Friday, May 30, 2014

Fantastic Finds: Cool and Comfy Office Chairs Under $200

You don't have to spend a bundle to be comfortable at work! In today's article we'll highlight 5 of the coolest and most ergonomically correct office chairs on the market under $200. These seating solutions from industry leading brands offer the support and style needed for creating out of this world office environments designed for peak performance.

Offices To Go Managers ChairFirst up, the 11641B Managers Chair with Mesh Back by Offices To Go. This trendy chair offers standard features that include adjustable arms, a scuff resistant base, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and a tilt tension control feature. The 11641B is truly an excellent value at only $169.99.

Eurotech Seating Mystic Chair
When it comes to superior comfort and style, ergonomic chairs by Eurotech Seating are ahead of the curve. This cutting edge manufacturer prides themselves on creating value priced seating solutions with innovative design qualities. Adjustable task chairs like the FT5551 from the Mystic collection offer the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. A great choice for both home and business needs, this Mystic series chair priced at $144.50 is hard to beat!

Retro Office Chair in LeatherAny interior designer will tell you, the retro look is in! That being said, comfort is of top priority. The GO-1297H-HIGH-BK-GG leather office chair by Flash Furniture is the perfect way to fit both of these demands. This contemporary leather office chair with polished frame features offers a unique back stitching patter that is sure to wow guests while accenting your office space to perfection. At only $161.99, this Flash Furniture product has been selling like hot cakes and makes an excellent addition to professional meeting areas where seating budgets are typically limited. The GO-1297H-HIGH-BK-GG chair is also a perfect fit for executive office applications. Not loving the black? No problem! This super cool chair is also available in white leather to take your space over the top.

Single position tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment Pneumatic seat height adjustment Scuff resistant arched molded base with twin wheel carpet casters Fixed height molded arms with padded armrests Integral headrestA high quality leather executive chair for only $189.99? Offices To Go has really outdone themselves with their 11618B model! This overstuffed ergonomic seating solution features an abundance of padding in all the right places. The 11618B features a loop arm design that offers a touch of sophistication for executive office areas and conference room spaces. Standard features include an integrated head rest, single position tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and padded armrests.

Eurotech Seating Verona Series Tufted Office ChairLuxury, sophistication, and comfort are the best 3 words to describe the Verona series tufted back office chair from Eurotech Seating. At only $186.00, this high quality seating solution is far more impressive than chairs at nearly 3 times the price. Eurotech has really set the bar high with this one! The Verona offers a unique loop arm design with elegant back stitching. This LE4200 model boasts ergonomic features that include a tilt tension control, center lock, and tilt lock mechanism.  As a lovely blend of traditional style and modern ergonomics, this classy chair makes a great addition to home, executive, conference, and boardroom areas looking to make a statement of excellence.
Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don't Settle for A Boring Reception Area!

As the place where visitors and clients often gather their first impressions, office reception areas and lobbies are super influential. That means having uncomfortable, worn out chairs, boring walls, and terrible interior design is an absolute no-no for these rooms. But what if you aren't a designer? Well, never fear! Today's article is all about how to create an inciting office reception area to stun your guests. Enjoy!

Design A Unique Seating Layout

It may sound weird to start with a seating plan, but once you've accurately measured your space and identified your needs, sketching out a few ideas is always the best way to go. Planning the sort of furniture you want to have around and where it will be placed makes shopping all the easier. This way, you'll know the general size of the sofas, lounge chairs, and other cool modern reception furniture you're looking for. The plans make it easier to decide between the layouts that will work best and the furniture that is needed the most. You may even be able to determine if you've got enough room for something like a television or fish tank to serve as eye-candy for your visitors!

* Here's some cool chair layouts to inspire you:

Space Efficient Seating - Uses strategic placing of seats to get the maximum use out of a space.

Space Efficient Seating

Family Style - Organizes chairs and sofas like a living room, usually around a coffee table.

Couples Style - Good for counseling centers or pediatric offices where visitors usually arrive in twos.

Couples Style

Movie Theatre Style - Perfect for an office with an entertainment center like a television or fish tank.

Movie Theatre Style

Research the Latest Design Trends

Now that you've got a few layouts in mind, it's time to research the latest design trends. When trying to figure out everything ourselves, it's easy to forget there's a whole world out there with designers focused on turning their ideas into trends. Doing a little research helps ensure that your new lobby seating sets turn heads in the workplace. Those that have a better idea of what's popular now will most likely make better guesses about what will be popular tomorrow, and that let's business owners get the most use out of their new furniture. If you're not sure where to start, try speaking with an interior designer or office furniture dealer about what the latest trends are and what furniture has been selling like hotcakes.

Make A Statement with Your Reception Desk

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk

If the reception area is the first impression visitors will have of your business, the reception desk is the first impression of that first impression - so it better make an impression! Because the desk is usually the biggest focal point in almost any room, all eyes will be drawn to the reception desk in this case. Consider the look of your office reception area and the surrounding furniture so the looks won't clash, and try to decide if a straight or curved desk would be better. Choosing one from top rated office furniture brands like OFM, Mayline, Cherryman, or a series like Superior Laminate Desking by Offices To Go is a great way to ensure that yours will be top quality and at the forefront of modern style.

Paint with A Purpose

Office Paint

Colors have a deep psychological impact on the mind. In order to get the better influence your guests, it's a good idea to put yourself in their shoes. Try to think about how you want them to feel when they enter your reception area. Do you want them to feel excited? Professional? Cozy? Quirky? Cared for? Then, it's a good idea to read up a bit on color psychology to determine which colors typically evoke those feelings in most people. At the same time, you want to pick a paint that won't clash with the colorful fabric office sofas you've already chosen. Remember that hues and shadows will play a part in the final look. Even if most blues are thought of as peaceful, a brighter hue like teal or aqua can be evoke just as much excitement as pink!

Accents Matter

Accents Matter

Now that your space is all but complete, it's time to do a little decorating! Most people don't realize that accent furniture can play just as big a role as painted walls and chairs can. However, it's the accent furniture that often gives a place a finished look. Before you reopen the reception area, be sure to line hard floors with area rugs and side tables to provide guests a place to set entertainment and refreshments. Remember that not everyone is a magazine reader, so be sure to deck out the walls with some cool art to keep the lookers entertained. If you work in a city, think about adding some plants of small office air purifiers to keep the air fresh and clean. Finish it all off with sophisticated office lighting fixtures to brighten up the space, and your office reception area is ready to wow and receive!
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Know Your Chair Brand: RFM Preferred Seating

RFM Seating

For those of you in search of only the best for your office, search no farther than RFM for your chair. As one of the most respected office chair manufacturers in the industry, this award-winning brand has been brining top quality ergonomic seating to offices for a long time. Here, we'll showcase the best of what RFM has to offer, so you can know you can know your brand all the better. Enjoy!

Mission and History

RFM Verte

For more than thirty-five years, RFM Preferred Seating has been bringing top quality furniture to workplaces all over the nation. With a mission to make sure every office is equipped with state of the art seating, it's not surprising to learn that their history of producing fully customizable products continues to this day. Offering high tech office chairs with adjustable features and stunning design, RFM remains a leader in the world of office seating. Every model is designed with exacting standards to improve the health, quality, productivity, and efficiency of any user that sits in their chairs!

Versatile Seating

Unlike many other furniture brands that sacrifice design for versatility, RFM has remained solely focused on chairs as long as they've been around. Since all the energy of this top brand name has gone into producing one style of furniture, it's no surprise to learn they've perfected it. In fact, many RFM Preferred Seating office chairs have been credited with being some of the most comfortable commercial office chairs anywhere. Their seating options don't end at the desks either. With multifunction, bariatric, guest, computer, and training chairs all in their lineup, there is an RFM chair for every part of the office, from the lobby to the conference room! With enough ergonomic features to stretch from here to the moon, you can bet they're as comfortable as can be.

A Rainbow of Colors

Rainbow of Colors

One of the most popular reasons shoppers go so often to RFM for their office seating needs is because the brand offers an extremely diverse array of fabric options to clothe their chairs in. Most furniture brands don't offer half the versatility that RFM does when it comes to upholstery options. Almost all of the brand's colorful ergonomic computer chairs are available in the extensive array of choices that has come to characterize RFM as one of the most versatile office furniture manufacturers anywhere. Choose from fiery equinox red, to sapphire, bayou, symphony, or anything else your heart desires. If you can find it in the rainbow, chances are you'll find it on an RFM chair!

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Founded in a state that has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental sustainability, RFM has made environmental concerns a part of their mission since their founding. Stringently tested and officially certified by MAS "Materials Analytical Services" for low-emitting products, this brand is continuing it's tradition of always incorporating environmental awareness into every bit of their manufacturing and distribution process. Along with great brands like Eurotech and Global Total Office furniture, RFM has been added to the ranks of best eco-conscious office furniture brands to buy from.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

At last, we get down to the nitty-gritty of why RFM is such a favorite choice among shoppers. Of course, the versatile seating, high standards, and color options all play a factor, but by far, the best reason to go with RFM, if for nothing else, is the ergonomic design. This brand prides itself on being a leader in the office furniture world by setting the standard for high end ergonomic office chairs to hit. All their chairs, from the RFM Echelon Series, to the Verte, Ranier, and unique 8235 Carmel Office Chair by RFM, boast exquisite ergonomic components for the ultimate in support and comfort.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Have You Adjusted Your Office Chair Lately?

Adjustable Office Chairs

Having a high quality office chair with tons of ergonomic features is only useful if you use them properly. Regularly adjusting your office chair is a must to achieve peak performance in the workplace. In today's article we'll highlight several of the most common chair adjustment features and their associated benefits.

Pneumatic Cylinder

It's important to adjust your office chair regularly to meet your needs on a task by task basis. That being said, the most common chair feature found in 2014 is the pneumatic cylinder. This helpful ergonomic attribute allows your chair to move up and down with the pull of a lever. The pneumatic cylinder is the piece connecting the base of your chair to the mechanism under your seat.


These days, all of the top selling chairs for office use are coming standing with adjustable arms. Needless to say, this is a great feature to have if used properly. All too often shoppers will purchase expensive executive chairs with adjustable arms and never use them. Be sure to educate yourself on which ways your chair arms adjust and don't be afraid to test them out. Often workers become set in their ways and end up settling for a fraction of the comfort that's actually achievable via their chair.

Back Angle

Adjusting your chairs back angle is a great way to improve posture and reduce straining in the workplace. We've found that this feature is rarely used as consumers are terrified to loose their previous angle setting. Mastering your office chair for optimal performance is a must when investing precious funds into your new seating. The top models available in 2014 feature user friendly levers that allow the back angle to smoothly adjust like in a vehicle. If you ever find yourself hunched over your desk, try adjusting your chairs back angle. You'll be glad you did! This feature should be used nearly everyday and will make a world of difference in your work comfort.

Lumbar Support

Often requested and seldom used, ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support are in high demand these days. While there are dozens of models available with integrated lumbar support characteristics, those with customizable adjustment capabilities should be utilized on a daily basis. This common feature is regularly recommended by physicians and ergonomic specialists for a reason, it improves comfort. Using your lumbar support regularly will help to reduce back pain and should not be an afterthought once your chair arrives. Having this feature on your chair costs money, don't let it go to waste!

Tilt Tension

When you lean back in your office chair, do you suddenly get that "I'm going to fall" feeling. Do you ever attempt to lean back and find that you're met with ample resistance? If so, you need to adjust your chairs tilt tension. While some prefer a loose lean that requires limited push, others prefer a stiffer feel. No matter your preference, adjusting the tension at which your chair tilts is a must. Locate the twist knob located under your chair's seat and loosen or tighten accordingly. This is one adjustment that should be set and left alone unless needed. Which the adjustment process is simple, once the tension is set properly, it should stay that way to meet your specific work needs. If you work in a shared office area, master the chairs being used to ensure you can reach your preferred settings effectively.

The Future of Ergonomics In The Workplace

The workplace is an environment that's constantly changing, and in today's competitive market, it's important to stay on top of the game! As the future of technology evolves, so do the offices and the equipment we use to get along. In order to help you stay one step ahead, we're introducing some of rising stars of ergonomic sudy and standards. These high tech solutions have big futures in the way we all do business, so expect to see more of them soon!

Superior Comfort 

Comfortable Office Chairs

Comfort has been a big keystone for quality ergonomic products for some time now. When office workers aren't comfortable, over time, the discomfort can sometimes lead to some serious health problems. Choosing comfortable ergo chairs for the workplace is a key part of ensuring office users remain unrestricted by pain. With new high tech ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar, massage technology, heating devices to relax the muscles, and chairs like RFM's Verte and the Arti chairs by Global with spine-flex technology, the future of office comfort is soaring sky high.

Touch Screen Tech

Touch Screen Tech

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, it's not surprising to hear that touch screen tech is making it's way into the workplace. Already, products like the ORION-COMBO Adjustable Tablet Mount by ESI for office use are soaring off the shelves in place of retractable monitor arms. Rather than using their computers to get work done, many tech users are often turning to their tablets for the efficient touch screen feature, and it's a trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Companies like Ideum and ExoPC are already revolutionizing the hands-on world with touchscreen desks. Scientists are even working on technology that would allow us to view holographic computer screens in mid air, like the Displair virtual touchscreen! While most of this tech is too expensive to be practical now, we suspect it won't be long now before touch-tech hits the market big time.

Dual Purpose Products

Dual Purpose Products

Single products that can meet a host of needs already provide a huge advantage to companies that have them. Not only do these devices take up less space, but they consistently improve efficiency. With high tech office accessories out now like the SOLSTICE Desk Lamp by ESI, which lights up your desk and charges your handhelds, office productivity skyrockets! Dual purpose products are hugely beneficial for fast success in the workplace, and it's bound to keep getting better. Today, it's luxury executive chairs with tablet arms, tomorrow it could be a desk that types for you!

Going Green

Going Green

The green revolution has truly taken the world by storm, and hearing that affordable office furniture manufacturers like Global Total Office makes green products truly solidifies the suspicions. Companies everywhere are becoming more aware of their environmental impact, and many are making the changes to reduce it. In many cases, office workers that go green with Greenguard Certified products and add purifying indoor plants to their working environment report better focus and all around better health. Of course, it always helps that products made with recycles or recyclable materials tend to cost less monetarily. For all these reasons and more, green office products are a good choice that just keeps getting better as time goes on.

Healthful Working

Eurotech Chakra Chair

Believe it or not, part of the reason so many people choose eco friendly products is because they are almost always healthier. Typical office furniture like desks and chairs that aren't safe for the environment are often not safe for your environment either. Many are made with harsh chemicals seep into the air for years after buying. The future of ergonomics is seeming to revolve more and more around health, and it's why many brands are seeking to gain the Greenguard stamp of approval for indoor air quality. Other products like standing office desks improve health in other ways. By standing to work, many office employees eliminate their back pain, increase stamina, and improve focus just from the extra exercise. Special chairs like the Chakra chair by Eurotech often seek to improve health by cradling the body's pressure points in ever more sophisticated approaches. In the future, we expect to see rises in popularity for massage chairs and other healthful products as the world becomes more health conscious!
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cool In The Conference Room: Modular Table Configurations That Rock!

It's time to spice up that boring conference room! That being said, going modular is just the ticket. In 2014 versatile and affordable table configurations are widely available from top brands to help take your professional meeting area over the top. From the Global Total Office Bungee Collection to the Mayline Flip N Go Series, we've got the hottest new solutions for your conference room in today's post!

Global Total Office Bungee TablesFirst up, the BK132F Bungee series layout from Global Total Office. This 4 table set combines to form a wide variety of layout options including an 11' conference table. Global Total Office Bungee tables can be outfitted with casters for mobility, or with stationary floor glides. This modular conference table configuration is available in 10 stunning surface finish options with a choice of two leg styles. Needless to say, the Bungee line is a top choice of industry professionals and interior design teams alike.

3 Piece Modular Conference Table

These days it's all about maximizing your office space. That being said, this unique 3 piece conference table from OFM is an excellent way to do just that. The metal leg design is complimented by a durable laminate worksurface available in 3 popular finish choices. This layout combines two half round tables with a rectangular terminal section to form the full racetrack shape. The individual pieces can be used as stand alone tables when needed. You can also use the rectangular table separate while using the two half round tables to form a circular meeting table. The versatility achieved through this simple table set is what modular benefits are all about!

Junction Series Tables by Global
Next up, the Junction Series conference table with V shape from Global Total Office. If you're looking for wow factor, you've just found it! This cutting edge solution includes 4 rectangular table tops and legs to form your choice of a shared leg or stand alone table configuration. The user friendly nature of the Junction line make it a popular choice for multi purpose office areas in need of quick reconfiguration capabilities. At a starting price of only $1616.99, this layout is truly an excellent value.

Expandable Conference TableAlways ahead of the curve, Cherryman Industries prides themselves on innovative solutions for every office area. The AM-410N Amber Series 3 piece conference table is yet another high quality product to hit the market from Cherryman in 2014. This unique conference table that expands to form multiple sizes provides a great way to leave room for future growth. No need to purchase a new conference table when your business needs increase, simple add another section to the AM-410N and save a bundle! Available in 5 finish options, this super cool conference table can be easily customized to meet any office space and decor. At only $960.00, this standard 14' model with removable center section is also a great buy.

Flip N Go Tables by Mayline
Last but certainly not least, no article on modular tables for conference room applications would be complete without highlighting the Mayline Flip N Go collection. This expansive collection of rectangular, wedge, and half round tables offers unique ganging capabilities to form a variety of custom layouts. The Flip N Go line features tops that flip of course, along with mobile nesting bases that provide excellent space saving assistance. A variety of laminate surface finish options are available to match the standard black bases.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Modern Office Essentials: Ergonomic Chairs for Executives

Every king needs a throne, and every executive needs a comfortable, impressive executive chair. In today's article we'll showcase executive chairs of all shapes, colors, and styles to match a variety of needs. Take a look!

Global Karizma Office Chair
If charisma is something your office is lacking in looks, then this chair definitely picks up the slack! The 2761-4 Karizma Office Chair by Global boasts a contemporary streamlined style that's appealing in any modern executive space with high tech design. Designed by the world renowned Zooey Chu, Karizma series chairs feature a 'True Response Support System,' by which the chair can flex as the body does. Offered in a huge array of fabrics, this colorful ergonomic executive chair is one of the most versatile on the market.

Comfort Series Chair by Mayline
Next up, we proudly present the 9412AGL Comfort Series Chair by Mayline for executives. Anyone knows that when a chair has the word "comfort" in it's name, it sure as heck better deliver, and the Comfort series by Mayline always does! This chair in particular was specially designed for executive use. With tilt tension control, a waterfall seat, and even the tailbone cut out to prevent stress on the body, the Comfort series chair is perfect for a long day at the office. Easily clad in executive style, the Comfort is also demure enough to fit in homes, cubicles, and computer offices too. It never distracts from the rest of the room until you down and notice the Comfort!

Fuzion Chair by Eurotech
For those of you in warmer environments, how about a chair to keep you cool? Unfortunately, as stylish as fabric and leather can be, in the summer they're often a real pain. However, with chairs like the FUZ9LX-HI Fuzion chair by Eurotech, office workers can stay calm and cool throughout the workday. The secret to the Fuzion is that it is an executive chair with mesh fabric, so it is adept at preventing the buildup of heat and germs on the occupant. As an added plus, the Fuzion also boasts Eurotech styling! Designed with the total comfort of the human body in mind, this ergonomic office chair is a favorite of executives and interns alike!

Avenger Series Office ChairAnyone that wants to push that executive office feel will benefit from this next model, because the 810-LX Avenger chair by OFM certainly gives that vibe. With elegant leather and a high back, big and tall style design, it's no wonder this chair is called the Avenger. It exudes power, but this chair also has a soft side. With thickly padded cushions and a Greenguard Certification for children and schools, the Avenger chair meets office needs without lacking in comfort or health!

Offices To Go Luxhide Chair
And finally, we leave you with the most affordable option on this list! For those of you that don't want to sacrifice comfort or style for price, we present the 2700-BL28 Luxhide Chair by Offices To Go. From a brand well known to produce quality office chairs, this pretty white leather executive chair doesn't disappoint. With ergonomic features and a soft, clean Luxhide upholstery, this chair is the perfect thing to make an office pop!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Know Your Chair Brand: Offices To Go

Offices To Go Logo

Every shopper should know where their products come from, and that starts with knowing the brand! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to know the backstory behind the brand they're shopping from, so they know if a product is a good fit for them. Today, we're continuing our "Get to Know Your Brand" series by introducing Offices To Go. Enjoy!

Mission and Affiliations

Global Total Office LogoGreenguard Seal

Frequent shoppers of office furniture will probably recognize big name brands like Global Total Office, and Offices To Go, but did you know that they are affiliated? That's right! Chances are if you're one of the millions that has grown to respect and rely on the office furniture giant Global Total Office, you'll appreciate that Offices To Go is actually a division of that corporation. Like it's counterpart, Offices To Go is a brand that makes comfort and efficiency in the workplace a priority. They offer chairs and quality office desks and workstations to users for affordable prices. All of their furniture goes through stringent testing to ensure consumers get exactly what they need. Like with Global, just look for the Greenguard Certification seal if you want a product that's eco friendly!


Offices To Go Mesh Back Managers Chair

Offices To Go seating offers chairs for every need in the office. Whether you find yourself in the lobby, in the conference room, the executive office, or behind the reception desk, Offices To Go offers popular chairs with plenty of style and choices sure to match your requirements. Shoppers can choose from great categories like Multifunction, Tilter, Task, Mesh, Management, and Luxhide Leather chairs. Nearly all have the Greenguard stamp for proper indoor air quality so users know they're getting only the best. With affordable prices and top of the line ergonomic features in tow, what's not to love?


Superior Laminate Multi User Desk

In line with their incredible seating options, Offices To Go desking is always high class. For anyone in need of top quality desking and furniture with contemporary design, the Superior Laminate Desking collection by Offices To Go is always worth a good look. Not only is this line beautiful, but it durable and versatile too, with furniture, tables, and storage for office use in both homes and businesses alike. The Margate and Ventnor office furniture series also offer gorgeous furniture for numerous applications. They bring style and contemporary appeal to all offices for an affordable price. Choose from an array of pretty laminate and wood veneer finishes to better match the decor of your workspace!

What's New?

Superior Laminate Desking

Just like Global Total Office, Offices to Go always stays on the cutting edge of office style. In 2014, look for great new components from the Superior Laminate Desking collection for your office. They have added stylish new cabinets and bookcases for office storage, with plenty of other cool furniture pieces. A rich new espresso finish is available alongside a clean white Luxhide upholstery in Offices To Go's textiles and finishes department too. Don't miss out!
Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Cool Life Hacks for the Office

Tired of the old office routine? Maybe it's time to change things up! Life hacks are fun, inexpensive ways to turn your day into one filled with productivity, efficiency, and self fulfillment. If you work in the office, here are some great office life hacks to get go ergo without really going anywhere!

Wake Up

Wake Up

Most people can relate to a certain cartoon cat when they hear the phrase, "I hate mondays." However, getting ready for the day can be much easier than you thought. Most phones have alarms built in, even the ones that aren't very "smart." If you're prone to missing wake up calls, try amplifying the sound of your phone's alarm by plopping it in an empty container (preferably one made of plastic or metal). Then later, if you notice your shoes are beat up or scuffed, give them new life by drawing over the marks with a sharpie of the same color. And ladies, since you've probably already got the flat iron out, why not spruce up that shirt with a few swipes to iron out the wrinkles? Now, you're ready for the day!

Let There Be Light

Cherryman Verde Desk

Dull office? A lack of light can be damaging to the eyes over time. Brighten things up in the workspace by opting for modern office desks with metal and glass accents, or if you can't afford a new one, pin up some mirrors. Not only will these things look beautiful and futuristic in the workplace, but they'll also catch and reflect existing light so you have more to work by. If the opposite is your problem, and your workplace is too sunny for you, an equally bright computer screen can also cause eye strain. Fix the brightness intensity in your computer's settings to dull things down.

Desk Hacks

Desk Hacks

The internet is filled with amazing desk hacks to improve work experience and efficiency. Hang a basket from the underside of your desk to keep cords, power strips, and other miscellaneous objects of the floor. If you still have room, CPU holders prevent accidents by mounting under desks too. They're simple, affordable devices to keep computer hard drives off the floor and out of the splash zone if you're prone to spilling coffee. (Bonus: Monitor arms and keyboard trays are also inexpensive ergonomic products for sale to improve health and reduce office-related pain by preventing overexertion.)

Lunch Time

Mug Recipes

Ah finally, the best time of the day. One great thing about office hacks is that there are plenty of tips for the paper baggers! Anyone that wants to fancy up their lunch needs only to dig through their drawers for an old CD spindle. They make the perfect holders for bagels, donuts, and round sandwiches. Keep it cool until you get to the desk by wetting a sponge, freezing it, and tossing it in a plastic baggie for a lunch-cooler that won't leak everywhere. On the other hand, for those of you in the office who don't like to make lunch a hassle, never fear. Modern college kids have revolutionized laziness by concocting all sorts of excellent recipes to cook right in your coffee mug! From egg, oatmeal, and yogurt breakfasts to yummy deserts - they're just as good for work as they are for the dorm room. Take a moment to search out a few mug recipes and find your new favorite office snack!

Keep It Clean

Keep It Clean

A clean office is important anywhere, and with the huge explosion of open plan offices and multi user desks to increase space, viruses are becoming more common. Instead of digging through clutter and passing germy notes between coworkers, why not eliminate the mess and the sickness with whiteboards? Whiteboard paint is a huge trend that lets employees work together brainstorming ideas right on the wall. Even desks are getting in on the action with models that offer dry-erase tabletops! Ramp up the clean even further by putting boxes in those desk pedestals for organization to divvy up the space inside.

Back Pain

Stand Up Desk

Almost every office worker suffers from back pain at some point. The reason why is because the human spine is not made to support the entire weight of the torso with out the legs as aid. However, sitting at a desk all day promotes this practice, causing characteristic back pain. While discount executive chairs with lumbar support can help, the best hack for back pain is simply to stand up. There are plenty of discount height adjustable workstations that let users alternate between sitting and standing, providing them the best opportunity for office pain relief. Standing office workers swear by the method, saying it helps promote focus, health, and weight loss!

Tie Up Loose Ends

Tie Up Loose Ends

And lastly, if you don't have binder clips, head to the dollar store because these babies accomplish all sorts of office life hacks! Clip them to the edge of your desk, and thread electronic cords through the metal parts for DIY organization. They also work great as headphone holders when clipped to desk or pinned to walls. Save your bread ties and use them to amp things up even further by writing the name of each cord, then clipping the bread tie to it so you always know which is which. Tie up all the loose ends by preparing for Monday on Friday to live the office life easy. Who knew work was so awesome?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get Ergofied On A Budget!

Is your office ergofied? Perhaps the better question is, are your working comfortably and efficiently throughout your workday? If not, it's time for a change. In 2014, creating an ergonomically effective work environment is more achievable than ever. In today's post we'll highlight the versatile products you need to take your work life to the peak of ergo performance... without breaking the bank!

Adjustable Ergonomic DeskThe most essential part of any professional office space is the desk and workstation. A wide selection of ergonomic desks that adjust are now available from top brands that won't break your office makeover budget. Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Ergonomic Concepts, and Mayline all offer hand crank and electronic height assist desks that allow users to quickly switch from sitting to standing work positions. Adjustable ergo desks are great for those suffering from back pain and add an extra element of versatility to any space. Quality models from each of the above brands range from around $700 to $1500 depending on your specific space requirements. When compared to traditional desks for executive office use, this price point is spot on!

Eurotech Wau ChairOnce you've chosen a ergonomically effective command center for your home or business workspace, it's time to think about purchasing a quality chair. The best ergonomic chairs for sale in 2014 offer features like lumbar support, arm adjustability, bank angle, and much more to ensure a comfortable computing experience. When it comes to ergo chairs, it's hard to top the solutions from brands like Eurotech Seating and Global Total Office. These two industry leaders offer solutions starting around $200 that won't let you down. While high dollar chairs for executives are widely available, creating a properly ergofied space doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune. Excellent chairs with features once though of as a luxury are now becoming the industry standard. That being said, extend your budget by choosing a quality chair with the same features at a fraction of the price! Great ways to save include going with a synthetic leather upholstery, shopping mesh back models, and inquiring about current specials and free shipping promotions.

Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard TrayNow that we've handled the desk and chair combination, it's time to accessorize! Any ergo specialist will tell you that the right combination of ergonomic office accessories will drastically improve your workplace performance. That doesn't mean you should rush out to purchase every product on the market. Take the time to research popular ergonomic products for office use and select items you feel you can actually benefit from. We've highlighted three of our favorites in below.

Retractable keyboard trays are affordable and extremely helpful. Brands like ESI, Symmetry, and Systematix all offer excellent tray and articulating arm combos for under $200. Using a quality keyboard tray setup will help to improve your work posture while simultaneously creating more usable desk space when compared to the old ways of just sitting your keyboard on the desk top! Needless to say, an adjustable keyboard platform with articulating arm setup is a must for any properly ergofied space.

Dual Screen Mount for Computer Monitors
Still working with one monitor? It's time to revolutionize your work style! Another product once thought of as a high tech luxury, monitor mounts for 2 screens are now becoming the industry standard. Units like the EDGE2 mount from ESI offer users the ability to install easily via a clamp or grommet system. These dual screen setups are sure to improve your computing speed while offering a wide range of adjustment capabilities for customizable performance. Like with ergo keyboard trays, dual screen mounts also help to free up usable desk space.

CPU MountLast but certainly not least, CPU holders are a great way ergofy your space while improving your security. These affordable systems come in a vertical or horizontal mounting styles and help to keep your computers power source off the ground. Protect your self against outside factors like theft and water damage while enhancing your ergo appeal. Not sure if you need a CPU holder? No problem! Ever accidentally kick your CPU when getting settled in at your desk? This can be quite damaging. Tired of those adventures under the desk to plug in wires or install new devices? Talk about frustrating! A cost effective CPU holder like the CPULOCK-K model from ESI will help prevent these common office headaches while providing easy access to your command centers power source. At just over $100, adding this product is a no brainer.

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