Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Tables Every Modern Office Needs

When people think of offices, usually the first thing that pops into their minds are desks. Desks are amazingly important in work environments because they provide users with a place to get things done. However, one thing many new interior designers and business owners overlook when performing an office makeover is the need for tables. Unlike desks, tables can be extremely versatile. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each is meant for a specific purpose. If you're thinking of redoing an office space, this is one article you won't want to miss!

Meeting Tables

Modular Conference Table by OFM

Perhaps one of the most important events that can occur in an office is a meeting. Meetings between employees and executives promote the business. That's why keeping stylish office tables for conference and meeting use around is so important. However, knowing the table to get can be a challenge. Thankfully, manufacturers have figured out that different businesses have different needs, and they have designed their tables accordingly. For example, modular tables for office conference use focus on a highly adjustable design that easily accommodates varying amounts of people. They are perfect for co-worker meetings as well as productive conferences. On the other hand, large conference tables tend to focus more on impression than practicality, which makes them good for high-stakes conferences with corporate guests.

Break Room Tables

Alba Round Laminate Table by Global

Everyone needs a little down time. Working is an honorable thing, but trudging on through the day with no stops and no lunch breaks can be damaging to the body and mind. In order to promote a healthy work environment, break room tables are a must. They provide employees with a safe, sanitary surface to lunch on that is often regularly cleaned by janitorial staff. This way, employees aren't tempted to eat at the desk, leaving crumbs to get stuck in keyboard trays for office computer use to attract pests. In addition, many affordable break room tables for sale today boast incredible style that's sure to improve the image of any workplace.

Training Tables

Mayline Sync Training Table

Because of the success of businesses like Google, training rooms are sweeping the nation. Everywhere, up-and-coming businesses are hoping that bright, new employees will give them an edge in the market, so affordable training tables for office use are in high demand. The good thing about these tables is that they are highly versatile. Many of them are equipped with wheels and nesting capabilities for mobility and easy storage. They are a dream for sanitation staff because they are incredibly easy to clean around. But the best part is, training tables make excellent educational tools. In business environments, they have been known to improve efficiency and productivity when used to their fullest!

Lounge Tables

Global Citi Coffee Table

Never underestimate the power of the lounge table. They may seem useless at first glance, especially in an office environment, but we assure you that idea is entirely false. End tables and trendy coffee tables for home and business use are always needed for guest purposes. Anytime a place houses visitors, it's important that they feel at home, so in waiting areas, guests need a place to set magazines, laptops, and refreshments. Whether you've got a reception area, lobby, or waiting room, always be sure to include a few lounge tables in with the chairs.

Event Tables

Mayline Folding Event Table

And finally, we leave you with the tables everyone looks forward to. Whenever folding tables for office event use are brought out of the closets, it usually means some kind of office party is in order. Whether it's a birthday, a fundraiser, or the end-of-the-year Christmas potluck, you can bet things are going to be fun. All offices have need of event tables at some time or another, so it's important to keep them in stock. The best part about event tables is that they're versatile. Many come in round or rectangular designs for simplicity, and almost all of them feature low prices for buyer convenience.
Thursday, February 27, 2014

Office Design: Choosing The Right Reception Desk

Making a lasting first impression on your valued clientele is extremely important. That being said, first impressions being the minute visitors enter your business. For that reason, it's essential to choose the perfect reception desk to meet your specific welcome area layout. In today's article we'll showcase 5 different reception desk styles to meet the needs of any reception area.

Tight Spaces

Those limited by square footage won't want to take up too much valuable floor space with a welcome station. That being said, small reception desks with rectangular shapes typically work best for tight areas. Products like the Mayline RSBF Luminary Reception Desk should do the trick! The best part is, smaller stations like the RSBF are typically the most affordable. As we're sure you plan on growing your business in the future, using modular lines like the Mayline Luminary collection will also leave you with the ability to add a return to your station in the future to create more worksurface and additional storage.

Front Entry

U Shaped Reception Desk

Reception areas with front entry access doors are usually the most versatile. Regardless of your size, you should configure your reception desk to be the first thing guests see when entering your building. In most cases, rectangular units like one mentioned above will work great. In addition, U shaped reception desk models like the new AM-404N are also great for making an impression in larger areas. Keep in mind that making the welcome desk the main focal point of your area is always a good idea. When visiting for the first time, guests are often looking to talk to someone, check in, or obtain general information. Expedite their visit by creating a centralized visiting station that's front and center!

Side Entry

L Shaped Napoli Reception Desk

Office buildings are often configured quite strangely. In many cases, side entry buildings present challenges to interior design teams and office furniture specialists alike but really don't have to! Using an L shaped reception desk is the perfect solution! Depending on which side of your office features the entry door, a left hand or right handed station will make for a presentable welcome you can be proud of. Manufacturers like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Offices To Go, and Global Total Office all offer plenty of new reception desks for sale that can be outfitted with modular returns that will allow you to change your station in the future if needed.

Three Way Entry

Curved Reception Desk

Hotels and many other businesses commonly feature the three way entry layout. When looking to accommodate this style of welcoming area curved receptionist desks are best. A curved station provides an excellent vantage point for guests from any angle. Popular lines like the OFM Marque reception station collection include best selling curved models in a variety of sizes to meet your specific space requirements. Situate your curved station comfortably along the back wall. This way, when guests enter from any of your three doorways you can see each other clearly and quickly.

Four Way Entry

Circular Reception Desk

With the exception of custom furniture configurations that cost a fortune, circular reception desk models are the best way to outfit your business when faced with a four way entry layout. Corporations with this type of space should again be looking to create a presentable front from any angle. Often circular units will accommodate 2 to 3 users comfortable. Models like the 55316 Marque work just fine with as little as one person. Depending on the traffic flow of your business, you'll need to decide just how many receptionists are necessary. No matter the case, a circular welcome desk will have your office looking professional and up to date without spending crazy money on custom furniture!
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best Office Furniture Lines to Use When Starting A Business

When starting a business, money is always tight. Making the most of your limited budget is absolute crucial to the success of your operation. That being said, new office furniture is a cost most start ups incur. In today's article we'll showcase budget friendly office furniture collections that work great for start up business applications.

Cherryman Amber Series FurnitureThe Cherryman Industries Amber Collection is a full service furniture line that boasts an excellent blend of modern and traditional style. With a wide variety of desk configurations, conference room tables, and reception area furniture solutions the Amber series offers everything you need to outfit your workplace now and in the future. Popular sets like the AM-405N Executive U Desk are available in your choice of 5 popular laminate options to match any office decor. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this top selling line is the affordable price point. Stand alone Amber desks can be purchased for as low as $500 and offer excellent storage for your office organizing needs.

Cherryman Conference TableIn addition to the Amber collection by Cherryman, the Verde series is another popular choice for those in search of modern appeal. Rest assured, if it's wow factor you're in search of, Verde is the collection to use for your new business. As a best selling office furniture line since it's inception, Verde products are a top choice of the top interior design teams. Products like the VL-871 white accented 10' conference table with boat shaped top are sure to make any boardroom pop!

Mayline Brighton Series CasegoodsCherryman isn't the only excellent manufacturer with affordable office furniture for new business needs! Attractive Brighton Casegoods by Mayline are sure to make a professional impression on your office guests while keeping your design costs to a minimum. Products like the Brighton series reception stations can be added for guest welcoming areas while pre configured executive typical packages make outfitting your managerial space a breeze. Choose from two quick shipping finishes including cherry and mocha. Small meeting tables and larger conference tables are also available for your boardroom needs.

Offices To Go Ventnor Furniture
Fourth on today's list of affordable office furniture lines for new business applications is the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. This line of wood veneer products offers a luxurious traditional appeal. While this full service line offers a simplistic look at a budget any shopper will appreciate, don't be fooled into thinking it's a lesser grade product. The top office desks for sale from the Ventnor line offer a stunning finish, excellent storage options, and a versatile approach to the business furniture needs of your new office. Ventnor doesn't stop at just desks however. This popular line includes plenty of bookcases, welcome desks, and boardroom tables to compliment any additional area you choose to furnish.

Global Princeton Furniture CollectionLast but certainly not least, the Global Total Office Princeton collection is the perfect line to use if you're planning on expanding your business in the future. With a wide range of interchangable modular components, Princeton casegoods are completely customizable to meet the needs of any space. Looking for unique color options to express your corporate style? The Princeton line is offered in over 10 out of this world laminate options that are sure to wow your visiting clientele. Princeton products can even be enhanced with padded storage benches that add an extra element of style and versatility. The glass accented overhead units provide a euro industrial touch that's also trending in 2014!

February's Finest: Toscana Boardroom Tables by Mayline

In honor of the month of February, we thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to showcase one of the loveliest office furniture lines out there. The Toscana collection by Mayline offers traditionally styled boardroom tables sure to make any guest executive swoon. These tables are filled to the brim with exquisite looks boasting a classical appeal. Today's post will highlight some of the biggest reasons why they are always welcome in virtually every office conference area that wants to impress!


Toscana Conference Table by Mayline

It only takes one glance to see the gorgeous appeal of Toscana tables by Mayline. In conference environments where executives are constantly striving to achieve the admiration of guests, the way an office looks can often make all the difference. With models like the TC96 8' Rectangular Toscana Conference Table by Mayline, it's easy to see how the brilliant finish contributes to the classic look. traditionally styled tables like these make excellent additions to high end conference areas in law offices, firms, and antique buildings alike.


Toscana Small Rectangular Conference Table by Mayline

As if the style weren't already enough, the craftsmanship of Toscana tables goes above and beyond what most other manufacturers would attempt. All Toscana tables, including the TC26 Large Rectangular Conference Table by Mayline, are crafted of beautiful hardwood. The tables feature inlays and cross-directional veneers for the ultimate in sophisticated design. In addition to all of this, the tables also feature wood aprons under the surface and modesty panels for a delightfully old-school appeal. Buyers will be hard pressed to find tables with greater care put into their manufacture than the Toscana series. 


Toscana Table Finish Close Up

Nothing sings the virtues of the Toscana collection quite like its finish. Mayline offers these wood boardroom tables use in both mahogany and sierra cherry. Each tone is paired with a darker color to create a beautiful gradient that contributes to the classic vintage look. The result creates tables that seem to glow internally with an inner light, making them perfect for luxury conference areas that rely on impression to make their mark.


Toscana Round Wood Conference Table by Mayline

In addition to everything else, the Toscana series is probably one of Mayline's most versatile collections. It may not seem feasible, but Toscana tables actually are available in every size from petite to moderate to large to the incredible hulk! It's true. In this collection, tables start from small round meeting tables for office use, perfect in tiny conference rooms, break rooms, and lunch areas. They grow in size until you have tables like the TC30 Large Rectangular Boardroom Table by Mayline almost thirty feet in length! As such, the Toscana collection is capable of filling the needs of just about every office, be it small or wide.


Mayline Toscana Collection

For all the reasons listed above, the Toscana series is one of the most convenient collections Mayline has to offer. The classic vintage style and craftsmanship turn any drab office into a place of professional business. The stunning finish on every Toscana table makes interiors glow. And as if all that weren't enough, Mayline Toscana tables are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit just about anywhere. The collection even boasts accessories like the TCWB Mayline Toscana White Board Cabinet, which combines the modern advent of the whiteboard for presentations and note-taking with the traditional style we've come to recognize in this great collection. The Toscana series is a professional furniture set that always deserves an appraising glance!
Monday, February 24, 2014

Shop Smart: 10 Ergonomic Desk Chairs Under $200

Everyone likes to shop smart and save big, but sometimes trying to find the right balance between product and price can be a challenge. An item that seems like a great deal may really just be a ploy for dealers to rid themselves of products that don't actually work. Fortunately, for the office chair world, there's ergonomics! This scientific field of study focuses on improving comfort and efficiency in the workplace, so any product bearing "ergonomic" status is bound to be worth your while. For those on a budget, here's our list of the top ten ergonomic desk chairs under $200. Enjoy!

Chair 1: $184.00

Wing Series Microsuede by Eurotech

First on our list is a chair that delivers comfort without fail. The SE804-GRY Wing Series Microsuede Office Chair by Eurotech is available in two other stylish designs, in both black microsuede and leather. All three boast the same incredible tilt locking ergonomic features as well as the same affordable price. They make excellent additions to homes and residential business areas, including executive offices.

Chair 2: $162.99

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair by Offices To Go

The 11631B Adjustable Ergonomic Chair by Offices To Go is a steal at it's current affordable price. This chair features a compact design that perfectly compliments cubicles and office desks with ease. It boasts a durable, patterned black fabric upholstery that feels as good as it sounds. Pneumatic mechanisms in the seat and height adjuster give this chair the ergonomic status that ensures its comfort.

Chair 3: $175.99

Modern Mesh Task Chair by OFM

Durable, breathable, and stain resistant, the 130 Modern Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair by OFM is a chair that should never be passed up. Equipped with a stylish mesh fabric to promote air flow, this chair keeps users cool and germ free. A seat pitch adjustment, back pitch adjustment, gas lift, and built in lumbar support make this chair a gem in any office environment, from computer desks to cubicles!

Chair 4: $172.99

Hawk MF22 Orange Office Chair by Eurotech

Similar to the mesh chair featured previously, the Hawk MF22 Orange Office Chair by Eurotech also boasts excellent mesh back styling. Featuring tilt locks and a waterfall seat to reduce stress on the legs, the Hawk makes a great ergonomic chair for executive offices and cubicles alike. It is available in five stylish color choices, including the orange featured here, all for the same affordable price.

Chair 5: $176.99

High Back Leather Contemporary Office Chair by Flash Furniture

In need of a stylish comfortable executive chair that won't clean out your wallet? Then it sounds like Flash Furniture is the brand for you! The Flash Furniture H-9626L-2-GG Contemporary Office Chair features an affordable price that puts competitors to shame. It features a unique modern style with a luxuriant black leather upholstery to wrap up all the high end ergonomic features.

Chair 6: $179.99

OFM Airflow Chair 650

An office with high end contemporary style only deserves a chair can live up to those standards, and the 650 AirFlo Chair by OFM is certainly capable of doing just that! Chairs in the AirFlo series all boast incredible modern design that wins in both looks and construction. Although the chair featured here exhibits a blue padding, OFM offers this chair in the buyer's choice of four stylish colors. With adjustable lumbar and a knee lock swivel mechanism, this chair fits into any modern office with ease!

Chair 7: $162.99

Mesh Back Office Chair by Offices To Go

With shining chrome accents to contrast a stark black mesh upholstery, the 11657B Mesh Back Chair by Offices To Go makes a clever addition to any executive office. Users love the exquisite style and affordable price that combine to make this chair an amazing deal. It features an attractive, supportive back that allows air flow to reach the occupant, preventing the buildup of heat and germs.

Chair 8: $152.99

Hercules Leather Office Chair by Flash Furniture

Fans of the earth and of plush executive styling will love the ergonomic design of this eco-friendly gem by Flash Furniture. The GO-1097-BK-LEA-GG Hercules Leather Chair by Flash Furniture features plenty of padding to ensure the user's comfort. The lumbar supporting wing back design makes this chair a favorite of executives in both home and residential offices. Fire retardant padding, a sinfully low price, and earth-conscious construction all help to make this chair a guilt free wonder buyers will use for years to come.

Chair 9: $169.99

Stars Swivel Chair by OFM

Boasting an out-of-this-world cosmic design, the 326 Stars Swivel Chair by OFM certainly turns heads fast. This adorable little swivel chair is a favorite computer guest chair in libraries, schools, hospitals, and other residential facilities because of it's compact stature. It features a stain resistant seat and armless construction for easy access short term use. The starry design allows air flow to reach the user for a cool comfortable sit that's sure to impress.

Chair 10: $109.99

Capri Kids Ergo Task Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture
And finally, we leave you with the fun, kid-friendly task chair that has been heralded as one of the best chairs for children on the market today. The ML3100MF Capri Kids Task Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture boasts a cool, compact design perfect for any child with premature back pain. The chair makes a great companion for those long nights at the desk working on homework. Likewise, it doubles as a super enjoyable seating solution for computer games and craft projects as well. This revolutionary chair has already made the transition into schools and homes alike to promote the health of children everywhere. For the affordable price, it's an absolute joy to have!
Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 Desks for College Dorms and Bedrooms

In college, everything is a tight fit. Trying to cram a lifetime's worth of outfits and furniture into a ten-by-ten space you share with two other people is a daunting task, and one that leaves most kids yearning for their bedroom back home within hours of arriving on campus. In high school, the lifestyle isn't much different, with the exception of parents hounding their kids to keep the room clean. In both scenarios, it's important to find the right balance, and that usually mean's compact furniture. So, for those in tight spaces, we present some great student desks that keep to themselves!

Mayline Eastwinds Student Computer Desk For the claustrophobic, our first entry is sure to give users as much wiggle room as possible. The 946 Eastwinds Student Computer by Mayline makes the most of an extremely compact design. This computer station provides space for a keyboard tray, a printer shelf, and even a CPU holder. It's the perfect addition to any cramped dorm, bedroom, or apartment space because the wheel casters allow the whole setup mobility for easy storage. As if that weren't enough, the 946 Eastwinds is totally budget friendly. For only around a hundred dollars, users can get all the benefits of a full size desk in a compact package that fits just about anywhere!

Clifton Modern Computer Desk by Flash FurnitureThis next desk is the perfect thing for anyone tight on space and in cash. The NAN-CLIFTON-BK-GG Modern Office Desk by Flash Furniture is an extremely affordable desk that's sure to leave plenty of room in any space it inhabits. Also available in a white laminate, the Clifton is designed for computer users and features two shelves for accessories such as CPUs and printers. However, it also makes an amazing addition to bedrooms for middle and high school students that just need a bit of extra workspace to do homework. Use the shelves to hold computer monitors, textbooks, magazines, small flatscreen televisions, or other accessories, and it will be the hit of the room!

Mayline Eastwinds 905 Computer Desk
Although this next entry is a trifle larger than our last two recommendations, it doesn't change the fact that the 905 Eastwinds Home Computer Desk by Mayline is still one of the most popular small computer desks for sale on the market today. This desk features tremendous storage for such a compact desking solution. It offers plenty of space for work, for technology, for the user, and for the rest of the room. A built in drawer pedestal provides a convenient spot for pens, papers, and other materials that none of few other desks of this size can seem to incorporate. And of course the best part is the affordable price!

Modular Privacy Station by OFM
Another great choice is without a doubt the 55148 Modular Privacy Station by OFM for dorms and bedrooms. This desk makes a super addition to either of these spaces because it provides a compact, semi-enclosed workplace that promotes concentration. The Modular Privacy Station features multiple shelves for computers, books, CPU holders, printers, phones, or anything else that may be needed. It also boasts wings for privacy and focus, so it's an ideal desk for receptionists and telemarketers too.
Glass Home Office Desk with Pedestal by Flash Furniture
And finally, we give you the Flash Furniture NAN-JN-2118-GG Glass Home Computer Desk for small spaces. This desk provides plenty of wow-factor that's sure to impress. Unlike the other desks, the  glass surface of this one ensures that rooms look bigger than they actually do, contributing to an overall sense of spaciousness even in tiny dorms. It also features a built in drawer set for convenient storage. The chrome legs accent the glass for a modern look that will leave a great first impression on anyone lucky enough to encounter this stylish glass computer desk!
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chair Reviews: Best Office Chairs for Computer Users

Here in the modern age, most of us are familiar with computers. From the urban jungle to the open range, chances are, there's a computer someplace close by, be it in a skyscraper or back at the homestead. While computers have brought communication and efficiency to much of the world however, they have also brought health problems. Whether we like it or not, neck pain, back problems, and achey joints are all traceable to a life in front of a computer screen. Humans weren't made to sit in a chair all day. Unfortunately, social protocol has dictated that we will. Thankfully though, there's ways to make the pain go away. Here's the top five office chairs to relieve pain for computer users!

For anyone that follows news of the office furniture world, this chair is nothing new. The 6671-2 Arti Series Synchro Tilt Office Chair by Global has been getting a lot of press recently, and for good reasons. This chair has recently been heralded as one of the most high tech chairs for computer users out today. It boasts an articulating back designed to mimic the human spine for automatic comfort, while a mesh upholstery allows cooling air flow to reach the occupant. Internal steel cables and springs combine for maximum strength and flexibility. Color not your style? No worries! The Arti is available in numerous style options to better match office decor. Designed by the world renowned Zooey Chu, it's also 95% recyclable!

This lime green beauty is designed by a brand that's actually much better known for producing top quality desks rather than chairs. The C1CU Commute Office Chair by Mayline is one of the newer additions to the office furniture industry, and just like their desks, it doesn't lack for professional design. One of the reasons the Commute makes such a great computer chair is because of its versatility. This chair fits comfortably into a cubicle, office desk, tasking application, or even a home office. It boasts a mesh back and tilters for comfort, color choices for style, and an adjustable seat slider to fit both the small and the tall.

Speaking of comfort, the Ergohuman collection by Eurotech is never a bad solution if relaxation's what you're aiming for. In fact, chairs like the LE9ERG Ergohuman Leather Office Chair by Eurotech are some of the best ergonomic office chairs for computing around. Ergohuman chairs are available in both leather and mesh upholsteries with optional headrests. True to Eurotech's mission, this chair features the perfect blend of form and function. It offers tons of ergonomic tilters and controls to help ensure the occupant remains comfortable and relaxed throughout a long work day. It makes a perfect command chair for office workers and avid gamers alike!

For yoga fans and zen enthusiasts, nothing is better for a long day in front of a computer than a chair that lets you be yourself. Studies have shown that short breaks for exercise every hour or so can drastically improve the health of employees that spend their days in an office. Chairs like the CHAKRA-WHITE-GREY Chakra Chair by Eurotech allow users the best opportunity to "deskercise!"With cushions designed to support the body's power centers, the Chakra chair relies on it's zoomorphic structure to provide users with a light and airy seating experience. Even if it does look a bit strange, the Chakra makes the perfect companion for users that like to take short yoga breaks at the computer desk, (and even for those who don't). It's available in five color choices for maximum versatility. As they say, don't judge a book by it's cover!

And last, but certainly not least, we leave you with the ORO300-BLACK Ergonomic Designer Chair by OFM for your office. This classy chair fits exquisitely into homes and executive offices alike. It boasts designer-level luxury, and even includes a tablet for convenience. With a Greenguard Certification, buyers can rest assured their purchase is guilt free and sustainably produced. It's also available in a white upholstery to better match different office decors. Complete with full body support, the ORO chair is a favorite of computer users everywhere.
Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Drafting Tables for Aspiring Artists

Do you know an aspiring artist? Maybe you want to experiment with art yourself? Then you've come to the right place. In today's blog post, we'll deal with tables that are the best for novice artists and even those who have been around the paint cans a few times. Whether you use pencils, paintbrushes, rulers, or even light to create your artwork, you can rest assured that there are drafting tables out there for you. Here's five of the best for anyone ready to pursue their creative side!

Ultima Fold A Way Table by Studio Designs
First up, we give you the 19652 Ultima Fold-A-Way Table by Studio Designs for your artistic needs. This table is ideal for younger artists, those trapped in cramped dorm rooms, or anyone that prefers to dabble a bit on the weekends. The reason why is because this table is designed to fold away when not in use, so it's perfect for anyone that does not devote tons of time to artistic pursuits. For those stuck in dorms or bedrooms, it can easily hide in the closet or under the bed when the user has no need of it. Ideal for anyone in art school, this table features a tilt angle of up to thirty degrees. It also boasts a tray to hold pens, pencils, and other artsy materials. For only a bit over a hundred dollars, it's no wonder this affordable table is called the "ultima."

Mayline Ranger Split Top Drafting Table
This next table is perfect for the versatile artist. The 7772A Ranger Split Top Drafting Table by Mayline boasts two tables in one. It makes a great gift for graphic designers, computer artists, and drafters because the side table provides the opportunity for a computer or small television where users have easy access. The larger art table is capable of tilting up to fifty degrees from a horizontal position and the setup even includes a tool drawer for convenience. Users can do art there while they watch television or reference their computer for schematics or inspiration.  The Ranger is the ideal table for multitaskers and tech lovers that harbor interests in art or drafting.
Pro Craft Station by Studio Designs
For the kings and queens of crafting, we give you the 13245 Pro Craft Station by Studio Designs for all your artsy needs. This table makes a super gift for scrapbookers, paper cutters, bedazzlers, and glitz gurus. The Pro Craft Station features plenty of storage space in the form of drawers and side trays for accessories like glue, scissors, and rulers. A slide up pencil ledge keeps drawing utensils from going AWOL and a padded footrest allows artists to rest their feet while they create. As if that weren't enough, the table even features wheels for mobility and an affordable price to make competitors cringe. If you are an avid crafter, the Pro Craft Station is never a bad addition to your creative arsenal.

Cascade Magenetic Table by Studio Designs
For more serious artists, never say no to the 410608 Cascade Magnetic Table by Studio Designs if you can. This table is perfect for drafters and artists that spend a lot of time working with paper. Anyone that has spent a modicum of time drawing will easily tell you that one of the most annoying things about the activity is trying to keep the paper still. Fortunately, the Cascade features a magnetic top with four magnets included to relieve this very problem. The table features four removable art trays for pens and pencils, and two storage bays for books, instruction manuals, paper, or magazines. With a tempered safety glass tabletop that can adjust thirty degrees, the Cascade is a steal at its affordable price!

Catalina Split Top LS Work Center
And finally, we leave you with the 10080 Catalina Split Top LS Workcenter by Studio Designs for the well rounded artist. This table is excellent for those that don't mind working where they play. The Catalina Split Top makes the perfect gift for drafters and artists that need lots of workspace. One side of the table tilts upward for artwork while the other side can be left flat for computers or to double as a desk. The result is an affordably priced table with incredible versatility that can be lit from beneath for tracing or drafting purposes. It is on of the most popular commercial office tables for drafting purposes on the market for a reason and should never be passed up!
Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Great Ways to Increase Office Storage

Finding places to put things can be a tough problem in an office space. Over the years, papers, books, notes, and files have a tendency to build up, resulting in the efficient person's worst nightmare - clutter. Having a jumbled office can hamper overall productiveness and turn work in to a grueling task. Rather than wading through the swamp of mess though, a great way to clean up a space is to incorporate more storage. Here are some amazing solutions to save your office from clutter chaos.

Storage Cabinets

Sometimes adding a simple storage cabinet is all it takes to turn an office from a disaster zone into a place where productiveness can flourish. Adding large cabinets for office storage is one of the best solutions for many because they typically offer an efficient way to shelve items of all different shapes and sizes. Rather than leave things out in the open for all to see, office storage cabinets give users the opportunity to hide things through the use of doors. They leave offices with a cleaner look and the user a greater sense of privacy when compared to other office storage items. Cabinets are often available in either wood, metal, or some other type of material, and they're offered in numerous sizes to fit with the spacial and decor needs of any office environment. They are an effective, age-old solution that isn't likely to disappear anytime soon.


Whether you love books or just need some more shelf space, wood bookcases for home and business use offer excellent storage capabilities. They are the ideal solution for anyone renting a space because they offer shelving that doesn't damage walls. Bookcases can also usually support more than the typical wall-mounted shelving option because the sides of the bookcase lend extra support. Most are made of either wood or metal, both of which look incredible in many different office environments. They are available in numerous sizes, usually with shelves of two, three, or five, depending on the individual's needs. Some, like the SSDCA Sliding Door Bookcase from Mayline even offer doors to hide the contents of your bookshelf, both for privacy, and a cleaner, more uniform look.


Shelving is a great storage solution for anyone in a tight spot. Any interior designer will tell you that when a place is low on square footage, building up is better than building out, and shelving is the perfect device to accomplish this. The reason why affordable shelving for office use might be more efficient than a bookcase is because shelving is often better suited to hold more than just books. Even if bookcases can house things like small plants, pictures, or tissue boxes, shelving configurations often allow users to switch the sizes of their shelves, for example, the bottom shelf might have much more space than the top shelf. Users may choose to store boxes or packaging rather than just literary materials. Wall mounted shelving takes up no floor space whatsoever. Both options are superb for anyone short on room for their office.


Perhaps your office doesn't need a whole lot of storage space. For many, something as big and intrusive as a bookcase, cabinet, or a shelving configuration is just too much. That's why there's pedestals! These nifty little devices are storage solutions that can easily squeeze underneath desks. They provide drawer space for everything from pencils to files. Many are often equipped with wheel casters for mobility. The ones with locking features make ideal storage for teachers and executives in both home and office environments. While they are easy to hide, stylish pedestals for office desks are often appealing enough to leave right in plain sight. For a small storage solution that offers tons of space without taking up a lot of it's own, pedestals are always a great answer!


Want storage that can follow you anywhere? Then carts are the key for you. Carts can hold everything from files to television sets making them perfect for offices, schools, conference areas, and presentation rooms. By definition, all mobile office carts for sale is equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Some offer shelf space, others offer drawer space depending on the needs of your office, but all carts offer the same thing - a place to put things. In office environments where things can get messy fast, sometimes that is all you need!

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Office Furniture Deals Blog

Office Furniture Deals Blog