Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Office Furniture and Seating Trends to Watch in 2014

2014 is primed to be a super exciting year for the office furniture and seating world. That being said, several hot trends are becoming more apparent than ever. From the use of open desking configurations to dark wood tones, today's article highlights the hottest ways to keep your office on the cutting edge. Enjoy!

Open desking configurations are being used more than ever for professional business applications. This style of furniture consists of desks for multiple users and single person applications divided by low partitions often made of glass or metal to improve group interaction. Open desking lines like the e5 and TransAction collections from Mayline offer a unique modern appeal while simultaneously making work floors appear larger. As an alternative to the boxy cubicles of the past, these easy to spec and install units are rapidly becoming a top choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Storage components, power, and other innovative features are regularly advancing open layouts to improve the way we work. Needless to say, team environments have never been easier to create!

Mayline Cohere TableThe industrial look is sure to impact office design projects in 2014. Through the use of metal, manufacturers are enhancing their new office desks and furniture lines to provide a euro modern look. From products like the GR6LTM Alba conference table from Global Total Office to larger desk configurations like those highlighted above the durability and style achieved from this popular trend is of great value to businesses. Along with the industrial tones we're seeing a large boost in products with retro appeal. Combining these two areas is a sure fire way to create a unique space that's sure to impress!

BK180F Global Bungee Table SetThe use of modular office furniture in the workplace is at an all time high. Businesses are loving the benefits these user friendly products have to offer. From tables to desks, manufacturers like Global Total Office are regularly adding furniture that's easy to install, interchange, and re configure when needed. Going modular is also a great way to save space and time. One project that will be a hugely popular in 2014 is the multi purpose area which combines popular features from the conference and training rooms of the past to save space while increasing functionality. Products like the BK180 Bungee Table Set can be connected to form a single conference table or separated to form a variety of training room layouts. Talk about maximizing your square footage! In the long run, using modular items in the workplace is just plain smart!

White leather office chairThe fourth trend that will making it's presence felt in the coming year is the use of white upholstery. Both manufacturers and consumers alike are loving the ability to use neutral seating tones that match nearly any decor. Products like this white leather office chair by Woodstock Marketing showcase this popular trend and the industrial look together! White leather reception furniture is also becoming a top choice of interior design teams. When combined with metal and glass tones, the contemporary feel achieved speaks volumes to valued clientele. Brands like RFM, Boss, Flash Furniture, and Global Total Office are all gearing up for this trend to explode in a major way.

Cherryman AM-406N Amber DeskLast but certainly not least, the use of dark wood tones will be super popular in 2014. Finishes like espresso and mocha are a great way to create luxury style in the home and business. Dark tones also hide scratches, pen marks, and general ware much better over a piece of furniture's life span. It's no secret that top selling casegoods collections like the Verde and Amber series by Cherryman Industries have been revamped to include these finishes to appeal to this growing trend. Configurations like the AM-406N Amber Executive Desk set showcase this look to perfection.
Monday, December 30, 2013

Deal Finder: 5 Modern Boardroom Tables Under $1500

At the Office Furniture Deals Blog, we love to share the hottest bargains from all of the industries top manufacturers. In today's article we'll be showcasing 5 of the absolute best modern boardroom tables priced under $1500. As an added bonus, all of the tables highlighted include free shipping for added value. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find better solutions for your meeting area anywhere online!

Zira Racetrack Boardroom TableKicking things off with a bang is the all new Zira Racetrack Shaped Table from Global Total Office. Priced at $1304.99 this boardroom product is truly an excellent value that will put your space on the cutting edge. Available with a variety of custom power options for multi media applications, the Z4896RTE is one of the most innovative items to hit conference rooms in a very long time. Those looking for a more simplified product will be happy to know that power modules are not a must with the Zira table line. With 18 color options and 2 base trim finishes available, the Z4896RTE is easily matched to any office decor. Boat shaped and rectangular models are also available as well as a wide variety of sizes to meet your personnel needs.

Elliptical Conference Table with Metal LegsA brand like Global has far more options for corporate shoppers than just the Zira line! The Alba Elliptical Conference Table with Metal Legs is another hot product that's sure to get your meeting area makeover project completed to perfection. Priced starting at $456.99 for the 5' version, this product falls over $1000 below our allotted price range for today's article. No need to fret if you have a large conference room area to accommodate. Models up to 14' are available from this popular collection. While we love Global Total Office Conference Tables, their top models are made to order and do take 4 to 6 weeks on average for manufacturing. If you plan your project in advance, you'll surely reap the style points earned from their awesome conference room products.

Mayline TransAction Series Boat Shaped TableAlways looking to one up the competition, Mayline has enjoyed incredible success with their popular TransAction line of products for professional meeting areas. Models like the TAC8BB Boat Shaped TransAction table allow shoppers to achieve contemporary style and high end features for only $1376.99. This 8' solution accommodates 4 users comfortably without using the table ends. The metal leg design helps users to capitalize on one of the hottest trends running. The industrial look makes for impressive layouts designed for efficient and productive meetings.

10' Napoli Conference Table by MaylineThe Napoli line of Conference Tables by Mayline is an industry favorite! The combination of wood veneer construction paired with metal modesty panel accents makes for a well rounded solution that speaks volumes to the traditional or contemporary minded. Units like the NC10 Napoli Table showcase this popular casegoods line to perfection. Available in 3 finish options, the NC10 features all veneer surfaces protected with two coats of high-tech catalyzed lacquer. At an everyday low price of $1418.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better bargain on the market. As an added bonus, the NC10 can be easily specked to include power modules for high tech meeting applications.

55118 OFM Graphite Finished Modular Conference TableWe've saved one of our staff favorites for last! The OFM 55118 Modular Conference Table with unique graphite metal and laminate finish is a real head turner. This bargain priced table sports a price tag of only $649.00 and boasts a quick connect assembly that requires no tools. The 3 piece surface, scratch-resistant powder coated frame finish, thermofused melamine surface finish, and durable steel base make for a high quality product that's built to last. As an added bonus, the 55118 is typically in stock for quick shipment. Not feeling the graphite look? No problem! Additional wood laminate options are available to meet your needs. Needless to say, these modern conference tables for sale from OFM are versatile, unique, and just plain cool!

The Ergonomic Workplace: Top Office Products by ESI

On a regular basis, We're all looking for ways to become more productive at work. Luckily, top ergonomic product manufacturers are inventing incredible office solutions each year sure to do just that. Brands like ESI are at the forefront of innovation in the ergonomic world and raise the bar steadily in terms of workplace functionality and efficiency. In today's article we'll highlight several of ESI's best products you'll surely want to add to your office space.

ESI AA500 Sit to Stand Keyboard ArmFirst up, the AA500 Sit to Stand Keyboard Arm with retractable design. If it's versatility you're in search of, this is the product for you! The AA500 allows users to quickly switch from sitting to standing to meet their personal computing preferences. Priced at $511.99 this high end office product offers heavy duty features and excellent durability. Standard attributes include a 19" height adjustment with paddle actuator for easy movement and slim arms for optimal knee clearance. The overall width needed under worksurfaces is 28" while 26" of depth is also a must. The AA500's load capacity is 150Lbs and the arm is retractable on two 23" slides.

4 Screen Monitor Mount by ESIWhile a variety of single monitor mount options are available, we thought it would be far more fun to highlight the 4 screen monitor mount MMFS4 by ESI. Talk about cool! The MMFS4 is sure to free up ample workspace while simultaneously improving your work speed. Constant flipping back and fort between tabs is no long necessary with this awesome products. This mounting solution also features a wide range of adjustment capabilities that make it quickly adaptable to any users preference. While units like this are more commonly used in high tech business environments, we're seeing a huge influx in dual screen mount popularity for home office applications. This ergo product trend is definitely a winner! Those who've started using ergonomic monitor mounts of any kind will tell you there's no going back.

ESI Workstation on WheelsLooking for a cutting edge innovation to take your business over the top? Check out the ESI WOW01 Workstation on Wheels with incredible wow factor! It's no big secret as to where this product got it's name from. The WOW station offers a generous workspace while helping to maximize the square footage of any work environment. Whether the WOW01 is used in an office, educational or healthcare setting, this ergonomic workstation is the perfect solution for mobile computing. It's also really cool! Be prepared for constant questions, compliments, and starring when this product is in use! Standard features like the adjustable height design and heavy duty base with over sized casters make the WOW01 an absolute winner in the workplace.

ESI LCD TV StandCreating multi media spaces has become a huge business trend sure to improve meeting and conference room effectiveness. Products like the TV-CADI-LX mobile LCD TV mount by ESI offer a cost effective alternative to replacing your conference table with any of the latest powered models. This mobilized mount supports screens up to 37" and offers a 176 lb. weight capacity. The TV Caddy helpfully accommodates differences in LCD mounting patterns. Mounting brackets adjust from 4”W - 23.6”W for added versatility. Your TV can be mounted at various heights along pole to meet your specific viewing preferences quickly. The 4 locking castors provide stability when in use while the ergonomic handle makes for easy repositioning when needed. Priced at $850.99, this product is a must for modern businesses in 2014.

ESI CPU01 MountFrom large to small, ergonomic products are helping us accessorize our work environments on a daily basis. Innovative solutions like the CPU01 model CPU mount by ESI offer a cost effective way of securing any computers power source while simultaneously protecting against flood damage. No more troublesome trips underneath your desk to wrangle with wires! The CPU01 mount allows for quick and easy retracting when needed. Priced at only $98.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a more helpful product for your workplace. As with all ESI ergonomic office products, the CPU01 is easy to use, install, and operate. This product is an absolute must for any home or business.
Friday, December 27, 2013

Trend Spotting: 5 Popular Office Interior Design Projects of 2014

As the new year rapidly approaches, several office makeover trends are becoming more evident than ever. Today's article highlights 5 of the top interior design projects for the office that are sure to be a hit in 2014. From contemporary reception areas for welcoming guests to high tech conference rooms for multi media meetings, we've spotted all the latest decor crazes for the workplace. Enjoy!

Contemporary Reception Areas

Contemporary Reception Furniture

This popular makeover started building momentum in early 2013 and hasn't shown signs of stopping. Top office furniture manufacturers are adding more and more exciting products sure to create sophisticated guest waiting spaces. A contemporary reception furniture configuration shows business ingenuity while providing a positive impression on important visitors. Look for hot new products like the Global Duet Beam Seating line and designer lounge furniture sets to be highlighting office environments near you!

The Modern Bistro

Office Bistro Area

Look for office break rooms to be transformed into modern bistro style areas in 2014. This euro coffee shop look is pulled together through the use of bar height bistro tables and designer stools often with metal accents. A stylish bistro area promotes creativity and group interaction in the workplace. Respected furniture providers like Mayline are offering awesome new products like the CA3PL Peanut Shaped Table for a totally modern look that's sure to impress. In the long run, office bistro area sounds much better and far more sophisticated than break room! This interior design project can also be taken on for a minimal cost. Most tables and stools can be purchased with bulk discounts from your dealer of choice for added savings.

Executive Office Upgrade

Executive Office Furniture with Modern Style

Most executives have realized the benefit of a great first impression. That being said, upper management officials will be regularly updating their furnishings to provide valued guests a professional, welcoming, and stylish workspace in 2014. While this has been a popular interior design project in years past, the coming year is sure to bring a variety of new products from lines like the Global Zira Series that will take this makeover to the next level. Configurations like the popular Zira 3 Executive Desk Layout offer ample storage, modular components, and a variety of laminate options to make any executive space a true standout.

Modular Training Areas

Modular Training Room Tables Configuration

While fixed leg tables will always have their place in classrooms, businesses are leaning more and more towards modular models for training room environments. As we all know space is at a premium, and the ability to transform a single area into a multi purpose space is just plain smart. Hot products like Mayline Flip N Go Tables are making training room makeover projects more popular than ever. Valued benefits such as quick reconfiguring, easy to clean spaces, and unique design capabilities are all gained through this makeover. As a side tip, adding modular storage products will help to keep your space organized while maintaining the versatility you've created through the use of flip top training tables with wheels for your space.

The High Tech Conference Room

Powered Conference Table and Modern Chairs

Last but certainly not least, conference rooms throughout the world will be getting a boost from all the new high tech products hitting the market in 2014. While conference tables with power were once thought of as incredibly modern, they are now becoming the industry standard. Businesses are looking to improve meeting efficiency though the use of data ports in table surfaces that eliminate clutter caused from wires running all over the office. Creating a contemporary conference room furniture configuration built for multi media needs doesn't stop at the table! Using modular AV carts, flat panel TV's, and integrated tablet mounts are all becoming more and more popular. As this project is certainly one of the most costly, working with a furniture specialist to discuss your specific needs will help to keep you within budget while bringing your boardroom to the cutting edge. Top lines to consider for this area include the Global Zira series and Mayline Transaction Conference Table collection.
Thursday, December 26, 2013

What to Expect From Top Office Furniture Brands in 2014

Looking for a sneak peek of all the cool office innovations 2014 has to offer? No problem! Today's article showcases some of the top products and collections sure to be highlights of the new year. From Mayline's Cohere series to the latest seating from Global Total Office, we've got it all. Enjoy!

MaylineMayline is a world renowned office furniture and seating manufacturer that prides themselves on quality craftsmanship and innovative products for the modern workplace. With lines like the popular e5 and TransAction series earning top honors in years past, this industry leading brand was under pressure to up the ante by continuing their trend setting role in the office world. Needless to say, Mayline answered the call in a major way. New product lines like the ultra modern Cohere series and RGE height adjustable workstation collection are sure to win honors at your choice of furniture showcase in 2014.

OFM Endure Series FurnitureOFMAnother brand that stays on the cutting edge of innovation is OFM. This year OFM added incredible products lines like the Uno series while bolstering their popular collection of Marque reception station solutions with ADA compliant units for handicapped individuals. In the coming, year look for OFM to enhance their Recoil Lounge Chair collection with additional colors and matching accent products. In addition, their new line of Endure series bar height stools will be enhanced with adjustable tables that offer a totally retro look that's super cool!

Expandable Conference Table
Cherryman IndustriesA long time industry favorite, Cherryman Industries is looking to further enhance their current lines like the popular Amber collection via the addition of creative new products and color options. Items like the new AM-410 expandable conference table allow business to grow their meeting furniture configurations to meet the needs of any space without purchasing all new products. Versatility, quality, and style are all key factors Cherryman has taken into consideration when plotting this major revamp. Those limited by a strict budget will also love the Amber's modest price point. You'll be hard pressed to find a more affordable line at even twice the price and half the style!

Zira Series Boardroom TableKey players like Global Total Office are sure to maintain their elite status in 2014. The addition of Zira series boardroom table models with racetrack, rectangular, and boat shaped tops are just building steam! These high tech boardroom solutions can be outfitted with custom power options designed for any number of multi media applications. Available in 17 laminate options, a choice of two metal base trim finishes, and with 5 edge detail choices you'll be at no shortage of ways to customize your meeting area.

Global Vion ChairIn addition to the Zira boardroom collection, Global has also added cutting edge seating like the 6331-8 Vion chair with top of the line ergonomic features. Envisioned by world renowned designer Zooey Chu, the Vion offers modern creativity at it's finest. This revolutionary seating solution is perfect for nearly any office application. Vion offers simple transitional design, exceptional comfort and tremendous value. Ergonomic features like side activated sliding seat depth adjustment, high quality soft descent pneumatic lift, and adjustable arms will make the Vion a sure winner of 2014.

Hungry for more? You'll just have to stay tuned as we are planning to highlight new products from industry leading brands like Eurotech Seating, Lesro Industries, and RFM Preferred Seating in the coming weeks. Needless to say, 2014 is going to be a huge year for the professional furniture market and our excitement level couldn't be higher!

Product Showcase: OFM's Top Office Solutions from 2013

Any industry professional will tell you that 2013 was a huge year for OFM! This innovative furniture and seating manufacturer brought to market a plethora of cutting edge products for every area of business. From stylish reception seating to innovative tables, those looking for modern style found ideal solutions sure to earn them daily praise and design compliments. Enjoy today's product showcase highlighting the best products OFM had to offer in 2013.

OFM Smart Series Chair 304-PFirst up, the new 304-P Smart Series Chair available in both white and black. This designer stack chair is the perfect choice of training areas, reception spaces, and office lounges looking to capitalize on the modern style craze. The 304-P offers a 300 lb. weight capacity with it's sturdy steel frame. The built in handle makes for easy carrying while accessories such as the optional dolly and hard wheel casters take this unique seating solution over the top. The plastic seat, back, and arms offer easy to clean surfaces that work great in healthcare environments as well as high traffic office areas. For the price and value, the 304-P is an absolute winner in the workplace.

Glass Conference Table by OFMSecond on our list of top OFM products is the GT4794 Glass Top Conference Table with Metal Legs and industrial style. If it's wow factor you want, the GT4794 has it! The clear tempered glass makes for a neutral tone that works well with wood and laminate tones. While other manufacturers are still clamoring to answer the demands of consumers in search of stocked glass conference furnishings at an affordable price point, OFM was the first to hit it big in this market. Look for these trendy tables to be a huge hit in 2014 and beyond.

Net Series Beam SeatingReception area makeover projects were extremely popular in 2013. That being said, OFM introduced popular lines like the Net collection which offer outstanding style and workplace benefits. Products like the NB-3G model beam chair come in your choice of 7 designer color options. This line of metal mesh seating works extremely well in both indoor and outdoor applications as the steel construction offers excellent durability. Additional models from this collection are available that can accommodate up to 5 guests comfortably. The moveable glass side tables are also a nice feature that add contemporary style the Net series beam chairs. Rest assured, these trend setting products are sure to impress in lounge, waiting room, and modern lobby seating applications.

OFM Distinct Series Lounge ChairIn addition to the Net series, OFM also made huge waves with the all new Distinct collection. Models like the 831 Distinct Series lounge chair available in your choice of three anti microbial upholstery options feature metal bases and out of this world style. Matching sofas are also available to compliment this line of modern office lounge chairs and complete your guest waiting area to perfection. Standard Distinct series features include a 500 lb. weight capacity, upholstered arm caps, fully supportive frame, nylon foot glides, and as an added bonus all units ship fully assembled.

OFM Avenger Chair 810-LXThe OFM 810-LX Avenger chair was an absolute hit in 2013. This heavy duty big and tall solution offers a 500 lb. weight capacity and polished frame accents that showcase it's luxury appeal. This line of office chairs by OFM is a top choice of office executives as it's over stuffed look offers class and elegance in the workplace. Standard ergonomic features like the gas lift seat height adjustment make for user friendliness that's hard to top. Other comforting attributes include a 5" thick extra wide padded seat, 1" thick leatherette padded arms, high back design for full body support, and 28" 5 star base. The Greenguard Certification is also a nice factor for eco friendly buyers to consider as this chair is manufactured of sustainable materials that improve indoor air quality while helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

ORO300 Chair by OFMLast but certainly not least, the ORO300 tablet arm executive chair brought a new level of versatility to the workplace. This versatile seating solution is available in a choice of cream or black leatherette upholstery to match your individual decor needs. Stylish wood grain accents on the frame and arms provide a classy touch that takes the ORO300 over the top. The 300 lb. weight capacity makes this line of designer executive chairs a comfortable choice for most users. Additional models from the ORO line are also available for the big and tall crowd. At a modest price point, this chair is an excellent value that's sure to improve your functionality in the office.
Monday, December 23, 2013

The Top 10 Office Makeover Trends of 2013

Office makeover projects were incredibly popular in 2013. From business welcoming areas like lounges, waiting rooms, and reception spaces, to high end executive work environments for upper management, creating a stylish workplace was a top priority that brought several exciting new trends to life. That being said, today's article highlights the top 10 office makeover trends this year had to offer. Enjoy, and best of luck creating the office of your dreams in 2014!

White Leather Office ChairFrom start to finish, the use of white leather chairs for office applications was hugely popular. White seating provided interior design teams and consumers alike the ability to create modern spaces with ease. The neutral tone makes for a high class look that's simple to match wood, metal, or laminate furniture to. Brands like Boss, Flash Furniture, and Global have all bolstered their offering of white leather chairs and look for this popular trend to continue in to 2014.

OFM Executive ChairIn addition to white leather, another hot chair trend of 2013 was the use of chrome accents. Popular products like the OFM 510-L executive chair are an excellent example of this trend at work. While top selling chair models of the past were commonly highlighted with black polyurethane frames and bases, the use of polished metals has taken over in a major way. This designer look adds class and luxury to office areas like conference rooms and executive work spaces.

Orion Series Tablet MountIn addition to seating, the use of ergonomic products for office applications also saw a major boost in popularity and innovation. No doubt, one of the big winners of 2013 was ESI who introduced super cool products like the Orion series tablet mount with a limitless array of adjustment capabilities. This versatile product allows for both grommet and clamp mount options. The Orion was use regularly in reception areas, cubicles, and lounges. The high tech features of this trend setting item made for ample wow factor and much improved workplace efficiency. Any office professional will tell you that businesses are relying more and more on tablets to assist with everyday functions. Rest assured you'll be sure to see more of these mounting solutions in 2014!

Designer Bistro TableBreak rooms, office cafeterias, and bistro areas were amongst the most popular areas to enhance this year. Manufacturers like Mayline and OFM took note of this and introduced a wide range of stylish office tables for break room applications that are sure to make your project a breeze. In addition, the trend of metal based break room tables was quickly brought to life. The industrial look of stainless steel offered design teams the ability to create contemporary gathering areas that really pop! Taking the decorating process a step further saw a huge influx of bar height tables when compared to the more popular dining height models of the past. Needless to say, these office common areas are sure to see another major boost in product offering in the coming months.

High Tech Conference TableThe conference room saw a ton of interesting trends emerge in 2013, and while the use of power modules in tables had been growing, this year saw multi media tables become the industry standard. While traditional wood conference tables are still popular for traditional makeover projects, high tech tables are an excellent way to improve meeting quality and productivity. Brands like Global Total Office showcased several new solutions for the boardroom with lines like the Zira collection. With a limitless selection of custom power options available for their Zira Series Boardroom Table models users are able to add HDMI, phone, power, and data outlets to meet their specific business needs. As this trend is still gaining momentum, specking custom power options for your conference room can be a bit confusing. If you're looking to join this movement, we highly recommend speaking with your dealer of choice first to discuss your options.

Alba Conference Table with Elliptical TopThe conference area trends didn't stop there! Dealers and manufacturers alike saw a large volume of sales directed related to conference tables with metal bases as the modern look was more popular than ever. The appeal of a modern metal base isn't purely aesthetic. This style of table offers excellent durability and can often keep the cost down when compared to wood veneer bases that are far more expensive to manufacture. Products like Alba series elliptical surface conference table showcase this trend to perfection. The top and base together make for sophisticated look that's sure to wow valued clientele without breaking your budget.

Mocha finished office furniture was also incredibly popular this year. In years past, traditional color options like cherry, maple, and mahogany ruled the office world. However, in 2013 the use of darker tones dominated. Lines like the Brighton Casegoods Collection by Mayline include an excellent variety of products including conference tables, reception stations, desk typicals, and storage products with a mocha laminate option. Other brands like Cherryman industries added this popular option to lines like Verde and Amber. Similar tones such as espresso share the same look and should definitely be considered by those looking to stay on the cutting edge with their office in the future. As a plethora of products are now available with these tones, designing cohesive office areas is becoming a real breeze!

Global Princeton Series DesksThe affordability of laminate furniture has improved it's popularity in a major way. Shoppers on a budget are now more capable of creating designer office areas as top brands have taken note of this trend and offer a variety of new lines designed to provide stylish solutions for those with limited makeover funds. While wood veneer is still the preferred choice for luxury office applications, laminate lines like the Global Total Office Princeton furniture series offer excellent configurations with more custom color options, handle choices, and sizes as the products are far less expensive to make and thus buy. The quality has also seen a major boost in durability and longevity. Once thought of as far less superior to veneer, laminate lines are rebuilding their names as excellent options that won't let users down.

Mayline e5 Furniture SetThe modular furniture trend is here to stay! The use of open desking, modern cubicles, and executive furniture has all been simplified through the use of modular components that leave businesses room for future growth. Need to expand to accommodate more workers? No problem! Modular offerings like the Mayline e5 Furniture Line can be easily specked and built on to when needed. As opposed to replacing and redesigning entire areas, this cost effective choice is an absolute no brainer. If your business is considering an office revamp, modular lines are the only way to go in 2014. While the initial cost of cutting edge products may be higher, the long term savings are simply undeniable.

Eco Friendly FurnitureLast but certainly not least, the trend of green office products saw a major boost in 2013. More often than not, businesses have been concerned with factors such as indoor air quality and are striving to take a more eco friendly approach to their offices. Manufacturers like Global, OFM, Mayline, and many others are going through the world friendly processes of getting products Greenguard Certified to reduce our overall carbon footprint. These appreciated steps are a great way to take environmentally friendly initiatives in the workplace while setting a trend we can all benefit from. Top selling fabric and leather lounge furniture collections as well as wood desking is being manufactured to the highest eco standards to ensure quality. If you're looking to re design any space of your business, green furniture is the only way to go!
Thursday, December 19, 2013

Furniture Shopping: Modern Office Collections for Home and Business

The modern look is in! If you're on the hunt for cutting edge office furniture solutions for the home or business this blog article highlighting 5 outstanding lines is a must read. From the OFM Venice series to the Cherryman Verde collection you'll be at no shortage of awesome product suggestions sure to complete youroffice makeover project to perfection. Enjoy!

OFM 55145 Venice Desk
While OFM's wide range of beam seating and Marque reception stations where no doubt the highlight of the office world in 2013, the Venice desking collection was also in the mix as one of the most affordable contemporary solutions on the market. This top selling line includes stylish products like the 55145 Venice Executive Desk along with matching wall cabinets and accent furniture for office organizing. Available in a choice of walnut or cherry finishes, the Venice line creates office interiors with ample wow factor on a limited budget. Up against a time crunch for your project? No problem! This line is typically in stock and can ship out within 2 business days regardless of order quantity.

Global Total Office Zira FurnitureIn addition to the OFM Venice Collection, the Zira series by Global Total Office was also a huge winner in 2013. Recently expanded to include modern tables and reception area desking, Zira is a versatile line geared towards the needs of commercial business. Available with a huge selection of laminate finishes, handle options, glass panel upgrades, and matching modular components, Zira is a customizable line ready to meet the space requirements of any workspace.

Mayline Napoli FurnitureThird on the list is the Mayline Napoli collection. While most furniture lines veer towards one specific style, the Napoli furniture series by Mayline combines the best of modern and traditional styles to form luxurious workstations and conference rooms sure to impress even the harshest critics. All Napoli products are available in a choice of 3 wood veneer finish combinations and feature metal accents for an almost industrial look. The wall cabinets for executive office and conference room use feature glass doors that add class and contemporary appeal. With over 30 pre configured desk typicals available, using the Napoli line for your home or business makeover is incredibly simple.

Mayline e5 Series Office FurnitureStill hungry for more? We thought so! To be honest, only highlighting one of Mayline's 10 designer furniture collections would of been a crime. That being said, the e5 office furniture series is yet another outstanding line of modular products that really pops. A favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike, this collection has bee the talk of the town since it's inception in early 2013. Available in pre specked typical packages or in custom sets to meet the demands of any office space, e5 is fully cohesive and leaves plenty of room for future growth. The metal accents and frosted modesty panels make a statement of excellence while the two toned color capabilities show sophistication! This line is sure to be a top seller in 2014 and beyond.

Cherryman Industries Verde Series Office FurnitureLast be certainly not least we reach the hottest modern collection of the year! The Cherryman Verde Office Furniture line boasts unique desking configurations, conference room tables, reception stations, and storage products to outfit your entire business with one cohesive line of affordable and incredibly unique furnishings. Available in both espresso and latte finishes, products like the VL-692N Verde Executive Desk Set offer versatility and designer style that's sure to earn your space a ton of positive compliments. As an added bonus, the entire line can be purchased on sale and with free shipping now through January 2014 according to our network of dealers. Call your vendor of choice today to receive maximum savings on this hot line! If you have the opportunity to see this line of desks for modern office applications in person, you'll be instantly hooked.

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