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Top 5 Office Chair Solutions by Via Seating

Via Seating has made a name for itself manufacturing top quality chairs for office use. Their award winning products have earned them loads of positive attention from health professionals, seating experts, and ergonomists alike. Their products work excellently in homes, business offices, waiting rooms, reception areas, medical facilities, and are known for delivering revolutionary modern style to any environment. These versatile chairs are ergonomic, healthy, and all reasonably priced. Check out our top five favorite office chair solutions by Via Seating!

Neva Mid Back Executive Chair by Via Seating
First on our list is the ever stylish 8901-11C-85A Neva Mid Back Chair by Via Seating for your office. This chair is a study in light and shadow. Its minimalist design exhibits a bold modern look that's sure to impress anyone in a conference room. As simple as it looks though, this chair is actually a complex piece of ergonomic machinery designed to relieve back pain. Designed by David Jenkins, this chair features a sophisticated flex-to-fit cervical spine that follows the body's contours for maximum support. Versatility also makes this chair one of the best ergonomic office chairs for executive use and tasking applications as well. If the mid back size really isn't your style, don't worry. The Neva look is available in both a high back and a guest chair option as well. Just choose an upholstery from one of Via's seven fabulous leather colors, and your office will be dressed for success!
Vista Contemporary Leather Stacking Guest Chair by Via Seating

Next up is a guest chair that any modernist would swoon over. The 304-C Vista Contemporary Leather Stack Chair by Via Seating is just one of the Vista collection's trendy chairs for office guest use. Its contemporary practical design is part of what makes this guest chair a favorite among healthcare facilities. The chair is offered in seven stylish leathers and framed by a shinning chrome that guests are sure to appreciate. Any chair in the Vista collection would make a superb addition to any office visitor area, including lounges, reception areas, waiting rooms, and even lobbies. Vista chairs are available in stool and bariatric styles as well, and some even offer mobility features. They make especially great additions to medical facilities like pediatric offices, dentistries, and hospitals, but they do wonderfully in other capacities too.

Oslo Sled Base Chair by Via Seating
For a guest chair with maximum style, look no further than the 7101-24CR Via Seating Oslo Sled Base Side Chair for your welcome area. The Oslo offers ergonomic comfort to those in waiting rooms, reception areas, and lobbies alike. As one of Via's most stylish guest chairs with ergonomic features, the Oslo even boasts arm rests for easy relaxation, and a cushy contemporary design that visitors have been known to love. The chair boasts graceful curves for an elegant look that will compliment any classy office environment. Available in seven stylish leather choices like saddle, nutmeg, bordeaux, and espresso, and one of the most popular pieces of comfortable furniture for waiting room use by Via Seating around, the Oslo is not to be glanced over!

Cali Stack Chair with Arms by Via Seating
The next chair on our list is one of the coolest modern chairs for office training use on the market today. The 102-C-31A Via Seating Cali Stack Chair features a uniquely modern design at an affordable price other manufacturers just can't seam to match. The Cali is one of the most versatile guest chairs out there, functioning as both a visitor's chair in waiting rooms and reception areas, but also as a terrific seating solution for training rooms and classrooms as well. This chair is also available in an armless option for convenience, and both styles come in six cool colors to better match office decor. Super stackable for easy transport, space saving, and cleaning, Via has outdone themselves with this simple, yet stylish little chair.

Special Edition Swopper Chair by Via SeatingAnd finally, we leave you with the best Via has to offer. As strange as it looks, the 1-SWUS Special Edition Swopper Chair by Via Seating is actually a paragon of ergonomic invention. This office stool is the recipient of three prestigious awards for innovation and sophisticated design. The Swopper is an remarkable solution for those with serious back pain. This precision instrument uses multifunctional German engineering to naturally improve posture to reduce inflammation. Overall, the stool has been proven to improve nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc, assist lymphatic flow, relieve pain by strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen, and improve circulation. The stool even comes offers an optional back attachment to turn into a chair if so desired. It has become one of the most popular ergonomic chairs for office tasking applications, especially among individuals with severe back pain. Via offers this gem in numerous designs, some even equipped with mobility for added convenience. It is a chair perfect for those with an eye for what counts in a quirky design!

Product Showcase: Fellowes Paper Shredders

Fellowes Office Products

Fellowes is an industry leading manufacturer of professional paper shredders and office products designed for improved workplace efficiency. In today's article we'll highlight 5 of Fellowes' top rated document shredders for both home and business use. These affordable products are built to last and provide excellent security against identity theft while ridding users of pesky junk mail. Enjoy!

PS-12Cs Fellowes Paper Shredder

First up, the PS-12Cs Cross Cut Paper Shredder 3271301 for your small office needs. Priced at $139.99 this a product you don't want to pass up. The PS-12Cs shredder features a 4 gallon waste bin and is capable of taking on 12 sheets per pass. This little monster may be small, but it won't let you down when it's time to get the job done! Outfitted with fellowes' SafeSense technology, the PS-12Cs stops shredding when a hand touches the paper opening for added safety.

HD-10Cs Powershred Paper Shredder by FellowesUp next is the Fellowes HD-10Cs Powershred Paper Shredder with see through bin. At an everyday low price of $133.99 this little product is great for both home and business needs. Ready to take on 10 sheets per pass, the HD-10Cs will leave your junk mail begging for mercy. As an added bonus, Fellowes has taken the time to add unique style touches to this product making in excellent accent to any modern workspace. Overall, the HD-10Cs looks great and means business!

Fellowes 225Ci Paper ShredderWhen it comes to professional paper shredders for sale, nobody beats the products manufactured by Fellowes. This world renowned brand sets the bar in terms of quality and style! Items like the Powershred Paper Shredder 225Ci are a great example of why. This 3825001 model boasts a 100% jam proof system designed by Fellowes to power through those tough and extensive jobs. The 225Ci also features Fellowes' patented SilentShred technology that offers ultra-quiet performance for shared work spaces. The 20 sheet per pass capability and 16 gallon bin make this shredder an excellent option for up to 5 users.

Powershred DS-3 Paper ShredderFourth on our product showcase list is the small but powerful DS-3 Powershred Document Shredder by Fellowes. At only $123.99 this is one of the most affordable products on the market that provides quality shredding you can rely on. The DS-3 offers a 5 gallon bin and tackles 10 sheets per swipe. The cross cut style incorporated in this product leaves documents in particles for even more personal security. Looking for more? No problem! The DS-3 document shredder will actually shred for up to 5 minutes before a 20 minute cool down period is needed. Like we said, a quality product you can rely on in the workplace that won't break your budget. Needless to say, the DS-3 is an Office Furniture Deals Blog favorite.

Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredder 125CiLast but certainly not least, the 125Ci Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredder is an excellent option for up to 5 users in the workplace. This 3312501 model features Fellowes' patented jam proof system that assures quality shredding without the constant headache of repeated problems from other products on the market. This high quality unit handles 18 sheets per pass creating 5/32” x 1-1/2” cross-cut particles at a P-4 security level. The energy saving system provides optimal energy efficiency 100% of the time when in use and out of use. Both the SilentShred and SafeSense technologies developed by Fellowes have been integrated in to this professional grade document shredder. Rest assured, you'll be faced with a tough challenge searching for a better product at even twice the price!
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7 Easy Steps to Creating A Professional Lobby

Any interior designer will tell you that the decorating business is tough. It's a job filled with measuring, maintenance, colors, considerations, all sorts of furniture, and it's rarely ever a one man show. Paying attention to all of these things at once and trying to haggle with dealers and deliverers can be a handful, which is why, if you want to decorate your office lobby yourself, you're probably going to need some help. But don't worry. With this handy guide, all the tricks of the pros will be at your disposal. We've done our research on this one, so don't be afraid to dive in to that decorating project with confidence. Here are the seven easy steps to creating the perfect professional lobby!

Step 1: Measure Your Space

Measure Your Lobby Space

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make when having a go at interior design is bad measuring. This is perhaps the most important step to making sure your lobby looks the best that it can. Inaccurate measuring can leave you with oversized or undersized furniture, installation hassles, and tons of buyer's remorse. When a lobby looks like it's too big or too small for the furniture, guests will notice because this is the space you have set aside for them. Don't worry though. Even the pros mess this one up from time to time. That's why it's best when decorating to make sure you measure correctly. This is a bit of an undertaking, so don't be afraid to ask a friend or two for help. Just break out the measuring tape, the pencils and the graph paper to map your space out with a quality scale-sketch of your lobby space. Be sure to take note of permanent features that are already a part of the room, like doors, windows, and power outlets so you can furnish your space up smart. When you're done, give your drawing a quick double check to make sure your measurements are all correct. As they say in woodworking, measure twice, cut once, and everything will fit like a puzzle!

Step 2: Identify Your Needs

Consider Your Lobby Needs

Now that the hardest part is out of the way, it's time to consider your needs. When decorating a lobby, try to think like a guest. What will they expect? What will they want? How can you as a designer go above and beyond to meet those needs? Think about your guests' responsibilities. In a hotel, medical office, vet clinic, car shop, or service industry lobby, visitors might need a place to fill out information. Comfortable chairs and affordable desks for lobby reception are a must, but that isn't all that's expected. If you want your guests to be happy and content for longer waiting times, providing them with magazines and pamphlets about your company is a good idea. You may even decide your guests deserve refreshments while they wait, but they'll have to have some place to set all those items. That makes coffee tables and stylish end tables for lobby use a must have too. If you decide you want a slideshow for visitors to watch or something even more entertaining than some mags and a few pamphlets, lobby televisions are all the rage now, especially in medical facilities like pediatrics offices and dentistries. Making sure you have everything you need and that you have room enough for all of it is crucial to good interior decorating. It's best to start with the essentials and build your way up from there.

Step 3: Choose a Style

Lobby With Style

Okay! Here comes the fun part: the "decorating" in interior decorating! This is where you get to pick a color scheme, choose wall artwork, and decide on the style of furniture you want. Most people might think that lobbies are pretty self explanatory, but we can assure you that is not so. There are tons of great themes you may want your lobby to express. It's up to you to decide between urban charm, modern professionalism, kooky fun, or the classic wood furniture look. As far as colors go, try to decide if you want to go with the company colors or something else. Just make sure when decorating that one color isn't too overpowering. One trick designers often use is to pick their dominant color and then add a bit of the colors next to or opposite that color on the color wheel. If you need help, try starting with a piece of accent furniture you'd really like in your lobby, something like a lamp, a rug, or a painting. Pay attention to the colors that are in that piece and then choose your furniture shapes and colors based on that. Finally, when you have an idea of what you want, come up with a furniture layout using your measurement paper. Be sure you know how big the sofas, tables, and  modern lounge chairs for lobby use you want to buy is also, so you know it will fit into the space. If you have lots of room, a big, cushy couch is fine, but if your lobby is tight on space, something like lobby beam seating solutions might be more efficient. The goal is to have a lobby that looks as fashionable as possible, but also reflects your business.

Step 4: Shop For Value

Shopping for Deals

Next on the agenda is the shopping. Hopefully, if you already have your furniture picked out, you're aware of the price. Still, that's no reason not to look for discounts! Most furniture dealers get their product from manufacturers, and they vie with each other to sell at the best prices. Sofas and leather lobby chairs for guests can get expensive. However, if the desired furniture is online, try using tools like shopping engines and price comparisons if the site offers them to see if you can get a deal. Subscribe to newsletters for sales and updates on other cool furniture your lobby could benefit from. Call dealers and see which one is willing to give you the best price. Chances are, the might be willing to go lower than what their asking for over the phone in order to get the sale. Try Google searching for coupons, discounts, clearance, and sales. If you snoop around a bit, there's a good chance you'll get the same furniture or a stylish alternative at a fraction of the cost!

Step 5: Receiving and Installation

Furniture Transport

Aright, now you're in the final stretch! Receiving and installation can be a big pain, but not if there are a bunch of hands around to help. The first thing you need to know about this process is when the furniture will arrive. If business is already up and running, and this lobby decoration is just an office makeover, knowing when the furniture will come is crucial. An environment where doors are left open because burly furniture installers are carrying sofas in and out isn't fun for anyone, especially clientele. After you purchase the furniture, make sure you get a tracking number to monitor the furniture's progress. Also be sure to go ahead and call the dealer or the transport company to see if the deliverers will actually install the furniture as well. That way, you know when sell the old furniture, create a staging area, prep the lobby, and set up a temporary space for patrons in the meantime where they still have all the necessities they need to stay as comfortable as possible, and you also know if you need to round up some coworkers to help you install everything if the delivery service won't.

Step 6: Be Ready for Debris

Ready For Debris

This is a given. A surefire way to tell if the dealers you ordered from were working out of their basement is if the furniture arrives and isn't covered by boxes or plastics. Thankfully, this almost never occurs, but you do want to be prepared for the debris the installation process brings about. Guests don't like to look at trash any more than a business owner does, so getting it cleaned up right away is important. Have the brooms and vacuums ready to go once the installers leave, or if you have to unpack and install yourself, go ahead and keep all the unpacked furniture in the corner until your clean up the boxes and plastic coverings. This way, the floors are already cleaned up when you and your cohorts lay the furniture out.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Space!

Lobby Receptionist

Ah, finally! This one's pretty self explanatory. The hard work is over, and now you've got a brand new, stylish lobby to show for all your efforts. Take a moment to sit back and enjoy it!
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5 Awesome Lounge Chairs for Office Reception

Even for those familiar with office furnishings, choosing reception furniture can be very difficult. You want your lounge furniture to reflect the theme and mission of your business, but it also has to be comfortable and practical for your guests as well. It can be hard to know what makes a good balance, but don't worry. We're here to help you out! If you're looking to furnish your welcome area, here are a few super versatile seating solutions both you and your guests will love!


Distinct Series Modern Black Lounge Chair by OFM

If you want the modern look for your office, few things say it better than chairs with sweeping curves and sharp angles. While rounder chairs emphasize fluidity and gracefulness, geometric chairs emphasize sharp professional style. Both styles of chair are excellent examples that will easily showcase the modern style of your business, and chairs like 831-BLACK Distinct Series modern lounge chair by OFM will do it without fail. This geometric chair is a study in squares, boasting positive and negative space that is sure to catch the eye of any guest that enters your workspace. The anti-microbial upholstery makes it a wonderful, healthy addition to medical offices or places where guests come and go. Capable of supporting up to 500 lbs., this chair is super supportive and durable. It makes an amazingly affordable solution to any lobby, reception area, or waiting room that wants to show off a commitment to the future.


Sirena Tablet Arm Chair by Global

Want a chair that makes sense? Well, you're in luck, because few chairs can match the 3372LCMLTM Sirena tablet arm lounge chair in practicality. Available in four stylish leather upholsteries, this chair is the perfect thing for a waiting room that functions. It is a super popular choice for offices that are tight on space because they eliminate the need for tables. Each chair comes complete with an optional tablet arm, available on either the left or right side, where guests can use laptops, write notes, set beverages, and read books or magazines. Underneath the seat, the chair even boasts a large space for storage. It is the perfect place for business owners to leave information about their business or other reading material to entertain guests. As if that weren't enough, these chairs are even offered with optional casters for mobility. As a part of the incredible Sirena collection by Global, this chair goes perfectly with other furniture from that collection to make decorating a snap. The Sirena Tablet Chair is a paragon of convenience!


Ravenna Lounge Chair by Lesro

It might be true that fabric upholstery is a bit more difficult to clean than leather, but it sure is a dream to have in cold office environments. Fabric chairs have never gone out of style, and with chairs like the Q1601GB Ravenna guest reception chair, they likely never will. One of the best things about choosing fabric over leather is that fabric chairs have loads of variety. If decorating has been a challenge in your office, chairs like this one make a great quick fix. The Ravenna chair shown here comes in Lesro's impressive array of stylish fabric options. Colors in this collection include everything from red, to crimson, to apple, cabana, amber, ask, and orchid. Some choices are even available in patterned designs to make your office reception area or lobby really pop! The legs are offered in numerous wood finished for a classic appeal or a shining steel to emphasize modernity. Lesro is known for producing high quality, versatile lounge furniture, which is just another reason why the Ravenna collection is one of the most popular guest seating lines on the market!


Santa Cruz Black Leather Lounge Chair by Mayline

In office environments where guests are a frequent occurrence, it's hard to turn a nose up at the durability of leather. In chairs like the VCCMBLK Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Chair by Mayline, a leather upholstery ensures longevity as well as professional style. Leather is associated with luxury, and that is exactly what you get with furniture from the Santa Cruz collection. Mayline is just one of those brands that doesn't know how to make anything less than excellent. Like all furniture in the Santa Cruz line, the VCCMBLK Lounge Chair looks beautiful alongside it's counterparts. Chairs, love seats, and sofas make up this collection and all are available in either white or black leather upholstery to better match decor. Some are even offered with tablet arms for user convenience! If you're looking for an elegant professional touch, you'll be hard pressed to find anything quite as stunning as a leather chair like this one for your office welcome area.


Somerset Bariatric Lounge Chair by Lesro

The classics are classic for a reason, and that reason is timelessness. Companies like Lesro that have been in the reception furniture business for years know what works and what doesn't, and in Lesro's case, the one that works is the Somerset Series. Even if the Somerset is a relatively new series, it still boasts that age old design with a few modern twists to make it stand out. This series is a favorite guest seating solution in hospital waiting rooms, libraries, schools, and other places where bulk seating is needed. Chairs like the F1801G6 Somerset Bariatric Lounge Chair by Lesro even boast health benefits, making them perfect for medical facilities. The Somerset reception furniture collection by Lesro offers sofas, and multiple chair packs for places that seat a lot of people. Numerous color choices, tear drop arms, and matching tables help to make decorating a snap. With this chair, and it's matching counterparts, your waiting room will never lack for classic style!

Popular GSA Approved Office Chairs by Global Total Office

Global Total Office is a leading manufacturer of GSA approved office chairs. This innovative brand raises the industry bar in terms of style, comfort, and ergonomic efficiency. In today's article we'll showcase 5 of Global's top selling chairs currently available on active GSA schedules. From the Concorde to the Supra chair we'll have your office employees sitting comfortable and withing budget in no time!

Global Total Office Concorde Chair 2400-18Government executives need the ergonomic benefits of high quality products like the Concorde 2400-18 Chair by Global. Considered to be on the industries top of the line models, the 2400-18 offers superior comfort to nearly any comparable chair on the market. The high quality leather upholstery and stylish design make for an impressive chair that's sure to enhance your workplace decor. This upscale office chair is about far more than good looks however! The Concorde features aircraft technology along with limitless adjustment capabilities for a customizable sit to meet any users specific preferences.

Global Total Office Granada Task ChairAll government entities have specific seating needs. That being said, the 3255 Granada Desk Chair with adjustable arms is a great choice for nearly any workplace application. This versatile chair boasts an extensive selection of designer upholstery options along with a budget friendly price point. The ergonomic benefits gained from the Granada collection include pneumatic seat height adjustment and a contoured back for excellent support. In addition to the 3255 model, additional mid, high, and low back models are also available on GSA contract. Rest assured, you won't find a more reliable line of seating for your office needs. The Granada collection is also a top choice for school and classroom applications.

Global Accord Chair 2671-4Third on our list of GSA approved office chairs for sale by Global Total Office is the Accord collection. To make a long story short, there were just too many awesome models available from this line to highlight just one! Models like the 2671-4 Global Accord Chair work excellent in professional meeting areas and executive work environments. The unique polished features add to to the contemporary appeal while the wide range of user friendly ergonomic benefits make for a comfortable sit during those long days at the office. Accord seating can be purchased in your choice of leather or mesh variations to meet your specific taste, needs, and budget. Both high back and mid back models are also available for any individual users preference. With over 20 models available, rest assured there's a GSA approved Accord series chair available for you!

2604C Rest Series Training Room ChairThe training room is an important area where finding GSA approved seating can be a difficult task. No need to worry any longer though as Global provides an excellent selection of chairs from lines like their popular Rest series. Units like the 2604C Rest Series Mobile Training Room Chair offer incredible style and customizable aesthetic attributes to match any decor. The 2604C is also incredibly comfortable! The curved poly back design and thick padded seat makes this model an excellent way to keep your valued employees comfortable during training sessions and meetings.

Global Total Office Supra ChairAs one of Global's most popular GSA seating lines for the past several years, we thought it would only be fitting to end today's post with a model from the Supra collection. Versatility, style, and comfort meet with units like the 5330-4 Supra Series office chair by Global. This high back model features a metal loop arm design with black arm cap covers. The 5 star base and durable casters make for stability and effortless mobility around the workplace. Standard with a tilt tension and tilt lock control feature, the 5330-4 is designed to adjust quickly and easily to meet any users needs. The entire selection of Global upholstery options are available on this model including leather options for office executives. Supra series chairs like this model also work great in professional boardroom applications. The sleek design saves space while accenting both modern and traditional wood conference tables to perfection.
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5 Helpful Items Your Office Is Missing

Most of us love our office spaces, especially if we designed them ourselves. Being able to pick your own desk and office chair, and decking out a place to fit your style is one of the best aspects getting your very own workspace. Unfortunately, many offices lack the items many experts consider essential. Most of the time, a simple desk and chair are just not enough, and choosing the wrong ones for what you need can lead to decreased efficiency, productivity, and even health. But never fear! Here's a list of the top five helpful items your office is probably missing.

Desk Plant


You may be thinking, "Really? A desk plant?" but hear us out on this one. Many studies by reputable universities have conducted research that shows the benefits desk plants can provide in a work environment. People that keep certain plants in their office have reported more energy and clearer thinking than people who don't. Studies by the universities of Hawaii, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Penn State, and government organizations like NASA have shown that some low-maintenance greenery like peace lilies, spider plants, lemon balms, and gardenias are incredibly adept at removing harmful substances from indoor air. The plants absorb the toxins like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and replenish your office atmosphere with fresh oxygen, which allows most people to think and breathe much easier. Keeping a desk buddy like a pot of golden pothos in your office gives your office a look of vibrance and energy in more ways than one, and all of the plants listed here require very little maintenance. We highly recommend them elderly individuals or anyone that wants to improve their overall health!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

EDGE Adjustable Monitor Arm by ESI

 The next thing that most offices lack which can vastly improve your work experience are ergonomic monitor arms for computer use. These are arm-like devices attach to computer screens and mount to either a wall or desk. They allow users to tilt their computer screen, move it back, forward, and side to side for maximum convenience. With traditional computers, many people who have them poorly placed can often unconsciously be causing their own neck and shoulder pain. When a computer isn't directly in front of the individual, the neck works extra hard to look for it and stay an an undesirable position to stare at the screen. Over time, the neck and shoulder muscles can shift and become a bit lopsided, causing them to stiffen and generate pain. Users that rely on ergonomic monitor arms have the option of adding more than one computer screen, and they rarely experience the same pain that traditional computer users do.

Ergo Office Chair

Wing Series Microsuede Office Chair by Eurotech

If you haven't made the switch to an ergonomic office chair, your whole cubicle might as well be a cardboard box for all the efficiency you get. Ergonomic chairs are incredibly important for any modern office because they are remarkable pain relievers, and they're excellent for increasing productivity. Business owners everywhere have incorporated affordable ergonomic chairs for office desk use into their practice because of the amazing health benefits these chairs provide. Capable of high adjustability in height, armrests, and tilt tension, ergonomic chairs are super customizable. Those with waterfall seats allow increased blood flow to the legs, while adjustable arms relieve joint pain. Incredible lumbar support is a staple of almost all ergo office chairs for back pain relief. They're made with all sorts of materials, from fabric to leather, and most are incredibly affordable. Some stylish mesh chairs with ergonomic features even run for less than $100. Ergonomic chairs have been the subject of extensive study by engineers, designers, and medical specialists everywhere. If you want to revolutionize your entire office experience, an ergonomic office chair is never a bad place to start.

CPU Holder

CPU Holder by ESI

For those of us who aren't tech geniuses, a "CPU" probably sounds more like a character from Star Wars than an actual device. Still, if you've got a computer, it's a safe bet to assume you probably have one. CPUs, or Central Processing Units, are basically your computer's external hard drive (the big blinking boxy thing that your computer needs to survive). They're usually hogging up all the space either underneath or on top of an office desk. External CPUs are often bulky and difficult to handle, which is why they're such necessary banes to most offices. However, discount CPU holders for sale can solve a lot of problems you probably just assumed you'd have to deal with. These devices mount to the underside of your office desk to keep CPUs off of the ground. The reason they're on our list of the most helpful accessories for office use is because most people don't realize they need them until it's too late. Anyone that's accidentally kicked their computer's CPU or dropped a beverage to witness a flurry of sparks followed by the dreaded computer death ought to give CPU holders some consideration. These gadgets are affordable, easy to install, simple to use, ergonomic, and they save lots of desk space. The allow CPUs to be drawn out from under the desk and flipped around to attach cables and they give the space under your desk back you your legs. CPU holders: An accident preventer if there ever was one.

Keyboard Tray

Keyboard Kondo by Global

Even if you already have a keyboard in your office, you could probably stand to gain a whole lot from the last item on our list. If you have arthritis or joint pain in your wrists and hands, choosing ergonomic keyboard trays for computer use may be one of the best business decisions you make. These devices ae typically designed to mount on sliders underneath your office desk. With a keyboard set on it, they allow your computer keyboard to slide in and out of your office desk. Many of them can often tilt or adjust height to suit the needs of all users. Those with spaces for computer mice built in are the best kind, and adept at relieving joint pain. Keyboard trays with mouse pads prevent users from having to switch between the desk and the keyboard to click and type, increasing efficiency. Because they mount under desktops, keyboard trays are typically at arm's reach, and if they aren't they can usually adjust so that users hands are kept parallel with their arms, improving blood flow and reducing pain and inflammation in the joints. Like office plants, keyboard trays are excellent for the elderly. Individuals with joint problems, and those who want prevent them will never regret adding one to their office space!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cool New Office Products With Retro Style

Some say the styles of the past will never come back, and with things like 80s vests and 90s hairstyles, we certainly hope that's true. But one thing's for sure about 2014: Retro is in! The olden days brought about some of the coolest looks with curvy, sleek, colorful furniture. Believe it or not, some movie prop designers for sci-fi flicks actually look to the retro eras between the 40s to the 80s for inspiration when designing spaceship sets and other futuristic gadgets, and with all the out-of-this-world, dystopian era movies coming out, it's no wonder the retro look has come out swinging! Whether you want your house to look like a sock hop or the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, here's some cool retro furniture to get you started!

Endure Stool

Endure Series Retro Stool by OFM

Stools are excellent for all sorts of purposes, but if you want the metallic look, there's no better option than the 920-MPL Endure Series Retro Stool by OFM for your place. This stool works in diners, art studios, workshops, offices, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. The Endure is the perfect combo of old-school style and futuristic technology. It's cool retro look is captured by the industrial gauge wrought metal frame with a gorgeous maple seat. Rubber foot grips, a 250 lb weight capacity, and a 360 degree spindle seat height adjustment allow this stool to blend seamlessly into the modern age. Also available in a dark metal, and two size options, this stool also exhibits amazing versatility. Built as tough as it is, it's no wonder they call it the "Endure," and endure it certainly does!

Santana Coffee Table

Santana Series Glass Coffee Table by Woodstock

If you want the retro vibe in your home or office, nothing says it better than furniture by this stylish brand. Woodstock Marketing is a brand that truly lives in the glory days! All their cool office chairs and furniture products are inspired by famous rock musicians and bands like Hendrix, Baez, and Sweetwater that played at the Woodstock concert in '69. As you may have guessed, the SANTANA-CT2102A Santana Series Glass Coffee Table by Woodstock was inspired by the band Santana, and boy, does it work the angle! This table is rock-era style incarnated with its wrought metal base and sleek glass top. All the shining curves make this table perfect for vintage decor or futuristic design in both homes and offices alike. Available in two sizes, it looks excellent in retro reception areas, lobbies, and living rooms beside the matching Santana end table also made by Woodstock. If you're looking for a cool table that's just outta sight, the Santana can certainly jam!

Flash Furniture

Mid Back Swivel and White Leather Chair by Flash Furniture

The great things about Flash Furniture are their variety and their affordable prices. This brand has so much far-out retro style that it's hard to keep up - literally! Flash Furniture goes through products like they're going out of style, which is ironic, because they really aren't. Chairs like the CH-CX0217M-GG Mid Back Leather Swivel Chair by Flash Furniture have a perfectly blended look that encapsulates both the future and the past with ease. It could fit just as well in a '40s government office as it could on a  spaceship from 2121! The stylish retro stools by Flash Furniture are the same way, offering far-out vintage style without the vintage prices. This brand has made a name for itself producing some of the most excellent home and office furniture products at prices no other brand can match, and with deals like these, Flash won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

Mayline Desk

Mayline Eastwinds Arch Computer Desk

Looking for something hi tech? How about the 971 Eastwinds Arch Computer Desk by Mayline for your office? This retro desk looks like something right out of Back to the Future with it's curvy chrome arms and stunning design. It's every bit as modern as you could imagine, but it creates a great retro atmosphere that is sure to turn a few heads. It's compact design is the perfect thing for small offices, bedrooms, college dorms, and apartments. In places of high activity, it out-performs even the most ardent competitors. Doctors, librarians, and teachers alike love the mobility of this desk, and the shelf below can carry hard drives, books, cables, or even printers for your convenience! It's a great all in one mini desk that's perfect for PC or laptops. At just a little over a hundred dollars, the best part of this great retro desk is it's affordability. With this baby, you don't even need a flux capacitor to go back in time!

OFM Retro Table Set

OFM 1006W Retro Bench Seating Configuration
Looking to deck out your dining area? Look no further than the 1006W OFM Retro Bench Seating Configuration to round out your retro look! This stylish dining set works it all in one, with two stylish vintage benches framing a stunning shiny table. OFM's classic style is achieved by using modern materials, such as adjustable foot glides, powder-coated paint, and plywood seats covered in a durable laminate. With benches available in either a smooth black, out-of-this-world blue, or retro red finish, these table configurations go great in homes, cafes, break rooms, diners, and cafeterias alike. It's versatility knows no bounds, and it's classically bold look is ageless, which, come to think of it, may be one of the biggest reasons retro tables like this one are never a thing of the past!
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Deal Finder: Modern Reception Desks Under $1500

The office reception area is an important place where guests form first impressions about your business. This space can also be one of the most costly to furnish. Lucky for you, we've decided to highlight 5 of the most affordable and stylish reception stations on the market today. These units priced under $1500 include free shipping and typically ship within 2 to 3 business days. Enjoy these awesome bargains!

AT36LMA Aberdeen Reception DeskThose looking to get their reception area furniture project started on the right foot will love the Mayline brand. This reputable manufacturer offers 10 popular lines designed to impress in the workplace. One of their top collections, the Aberdeen Office Furniture series includes affordable welcome stations with both rectangular and L shaped designs to meet the space requirements of your business. Products like the AT36LMA Maple Finished Aberdeen Reception Desk priced at $1319.99 highlight the value this line has to offer. The glass transaction screen and suspended pedestals included in the the AT36LMA ensure high quality style and optimal organizing potential for your receptionist.

Mayline Brighton Series Reception StationThe Brighton casegoods line is Mayline's most affordable. This consumer friendly collection of desks, conference tables, and accent furniture is great for the needs of new businesses looking to furnish areas with professional grade products that won't break the budget. Items like the BT28LDC Brighton Mocha Finished Reception Desk offer the awesome style and value that this popular line is well known for. The BT28LDC features an L shaped design that can be configured for either left or right hand entry. Included for the price of $870.99 are two storage pedestals that feature 1 file drawer and 1 box drawer for odds and ends.

AM-400N Modern Reception Desk by CherrymanMayline isn't the only manufacturer with discount reception desks to be proud of! Units like the AM-400N Amber Reception Desk by Cherryman Industries were an absolute must for today's article. This modern station features a glass transaction counter and choice of 4 in stock wood finishes to match your decor. The L shaped design is highlighted by a 42" non handed return. The $1109.99 price tag is very consumer friendly for a station with this much class! The luxury look is sure to earn your reception space a bundle of positive compliments!

VL-816 Verde Station by CherrymanThe VL-816 Verde Reception Station is one of Cherryman's top sellers. This simple rectangular unit offers a modular design that can be fitted with a left or right handed return when needed in the future. The VL-816 makes a great starter station for business needs as this modern shell can be customized with a variety of storage components and matching accessories to meet your individual needs. Priced at only $685.99 this hot ticket item comes in well below half of our budget making it the best value you'll find in today's article! Both the espresso and latte finish options offer luxury appeal that boast a look that's far more high end then this units price would indicate.

55310 Marque Series StationThe reception desks with curved fronts from the OFM Marque collection are selling like hot cakes in 2014! This popular collection includes a variety of models with a choice of 3 stocked finish options to compliment the metal frames. Units like the 55310 Marque series cherry reception desk feature a plexi glass transaction screen that boast contemporary appeal for salon and business waiting areas. Those worried about installation will love the 55310 as no tools are required for assembly. The easy connect system offers durability and simplicity in the workplace that's simply unmatched. Matching mobile storage pedestals are available for sale along with rear wall cabinets for added storage if needed. Needless to say, Marque series stations are the most popular selling models on the market today! At a price of $1132.99 you can definitely see why.
Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Tips for Creating the Ideal Home Office

Whether you're working for a business, through the internet, or just for yourself, there's one thing that all home offices have - distractions. Kids, pets, messes, and squeaky office chairs can be detrimental to a person that works at home, in an environment that's meant to be comfortable and familiar. When an place isn't the best it can be, neither is the person that lives in it. What we spend time around influences who we are. For those that spend eight hours a day in a home office they aren't satisfied with, negative influences can lead to an unhappy outlook and an unhappy home. But never fear! Here are some great interior design tips to help create the perfect home office that's right for you.

A Splash of Paint

Colorful Home Office

Believe it or not, colors have deep psychological effects on our brains. For those sensitive to their surroundings, they can influence mood and outlook over long periods of time. If you're stuck in a boring home office with whitewashed walls and no windows and notice you're not quite as happy as you could be, perhaps it's time for a change. A few splashes of color on those walls may make all the difference! Interior and graphic designers are all educated on the ways colors can effect mood. Typically, yellow is a no-no for walls because it can make people anxious, blue calms and relaxes, lavender soothes, and green and orange energize. Different hues can have different effects too, for example, while bright yellow can cause a feeling of uneasiness, a soft cream creates a cheerful feel, so it is a common color for baby's rooms.  Knowing how different colors effect you individually can have a great impact on your attitude, work ethic, and overall feeling throughout the day, if you surround yourself with the right colors. You may even decide to paint patterns! After all, it's your home. Why not make it yours? Taking a weekend to paint your office with a friend may be just the perk you need!

Let There Be Light

Well Lit Home Office

Ever wonder why skyscrapers have glass walls? Well, like color, light has a tremendous effect on human psychology. Scientific studies have proven that people work better in environments where there is plenty of natural sunlight to brighten their day. So if your home office doesn't have windows, and you know you like to look at the great outdoors, take a tip from the architects and choose a room with a view! Letting in some natural sunlight is sometimes the best decision an employer can make. It improves work ethic, mood, and energy levels among other things. Working at home allows you the freedom to take control of your surroundings. If your home office doesn't have windows, and artificial lighting for office use is insufficient, move your office to another part of your place that does, and turn the other room into something else fun. Vampires were last year's thing. Let's make 2014 a year of light!

Minimize Distractions

Minimize Distractions

Now we get to the hard part - the dreaded distractions. As much as it's romanticized, working at home creates a breeding ground for distractions. Kids that want to play, pets that want to play, grown ups that want to play, it never seems to end! That's why letting people know when work time is work time is so important for those that work at home. Keeping dry-erase calendars and presentations boards for office are great tools. Use them to let your spouse, roommates, and friends know when your work hours are. That way, they know they're not to bother you during those times. To keep yourself on task, silence your cell phone, TV, and radio. Block social media sites during the day. Have a friend set the passwords on all of it without telling you if you must! Do whatever it takes. If you live with other people and sound is a problem, put some foam padding or fabric squares around your doors and walls to soundproof your space.
Unfortunately, kids and pets aren't accustomed to silence and the needs of others, but you may be able to work this to your advantage. Setting aside some break time during the day to go for a short, fifteen minute walk can break the tedium and improve mood in you, your kid, and your pet. Going to your local park is a welcome break from the workday, and the best part is, kids, pets, and bag lunches are almost always welcome!

The Right Furniture

e5 Office Desk Typical by Mayline

Now that we've taken care of the walls and the beasts beyond them, it's time to fix the furniture! In the commercial business world, the rickety office desks of old just don't cut it in the modern era. Recent years have seen a huge rise in in the sales of office desks, modular workstations, and high tech cubicles. If you want your business to keep up, it's probably not a bad idea to refurbish your home office space. Of course, choosing the right furniture depends on the size of your room. Take the time to accurately measure the perimeters of your space and the furniture pieces you're thinking to buy. Consider the sort of furniture you'll need. For example, if you read a lot for work, bookcases are probably worth consideration. If you use technology, high tech office desks for computer use may have applications for tablets and other devices as well. You may even choose to go with furniture sets instead of individual desks. Furniture sets like the E55 Office Desk Typical by Mayline, and it's counterparts from the e5 collection make great additions to any home office. This collection offers furniture that's compact, include lots of storage space, is easy to power, and even comes in tons of colors to better match your new painted walls!

Comfortable Chair

Wau High Back Office Chair by Eurotech

Last but not least, we will address one of the most important decisions you can make for your home office. Comfortable office chairs are extremely important in all work environments. If the chairs are not optimal, improper seating positions over time can result in serious health problems, such as back pain, sciatica, joint problems, and poor circulation. That's part of the reason why so many corporate businesses have made the switch to comfortable desk chairs with ergonomic features to minimize health risks. Ergonomics is the study of comfort in the workplace, and no office furniture products show the advancements of this field better than office chairs. Even today's most affordable ergonomic chairs are equipped with the latest tilt tension features and lumbar supporting designs. Chairs with mesh backs, like the WAU-HIGH-BK-CHR Wau High Back Office Chair by Eurotech allow for breathability (and are usually highly affordable). Massaging chairs often offer heating features to soothe muscles, and ergonomic leather office chairs provide luxury executive style. One of the greatest things about working at home, is that you have control over your environment, all it takes is initiative!
Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Groovy Office Chairs by Woodstock Marketing

If you're searching for stylish office chairs to furnish your home or commercial office with, Woodstock Marketing is definitely worth a long, good look! This brand has made a name for itself in creativity by producing office chairs inspired by the famous musicians that played at the Woodstock music festival in 1969. Their products are named after musical icons such as Jimi Hendrix and the Santana band. These groovy chairs have soared in popularity in recent years, even being featured on the sets of some popular television series. For businesses seeking chic modern furniture that's as comfortable as it is cool, here are five incredible chairs from Woodstock sure to turn a few heads!

Hendrix Brown Leather Contemporary Executive ChairFirst on our list is a chair inspired by the rock legend Jimi Hendrix. The WS-HENDRIX-HB-BR Hendrix Brown Leather Contemorary Chair by Woodstock is one of the most popular chairs the brand has to offer. Available in both a high back and mid back design, the Hendrix is the perfect chair for conferences, executive offices, tasking applications, and home office use alike. It's also available in the buyer's choice of either a white or black leather upholstery to better match existing office decor. The chair is framed by a stunning polished chrome, and even features a hand polished aluminum base for a modern touch that's sure to impress. But looks aren't the only thing this chair has to offer. With generous dimensions capable of supporting up to 250 lbs, this chair offers superior comfort, provided by it's memory foam cushions. Tilt tension control allows for customizable positioning and oversized casters promote easy mobility. It is an excellent chair that will rock your office for sure!

Joplin Modern White Leather Office Chair by Woodstock Next up, we are proud to present the WS-JOPLIN-MB-WH Joplin White Leather Office Chair by Woodstock for your office. As you may have guessed, this little beauty was inspired by singer-songwriter Janis Joplin, and is every bit as groovy as she was. This trend setting mid back chair is a gem in both home offices and conference rooms because of its small, unimposing design. It features a stylish ribbed leather look that offers just the right amount of comfort for the chair's purposes. The Joplin is also available in both black and brown leather for versatility. All versions are framed by sleek chrome to showcase the modern design in any contemporary office. For all these reasons, it is one of Woodstock's most popular chairs. One glance should be enough to see why.

Contemporary Red Leather Office Chair by WoodstockLooking for a chair that will capture attention like good music captures listeners? Then the WS-ANNIE-MB-RED Woodstock Annie Series Red Office Chair is definitely the chair for you! This eye popping chair makes excellent focal furniture in both home offices and conference rooms. The rich red leather is also available in white, black, brown, and even seafoam green to better match decor. An available high back option makes this chair great for executive use as well. Framed by a shining chrome, this chair brings contemporary style to any room it sits in. A unique diamond stitch upholstery is sure to draw eyes from all directions. The Annie is comfortable, supportive, stylish, mobile, and best of all, affordable. It's everything an office chair is meant to be!

Sweetwater Gray Mesh Conference Chair by WoodstockGreat for tasking applications, conferences, computer desks, and home offices, this next chair is one of the most comfortable chairs Woodstock has to offer. Complete with a mesh back, the WS-SWEETWATER-GRAY Woodstock Sweetwater Office Chair keeps users healthier than most. The breathable fabric prevents the build up of heat and germs, both on the user and on the chair. Generous dimensions support up to 250 lbs on high density molded foam, while an adjustable tilt lock allows users to specify their comfort as needed. The appealing gray fabric is framed by a contrasting black frame that will most definitely earn a few appraising glances. However, if the gray-black combo isn't your style, the chair is also available in a bright pink, blue, or black. For all benefits this chair brings to any office, the best is probably the affordable price. With this chair, your office can reach a whole new level of modern style. 

Baez Modern Black Mesh Office Chair by WoodstockLast but not least, we leave you with one of the coolest conference chairs out there. Inspired by Joan Baez, the WS-BAEZ-HB-BL Baez Black Mesh Office Chair by Woodstock is just as ambitious as the real woman. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern chairs for conference room use, home offices, and tasking applications alike. This chair is clad in a breathable mesh back and framed by hand polished chrome for amazing style. Adjustable tilt tension and generous dimensions help increase the comfort value of this chair, while oversized casters allow for smooth mobility. For shoppers looking for the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and coolness, Woodstock is the brand to go to, and the Baez chair is probably the one for you! 

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