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Boardroom Basics: Design Tips for Office Meeting Areas

Designing any space can be a big challenge, but with the right tricks, you can decorate with the best of them. Boardrooms and meeting areas are all about impressing visitors. If you're considering a makeover for your office meeting space, here are some excellent design tips you should never be without!

Effective Space Planning Is Essential

Effective Space Planning Is Essential

Proper space planning is probably the most important part of any decorating project. Without knowing the exact dimensions of the space you're working with and the furniture you want, finding the right fit can turn into a disaster. Before you go purchasing furniture, get a few friends or co-workers to help you measure your space. Make a scale drawing with measurements on a piece of graph paper, and be sure to make note of entryways, windows, and power outlets too. Later, you can even use this paper to help determine a good furniture layout. Just remember to measure twice!

Assess your Needs Before Shopping

Assess your Needs Before Shopping

Once you've determined the dimensions of the boardroom, it's time to address specific needs. Ask yourself questions like how many guests you want to seat regularly. Allowing around three feet of table space for each guest, choose from quality conference tables with different sizes to find the right fit for your space. A six foot conference table will comfortably sit two people on each side, while an eight foot table can usually fit six people with two on the ends. Also try to consider whether the room will be used for other purposes, in which case modular or adjustable conference tables like the Bungee tables by Global would make an effective choice.

Choose A Style That Showcases Your Business Personality

Choose A Style That Showcases Your Business Personality

Different businesses provide different products and services, so it's easy to imagine each one with a certain personality. A pediatrics office for children will look very different than a fancy perfume brand's office or an industrial technology manufacturer. When designing any office space, try to be sure that your boardroom reflects your company's goals and ideals. Popular styles in 2014 include mid century modern, modular, traditional, classy, contemporary, and industrial. Because boardrooms are all about impressing the bigwigs, industrial conference room furniture with dark wood, glass, and chrome accents to highlight the future is probably the most popular choice in recent years.

Paint Before Purchasing

Paint Before Purchasing

Ever made the mistake of buying brand new furniture and then trying to paint the walls? If you didn't, good - don't! Painting around fancy new furniture is tough work, and it's also a potential mess in the making. It's fine to pick out new furniture so you can decide on a paint choice (RFM Preferred Seating furniture for sale has lots of color choices). Just make sure to save the purchasing until after your painting project is well underway. If you can, try to make sure you can set a delivery date, so you know exactly when your new boardroom furniture will arrive. That way, you'll have removed all the old stuff, painted the walls, and your new meeting space will be ready for the new arrivals!

Find a Good Deal

Find a Good Deal

Finding a good deal on expensive high end furniture takes some extra attention, but if you know how to search, you'll be done in a flash. Try to seek out popular boardroom tables for less by shopping from brands with free shipping. Once you've found a dealer you like, don't ever be afraid to call them up. Many dealers know a great deal more about furniture, decorating, and the installation process than you could ever dream, and they're always open to sharing knowledge and tips. Asking for deals over the phone may get you free access to bulk discounts, coupons, special furniture sales, and other great perks. Some dealers may even be able to suggest tips you never thought of like setting delivery dates, popular furniture for boardrooms, layout options, and tricks to setting up new furniture!

Make Comfort A Priority

Make Comfort A Priority

Trying to keep meeting area guests engaged is hard enough without the distraction of uncomfortable furniture, so it's imperative that every meeting place makes comfort a priority. You don't want the fancy business executives going back complaining about how inhospitable your office was. To avert this, choose cool leather chairs for conference and meeting applications that have cozy ergonomic features. Simple things like articulating backs, height adjustment, and waterfall seats can drastically improve the comfort of your boardroom, so keep your eyes peeled for those features when shopping.

Don't Forget the Details

Don't Forget the Details

Boardrooms aren't just about style and impression, they're also about utility. Having the right presentation accessories for office meeting applications can improve guest experience and always ensures your boardroom is prepared for all the ways people present ideas and learn. Lecterns, whiteboard cabinets, and computer gadgetry are all beneficial to meeting areas since they are some of the most common ways of sharing ideas in the workplace. Now that your boardroom is all but complete, add these accessories and enjoy your new space!
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Choosing The Perfect Conference Table for Your Business

How To Choose A Conference Table
A professional meeting area speaks volumes about your business. That being said, the main focal point of this essential space is the conference room table. With an extensive selection of styles available in 2014, choosing the perfect table for your boardroom can be a difficult and overwhelming task. In today's article, we'll highlight the step by step process including tips, product suggestions, and the advice you'll need to purchase the best conference room table for your specific needs.

1.) Size

The first step in choosing the perfect conference table for your business is to assess your needs. Start by measuring your space effectively to determine the size table that will work best. Most businesses use tables between 6' and 10' in length.

2.) Guests

On average you'll want to allow around 3 feet of table space per user. A 6' table will accommodate 4 users comfortably while a 10' table is made to host between 8 and 10 visitors if you choose to use the table ends. To avoid cramping, check out a few popular conference chairs or your current office chairs. Take the measurements of each being sure to take note of the seat and base widths. You can then use these figures to ensure a comfortable meeting experience for your business guests.

3.) Materials 

To choose the best conference table for your business, you'll want to educate yourself on the most popular materials being used today. Top brands like Global Total Office offer a wide range of tables including wood veneer, metal, and laminate variations that vary widely in price. In most cases wood veneer tables will be the most expensive while laminate top tables are typically the most affordable. Additional brands like OFM, Inc. are now offering attractive glass top conference room tables that are a favorite amongst interior design teams and industry professionals alike. That being said, the hottest conference room design trends of 2014 include the use laminate top tables with industrial metal bases. Products like the GR6STM Alba Series Table will give you a great idea of what's hot this year.

4.) Price

In 2014, shopping for new conference room tables on a budget can actually be quite simple. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all provide affordable solutions that look fantastic. Products like the BTCT6 Brighton Series 6' Conference Table by Mayline can be purchased for as little as $218.99 with free shipping. Higher end tables can range into the thousands depending on the material and size table you choose.

5.) Shape

Popular conference table shapes include round, racetrack, boat shaped, rectangular, and elliptical. This area of the design process is purely based on your personal preference. However, rectangular and boat shaped tables will provide the most useable space on table ends to help you accommodate the maximum number of guests. New elliptical top conference table solutions are by far the most popular this year. For smaller areas, round top styles are best.

6.) Style

Various conference table styles including modern, traditional, contemporary, and industrial should all be taken into account when shopping for your new table. Doing a simple inquiry via your favorite search engine will provide you with helpful insight as to what each looks like. Once you've done the basis research, determine what look will best enhance your corporate decor.

7.) Value

Everyone loves a good deal! That being said, it's important to find value when selecting your new conference table. Manufacturers like those mentioned above offer great products highly suggested for professional office use. In addition, be sure to inquire with your dealer of choice about bulk discount pricing, free shipping, and current closeout specials that may be available. If you're looking to purchase an entirely new furniture configuration for your space, savings should definitely be made available.

8.) Lead Times

So you've found the perfect conference table, but will it be available when you need it? All too often business furniture shoppers are faced with tight project deadlines. When searing for your new table, be sure to inquire about how long tables will take to ship. While most tables from brands like Mayline and Cherryman Industries are typically in stock, more customizable solutions like the tables from Global Total Office are made to order and take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. Be sure to leave yourself with ample time to ensure you're able to purchase the table you love and don't end up settling due to a time crunch. Most industry professionals recommend shopping 5 weeks before you need your products and scheduling delivery around a time that works best for you.
Monday, April 28, 2014

Office Showcase 2014: Modern Interiors That Rock

Thinking of pursuing an office makeover? Well, you're in luck! In today's post, we'll take a look at some amazing modern office interiors and describe what makes them so appealing. From colors, to materials, to textures, and more, learn what makes office interior design so spectacular in 2014. Here's an interior for every office situation to help inspire you. Enjoy!

Cool Conference Room

The Asian inspired look of this serene conference room instantly dissipates any tension that could possibly arise. This interior space makes use of all the checkpoints that mark smart industrial design. With dark wood furniture, a glass tabletop, chrome accents and comfortable conference chairs with modern style, this conference room has enough contemporary appeal to hold up with the most high tech  of modern spaces. Yet it offers a wonderful natural touch in the plants and earth-themed wall installation that make this conference room a perfect blend of technology and nature!

Rockin' Reception Area

This rockin' reception area does everything a reception area should! Complete with complimentary colors, cool modern lighting, and plenty of textures to keep the eye interested, visitors will never be without something to look at. Contemporary curved desks for office reception welcome guests from all directions, making this curved welcome desk a smart choice. In addition, it also boasts space saving multi user benefits that allow more than one person to fit comfortably behind the workstation. The calm green coloring of this pretty reception area is accented by a bright burst of colorful flowers. Together, they take a bite out of the fear many experience when entering a dental office, reflecting the desires of the business, and leaving customers at ease.

Elegant Executive Office

This executive office is comfortable, stylish, utilitarian, and very modern. Like the conference room above, it meets all the style needs of any 2014 interior office space. Adding executive desks with dark wood exteriors brings offices like this one down to earth. The chrome and glass accents lift it back up just enough to brighten the space and give a nod toward the future. This elegant modern executive office boasts plenty of storage to save space and also provides contemporary seating for any guests. The cool wall art keeps the eye interested while the area rug prevents scuffs on the floor, providing a trendy useful space to get work done.

Groovy Lobby

Bursting with bright colors, this lobby has plenty to look at. It sets the impression for this office as one which is fun, modern, and creative, and no doubt the looks live up to the business's standards. The amazing lobby guest chairs feature trendy design to compliment the rest of the space. With the complimentary teal and orange create a zesty style that's sure to feel like a vacation all by itself for the vacationers at this stunning hotel!

Wacky Waiting Room

And last but not least, we give you this incredible contemporary waiting room! Featuring all sorts of strange shapes, bright colors, and exquisitely creative lighting, this waiting room will keep guests entertained until kingdom come just on looks alone. With cool modern reception seating and end tables with convenient placements, visitors will always have exactly what they need to stay comfortable and entertained. With a look this drastic, the waiting room definitely reflects the progressive modern look of the business. With crazy shapes and outstanding colors, guests will feel like they've left earth entirely to achieve a new plane of out-of-this-world style!

Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Key Ways to Show Your Office Design Ingenuity

Showing how modern your office is can be a challenge, especially if it looks a little dated. However, knowing the latest tips and tricks of office interior design can help show off your company's creative side, and help lure in customers. Today, we'll showcase some great tips to help you show off your office design ingenuity with ways to decorate included. Take a look!

Get Organized


Decorating without a plan is like trying to find El Dorado without a map. If you want to get things done, you have to make a game plan that takes all the essentials into account. Furniture can get expensive, and so can remodeling, so plan a budget that will help ensure you won't be drowning in debt by the time your project is over. When you're done, head on over to a presentation board for office use and make yourself a checklist of the changes you want to make. If you don't have one, it's not a bad idea to include one in your new look. Models like the Verte V120LE by Cherryman come complete with a dry-erase board to take notes and keep employees updated when the remodeling is over.

Effective Space Planning

 Effective Space Planning

Space planning is an essential part of decorating that requires a lot of attention. Ineffective measuring can ruin the whole project and discourage even the most experienced decorators. Before you go on a furniture shopping spree, get some co-workers to help carefully measure the area you want to decorate. Draw everything out to scale on a piece of graph paper, making note of any doors, power outlets, and windows that could potentially hamper your layout options. All this preliminary work can be a pain, but it's definitely worth the extra effort so you can get the best furniture at the right price and the right size to meet the needs of your space.

Know The Latest Trends

Trendy Office

Part of showcasing the ingenuity of your office through design comes from staying up-to-date with modern style. Before shopping, it's never a bad idea to peruse office design magazines or look up trends and spaces online to see what's hot. One of the most recent contemporary furniture design trends that hasn't lost its touch for a while is the industrial look. This style works by enforcing a triple whammy of  wood furniture, glass, and metal. Choosing sleek glass desks with modern features, tables with chrome accents, and contemporary white desk chairs for sale to decorate with all help ensure your office stays on the cutting edge.

Find Value


Most design projects can get a little pricey, so it's important to find great values when shopping new office furniture for sale. Being proactive on the front end by seeking out great deals, clearance specials, closeouts, and coupons can reduce the overall price of your remodeling significantly. Remember that dealers are there to help you in every way possible, so don't be afraid to call one up with any questions. Chances are, they may even offer you great bulk discount opportunities to maximize your budget and offer recommendations for delivery services. You may be able to get those fancy waiting room sofas with free shipping to boot!

Remember The Details

Remember The Details

Now that your space is all but complete, it's time to finish it off with a bang! Remembering the little details that help to make interiors pop is a fantastic way to reel in the visitors. Adding beautiful wall art helps keeps guests occupied until you can get to them. Indoor plants improve air quality and increase cognitive functioning to help coworkers focus. Adding desk lamps and office lighting features helps to brighten up a workspace, shining on all your decorating efforts and leaving everyone in a brighter mood. Finally, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unique Upholstery Options by RFM Preferred Seating

In the world of office furniture, no one offers quite as many options as RFM Preferred Seating. Not only does this brand possess an astounding collection of top-of-the-line ergonomic chairs, but it also offers them in one of the most impressive arrays of colors and patterns. However, because RFM offers so many fabric options it may be hard to pick a favorite. In today's post we'll consider the looks of some RFM favorites, and offer fabric recommendations to help narrow down your search. Good luck!

Internet Office Chair

Internet Office Chair by RFM

 Don't let the simple curves of the 4895 Internet Office Chair by RFM fool you. This chair is a wonder of comfortable innovation. It is available in three sizes to fit multiple body types and comes with a non-cascading seat for superior comfort. In fact, the Internet chair is available with the owner's choice of seven seat options, including the 1500 deep tractor seat. The pillow comes standard for neck support so the occupant may remain cozily supported all day.

Because the Internet chair does not feature a lot of textured patterns built into it's frame, the chair can work a patterned fabric without looking too conspicuous. Here are the swatches we recommend:

   Tuff Cloth Space Blue            Axis Grove            Mainframe Cordovan

Tuff Cloth - Space BlueAxis GroveMainframe Cordovan

RFM Verte

RFM Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

The RFM Verte has long been a favorite of back pain sufferers because of it's highly sophisticated design. The 11 torsion sprain-loaded joints allow the Verte to articulate ideally and take an exact impression of the user's spine. With the ability to lock the joints in place, users experience the only the best support for their backs, prompting many to herald the Verte as one of the best ergonomic chairs for back pain on the market. For many, it is the most comfortable chair they've ever sat in.

Unlike the Internet Chair, the 22111 Verte Ergonomic Chair by RFM boasts a very "textured" appearance with the 11 torsion spring-loaded joints visible from the back. Featured here in a smooth black leather, the Verte is also available in RFM's fabulous fabrics. However, because of the textured look, it's better to choose solid fabrics rather than patterned ones so it doesn't draw too much attention:

     Element Feldspar      Foundation10 Mercury     Mosaic Cerulean

Echelon Mesh Chair
Echelon Mesh Office Chair by RFM

The Echelon Series by RFM is a furniture favorite! These chairs are compact, affordable, and comfortable, making them perfect for use at home, in cubicles, at desks, or even in meeting rooms. The comfort molded tractor seat is rated for up to 300 lbs. and it also features multi function control, a ratchet back, a seat slider, and well defined lumbar support. With a height adjustable, breathable mesh back, chairs like the RFM 1935Q Echelon Mesh Office Chair make an excellent discount chair for public work environments.

The Echelon features a mesh back, but it's the comfortable seat where users can choose their fabric. Because the solid mesh tones down any textures, choosing a patterned fabric is perfectly alright. It will not distract, but solid colors look just as well too. It's hard to go wrong with this one. We recommend:

        Element Blaze                Axis Paprika            Mainframe Avocado

Rainier Chair 

Ranier High Back Office Chair by RFM

It's hard to compete with the Rainier Chair Series by RFM. Not only are these chairs affordable, but they also boast the high tech ergonomic design that RFM is famous for. Featuring four-function control, a ratchet back, a seat slider, and extra lumbar support for back pain sufferers, the R4 Rainier High Back Chair by RFM is a steal at it's current affordable price. It goes great in both home and business environments alike.

Rainier Series chairs do not have an extremely textured appearance so they look good in both patterned and solid fabrics. Here's what we recommend:

        Mosaic Laurel        Tuff Cloth Brandy Wine    Element Sapphire

Mosaic Laurel Tuff Cloth Brandy WineElement Sapphire

Tuxedo Managers Chair

Tuxedo managers Chair

Designed by Hector Coronado, this chair expertly combines handsome style with exquisite ergonomic comfort. Just like a nice tuxedo, the Tuxedo Chair is tailored for a perfect fit, offering three optional seat sizes, arm styles, and controls for the ultimate personalized chair. The 4515 Tuxedo chair featured hear boasts a 300 lb. weight capacity with a ratchet back, dual density durability, and a look that can't be beat. It makes the perfect attire for any executive or managerial office.

Because the Tuxedo boasts a substantially dark, thick frame, bright solid colors and patterns can turn it into the liveliest part of a room. Thankfully, there are plenty of RFM Preffered Seating chairs for sale that can do the same thing. Some recommended swatches are:

      Element Copper          Foundation10 Flame          Mosaic Taupe

 Element Copper  Foundation10 Flame Mosaic Taupe

Monday, April 21, 2014

Popular Gray Office Chairs with Executive Appeal

Today's modern executive office is all about the sleek and stunning. With all the dark wood, chrome, and glass features to hint at the future, nothing makes a better compliment than a cool gray office chairs.  Gray chairs are all the rage in executive offices now, because they offer an excellent sense of contemporary appeal without distracting too much from the rest of the office. If you're thinking of adding one to your workplace, here's five great gray chairs to inspire you!

Sweetwater Mesh Chair by Woodstock
First up, we give you a chair with enough high class style to fit in any executive office, with down-to-earth modern looks to fit anyplace else too. Say hello to the Sweetwater-Gray Mesh Chair by Woodstock for your workplace. This chair goes well in offices, from cubicles to conference rooms and every place in between. Inspired by the famous band, this Woodstock Marketing chair features high density molded foam, tension adjustability, generous dimensions, and appealing accents. At it's current affordable price, chairs of the same price range can barely keep up with this chair that looks as cool as it feels!

Shadow Executive Chair by Global
For a chair that can keep up with all your movements, nothing beats the 2710 Shadow Luxury Office Chair for an executive by Global for your office. Available in multiple colors, the gray Shadow chair does not get it's name so much from the popular color as from the revolutionary capabilities that are built in. The Shadow is built to follow every move you make, actively flexing to the user's activities to provide maximum support and comfort. The 2710 model features a high back design perfect for high end executive offices, but it is also available in smaller versions, and a leather upholstery for those that want a bit more variety.
Monteral High Back Gray Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture

Next up, the EH7200M-G Ergo Contract Furniture Gray Montreal Chair boasts an unmistakably executive look provided by it's smooth gray upholstery. The designer look is backed by excellent features, such as a synchro tilt, pneumatic height adjustment, tilt tension control, padded cushions, and a classy high back design. To round it all out, the Montreal also boasts a generous price for accessibility!

Takori Weight Sensing Synchro Chair by Global
The 6680-8 Two Tone Takori Chair by Global is more than just a tongue-twister. It's an affordable seating solution with excellent features to bring to any executive office. Boasting a stylish black silhouette trim with a gray interior (also available in many other colors) the Takori definitely looks the part of the executive. With Global's trademark Soft Descent feature and an extremely durable fiberglass reinforced nylon structure, this chair offers comfort that lasts. It's weight sensing feature helps the occupant determine their ideal seat height to work from while simultaneously providing support to the back for a work experience that users won't soon forget.
Gray Microfiber Desk Chair by Flash FurnitureLast but not least, we leave you with the Gray Microfiber Desk Chair by Flash Furniture for your workplace. The GO-725-GY-GG Microfiber Chair and others by Flash Furniture are some of the most popular gray office chairs for sale on the market. Not only are Flash chairs appealing to look at, but they're offered at prices most competitors just can't match. Users love the ergonomic features of the Microfiber, like the overstuffed cushions, built in lumbar support, and waterfall seat to promote healthy blood flow. When shopping for any room in your office, whether at home or in the workplace, Flash Furniture is always an excellent go-to discount brand!
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7 Versatile Training Room Seating Solutions of 2014

Training rooms are all the rage this year in the office world. All over the nation, big businesses are recognizing the benefits of training furniture and its versatility. Libraries, schools, universities, and public centers all rely on training chairs to seat their visitors. Whether you're looking to train new recruits or add furniture for a new computer area in the office, training room furniture can fit your needs. Here's the top seven training room chair styles to help you choose what's best!

Mobile Chairs

Twilight Office Chair by Global

Mobility is a huge asset for chairs in an active workplace. The ability to move chairs around fluidly without obstruction or carrying is highly underrated, but totally necessary in offices or libraries with computers. Adding training room chairs with mobility to a workspace ensures that carpets won't get scuffed by stiff chair legs. They are highly versatile, able to serve in all sorts of seating capacities, and always able to keep up with active workspaces!

Stationary Chairs

Global Duet Guest Chairs

Stationary training chairs do not have wheels for mobility, but that doesn't make them any less useful. Where mobile chairs are easy to transport and great for use at computer stations, in close-quarters, their wheeled legs can easily roll round and get tangled up in the legs of nearby chairs. This makes them terrible seating solutions at long work tables in training areas and libraries where several chairs may be in close proximity at all times. The rubberized legs or sled bases of stationary chairs are less likely to scuff floors or get tangled up, making them perfect for long reading and work sessions in the office utility area.

Nesting Chairs

Switch Nesting Chair by Eurotech

Nesting chairs are not that well known, but they are the perfect solution for an office that fluctuates in traffic. If your office experiences predictable periods of low activity, with few visitors, interspersed with high activity and many visitors, then nesting chairs are an excellent option. By folding against one another, nesting chairs are able to "nest" together for easy storage. Options like the SW550-ORG-WHT Switch nesting chair by Eurotech even come in packs of two just to showcase this!

Stacking Chairs

Cali Stacking Guest Chair by Via Seating

Stackability is a great feature more common to stationary office chairs, as opposed to ones with wheels. In offices that fluctuate in activity, stackable chairs make storage a snap so that the office isn't cluttered with more chairs than it needs at certain times of the year. Good stacking office chairs like the 102-C-31A Cali stack chair by Via Seating are even offered in tons of colors to better match office decor. They make great seating for lounges, training rooms, and computer areas in office environments.

Armless Chairs

Even though most users prefer chairs with armrests, armless chairs are actually much better in highly active office environments. Chair arms can easily get damaged after repeated use when users are constantly getting up and sitting down. Often they can be an obstacle that snags clothes, bags, and the cords of headphones or handheld devices, seriously inconveniencing active occupants. A quality armless training chair like the 2614C Chair by Global tends to be much preferred in training room computer areas because they're more easily accessed.

Tablet Chairs

Sonic Tablet Guest Chair by Global

Training chairs with tablets make amazing seating solutions in educational facilities. Schools, libraries, universities, and presentation rooms, all prefer a good tablet training chair like the 6513T Sonic Tablet Chair by Global to a standard office chair any day. The tablet provides occupants the opportunity to take notes, read, or work from the chair they already need to sit in. Why pay twice as much for long tables or desks when you can buy a chair that offers all in one for so much less?

Breathable Chairs

Mayline Valore Mesh Training Chair

Office training can be tough work. Why not take a breather with a chair that can help cool you down? Perforated and mesh back office chairs for sale have made their way into just about every workplace in America. Not only are they affordable, but the breathable back keeps occupants cool and also prevents the buildup of sweat and germs. Fortunately, many furniture brands have now made this great feature available in the training room too. Now new recruits can benefit from the soft supportive comfort of a chair like the TSM2 Mayline Valor Mesh Training Chair, and get used to their new workplace in comfort!

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