Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Behind the Desk: Great Products for Improving Your Work Day

Life behind the desk is a rough one if you don't have what you need. Staying organized in the workplace is a big challenge for all of us, which is partly some smarties out there created these awesome tools to help us out. If you're on the lookout for cool ergonomic products, gadgets, or cute, creative trinkets to help you get some work done, today's list is all for you. Here are some major must-have items that every office worker ought to consider getting. Enjoy!

Supportive Ergonomic Chair

A healthy office life begins with a supportive work chair. Without this critical ingredient, if you're sitting down at work, you're probably doing horrible damage to your back, arms, and even your legs. Rather than settling for that same rock-hard chair the cubicle came with, see if you can upgrade to something much more comfortable. Most ergonomic chairs relieve pain and are equipped with specific features to tend to most common office ailments. Prices range in as much diversity as ergonomic products do themselves. Anything with the "ergo" label is designed to cater to the individual. We recommend that every consider their unique situation and health needs before buying. Don't be afraid to call up the dealer and ask for need-specific recommendations!

Dual Screen Monitor

Most folks think of dual screen monitor arms as being only for gamers, computer gurus, and animators, but in reality, they're really for everyone! Two screens are much more user friendly than a single one for folks that spend most of their workday copying, pasting, cutting, editing, or dealing with huge swaths of data. Rather than opening tab after tab, the two screens allow much more room for users to see and do what they need to all in one place. Be sure to browse adjustable ergonomic computer arms to save desk space and prevent health risks from straining to see the screens. In addition, don't forget to dress up your desktop with a snazzy, scenic screensaver for a desk that's like a home away from home!

USB Hubs

We've all been there - stuck at work with a purse full of gizmos and no place to charge them. But this is the 21st century, and thankfully, smarty-pants rule the world. For anyone that relies on modern technology to get the job done, no desk is complete without a personal USB hub. These handy office devices are crazy affordable, and they're available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to everyone. They're right up there with affordable CPU holders and keyboard platforms as some of the best tech accessories for desk use in an office dependent on tech.

Desktop Organizer

Unfortunately, it doesn't always matter how neat the rest of your life is - office life can get messy. With papers, sticky notes, cords, clips, and gadgets all part of the mix, it's no wonder desktop organizers have made our must-have supply list. But just because you need one, don't settle for a boring boxy organizer straight out of the 90s. This is the age of high tech tech! If you know you rely on pencils and pens as well as your tablet and smartphone, a powered organizer to maximize workplace efficiency is always a better choice. Look for one that incorporates elements of both the old and the new. Something that's equipped with pencil trays for office convenience, as well as a docking station for your gadgetry, will help you get the job done in a cleaner fashion.

Dry Erase Boards

With all the popularity surrounding open plan office configurations it's no surprise that dry-erase boards have seen a huge spike in popularity. The fact that they're erasable, neat, paperless, creative, and convenient makes these the perfect products to promote workplace efficiency. For those that spend most of the day at a small desk space or cubicle, a tiny portable whiteboard will make an excellent companion. However, for those in bigger offices, dry-erase boards attached to other presentation accessories for office use are great too!

*Bonus tip: If you're really into the power of whiteboards don't be afraid to check out the 2014 NeoCon winner, go! by Clarus Glassboards. They're like portable whiteboards on wheels that are available in all sorts of sizes and colors for a well designed workspace.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kneeling Office Chairs 101

For those of you that know the plague that is office-related pain, know that you're not alone. Every year, thousands of Americans just like you begin the search for relief. Whether you choose ergonomic chairs, yoga, specialized office accessories, or exercises to relieve your pain, the important thing is that we find it. But, if none of these have worked for you, we're proud to introduce a new possibility! Kneeling office chairs are the product of years of scientific study, and they have been proven to relieve all kinds of pain. Today's article your guide to the many benefits of kneeling office chairs. Enjoy!

Staying Healthy

Perhaps the most popular reason for choosing kneeling office chairs is health. Because so much of the public is now aware that a sedentary, inefficient office environment is the catalyst for pain, scientists and reputable office furniture manufacturers have been searching for ways to fix it. Thankfully, healthy kneeling office chairs are proven to do just that. Kneeling chairs work by tricking the upper body into thinking that the user is standing, which forces proper posture. By bending the knees downward and the pelvis forward, such as when standing, the spine is encouraged to adopt proper alignment. For many, improper alignment is the cause of office-related back pain, so these specialized chairs are adept at pain relief.

*Note: Some side affects of improved posture by using a kneeling office chair are:

Improved spinal alignment
Back pain relief
Strengthened abdominal muscles and core
Improved internal organ activity
Released tension on muscles, joints, and tendons
Improved concentration
Less pressure on the womb for women in later stages of pregnancy


The never-ending search for comfort in the workplace is the driving choice behind so many buyers' decisions when they shop affordable office chairs and furniture. No one wants to spend eight hours a day in a chair they can't stand, and that is part of why kneeling office chairs have seen a recent spike in popularity. Despite how they may look at first glance, the knees do not bear all the weight while sitting in a kneeling office chair. Rather, these seats are designed to distribute weight through the whole body, specifically to the thighs, spine, and shins, like when standing. Over time, the body is encouraged into correct posture and comforting pain relief. As an added plus for pregnant women, these ergonomic office seating options have also been known to reduce pressure on the womb, so it is not constantly pressed by the thighs as when sitting in a conventional chair. Talk about healthful comfort!

"You Seem Tense…"

Part of the reason kneeling chairs are known for increased comfort is due to their tension relieving design. The proper-posture approach alleviates pain in a way that is natural to the body, and habit forming. Because these chairs work by distributing the user's weight throughout the whole body, rather than by forcing it all to one point (such as the lower back, knees, or feet, most conventionally), overall stress on the body is reduced. This helps release any pent up tension in joints and muscles for a comfortable seating experience. With a fluid kneeling-like seated position, risk of common office injuries and deformities like "disc prolapse" are greatly reduced!

Take It Easy

There are many health benefits of kneeling office chairs, but in an office, where efficiency and productivity is everything, it's important that seating is utilitarian and easy to use. Thankfully, these chairs are! Adding healthy ergonomic kneeling chairs to the workplace not only reduces pain, it also adds a simple, maneuverable seating solution that the whole office can use. Most models set on casters are equipped with mobility for convenience. The small size and adjustable shape makes storing these chairs a breeze. Simply keep them in a closet or shove them under a desk when not in use. Just walk right out of them from a half-standing position when you're ready to head home!


In any workplace, versatility is always key! Seating that can be moved from room to room without inconvenience is a big plus in an active office. Though ergonomic kneeling chairs may look a little confusing at first glance, once the whole office sees how they sit, kneeling chairs become convenient, healthful office seating solutions that must be taken advantage of. With easy mobility, comfort, and incredible health benefits, they make the ideal companions for those long, rough days at work. From the desk, to the cubicle, to the conference room, kneeling chairs are the newest high tech innovation for office pain relief. Enjoy them wherever you need to!
Monday, July 28, 2014

Mayline Blends Traditional and Modern Appeal with The Popular Napoli Collection

A long time favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike, the Mayline Napoli collection is a highly regarded furniture line that includes desks, tables, reception stations, and office organizing solutions. The Napoli series combines the perfect blend of traditional wood surfaces with modern metal and glass accents to form a truly one of a kind collection of furniture that's sure to impress. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at this popular line and it's benefits. Enjoy!

Napoli Desks

Mayline Napoli Desks

If you're looking to create a professional executive work environment with wow factor, the Mayline Napoli Collection is perfect for your project! The individual desks and typical configurations are easy to specify and offer high end appeal. Napoli desks are available in 3 popular finish options including Sierra Cherry, Mahogany, and Golden Cherry. The AA grade hardwood construction offers traditional quality and a sophisticated look that works well in upscale work spaces. Combined with metal modesty panels, Napoli desks are nothing short of impressive. With over 40 models to choose from, you'll have no problem creating a furniture configuration to fit your needs and budget.

Napoli Tables

Napoli Tables

The Mayline Napoli Collection includes a wide variety variety of tables for office waiting areas and boardroom area needs. Napoli series accent tables look great in lounge, lobby, and reception areas with modern and traditional decor themes. Choose from the 3 standard Napoli finish options to compliment your cohesive work environments. Both coffee tables and end tables are offered starting at $278.99.

When it comes to the boardroom, the Napoli collection offers stunning tables with hybrid boat shaped tops and metal modesty panels to compliment your space. If you're looking to create a multi media meeting area, you'll be happy to know that all of the Napoli conference tables are available with optional factory installed power modules at a fraction of the cost of most competitive lines. Napoli series conference tables feature straight sides with curved ends and elegant edge detail that combine with a metal modesty panel to form some of the most stunning products on the market. Enjoy tables from 6' to 30' to meet your seating needs and space requirements. 

Napoli Reception Stations

Napoli Reception Desks

The office welcoming and reception area is where most first impressions are formed about your business. That being said, it's important to create a professional space designed around visual appeal and guest comfort. The Napoli series reception desks available from Mayline will help you do just that! These unique welcoming stations create an inviting look that perfectly blends wood, metal, and glass details. Whether you're going modern or traditional with your welcome area decor, these versatile reception desks will provide a major boost to your corporate appeal. Both rectangular and L shaped models are available.

Napoli Storage Products

Napoli Wall Cabinets

No office space is complete without the right combination of storage products to help keep you operating efficiently. With a long history of success in the filing and storage industry, Mayline understands this simple philosophy and showcases it to perfection with the Napoli collection. With lateral file cabinets, desk side pedestals, and high end wall cabinets available, meeting your organization goals is a breeze. As an added bonus, all of the storage products from the Napoli Collection will also further enhance your appeal. Don't settle for boring metal file cabinets and lackluster organizing solutions. Choose Napoli and create a stunning space built around productivity and effectiveness!
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Office: 5 Cool Desks Made from Doors!

Looking to create a one of a kind office space to conduct your business from? If so, today's post is a must read. In this DIY office article, we'll highlight 5 of the coolest office desks you'll ever see that are actually made from doors! These inspiring self-made desks showcase that with a little know how and design ingenuity you can create a unique workstation that sets your space apart from the competition.

Rustic Desk

First up. this rustic desk with mobile metal base. This workstation is made from reclaimed wood doors that were attached to a unique metal frame structure. Talk about a conversation piece! It's easy to see and appreciate the time that went into crafting a DIY desk of this quality. However, if one of a kind is what you're after, this inspiring station is sure to get the creative juices flowing. Simply add some cool accents like the retro chair and desk lamp and you'll be ready to roll. When it comes to office furniture and design, it's all about letting your individual personality shine. We think this space and desk do just that to perfection.

Next up, this simple yet sophisticated rectangular desk constructed from a folding style wood door. At first glance the folding top will catch your eye and wow with it's antique feel. The elegant straight leg design provides a table style look that's perfect for luxurious work environments. This popular look is trending for both modern and traditional office makeover projects. Beautiful DIY desks like this are not often for sale, but then again... wouldn't you rather make your own to showcase!

Next up, this cool door desk with books for legs! We love the design ingenuity booming throughout this conversation starter. A rectangular glass worksurface was used to cover the main desk while a separate door frame was used as a back drop for added appeal. The antique look is sure to impress, but the front legs steal the show. This one of kind station looks super cool, but we do question the stability. Can you imagine working on an important project and bumping one of the front legs? Talk about a bad situation. We image the weight of the main worksurface makes the legs difficult to move, or that the books are glued together for extra support. None the less, this is one neat DIY desk that's full of creativity. 
When we started writing this article on desks made from doors, we were fully expecting to stick with an
Desk Made from Airplane Partsantique vibe. However, we came across this awesome modern ergonomic workstation built from the side of an airplane. Talk about unique! While this station probably takes up too much space to fit properly in the average office, it was just too cool to leave off. If this looks like a project that interests you, try contacting old air fields. You might just be surprised at the salvageable materials you come across to make your desk. From airplane doors to to wings, there's no end to what you can create.

Last but certainly not least, we thought we'd end today's article with a luxurious hand made desk that's full of class and elegance. This 4 leg table desk features an antique wood door with metal trim that's guaranteed to earn any space an abundance of compliments. We love that the antique knob was left on for aesthetic appeal. The base used matches the surface perfectly to create one of the best DIY desks we've ever seen. The simplicity of the design is not to be mistaken for an easy project. This is one upscale desk that's absolutely stunning.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Office All Stars: Zira Reception Desks by Global Total Office

Looking to make an impression on your office visitors? The all new Zira series reception desks from Global Total Office will help you do just that! These versatile and incredibly stylish stations offer high end modern appeal that's sure to earn you space daily compliments. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at some of the hottest models from this all star collection. Enjoy!

Zira Reception Desk

Kicking things off with a bang, our first Zira reception desk is abounding with wow factor. At first glance you'll notice the user friendly U shaped design and contemporary accent features. This station boasts a custom two tone finish consisting of tiger maple work surfaces and brushed cobalt storage components. The frosted glass accents and metal post leg design on the front desk take this unit over the top. Priced at $4422.99, if you're office can fit it in the budget, it's well worth the investment.

Global Zira FurnitureGlobal Total Office has been one of the industries most popular seating manufacturers for years. That being said, the new Zira line of casegoods is sure to take this top brand to a whole new level. Stations like our second unit highlighted here are all about user efficiency and functionality. When it comes to reception area desks, most of today's standard units offer minimal space for organizing and file storage. However, this Zira station integrates a 4 drawer standing lateral file and plenty of space to keep your welcoming area operating a peak performance levels.

U Shaped Reception Desk

At $6535.99, our third reception desk configuration from the Zira series offers way more than work space. While the full U shaped design provides plenty of room to work, the 3 lateral file cabinets with organizer tops offer excellent aesthetic appeal and the filing space needed by most bigger businesses. The blend of tiger maple and black accents combine with stunning glass accents that will no doubt improve your corporate appeal. Need even more space? No problem! A custom 2 user version of this same layout is also available.

Modern Reception FurnitureLast but certainly not least, our last Zira station is nothing short of impressive. With hybrid desk surfaces trending majorly in 2014, this unit is sure to be a hit with consumers and interior design teams alike. The dark espresso wood laminate and willow gray finish combination offers luxury appeal that's not to be underestimated. Priced at $5454.99, the glass and metal accents along with a wide range of storage components come standard. Rest assured, this configuration is a real winner and sure to impress.
Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life In The Cube: A Guide To Cubicle Comfort

Stuck in a cubicle all day? Not to worry! In today's post we've outlined the tips, products, and advice needed to get you working effectively. From using your office chair properly to adding the right ergonomic accessories, the days of discomfort in the workplace are about to be a thing of the past!

Use Your Office Chair Properly

All too often office employees are stuck dealing with an inherited office chair that just doesn't cut it. That being said, if a new chair is out of the question, simple steps can be taken to boost your comfort. Start by determining the type, model, or style of chair you have. Take a quick pic if possible as a reference. Next, contact a reputable seating manufacturer and provide them with the best info you can on your specific chair. Ask about the adjustable features and obtaining instructions on proper use if available. Educating yourself on the benefits your chair offers and how to use them properly will help you find easily achieved support in a hurry. In most cases, simply adjusting your chairs height, arms, and back angle will make life in the cube much easier!

Get Organized

Take a look around your office. You'll no doubt notice a variety of clean and cluttered cubicles. During your visual scan take a look at the workers of each associated cubicle. Upon inspection you should notice that those with clean work spaces are working far more productively than those covered in clutter. Take the time to create a plan of attack for your own space and get started. Start by clearing your worksurface of unnecessary items, removing trash, and doing some basic cleaning. Next organize your file cabinets and office storage components using a system that works for you. Remember, getting organized is helpful, but keeping it that way provides long term benefits that lead to office success and comfortable work days.


Feeling a bit cramped in your cubicle? Don't hesitate to stand up and stretch every now and then. A variety of simple and easy deskercise activities are widely available online that will help you improve blood flow, motivation, and work day comfort. While simply stretching will do in most cases, taking a short walk might also be a good idea to help relieve some stress and anxiety generated from long days in your cubicle.

Eat Healthy

The power of a healthy lunch should not be under estimated. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and energy boosting foods will no doubt keep you working more efficiently than you would be after chomping down that double bacon burger. As fatigue is a common problem in the workplace that greatly relates to discomfort, foods packed with vitamins and nutritious benefits are a must. Try looking up some simple recipes and healthy eateries in close proximity to your office. Go healthy for one week and there will be no turning back!

Go Ergo

When all else fails, go ergo! The right combination of ergonomic office accessories will help you maximize your functionality and effectiveness in the workplace. Products like ergonomic monitor arms, foot rests, and adjustable workstations are all highly recommended my heath care professionals and provide excellent benefits that will no doubt be appreciated by any user. Basic ergonomic accessories like retractable keyboard trays cost under $200 and will improve your computing posture and blood flow while simultaneously helping you type faster throughout the day. The helpful ergonomic products available on the market today are simply to long. Try contacting an ergonomic products specialist or physician to help determine what products will work right for you. In the end, it's all about meeting your specific needs to achieve your peak comfort levels!
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Think Outside the Cubicle: Multi User Desk Configurations

With companies everywhere embracing open desking, cubicles are becoming a thing of the past. Bringing down the walls is a great way to promote teamwork, and collaboration in the workplace. It improves coworker communication and the spread of new ideas. Modern desks for multiple users incorporate all the necessities of open desking with the space saving benefits of a cubicle, making them a perfect transition for up and coming businesses. Check out these multi user desks from top brands to keep your office on the cutting edge!

Plenty of Elbow Room

Verde Workstation by Cherryman

Unlike the traditionally cramped cubicles of the past, high end multi user desks strive to provide each user with plenty of personal space to get the job done. Desks like the VL-746N Verde Workstation by Cherryman leave just the right amount of separation. At this spacious two person desk, coworkers can work quietly, side by side, without disturbing one another. Yet, when they're ready to talk business, all it takes is a swivel around in those modern task chairs to get the other's attention. Stylish, contemporary, spacious, and space saving, multi user desks like this always provide plenty of elbow room!

Improved Idea Sharing

BT24 Brighton workstation by Mayline

Breaking down the barriers between coworkers has never been easier. With open multi user desking like the BT24 Brighton workstation by Mayline, users can converse with one another in a space friendly open area. As with the Verde workstation by Cherryman, the Mayline multi user desk set provides each employee with plenty of personal workspace. Additionally, with no walls between, communication is as easy as saying "hello." Laminate cherry or a mocha finish matched by chrome accents convey professionalism, while the overall style sings of excellent modern design!

Efficient Space Planning

Mayline's e5 Series

One of the greatest benefits of an affordable open desking configuration is space saving efficiency. The makers of Mayline's e5 Series pride themselves on creating affordable ergonomic workstations that are a snap to power, install, and reconfigure for use in even the most actively changing workspaces. The e53 desk set featured here even includes a modular storage unit. The setup is complete with five bookcases to act as utility shelving for the four desk users. It's a brilliant combination of well placed work areas and conveniently placed storage to save tons of space in the office!

Reconfigurable and Modular

e54 desk set

Most modular desking configurations, like the e54 desk set featured here, offer reconfigurability for added convenience. This means that, as the needs of the business change, so can the desking. Modular applications mean that desks can be easily added or removed from a setup. As another configuration from the reputable e5 furniture collection by Mayline, it's no surprise to find that the e54 set provides modular convenience. Easy to power, install, and reconfigure, together these benefits improve overall workplace efficiency!


Zira-Reception-7 Workstation by Global

Thanks to modern applications, multi user desking is no longer just for the executive task force - it's also available to the whole office! With products like the Zira-Reception-7 Workstation by Global, users can enjoy the benefits of modular multi user furniture in their reception area. This reception desk for multiple users is stylish, spacious, and professional. It even includes an organized storage cabinet for user convenience. The stunning two tone finish grabs the attention of visitors and draws the eye, while the spacious two person desk allows receptionists to meet their needs swiftly and professionally thanks to the modular design!
Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Office Furniture Deals and Coupons List

Summer is winding up fast, and that means its time to save, save, save! Back to school supplies and professional office products can get pricey, so before you hit the waves, don't miss out on these incredible office furniture deals! We invite you to peruse all the offerings listed below to enjoy everything from ergonomic office chairs to professional desks, supplies, accessories and more. As always, everything is offered with free shipping. Just type in the coupon codes listed at the bottom of the page when you checkout to save a bundle.

Have a great summer!

1.) 2790-4 Global Mirage Chair with Color Options - $383.99 + Free Shipping!

Global Mirage Chair

2.) Cherryman Industries 2.1 Respond Task Chair 205M - $388.00 + Free Shipping!

Cherryman Respond Chair

3.) RFM 8235 Carmel High Back Ergonomic Chair - $499.99 + Free Shipping! 

4.) AM-395 Amber Series Bullet Desk by Cherryman Industries - $634.50 + Free Shipping!

Amber Bullet Desk by Cherryman

5.) Mayline 905-MEC Eastwinds Small Home Computer Desk - $326.99 + Free Shipping!

Mayline Eastwinds Small Home Computer Desk

6.) 66266 Mesa Series Double Pedestal Desk by OFM - $574.99 + Free Shipping! 

Mesa Double Pedestal Desk by OFM

7.) VL-749N Modern Verde Executive Desk by Cherryman - $2,587.00 + Free Shipping!

Verde Executive Desk by Cherryman

8.) WOW Mobile Workstation on Wheels by ESI - $768.60 + Free Shipping!

ESI WOW Mobile Workstation

9.) A1844LC Adaptabilities Mobile Lectern by Global - $335.99 + Free Shipping!

Adaptabilities Lectern by Global

10.) EDGE-MAX Monitor Arm for Heavy Screens by ESI - $297.99 + Free Shipping!

EDGE Monitor Arm by ESI

Active Coupons and Summer Office Furniture Deals: 

10% Off Cherryman Industries Furniture + Free Shipping with Coupon Code: CHERRYMAN

$25 Off $499 or More + Free Shipping with Coupon Code: FP3400

$50 Off $999 or More + Free Shipping with Coupon Code: FP3900

Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay Cool at The Office This Summer with These 5 Amazing Mesh Chairs!

The mercury is rising, and for those trapped in hot offices, staying cool can be a terrible challenge. Fortunately, in today's article we'll be addressing one of the best ways that office workers can get in on that summer style without having to give up comfort - and that way is with cool mesh office chairs! With perforated backs, mesh chairs offer breathable comfort to working folks everywhere. Check out these top five models for a cool summer seating solution that's cool to your wallet too!

Discount Mesh Chair by Offices To Go
Top of the line style never felt so good! The first chair on our list of great summer seating is the 2803 Discount Mesh Chair by Offices To Go (with extra emphasis on the discount). A few hundred dollars may sound like a lot to the amateur office furniture shopper, but with high end ergonomic features like pneumatic seat adjustment, infinite seat tilt with locks, and seat tension adjustment, this top quality ergonomic mesh chair is a steal. Back angle adjustment, forward tilt control, adjustable lumbar height, and even scuff resistant carpet casters are also included to sweeten the deal. And don't forget the cooling mesh upholstery to see you through the dog days this summer!

Global Total Office Weev Chair
Need a chair with versatility? Then it sounds like our next model is the one for you! The 2221-3 Medium Tilter Weev Chair hails from the Weev Series by Global Total Office. Being from one of the most well respected office furniture manufacturers, it's only expected that this chair maintain excellent ergonomic features for it's affordable price. It's rare to find a chair with adjustable width, but adjustable sliding seat depth, Soft Skinned Urethan armcaps, and adjustable arms, are also just a few of the Weev's amazing features. An array of color choices help this chair to maintain maximum workplace versatility. Be sure to check out other Weev models for varying features and prices.

Marlin Series Mesh Chair by Eurotech
Next on our list is a model that truly makes ergonomic an economical decision. Perfect for the home, executive office, cubicle, or conference room, the MT7500 Marlin Series Mesh Chair by Eurotech definitely maximizes office versatility. It is equipped with tilt tension control, center tilt, seat height adjustment, adjustable arms, and even a waterfall seat to improve workplace health through office ergonomics. The mesh back upholstery lets users get all the executive professionalism they desire without the mainstream leather look.
Echelon Mesh Chair by RFM

Speaking of seating that isn't mainstream, it's time we took a look at the Echelon Series by RFM. From a brand that's always on the forefront of ergonomic innovation, the 1935Q Echelon Mesh Office Chair is definitely a chair of a different color. With a unique modern design, the 1935Q chair is accompanied by great ergonomic features as well. A 1900 comfort molded tractor seat, multifunction control, a ratchet back, contoured lumbar, and of course, a cool breathable mesh upholstery all work together so users can endure those long summer work days without feeling the burn. Shoppers can choose from a huge host of colors to meet their decor needs as well.
Baez Office Chair by Woodstock

The last chair on our list is definitely the one if you're looking to impress office guests. With hand polished chrome, a high back styling, generous dimensions, and a tilt lock to boot, the BAEZ-HB-WH Baez Modern Mesh Swivel Chair is the perfect thing for a stunning desk area or eye-catching conference room. Available in a mid back style or black mesh upholstery, the Baez Chair Collection by Woodstock Marketing definitely turns heads in the workplace. It's always an excellent choice for conference room seating solutions, especially if the room is prone to warmer temperatures. However, the streamlined design and breathable mesh of the Baez keeps out the heat, and emphasizes the cool!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Popular Summer Decor Themes for the Office

Summer is about halfway through, but it's not too late to start celebrating! Decorating the office in fun bright colors with crafty ideas is a wonderful way to change things up, and get everyone in the mood to appreciate this short season. For those of you that don't quite know where to start, here are some excellent summer office decor themes that are popular this year!

Hit the Beach

Even if you live too far inland, nothing quite says "summer" like images of sunshine and waves. This summer, deck the halls with relaxing images of surf and sand. There are all sorts of amazing photographers and painters from Australia, Hawaii, California, Florida, and so many other great beach sites. Order some prints (or print them out yourself) frame them, and hang them up next to your affordable office reception furniture for guests to enjoy. If the beach isn't really your thing, images of kayakers and whitewater rafters are just as summery. Everyone will appreciate the new change of scenery, and the view will never disappoint!

Cool Off the Cubicle

Most modern workplaces allow employees to deck out their cubicles with images of family, friends, pets, and places they want to visit. Why not turn your office space into one you'll never want to leave? Extreme cubicle decor is a trend that's been picking up lots of momentum in recent years, and we couldn't be happier. This summer, try going with a beach house or tiki theme for the modern office cubicles in your workplace.  Dress up the desk for summer with a small glass box filled with sand, coral, and seashells for you to landscape on break, (conch shells make great paperweights). Many contemporary workplaces even allow small bowl fish at the desks!
When you get back from spending some vacation days, update the family photos in your cubicle to reflect your summer trip. Photos of beaches, boats, lakes, and whitewater scream summer, so be sure to switch up your wall art and screensaver. Just don't stare at them too long or you may find yourself looking for the bathroom...

Get Crafty with Craft Paper

Craft paper may sound like a child's decorating material, but most parents won't hesitate to dress up professional desks and workstations with scribbled drawings and cutouts from the kids at camp. In fact, many adults are often surprised at how fun craft paper decorating is to do themselves! See if you can challenge your coworkers to a friendly decorating competition so you don't feel like a loner, and let the fun begin! Cutout clouds, suns, shades, and waves make excellent summer decor. Get crafty with glue and scissors to make a beach towel mousepad or sunhat for your computer to get the edge on your coworkers. The activity sounds silly, but it's a fun way to build memories that will last the colder seasons to come.

Summer Scents

Just like cinnamon spice is a requirement of fall decor, so are summer smells! Don't be afraid to pick out some fun scented candles for your cubicle and workplace the next time you're at the dollar store. Fruity smells like cucumber, coconut, summer apple, peach, citrus, and strawberry are fresh scents that just about everyone enjoys. For something that's less likely to make you hungry, go for ocean breeze, fresh linen, sunshine, or rain to get a good whiff of summer at the office. If your workplace doesn't allow scented candles around cool office computer desks, scented sprays, plants, and plugins work just as well. Summer's almost over. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Be You

Decor is a funny thing that says a lot about who you are. This summer, don't be afraid to decorate with materials and creative things that you like. Sure, coral, sand, and seashells definitely speak of summer, but for those that hate the beach, bright colors, fun vases, plants, and creative trinkets can be just as festive. Head to the local decorating store and pick out some art that speaks to you. Because of the clear, fresh look, glass always makes a wonderful decorating material. Blue tinted glass computer desks look just as fresh in summer as they look frigid in wintertime, making them perfect for year round decorating.

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