

Pediatric Office Decor

What many amateur designers don't know about decorating is that its hard to keep spirits high when all you have to look at are drab, whitewashed walls. Its bad enough if your lobby has no windows to let in psychologically uplifting natural sunlight, but if your lobby is seriously lacking in stylish decor, you might as well neglect your guests altogether. Cheerful moods can quickly turn in both your employees and guests alike without a good stylish decor. When decorating, try to use complementary colors and monochromatic colors of varying hues in both your furniture and on your walls. Make sure that strong colors don't overpower one another and that they aren't clustered, but spaced around the room. White walls can look spectacular too as long as there's color in other parts of the room, in the contemporary lobby furniture for example. Be sure to take office lighting into account as any color you choose for your walls will appear different in shadowed and especially bright areas. Remember, if your room is radiant, so is everyone else!

Comfortable Seating

Mayline Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Furniture Set

In any lobby, waiting room, or reception area, keeping guests comfortable is an absolute must. Guests that aren't sufficiently cozy in their seats while they wait are prompted to get up and amble around the office. Not only is this scenario awkward for everyone, guests, employees, and managers alike, but this situation is especially embarrassing for the business. If guests feel the urge to walk around the room because the seats are uncomfortable, it shows that the establishment hasn't put all they could into customer satisfaction. Additionally, guests that feel the effects of waiting in uncomfortable seats are likely to complain or give bad reviews. Even if nothing else can be put in, keeping comfortable lounge furniture is the one thing every lobby absolutely cannot be without. If you don't have a lot to spend, the good news is that there are plenty of versatile guest chairs and beam seating solutions that can both save you money and space in the room! For something a little more sumptuous, try checking out lobby seating options in the form of luxury lounge chairs  in both leather and fabric as well as plush sofas for extra comfort. Not too comfortable in your interior designing capabilities? No worries! Considerate furniture manufacturers have already pre-picked optimal furniture for you. Just check out some popular lounge furniture sets and your lobby's furniture can instantly match itself and any existing decor to boot!

Refreshments and Entertainment

Black Glass Futura TV Stand by Calico Designs

To truly show that you care about your guests' experience, the best way to show your compassion is in the way you cater to them. Keep your guests pleased with your workplace by providing light refreshments and plenty of entertainment for them. It doesn't really require much to please a guest in this regard. Oftentimes, nothing more than a simple water cooler is enough for most people to feel cared for by a business. Keeping magazine stands stocked with exciting reading material such as popular magazines or information about your business can help keep guests occupied and less likely to complain about long wait times on especially slow days. When decorating, try to include some cool accents such as fancy pillows on the sofas, artwork, or even a fish tank for people to look at while they wait. One entertainment option that has become all the rage are flatscreen TV mounts to support a television system. These mounts make wonderful additions to modern waiting room furniture and reception area furniture because they hang on the walls, out of the way. They can run popular programming, promote your business, or play DVDs. Dentists and doctors have already found them incredibly useful to occupy patients while they are examined. Who knows? Perhaps including one in your workplace lobby is just the extra touch you need!

The Importance of Tables

Sorrento Series Oval Coffee Table by Mayline

So, all is good now! Your guests have their beverages and their TV and their reading materials, everything they need to feel pampered by your lobby, right? Wrong! While entertainment for guests can do wonders for a company's reputation, it can get pretty awkward when visitors don't have any place to set all their stuff. Just think about it, drinks set on floors can be forgotten or kicked over making a huge mess. Pamphlets and magazines set on the ground leave a place looking cluttered and unsanitary. Don't give that impression when you don't have to! The solution is more simple than you might think. Just don't forget to include some cool lobby tables when you're designing! Take your pick of the lot from elegant coffee tables and discount end tables for your rooms. Almost anything that would look great in someone's living room is fair game for a lobby. The familiar furniture adds a certain sense of homey comfort that puts guests instantly at ease!
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Modern Office Desks for Tight Spaces

For people with small offices in bedrooms, apartments, buildings, and dorm rooms, trying to get work done can be a huge ordeal. Whether you're trying to write an essay, work on a project, or just surf the web, tight spaces are well known for making everything a lot more difficult. Many people feel like they might have to knock out a wall just to get things done. Not so! While large office desks can support a lot more stuff, small office desks are often just as good. If you're office is cramped on space, checking out a few of these space-efficient desks may be your answer!

Mayline Eastwinds Home Computer Desk
First on our list of space-efficient desks is a desk that manages to maintain the perfect balance of conventional necessity and small stature for those who need it. The Eastwinds Home Computer Desk by Mayline is a spectacular desk for both home and office use because of its sophisticated modern style and compact frame. You even get to pick from two stylish finish options to better match existing decor! Choosing desks like this from stylish computer desks for sale is always a great move for people with small office spaces. These small contemporary office desks can fit easily into corners or against walls to leave the rest of the room free for other things. With this desk and other's like it, you will never lack for function or style!

Verde Modern Table Desk by Cherryman
But say you need something even more fancy. Sometimes, desks like the one above, while beautiful,  just can't cut it for business executives. People with lots of prestige in their field often need a desk to reflect that, but being caught in a tight space can sometimes take a bite out of your dreams. Or... at least that's been the case in the past. The good news for all those small office executives out there is that the modern age had brought with it some modern executive desks to go with it. For bigwigs short on square footage, cool modern office desks like the Verde Modern Table Desk by Cherryman  or the Stella Small Veneer Desk by Mayline are the perfect answers! These smallish executive desks support tons of charisma in a much more space-friendly package!

OFM Rize Cubicle Workstation
What do you do when you have too many desks though? Sometimes a very common problem in many workplaces stems from the fact that there are simply so many individuals each with their own desk. Well, we can promise you that there is a simple solution to this matter. Often, the best way to solve the problem of too many small office desks is to just get one big one! That's right, modular multi user workstations a few awesome cubicles can save a ton of space. By grouping all the stations into little islands, you create a scenario where multiple individuals can work comfortably in a compact space. Units like the OFM Rize Single Cubicle Workstation can be added together for efficient use of space and they can be removed and stowed away according fluctuating business activity. Other units like the Mayline e5 Cubicle Workstation Configuration also make clever use of workspace by grouping four individual desks into a single modular unit. All of these modular workstations are easy to power and support, just make sure your co-workers get along before you get one!

Eastwinds Adjustable Sit or Standing DeskDon't worry, we didn't forget about you college kids! Actually, as a matter of fact, the same desks that are perfect for dorm rooms are also amazing fits for apartments and bedrooms for those who wish to keep workspaces close by. Desks like the Eastwinds Adjustable Sit or Standing Desk are wonderful ways to get work done efficiently because they can even be organized so that you can work at the desk standing up. These desks in particular are especially favored by schools and doctor's offices for this very reason. Another great option includes the E-Series Varitask Ergonomic Desk by Mayline for anyone who needs a small place to surf the web from. Any of Mayline's Veritask desks are compact and stylishly designed so that they fit easily into corners to save room. In the world of versatile office furniture, the category of affordable student desks has seen a huge spike in popularity. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity!

Calico Designs Jameson LS Work CenterFinally, we leave you with the creme de la cool from the world of sleek glass office desks for sale! No matter where you work or what your situation, the Jameson LS Work Center by Calico Designs will certainly lift your spirits. This relatively small glass office desk is made to brighten up the corners of a room, effectively taking everyone's eyes off of a room's lack of space by staying out of the way of everything. With the addition of unique corner office desks like this, you will always have room to spare, and the see-through glass tops remain unintrusive to the eyes so a room always looks clean and bare, no matter the size! With this desk and other like it from amazing brands like Mayline Furniture and Global Total Office, your biggest challenge will be finding ergonomic office seating  cool enough to match its incredible style!
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luxury Boardroom Tables from Top Brands

Any good business owner will tell you that making a lasting impression of valued clientele is priceless. That being said, one way to help you achieve just that is with the addition of a luxury boardroom table from one of the industries top brands. Today's article highlights the best tables available with high end style sure to impress your guests by enhancing your corporate decor and conference room quality.

Verde VL-741 Conference TableWhen it comes to luxury office furniture, perhaps no brand offers a more extensive collection of products than Cherryman Industries. The high grade craftsmanship and quality construction make Cherryman Industries Furniture a favorite amongst interior design teams and consumers alike. The Cherryman VL-741 Verde Conference Table is the perfect choice for modern boardroom makeover projects where modern style is a must. This awesome product is highlighted with white glass painted leg inserts and a choice of two laminate color options. Perhaps the best part is that this luxury boardroom solution is available at well under $2000 and is typically in stock for quick shipment. Now that's value!

Glass Conference Table
While OFM office chairs have been one of the key highlights of 2013, interior designers have also fallen in love with the OFM GT3977 glass conference table with metal legs. The GT3977 offers an industrial look that's been incredibly popular this year. The commercial appeal is best exemplified through the sturdy metal frame and thick glass surface. One key benefit of this table is that by utilizing a glass top, your space is provided with a neutral canvas sure to match any current wood office furniture finishes and other boardroom decor. Those in search of large boardroom tables for sale for their space will enjoy the GT4794 model for their meeting area.

Mayline Napoli TableAnother reputable provider of industry leading conference tables for sale in 2013 is Mayline. With 10 of the absolute best office furniture collections available on the market, this full service brand prides themselves on offering luxury options for every room of your business. The Mayline Napoli Series is a preferred choice by those in search of modern conference tables that won't break your project makeover budget. The Mayline NC10 Napoli Series Conference Table offers the perfect combination of luxury wood veneer construction and metal accents for an impressive look that's sure to earn your boardroom a host of positive compliments. The best part is that the entire line of modern boardroom tables for sale from the Napoli line are available with power options capable of turning any space into a multi media ready meeting area.

30 Foot Conference TableWhile the Napoli collection is great for modern applications, the Mayline Sorrento Series is no doubt the top choice for traditional spaces looking to capitalize on luxury style. Products like the Sorrento 30 foot wood conference table SC30 are designed specifically for large conference room furniture needs. This line of boat shaped conference tables for sale features 2 stunning wood veneer finish options that offer depth and class that's impossible to overlook. This table is not for those on a limited budget however. The luxury appeal of the SC30 is paired well with the 7K plus price tag! Needless to say, if your business has the space for a 30ft. table, the price is probably not scaring you away from this absolutely beautiful product.

Elliptical Conference Table with Metal LegsLast but certainly not least we reach the Alba 10 foot elliptical conference table with metal legs from Global Total Office. Another brand that's often overlooked for products other than ergonomic office chairs, Global is branching out in a major way to include elliptical and modular conference tables for sale that will absolute rock your office conference room. Models like the GEL10WSTM offer a unique design that's available in 10 made to order surface finishes and 2 base finishes. If you're looking to step outside the box, the Alba collection of large and small boardroom tables for sale can easily become the focal point of your office decor. These versatile tables can also be purchased in smaller sizes and with power options to meet your specific business needs.
Monday, October 7, 2013

Spooky Ways to Decorate the Office for Halloween!

There's no doubt about it! With all the pumpkins, falling leaves, and warm spicy smells filling the air, fall has definitely arrived, and we all know what that means... Halloween is just around the corner! Pretty soon, kids and parents all over the country will be dressing up their houses and themselves, hitting the streets with glowsticks and goody-bags ready to reap the bumber-crop of candy that comes at the end of every October. But with everyone feeling the autumn's bounty, it can be hard to stay confined to the office all day. If your co-workers or employees moods seem turn as soon as they step inside, why not change things up? Let them celebrate the wonders of fall by decorating the office in the spirit of the season. Not only does it provide a change of scenery, but it also boosts office morale. After all, if everything else is getting dressed for tricks and treats, why leave the cubicles out of the loop? Here are some great ways to dress up the office for the fall season!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

Paper Pumpkins

Halloween is the second most anticipated holiday of the year in the United States, right after Christmas. With so many people in love with the tricks and treats, its hard not to be charmed by the fun costumes and the not-so-scary decorations, but nothing says "fall" for Americans quite like pumpkins! Most people don't know that long before pumpkins were ever used, turnips were actually the go-to choice for the jack-o'-lanterns that warded away evil spirits for Europeans. It wasn't until the settlers arrived in North America that these funny orange members of the squash family became associated with the grinning faces and fall festivities they're known for now, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Dressing up your office with pumpkins is not only super fun, but tiny pumpkins kept at modern office desks can make pretty great little paperweights! Additionally, pumpkin-carving contests are wonderful outlets for co-workers to bond and let off a little of their pent up energy after spending all day hunched over keyboard trays typing. While cutting a few of these familiar cute Halloween friends out of orange colored paper and pasting them around the office is the usual way to go, you may want to consider something a bit more unique. Instead of cutting pumpkin shapes, heres a few steps to making a different kind of paper pumpkin! Check it out at and be the talk of the whole office!



Here's a fun way to get the office together for a bit of fun one day: building a scarecrow! We know, clearly its not the conventional thing to do for a bit of fall festivities, but it can actually be quite fun. Collecting the office crew and splitting them into teams for a scarecrow speed-building contest can unite the group, create some friendly competition, get everyone talking, and bring a bit of extra happiness into the office. Assign each person a piece of the scarecrow that they can bring to help build it or provide them with the materials. Then, give them the basic instructions on how to assemble it (which we will provide here for you, so no worries!) Finally, grab a stopwatch, build your scarecrows, and unleash the festivities. When they're assembled, place them amongst the stylish waiting room furniture in the lobby, in comfortable guest chairs, or in some old mesh task chairs that haven't been used in a while. You'd be surprised with the number of compliments and smiles you'll get from costumers who appreciate your establishment's whimsical side! If you'd like to make a scarecrow for your workplace, check out this article from and let the fun begin!

Wonderful Autumn Smells!

Scented Candles

Scented candles are spectacular for improving office environments. There are many studies to support the theory that certain smells can evoke responses in humans that can modify behavior, making us feel more energetic, more relaxed, less likely to anger, and even less stressed. What better way to improve the mood of the whole workplace than by adding the wonderful scents of the fall season to the mix? It is believed that spicy fall scents such as cinnamon and ginger can help to reduce fatigue, tiredness, as well as help to calm the nerves, making people more aware. Additionally, citrusy scents can quickly brighten moods, making a place feel and smell cleaner. By adding these fabulous scents to an office environment, employees may find themselves getting along much better with their coworkers and feeling more lively. Tossing a few scented candles in amongst the reception area furniture or on top of the fashionable coffee tables in the guest area can really make a room feel warm, homey, and comfortable - perfect for guests and visitors. Candles can be store-bought or made at home, but if you'd rather not have traditional candles in your office for safety reasons, incense, scented sticks, and plugins can also create great moods without posing as much of a fire hazard.

Fall Festival Office Theme!

Dressing up the office in the "Fall Festival" theme is a great way to show your employees and customers that your establishment can support a delightful whimsical side. Really though, this is true of almost any seasonal office decoration. Not only does dressing up the office liven up your employees, but when customers see the fun little pumpkins or snowflakes all over the office, they feel that a business is more of a human community rather than a mindless, cold-blooded engine of the modern age. Fall festival is perhaps one of the greatest decorative styles for dispelling the negative impression that businesses are without heart. It is a fun and energetic theme that gets everyone glowing with the warm comfort only the autumn can bring. Because the "fall" theme is a natural cycle of the seasons whose celebration is so widespread, and the theme is not necessarily tied to any religious holiday, few people are ever offended by the harmless little pumpkins and scarecrows stuck to the walls and cubicles. If you're considering a "fall festival" style to enliven your workplace, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are definitely the colors to go with. Pressed and laminated autumn leaves can be attached to magnets and stuck to metal office carts and spacious storage cabinets to contribute to the theme. Additionally, colored-paper pumpkins, corn cobs, apples, walnuts, and hay piles stuck to just about anything in the office will undoubtedly show off your establishment's enthusiasm for the season.

Halloween Office Themes!

Halloween Themes

As we've established, Halloween is an extremely popular holiday filled with fun ways in which you can decorate the office. For traditional Halloween enthusiasts, oranges, blacks, and purples are the colors that best describe this holiday, which make them great for decorating the office. Choosing a Halloween theme for the whole office, for each room, or each set of cubicles adds a bit of whimsical variety that is hard not to enjoy. A few cool themes to get started with stem from the realm of popular costumes, but the ideas are visually endless. Some themes or characters you may consider dressing your  popular office desks with are witches, pirates, vampires, ghosts, pumpkins, superheroes, or even popular movie monsters. Hanging homeade tissue-paper ghosts and suspended pumpkins above modular multi-user workstations keep things animated without intruding upon the workday. If you'd rather not go with the super scary for the office, famous old fairytales and stories such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, or the Grimm Brother's tales can provide a certain amount of fun that may feel much less scary or offensive to people who don't particularly care much for Halloween. These magical tales are familiar and cherished, making them very popular around Halloween, and the themes are very easy to decorate with. Here's a few decorating ideas and themes sure to boost your Halloween spirit:

Spooky Halloween Movie Themes:

1.) The Nightmare Before Christmas
2.) Ghostbusters
3.) The Wizard of Oz
4.) Halloween Charlie Brown
5.) Alice in Wonderland
6.) James and the Giant Peach

* Each of these Halloween family movies make fun costume themes either for people or for office desks. They are beloved for their childlike humor, familiarity, and relative innocence, usually making them safe choices to balance the spookiness of Halloween with the appropriate level of quirky humor that can be tolerated in a business environment.

Halloween Craft Ideas:

1.) Small tissue paper ghosts and bats suspended from the ceiling.
2.) Caution tape wrapped around ergonomic office chairs and desks.
3.) If you have ergonomic monitor arms attached to your computers, you can tape paper eyes and teeth to the computer screen to give the illusion of a friendly computer monster.
4.) Use tape and colored paper to dress up your computer's mouse like a real mouse.
5.) Tiny pumpkin paperweights ( you may want to draw funny faces on them to mimic jack-o'-lanterns)
6.) Candy-themed decorations.

* We hope this article has inspired you to enjoy this spectacular season for all its worth, both at home and at the office! Remember to stay safe, keep things appropriate, and most of all, have a very happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top Seating for Office Lounge Areas

Any good business owner knows that keeping employees and valued clientele comfortable is essential. That being said, designing a professional lounge area for your office guests is a great way to do just that. In 2013, several of the industries most reputable brands have brought to market incredible new lounge furniture solutions that will surely improve your corporate decor without breaking the bank! Check out the reviews below of the top lounge solutions for your office common areas.

Leather Lounge FurnitureFor those who don't know, Mayline office furniture is some of the best made and highly regarded products available. Their high quality office desks for sale includes popular models from 10 casegoods collections. However, this preferred manufacturer of consumers and interior design teams alike is often overlooked when it comes to professional lounge furniture needs. Those who take the time to consider Mayline seating for their lounge area makeover will be highly rewarded! Lines like the popular Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Seating collection are perfect for both modern and contemporary waiting areas. Available in both black and almond leather options, you'll enjoy incredible style and the ability to add versatile accessories like tablet arms and casters for simplified mobility.

Cherryman Verde Series Lounge ChairAnother industry leading brand that prides themselves on high quality business office furniture solutions you can rely on is Cherryman Industries. With 5 top selling casegoods furniture lines available on the market in 2013 you'll be at no shortage of stylish options for any office area. The Cherryman Verde Series is well known for the modern products it showcases which now includes black leather lounge chairs that won't break your budget! The Verde CHAIR-40 lounge chair features sharp curves and a contemporary look that's showcased by the everyday low price of $553.99. As an added bonus, this awesome product is typically in stock. This is always a nice feature for those in need of new furniture in a hurry to meet their project deadline.

OFM NET Series SeatingWhen shopping for new furniture for office lounge area applications in 2013 you're bound to come across one of the hottest trends the world of professional office seating has ever seen. That trend is the use of modern beam seating for guest waiting areas. One of the most reputable providers of high quality beam solutions is OFM. Always on the cutting edge, OFM seating is also affordable and very well made. This year the NET series beam chair line has no doubt been one of their best sellers. Composed of a metal mesh seat and back, NET series products work great in both indoor and outdoor applications. Interior design teams are steadily recommending this line as it's available in 7 cool colors that will match any workplace decor with ease. If you're looking to add some wow factor to your makeover project, look no further than the OFM furniture brands NET series in 2013!

Offices To Go Stack Chair

The use of simple office guest chairs will surely save you money on your lounge area makeover. While most might see this mentality as a sacrifice of valuable style, Offices To Go Seating is here to subdue your worries! The OTG 1210 side chair priced at $67.99 is truly an excellent value that's easily capable of taking your waiting room seating to higher level of corporate appeal. These affordable office reception chairs are light weight and easy to move. This makes for easy to clean areas and simplified reconfiguration capabilities. The polished frame and impact resistant black plastic seating surfaces offer durability for long lasting good looks. The 1210 stacks 5 high comfortably and also works great for office events where multiple guests need to be comfortably accommodated.

Global Sirena Series SeatingLast but certainly not least, any article on lounge, reception, and office waiting room furniture would be cut short without showcasing the awesome Sirena line of products from Global Total Office. The Global Sirena Collection includes a variety of leather office sofas and chairs that offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional styling. The Sirena tablet arm lounge chair is one of the coolest products available that offers superior functionality to nearly every product at the same price point. The Global Sirena Sofa can be purchased in both 2 and 3 seat models to meet your individual space requirements. In addition to seating, Sirena now includes modern reception tables for sale to further enhance your space. These retro inspired products will leave a lasting impression on your guests while earning you positive compliments on your decor daily.
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Modern Break Room Furniture Solutions

The break room is an important office common area where employees congregate for small meetings, mid day snaking, and of course coffee. Sadly, this space is overlooked on a regular basis. The good news is that a break room makeover project can be extremely simple and cost effective. That being said, today's article highlights the top modern break room furniture solutions for business use. Enjoy!

OFM Folding Table
The main focal point of any break room area is the tables. When shopping for new tables for break room use, the OFM furniture brand is the perfect place to start. This industry leading business office furniture provider offers an extensive selection of folding tables designed to save space while simultaneously providing a modern look thats sure to impress. Products like the OFM FT36RD round folding table are available in stylish colors to compliment the polished metal base. The nesting design allows tables to be staged along walls when not in use. The modular design of the FT36RD is definitely a plus that can allow your break room to be converted into a multi purpose area.

Mayline TransAction Series TAMT6 TableAnother awesome manufacturer of modern tables for a break room makeover is Mayline. Their new TransAction multi media table line is ideal for those looking to create a high tech space. Products like the TAMT6 allow employees the ability to enjoy their break with cutting edge power table features that are truly awesome. The TransAction collection features contemporary styling and heavy duty construction at an affordable price. The steel frame and limited lifetime warranty ensure quality and longevity. For those who love the look but just don't need the power option, Mayline has heard your demands. The TransAction line now includes models without the data port at a reduced price.

Alba Square TableIf you haven't noticed, using break room and bistro tables with metal legs is in! This trend combines modern style via an industrial look that's been incredibly popular in 2013. Always on the forefront of innovation, Global Total Office has capitalized on this movement in a big way! New products like the Alba GC36SF square table are priced to sell starting at $286.99 through a variety of online office furniture dealers. These modern office tables are offered in 10 surface color options with a choice of 2 base finishes to meet your individual decor needs and style preferences. Envisioned by world renowned designer Zooey Chu, the Alba meeting table line is the pinnacle of contemporary style and will surely earn the respect of your break room guests.

Once you've settled on the tables, it's time to add some comfort with modern guests chairs your employees will love. lines like the Mayline Valore Guest Chair collection are sold in affordable two packs that won't break your makeover budget. This line of mesh back guest chairs is also available as stools for higher tables looking to capitalize on Valore's good looks! In addition, the Mayline Escalate Guest Chair line is also great for the break room. These easy to clean chairs feature a black plastic seat and back that compliment nicely with the chrome legs and frame. Sold at $365.99 in 4 packs, you'll be hard pressed to find a more durable and reliable solution at even twice the price. The Escalate line is even available with a mobile dolly for larger areas in need of multiple chairs that can be easily reconfigured and moved when cleaning time arrives.

Mayline 1015HC Eastwinds Hospitality CartLast but certainly not least, adding accessories to your office break room is a must. We all know the little details make the biggest difference and products like the Mayline food and beverage cart will set your gathering area apart. This versatile Eastwinds series piece is built with the needs of professional businesses in mind. The adjustable shelves are of course a plus while the locking casters provide much needed stability. Priced at $438.99, make sure to leave room in your budget for the 1015HC cart from Mayline. In addition, the break room area is a great place to increase your office storage. Accenting wall cabinets are always great to compliment your table and chairs while further enhancing your decor. The best part, these are the easiest items to find! Brands like Global, OFM, and Cherryman Industries Furniture all offer excellent cabinets with modern style that will get the job done on a budget!

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